BREAKING: Muslims Furious That Americans Aren’t Buying Their Lies

BREAKING: Muslims Furious After What Americans Just Did To Them In Montana


MAJOR WARNING!!! Ex Muslim Warns all Americans. TAKE A STAND NOW!!!




Plans to more than double influx of ‘refugees’


Plans to more than double influx of ‘refugees’


Funded by the Shadow Gov, the Pope and the awful Queen

Refugee arrivals to skyrocket under new Trump plan

Leo Hohman


The U.N.’s massive Dadaab camp in Kenya sends a steady stream of Somali refugees to the United States. More than 200 Somalis have entered the U.S. as refugees since Trump’s first full day in office on Jan. 21.

The U.S. State Department is ramping up refugee admissions back to more normal levels after it had slowed to a trickle over the past month under President Donald Trump.

WND has confirmed through a State Department spokes person that the administration is set to more than double the number of refugees arriving in U.S. cities from the current 400 per week to 900 per week.

On March 15 a federal judge, Derrick Watson in Hawaii, issued a nationwide injunction stopping the State Department from enforcing or implementing sections 2 and 6 of President Trump’s March 6 executive order.

Section 6[b] lowers the cap on refugee arrivals to 50,000, down from the 110,000 level set by President Obama.

After the court’s ruling, which was upheld Wednesday by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the cap reverts back to the Obama level of 110,000.

Consequently, the State Department continues to accept refugees and this includes scheduling travel for refugees who have been screened and are otherwise approved for travel.

“The Court Order issued on March 15 prohibits the enforcement or implementation of Section 6 of the EO,” the State Department spokesperson told WND. “Section 6 of the EO includes a cap on refugee admissions into the United States of 50,000 for FY 2017. In accordance with the Court Order, and consistent with both our operational capacity and our capacity under available funding, we have increased the current pace of refugee arrivals to approximately 900 individuals per week. ”

Halfway through the fiscal year, the U.S. has already taken in 39,082 refugees, according to the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center database.

If the 900 per week number holds through the remainder of the fiscal year it would mean the Trump administration would bring in 62,482 refugees for fiscal 2017, which ends on Sept. 30.

While far lower than the 110,000 that Obama had wanted for this year, the 62,482 is not a historically low number. In fact, it’s just barely under the per-year average of 64,000 since 2002.

“As we have said repeatedly, Trump’s refugee admissions are not at the mercy of two rogue judges,” said long time refugee watchdog Ann Corcoran in her blog post Thursday at Refugee Resettlement Watch. “He can bring in any number under the CEILING set either by Obama (110,000) or his reduced ceiling (50,000).”

Corcoran said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has still not chosen a political appointment to head up the key position that runs refugee resettlement program. That position is deputy assistant-secretary of state for Population, Refugees and Migration. So the program continues to be run by entrenched federal bureaucrats with close ties to the nine federal resettlement agencies.

As Corcoran points out, Trump’s new target number of 62,480 refugees for 2017 falls right in line with annual totals brought in by President George W. Bush and even several years under the Obama administration.

In fact, the Bush Administration was below the Trump target number in 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007 and 2008.  Even Obama was below that number in 2011 and 2012! (see here).

Below are the year by year totals for refugee arrivals since 2002.

    2002: 45,896
    2003: 39,554
    2004: 79,158
    2005: 69,006
    2006: 41,223
    2007: 48,282
    2008: 60,191
    2009: 74,654
    2010: 73,311
    2011: 56,424
    2012: 58,238
    2013: 69,926
    2014: 69,987
    2015: 69,993
    2016: 84,994

James Simpson, an economist and author who has written extensively about refugee resettlement, told WND that there are two sides to the Trump administration that appear to be in conflict with each other.

“The establishment side has been poorly serving the president with misinformation about refugees and with misinformation about the House Freedom Caucus, which saved him from the disaster of passing Paul Ryan’s version of Obamacare,” Simpson said.

Trump’s March 6 executive order called for a 120-day pause in all refugee resettlement until additional vetting procedures could be created and implemented. A 90-day ban on visa travel from six predominantly Muslim countries — Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Yemen — was also included in the order.

Just under half of the 84,994 refugees who entered the U.S. in fiscal 2016 were Muslim, coming from Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma, Uzbekistan and other countries. (Then who are and where are the other half, as no one can provide any evidence whatsoever of Christians being allowed in to the U.S.)

At least 95 percent of the refugees sent to the U.S. are selected by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. They are initially screened by the U.N. and then screened further by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with the FBI and other agencies.

