Net Neutrality – What is the Truth?

The REAL Net Neutrality Agenda—In Case You Weren’t Sure

Many of us who are familiar with the typical manipulation of the cabal to get us to scream for what THEY want, while making us think it’s in OUR best interests, probably just unfolded—again—in the form of the Net Neutrality issue. We just LOVE everything in our lives controlled, don’t we? We must!

Dani, at Removing the Shackles put together a few pieces on this you’ll want to read if you’re still undecided about what just happened with ‘our’ Internet. It’s now ‘their’ Internet.  They don’t play by the rules and that’s why we are where we are today. Few pay attention to what they’re doing until it’s too late. ~ BP

Net Neutrality: The Act to Smother the Flames

While the talking heads of the Main Stream Media are singing  “Glory Hallelujah” to the Ode of “Net Neutrality”, the people who actually have a brain capable of rational thought are pounding their heads on their desks at the gullibility of the public to actually buy into this schtick.  It boggles my mind that there are so many people, even those in some of the alternative media outlets known for outing the usual garbage, that are eating up this crap, licking their plate and asking for more.

Let me point out the most important point of ALL of this shit:


Why haven’t we seen it?  Why hasn’t it been released to the public?  If this is such a wonderful new law, that allows unicorns to fart rainbows all over the internet like a force field of public protection, then why is it being kept away from public scrutiny?

In EVERY single “Bill”, “Law”, “Amendment”, “Canon”, “Writ”, “Ordinance”, “Notice” to come out of any government corporation, there is ALWAYS a hidden agenda that protects the Corporations and removes Freedoms and Rights of the people that these announcements proclaim to be “protecting”.  This “Net Neutrality Act” is no different, and we are about to come face to face with the understanding that the last vestige of “Freedom of Speech” has just been shackled by the bureaucracy of Government and Corporate interests. ……

…. I mean, so I assume.  Since I, nor anyone else, can READ the Act, we really have no idea what it contains, nor what controls have just been thrown over the internet to smother the smouldering fire of information that is feeding the flames of Transparency.

And on Wednesday, the FEC held a hearing on whether or not they should regulate political speech on blogs, websites and YouTube videos…

    The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is holding a hearing today to receive public feedback on whether it should create new rules regulating political speech, including political speech on the Internet that one commissioner warned could affect blogs, YouTube videos and even websites like the Drudge Report.

This happened February 11, 2015….. yet did we hear about it?   The FEC looked for “Public Feedback” and yet, did we know about this?  Did the general public KNOW, and did they understand the question that they were being asked to give an opinion on?  Nope.

IF this was implemented in the “Net Neutrality Act”, then those of us who continually speak out against Government Corruption, Deception, and Fraud may find ourselves fighting against a government controlled gag.   I for one, will DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to continue to shine a spotlight on the bullshit of these corporate entities that pretend to be Governments.  For me, the passing of this “Act” may be the Battle Cry that will echo around the planet, to rally all of those people who are Truth Speakers and Truth Seekers into one cohesive Phalanx that will break through the crumbling walls of Lies and Disinformation that the Governments, Corporations and Banks are cowering behind.

… Let it echo around the world:  “We are coming for YOU!” …. you fuckers.

The Internet is Lost and a Tweet from @Drudge Sums it All

JD Rucker February 27, 2015

Matt Drudge

The last bastion of intellectual freedom and open communication has fallen to the hands of the government. We knew it was a matter of time, but now it seems to have snuck up on most who were unaware.

This isn’t a new development, but now that it’s done some people are cheering “damn the big corporations” while others are rightfully realizing that this is not a victory for the people but rather a strategic foothold given to the government. We may or may not have been in control of the Internet in the recent past, but we’re officially watching the beginning of true censorship and utter destruction of virtual privacy.
Controversial political figure Matt Drudge summed it up with one

El Morya – Stay the Course

I caution you again as I have many times before, do not read the negative propaganda that is fed to you; on the Internet, your media or from negative people, it will server you not. Find truth within, from your heart center.  If you start to doubt things it will invariably bring your vibrations down, and is this not what the Dark Ones and their followers are trying desperately to do? It is their last ditch effort so to speak to keep you in a state of negative mind control as they have crafted so skillfully for Eons.

I say to you, dear ones; stay the course, you are on; if the path of ascension is what you want. When you feel doubt, call on us to help you. Ask us to clear your mind of doubts and allow us to speak to you. Many of you can do this now. Do not be discouraged as you can communicate easily once you have full consciousness, and that time is fast approaching. Do I hear many of you saying “Finally”? Yes, we hear you and know of your frustrations. These lessons in the final stages of your ascension are most important. You need to learn to live from your Heart Center, stop allowing negative information to penetrate your space.  Be the Light and banish the Darkness that surrounds you. You have the power to do so. We can help guide you but you must learn this on your own.

We tell you many times of the importance of meditation. Find what works for you. If you need help in this area, you can go on your Internet and find great lessons available to you. Many are from light workers who want to help and do not charge fees. Find what works for you.  You know how to pray, as you are quick to do so when things are not the way you want or if you need something or are praying for others. Try that moment of silence, of peace and go within. Close your eyes, slow your breathing down, relax totally.  You are then meditating dear ones.

