Benjamin Fulford: “The main factions in the battle for the planet earth and their current status”

Fulford’s full report: “The main factions in the battle for the planet earth and their current status”

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Posted Date: 25-Aug-2016

        Hi, Folks –


        …this is Benjamin Fulford’s full report for this week:


        The main factions in the battle for the planet earth and their current status

       By Benjamin Fulford
       Published August 22, 2016


        Notice to readers: Unless there are major upheavals, until August 29th, this newsletter will contain non-time sensitive, pre-written material as your correspondent will be on vacation.

        The ongoing battle for control of the financial system, and thus control over the process of deciding what we as a species will be doing in the future, is reaching a climax. For this reason, this might be a good time to look at who the major players are and what their position is.

        First of all, let us look at the Khazarian/Nazi faction that took over control of the Europe, Japan and the United States following the September 11, 2001 false flag attack in New York. This faction is led by George Bush Sr., David Rockefeller and their lackeys. Their plan was to reduce the world’s population by 90% through starvation, disease and war. Ample proof of this has been provided to various police, military and intelligence agencies around the world. Since the Nazi takeover of the United States was completed with the election stolen by George Bush Jr. in the year 2000 the government of the United States has tried to murder us through the release of bio-weapons including SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola etc.

        To engineer mass starvation they released various crop diseases in the hope of devastating agricultural production. They also paid farmers around the world generous subsidies to produce “bio-ethanol” instead of food. This led to starvation in 33 countries that was only stopped when a World Bank whistleblower pointed out it was the subsidies for bio-ethanol that were responsible. This group has also attempted to start nuclear war with manufactured incidents in North Korea, Iran, Syria etc. They are now trying to accomplish this in the South China Sea by offering Australia, ASEAN, Japan and Korea as prizes to China if they start a world war.

        This writer was invited to join the Nazi cabal by agents working for Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller. They explained that it was necessary to kill 90% of human beings in order to “save the environment.” They also explained that most humans did not produce anything useful and were of “inferior stock.” The genetic quality of the human race could be raised by getting rid of these “useless eaters,” they explained.

        The members of this group are descended from a tribe of pastoralists known as the Hyksos who mastered the art of enslaving humans many thousands of years ago. They do this by controlling their food and information supply and by monopolizing organized violence (armies, police, secret services etc.).

        The real reason they wanted to kill 90% of the population was that they were afraid of losing control over the planet as groups like the Chinese, the Muslims and the Hindus, who were not under their control, grew in population and power.

        The Hyksos worship a goat faced being with a forked tail known over the ages by such names as Set, Baal, Marduk, Lucifer, Satan etc. They also practice human sacrifice, sometimes on a vast scale, such as in an engineered World War. There are probably no more than one million members of this group but they occupy controlling positions in many institutions of government, finance, religion, media etc. throughout the world. Many of them are erroneously labelled as Jews. To protect innocent people, we call them the Khazarian mafia. The top members of this group now have a one ton bounty on each of their heads and their names have been publicly listed up.

        The main factions opposing this group in the Western world are the Christians, members of the Jewish faith who worship Yahweh, as well as atheists who believe only in the Golden Rule.

        The elite members of this group tried to stop the planned massacre of “useless eaters” by proposing a carbon tax to raise funds to pay poor countries to preserve and expand their forests. The top people behind the global warming faction were from members of European aristocratic and royal families who supported Christian as opposed to Satanic ideals. They lost the power struggle in 2000 when their man Al Gore had the Presidential election stolen from him. The main problem with this group was that they created a lie about carbon-caused global warming to promote their tax. Their carbon trading scheme was also riddled with fraud.

        Nonetheless, this group has considerable power exercised through the non-Satanic part of the Freemasons together with the element of the Catholic Church who had not been taken over by the Satanists. This group managed to replace Pope Benedict XVI in 2013. His replacement, Pope Francis, immediately began purging the Catholic Church of pedophiles, cleaned up the Vatican bank and reached deals with Cuba and Columbia to stop the flow of drug money to the Bush/Nazi faction of the CIA. There is talk of Francisco’s involvement in Argentina’s dirty war but so far his actions show he is trying to do good.

        However, the leadership group that put Francis in power is still pushing for world domination through a carbon tax controlled and collected in secret by them. They will not succeed with this scam because it is based on lies and remains fraudulent.

        The group behind Francis is also pushing to have Donald Trump elected as President of the United States. If they succeed, Trump will start arresting many of the top bosses of the Khazarian mafia inside the US.

        Working in harmony with these forces is the Red and Blue from Asia and their White Dragon Society allies.

        The Red and Blue trace themselves back to organizations set up by Mozi (墨子) around 450 BC. These groups allied themselves in the 1700’s with the remnants of the Ming Bureaucracy, army and Navy in a fight to overthrow the Manchu conquerors of China. After many bloody failed attempts they finally succeeded in 1911 when they overthrew the last Emperor. This group then went largely dormant.