They are then sent to more than 300 U.S. cities and towns by the State Department, which contracts with nine ‘private nonprofit agencies’ including the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Church World Service, World Relief, Episcopal Immigration and Migration Ministries, the Hebrew immigrant Aid Society, the International Rescue Committee and the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress in 2015 that refugees from broken states, specifically Syria, were virtually impossible to vet because the U.S. has no access to law enforcement data in Syria. The same principle could be applied to Somalia. Syria, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan account for the vast majority of Muslim refugees sent to the U.S.

Several states such as Texas and Tennessee have pulled out of the federal refugee program but the U.S. government continues to send them refugees.

Tennessee has filed a lawsuit against the federal government claiming the continuation of the  resettlements is a violation of the 10th Amendment.


Refugee camp stocking up on Islamic refugees to ship out

Posted by Olive Oyl


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NOTE from Angel4Light:

Write to your Congressional Representative and to President Donald Trump. Tell them we don’t want any more refugees for a minimum of one year. Expel all Islamic Muslims period. The peaceful ones haven’t studied the Cult book written by the insane pedophile Mohammed.

Seriously, everyone wanting Sharia Law needs to be deported to Saudi Arabia or Somalia.

People who are Terrorist here; such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other Obama and Soros anti American foundations funding these idiots needs to have their property confiscated and redistributed to the victims of 911, OKC Bombing, and used to pay for damages done to lives and property of the American People.

ICE needs to raid all NOGO Zones!

Arrest all muslims who have more than one wife. Do NOT tolerate their evil racism. Distroy all Muslim Mosque in America. Use the 1952 law that expels all Muslims. Islam is EVIL.

You can’t be a Muslim if you are Christian. You can’t say that it is a peaceful religion. It is an EVIL cult headed by Lucifer and calles for death, distruction and blood in our streets. Read that filthy book and see the truth. It is pure Evil!



ISIS is pure Evil


Funded ISIS via the Clinton Foundation, shipped ISIS arms through Benghazi


Son of Satan. Proud to have taken the wealth from the Jews who went to the camps in WWII


Start the deportation process immediately


Kenyan Born Non American Islamic Terrorist funded ISIS - George Soros puppet

BREAKING NEWS! Proof Obama Is A Traitor

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SHOCK LEAK: Photo Of Personal Check From Obama’s Bank Account Proves He’s A Traitor!

Shocking: Here is Proof and Plan to Destroy America from Within

Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration




Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952


NOTE from Angel4Light:

We know that Barry Soetoro who goes by the name of Barack Obama is he/she a MUSLIM Tranny? He makes no bones about being Muslim. We know he is married to a he / she and that he is our first and Last Gay President. It is shocking that he acts like a devout Muslim when they kill Gays.

Obama has never been for America, and even today he is trying to help the Muslims take over America. He had a Muslim Terrorist as an advisor and now she or he has moved into his headquarters very close to the Capital so he can be close to his minions to overthrow our Government.

Obama’s list of Treasonous deeds are more than I can list here, but lets give a tiny taste.

Obama robbed America immediately by saying it was a stimulus package for the car companies and the banks to keep them from failing… “To Big To Fail”, so he gave them how many trillions of dollars? America bought the lie. People were loosing their homes and our returning Vets were made homeless. Not one thing was done to stimulate the economy. Instead he brings in millions of undocumented illegals most or Muslim.

Obama got caught doing the drug running and gun running with Mexico operation “Fast and Furious”, do you remember? Did anyone get arrested? Yet according to many of the libtards, there was no problem with his reign or terror. Either they have had too much fluoride or the Chemtrails of finally got to their brains.

LieStream Media made him Man of the Year… Remember?

Then there was the set up murder of Seal Team Six who were Sent to assassinate Osama Bin Laden (but from various sources), it is alleged that Seal Team Six did retrieve some valuable documents, which could have sent many on Capital Hill to the Gallows. What is the truth on this? Why did they have Islam Extremist on the flight with all of the Seal Team? Why was everyone cremated? And all ashes mixed together? Clearly a snuff job.


Benghazi do you honestly think that Obama was not involved? It was a assination job for Ambassador Stevens and anyone else that got in the way. Allegedly ambassador Stevens had helped Obama and Hillary move some nukes years earlier and was helping run drug and guns for the terrorists, but had loose lips. The nukes he helped move earlier were the missing Nukes from a sunken Russian submarine, retrieved by the dark forces who want the NWO. One of these nukes could have been the nuke shot into the coast of Japan causing the 311 Tsunami in Japan causing massive loss of life and Fukushima.