Learn about your chakras and how to cleanse them. Raising your frequency is essential to your ascension process.  Get others to help you or join a group where you can practice mediation together; as you will then pick up some great techniques from others.

Very soon you will awaken to full consciousness, and the knowledge will no longer be hidden from you. Things you have known for so long will start flooding in. We will be there to help you so that the flood gates do not over whelm you.

For now, if you see or hear of negative information, tune it out and send it unconditional Love.

Call on me to meet you in your dream state if you need help or wish to communicate, or call on one of your Guides or Angels or Ascended Masters.

El Morya.

As Channeled by AnGeleve.

MAJOR EVENT: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks

The next major milestone for Mass Arrests of the cabal has now arrived. Liens have now been filed against all twelve Federal Reserve banks. A Cease and Desist Order has also been filed — to prevent the world’s wealth from continuing to be stolen.


If you have been following this and certain other websites, then you have already heard the eyewitness testimony suggesting that thousands of conspirators in finance, media, defense, military, corporations and government are about to be arrested.

The mass resignations of CEOs, worldwide — now numbering well over 450 in the last few months alone — is a tangible sign that a major event is anticipated within the insider community.

Let’s be clear, again, that this is NOT a coup, NOT martial law, and NOT a takeover of the government in any way.


Our financial system, media complex, defense industry, corporate world and government has already been taken over.

It is not being run for the people and by the people. It has been systematically manipulated by a secretive, occult Cabal.

We cannot sit back and wait for their next attempt to generate mass chaos and destruction, and say “let’s just leave everything the way it is,” simply because this group has been so circumspect in revealing its true intentions.

This system threatens the welfare of everyone on Earth. In their plan to secure global control, they have repeatedly attempted to create mass casualties — by a variety of different means — and significantly reduce population.

Many, if not most of these efforts have been thwarted. Much of this is thanks to the will of the people; great heroes who take a stand. This includes countless hundreds of millions of people doing their best to spread the word — and inform others.

More recently there appears to be Divine Intervention, for lack of a better term — which is utterly destroying the Cabal’s ability to do any further harm on a mass level.

That does not, in any way, reduce or eliminate our need to act. For now, we focus on the practical, tangible, on-the-ground steps we must take to free our planet from Financial Tyranny — within this very opportune set of circumstances.



The plan for mass arrests appears to have been in development since the 1960s, as my interview with a new insider named Drake revealed.

Drake was asked by the “good guys” in the Pentagon to provide a public voice for a plan that, up until then, had almost entirely been disclosed by Benjamin Fulford, since 2007, and myself since November 2011 — when I was personally briefed on it.

This plan requires the will of the people to succeed. Otherwise, our supporters within the military and the justice system do not have the legal precedent to perform such actions.

After many years, the public outrage is now sufficiently high that the will of the people has become more than sufficient to take these steps. Elements within our civilian and military sectors alike have had enough — and are taking a stand.

US marshals from the Department of Justice and peace officers will carry out the arrests, with the assistance of military personnel — in the event of any unforeseen disturbances.

By assisting a legal civilian operation in this manner, the military personnel are following their Oath of Enlistment — to protect and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.


Again, to reiterate, the mass arrests will generate a situation from which there is no turning back for the Cabal.

Once the truth is exposed, there will be no further walls of secrecy for them to hide behind.

Every genuine fact you’ve ever read on the Internet about this problem will quickly become common knowledge. The “learning curve” is steep, but this is what everyone will be talking about.

The rules of logic are absolute in a case like this. Full disclosure of this group guarantees that no such actions will ever be tolerated again by the public. It is a full-stop Game Over for the cabal.

That is why they are so terrified right now.

There are plenty of headlines showing this — such as Muppetgate, the public divorce of JP Morgan and the Vatican, the mass resignations of over 450 CEOs, and the passing of ridiculous and tyrannical executive orders.

This cannot and will not be a “cleaning out of middle management” only. The upper levels will be clearly exposed. These people’s lives will never be the same. No one will tolerate the continuation of their plans.


Particularly since 9/11, an incredible amount of damning evidence has been quietly collected — all for use in this single moment of Truth.

911 Mosad and US inside job... Truth will be knownThis evidence includes extensive video proof of how they talk, what they do and what they have planned — in countless, allegedly secure locations.

Bohemian Grove is only one of many locations that have been thoroughly compromised by hidden surveillance.

Yes, it will be shocking. Very shocking. It will also be undeniable. This evidence has been rigorously collected since 9/11, and distilled down to its most powerful core elements.

There is so much evidence that any attempt to “debunk” it, or say it is the work of CG animation, et cetera, will completely fall apart.

All international air travel and all domestic borders will be closed, to prevent the conspirators from fleeing. Those who have already gone into hiding, internationally, will be located and brought to justice.

There will NOT be a mass power outage unless the negative groups try to do this. The lights will stay on and everyone should be OK during this process.

Read much more @

Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
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