This story and all stories have evidence and can be googled but I suggest you use a different search engine such as

Hillary had a MUSLIM Islamic Extremist as her personal aid and lover whose mother was an Editor for a Muslim Terrorist publivation. Humma and Hillery shared locations through their unprotected Givernment serverd located in Hillery’s home and crutial secrets of our military and Governmrnt were exposed to the enemy (which they were) where our service men and women were put in harms way and even slautered.

Obama was very much a part of this muslimbrotherhood take over, and he brazingly had as an Islamic Jahadi Comminist spy who served as his advisor, Valerie Jarrett.

Well the list is sickening and long, then to find out that Jeffery Dolmer was a hero to these sick perverts makes me ill.

Obama paid 65 thousand dollars of the taxpayers money for a Pizza / Hotdog party at the Whitehouse. What!? Isnt that strange?

Ted Gunderson tried to expose this evil child trafficing for years but was killed when he brought the Chemtrail genocide to light.

Hillery in an email to Obama scolded him for doing the pizza or hotdog parties at the White House when they already have pre-destined locations established. 

Obama deliberately tried to sabatoge our Military. Placing them in harms way with inadequate weapons. Then when pulling them out of a location, wanted them to just leave the weapons and tanks that the Army would be picking it up later (yeah by the radical IS IS army of evil)

Then there was the many Generals and high ranking officers who were purged because Obama vetted them by asking them if they could shoot an American if needed. Treasonous!

Then Obama allows Muslims into our military (islamic radical) the Barracks where our soldiers were not permitted to have a weapon, were sitting ducks. These are our Military, they should have access to weapons at all times to protect America. The Muslim shot how many of our soldiers? What was the final justice for this crime?

This Evil would have made Humanity extinct

I was constantly hearing that Obama would declare Martial Law so that he could be the Dictator of Amerika. Thank GOD that was derailed by the White Hats.

Remember that Obama was raised by a Tranny and was trained to be a Commie. His hero is Carl Marx. His friend a known Communist Terrorist financed his training and preped him. Track down his friends list and it is a virtual Mafia, Commie, and Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Organization. 

Obama was born in Kenya and is a infiltrator spy for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Why did he give Billions to Iran?

Obama went to Columbia University under a foreign student loan or program. Yet noone there recalls him attending.

Obama is a George Soros creation. He is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a Terrorist Organization.

Obama and Hilley and their Muslim cronies created IS IS and Obama has even stated so on camera that they were working hard to train and supply ISIL (same thing)

Obama should have been arrested long ago. We the People want to see Justice Now.

I think all Muslim Mosques are a fraud and a meeting place of evil and for the ploting of the taking over the world. They need to be brunt to the ground as well as all Satanic Statues, buildings and sick perverted art that worship Satanism or Lucifer. We do not concent. We rebuke evil and want Love and Peace.

Islam is a CULT not a religion. Just like Scientology. In a Cult you have to follow their sick rules or suffer punishment. These people have sold their souls and have been completely brainwashed to hate and do Satanic deeds. Their God is Lucifer plain and simple. Their so called profit was a pedophile and dressed in his wifes clothes. Maybe that is why they all still wear dresses today.
Below are a few other educational must watch videos below.

My thoughts about the Antifi: Cult or paid snowflakes? Where do they get the money? Obama or his evil minions, or the George Soros foundation such as (George Soros foundation)

Why are these libtards allowed to wear mask like IS IS? They Wear black and have been instructed to bring blood to Trump supporters. Why are they allowed to invade our Support Trump Rallies and start riots? Now they are trying to cause such an upheaval to cause martial law. 

What my instincts are telling me is that having martial law would mean the military is on our streets we would lose our constitution. The infiltrators and foreign military will come in and try to take over. I say “Nip It in The Bud“, like Barney use to say. Restore the 1952 law to make ISLAM banned. Deport all Islamic idiots young and old. Especially the Muslims in the Government.






Religion of Peace: A Brief History of Islam – Brigitte Gabriel #islam #religionofpeace


Trump Chosen by God To Stop America’s Destruction – Astounding 2011 Prophecy

Mark Taylor: “God is in Control”

God has chosen Trump to stop America’s destruction. President Trump is the anointed wrath of God that has come to the Luciferian establishments of the earth.

Kicking Evils Ass for GOD feels so Awesome


1400 yrs of Islam history in a few minutes


Must Watch: 1400 yrs of Islam history in a few minutes

Wrigley Trump 

This is a quick lesson in the history of Islam – Brigitte Gabriel. . . 

If you want to inform yourself about what islam is, the dangers of islam, the background of islam, the goal of islam, and why islam is DIFFERENT than any other religion, you should read this page and watch the videos on it: 
Twitter: . 

Please, educate yourself and others on islam’s impact on the West! 

Why Trump is Right About Sweden

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Why Trump is Right About Sweden

Computing Forever

Published on Feb 20, 2017

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NOTE from Angel4Light:

This is a GREAT story, please watch and see what could happen here in America if we don’t secure our borders from terrorist and criminal elements.

No one has an issue with anyone wanting to come to America for a better life and has something to offer. Parasites, terrorists, pedophiles, and criminals are not welcome period.

It is like I want to open my home to rattlers and cobra snakes, add in a few Anaconda and we have a perfect stew for disaster.

Sad to see that much of Europe is now going by way of the messed up middle east. The people who live a cult of hate are wanting to distroy everything in their path. Their brainwashed minds have been taught since birth, that they are the chosen ones and if you ever took the time to study the cult practice, you will see the rants of a mad man who is a big pedophile and crossdresser, and absolutely insane.

If someone tries to convert to GOD in the Bible or is a Christian, they think that they have the right to torture and kill them by the very hate doctrine in their so called holy book. (They are clueless that it is a cult)

PLEASE Stand with our President, he is trying to protect us from what the Islamic idiot OBambam did to us by issuing out open invitations fake passports and paying these terrorist to come in to distroy America. This is all part of the NWO plan.




Terrorist photo op







Jew Nazi who collected all the belongings of the Jews Hitler killed in WWII... It made him very rich plus Rothschild gave him money to help with the NWO take over


Paid for by Soros


These muslim women have less rights than a dog. Is this the life you want?



60 Minutes: Wanted to Prove Muslim Refugees Peaceful – Blows Up in Their Face

NOTE from Angel4Light:

You can’t make this stuff up folks. Looks like the Libtards loose. Sorry for the sarcastic remark – not really.

How does the saying go? You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig. These radicals are going to show more and more distain as their welfare checks and section 8 housing is snatched from under their illegal butts.

Just wait, the radical dogs will bite the hands that have been feeding them. It is only a matter of days not months. They will show their savage nature very soon and it won’t be pretty.

Harboring criminals is a felony, and this is going to show it’s ugly head sooner than later. So stay tune to the much awaited deportation and arrest coming up.

They say that poop floats, lets see what surfaces in these sanctuary cities.




WATCH – ’60 Minutes’ Wanted to Prove Muslim Refugees ‘Peaceful’ – Blows Up in Their Face

Every liberal in our county wants people to believe Muslims refugees pose no threat to our country, but they are all about to find out that is just a blatant lie.

A 60 Minutes crew went to Sweden to do a feel-good piece about the wonderful impact Muslim refugees from places like Syria have had on the nation. What the camera lens caught instead was a violent attack on the reporter and news crew.

The journalists were forced to duck for cover after the Muslim refugees brutally attacked them and forcefully threw objects at them. It does not seem assimilating into the culture of their new land is at all a priority for the Muslim refugees in Sweden, or in many other European countries who laid out the welcome mat for them. This is the truth that we need to spread so real patriots know the truth about the people liberals want to allow into our country.

Liberals want to continue former President Barack Obama’s plan to allow tens of thousands more Muslim refugees onto American soil. Even though Obama’s own intelligence experts warned Congress about the massive problems in the vetting system, the politically correct politicians and their millennial snowflake offspring still favor throwing caution to the wind.

Blindly allowing anyone who wants to come into America the privilege to do so is dangerous. We don’t know who is in our country now, and Liberals want to allow even more improperly vetted migrants, who are potential terrorists, to live among us.

Many Muslim refugees do not want to join our melting pot– they want to destroy it. They believe in Sharia Law and NOT the Constitution! That is the story we need to tell everyone, because it is the truth!

The 60 Minutes crew found out the hard way, and very publicly, just how quickly the supposedly peaceful refugees can resort to violence without any type of provocation whatsoever. When the reporter tried to ask the Muslim men a couple simple questions, the driver ran over the cameraman’s feet!

These are the type of people Liberals like Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, and Corey Booker want living in our neighborhoods? Protecting America is the first and most important job of any president. Barack Obama gleefully ignored this sacred duty, but President Donald Trump will not!

ISIS has vowed to infiltrate the swelling ranks of refugees being “resettled” in Europe and the United States. They have reportedly stolen passport printing machines and have been working their plan to sneak into America for many months.

How do we tell the difference between a potential terrorist and a decent person during the lackluster vetting process now used? We are not even sure if the names given by the refugees are accurate, let alone the background information they provide to interviewers. In other words, we have no way of knowing if we are letting a terrorist in or not.

Mainstream media reporters did not rally around the 60 Minutes journalists who were attacked by the Muslim refugees like they did their Russian peers oppressed and attacked by their own government. Nope, they didn’t even bother to cover this shocking story, although they have a duty to educate and warn the public.

How many ISIS jihadists are already here? We won’t know until they are beheading Americans at the local mall, storming the front entrances of elementary schools, or placing pressure cooker bombs under church pews.

What will it take to make Liberals realize American safety needs to come first?

“THEY ARE COMING TO KILL YOU!” Former Muslim WARNS America of the dangers of Islam. (SHOCKING)

THEY ARE COMING TO KILL YOU!” Former Muslim WARNS America of the dangers of Islam.


Originally Published on Jun 26, 2016

Message from Her: IŞIK ABLA
I made my choice. What about you?
I came to a point that I had to make a decision. Whether I have to please Christ or people. Whether I had to open my mouth to expose evil or stay quiet and watch the devil at work. There is a price tag to please God. There is also a price tag to stand up and speak up. The hate messages I receive daily are the evidence of I am not a people pleaser. When I was a Muslim, I was addicted to approval of others. I had a serious problem with rejection. Who doesn’t? I used to be a people pleaser. I was a slave of a false religion and under oppression. That all got me to a position of a door mat Until I said, ” No more”. Enough is enough. I prefer to speak the truth and please God than serve the enemy by being quiet. And it is so much easier to please God than people. It feels good to be in His will even though you are persecuted and insulted by many. There is freedom in Christ. Use your freedom to serve God rather than man. Wake up! Stand up! Speak up! The time has come!


NOTE from Angel4Light:

This is clearly spoken from the heart with pure love.

I heard of the infiltration years ago and even more so after Obummer was in office with his Muslim Brotherhood.  Make no mistake, this is very serious,

George Soros (Nazi) is funding the world take over for the NWO. It is really a Lizards vs Humanity, but using brain dead zombies called Muslim radicals and our brainwashed libtards (lil lizzies or clones)

This evil draconian (Obummer) brought in thousands of Islamic radicals into our country while our Vets had to sleep under bridges and starve. He was the sword in the side of America and wanted to distroy us at all cost. So why hasn’t he been arrested?

This is a very real threat and every American needs to start praying more and doing meditation more. The spiritual battle is for our very souls.



The Muslim Brotherhood-ISIS-Obama connection

This is a clear history lesson in the linkage between ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. What’s more, the Muslim Brotherhood is the granddaddy of nearly every modern Islamic organization that exists today, most notably the violent and bloody ones. Just to clarify the importance of this linkage: President Obama had the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House on Feb. 4, the same parent group that birthed ISIS, al Qaeda and so many more savage groups. Then, just days later, he compared ISIS to Christian crusaders.

Hmmm. One has to ask: What are the real motives of this president, and where is he trying to take us? Wherever it is, we must NOT allow ourselves to go with him.

From the Horowitz Freedom Center

By Elizabeth Ruiz

Read more


Why is this traitor to America still free?


Trey Gowdy Breaks Silence About Trump’s Ban. People Are GOING NUTS!

9th District Court Decision Against Protecting Americans have Diamond and Silk in a uproar

NOTE from Angel4Light:

Diamond and Silk, I just love these ladies. They don’t beat around the bush and really lay it out there. 

If you haven’t heard of them, then you have been under a rock some where. Their candid views are dead on and puts libtards on notice, don’t shake their tree or you will get the verbal thrashing of a life time. You go girls!


Insane McCain helped develop ISIS. Met with ISIS leaders overseas and did photo ops with these terrorist. He is a Traitor to America. News will come out to prove that George Soros paid off insane McCain and Lindsey Graham and Hitlery to not only help with 911 but to help take down America. The list of Traitors is long and shocking. It is proven now that these Judges who are going against America and our President are also traitors and by Federal law can be jailed up to 5 years for each illegal that they are harboring. That answers how to remove them from the bench. They are now felons. For details visit 

Truth Went Out Live On TV! Before It Was Cut Off

Truth Went Out Live On TV!! Oops Today at 11:07 am –


Truth Went Out Live On TV!! Oops 

Today at 11:07 am


Location : Woodstock Nation


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