        However, they came back into full war recently after they found proof the Bush regime had been spreading the bio-weapon SARS in an attempt to kill the people of Asia. They also learned about the Khazarian’s genocidal plans when they wiretapped the goings of at the Bohemian grove after Bush Jr. came to power. The Red and Blue were later joined by the dragon family which is a confederation of the old royal families of the world.

        When the Asians sought allies in the West in their fight against the Khazarians, the White Dragon Society was formed. The WDS is a loose coalition that has its roots in the ancient traditions of the West that supported doing good works of all sorts.

        These white knights were responsible for such things as the Magna Carta, democracy, chivalry, protection of the weak and the poor and the need to fight, if absolutely necessary, to protect all that is right and decent. WDS members are now in control of most of the US military industrial complex with the exception of the mercenaries working for the Bush/Clinton Nazi mafia. The WDS works in tandem with the Russian security services, British Secret Services, Freemasons, the real Muslim secret societies (as opposed to the fake Muslim Khazarian financed ISIS terrorists), Japanese secret societies, the illuminati, the Italian white nobility, the Royal Families of Europe, various martial arts societies etc. etc.

        The Khazarians have now been reduced to a few pockets of control in Washington DC, New York, Saudi Arabia, Israel and a few rogue states.

        If the Asians and their WDS allies make a big push it could be game over for the Khazarians and their ancient rule of terror and slavery as early as this year. Ending their rule would be one of the biggest events in human history during the past thousands of years. It could lead to world peace and an era of unparalleled prosperity.

        This years’ autumn campaign will be one of the most important yet in this long hybrid war for control of the planet. This time real and total victory is a very realistic possibility. If everybody does their part we will be able to soon start a new age, a golden age, an age of wonder.


Very Disturbing News – Don’t Read If You Don’t Want to Know

Big Macs now cost FIVE POUNDS ( $7.50 U.S.) each in Switzerland… and that doesn’t include fries and a drink

 Originally posted on Nesara

Hard to swallow: Big Macs now cost FIVE POUNDS each in Switzerland… and that doesn’t include fries and a drink

  • Big Mac index tests the relative price of currencies around the world
  • Swiss franc remains the most expensive, according to the index
  • The iconic burger now costs the equivalent of nearly $8 there, £5 in sterling
  • Norway’s currency is the second most expensive, followed by Denmark
  • Swiss currency is soaring after central bank removed Euro cap last week

It’s lucky most visitors to this week’s Davos conference are billionaires – because Switzerland has been named the most expensive place in the world to buy a Big Mac.

The famous burgers cost 6.50 Swiss francs in the Alpine country – that works out at more than £5 ($7.50) for the McDonald’s sandwich alone.

Norway has the second most expensive Big Mac in the world at £4.40($6.50), followed by Denmark, Brazil and the US, according to the so-called Big Mac index.

Scroll down for video

A Big Mac in Switzerland now costs the equivalent of nearly $8 - around £5 in British money, it emerged today


A Big Mac in Switzerland now costs the equivalent of nearly $8 – around £5 in British money, it emerged today

The index was created by The Economist magazine in 1986 as a way of comparing the relative values of different currencies.

By comparing a product which is almost perfectly identical and on sale around the world, experts hoped to show the ‘purchasing power’ of each nation’s money.

The price of Big Macs is compared against the standard US price for the product – which is currently $4.79, about £3.19 in sterling.

The relative price of the iconic burger in Britain – now £2.69 in sterling – has fallen compared to other currencies in recent months.

Meanwhile in Russia – whose currency has plummeted amid a fall in the price of oil and sanctions over the annexation of Crimea – Big Macs are cheaper than ever.

Consumers in Vladimir Putin’s country can now pick one of the burgers for the equivalent of $1.36 – just 91p, which is cheaper than a basic McDonald’s hamburger in the UK.

Travelex explains The Big Mac Index created by The Economist

A fall in the rouble means Russia is one of the  cheapest places to buy the burgers - which cost just 91p there


A fall in the rouble means Russia is one of the cheapest places to buy the burgers – which cost just 91p there

The prolonged crisis in the Eurozone means the relative cost of a Big Mac on the Continent has also fallen in recent months and is now worth $4.26, or £2.84.

The index’s latest results were released as business and political leaders gathered in Davos, Switzerland for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Switzerland’s Big Mac price has risen in the last six months and looks set to increase further as the country’s currency continues to boom.

The Swiss franc rose nearly 30 per cent to 0.81 against the euro last week following the Swiss National Bank’s decision to remove a three-year-old cap of 1.20 francs per euro.

It means Swiss ski resorts are being forced to cut prices by up to 20 per cent in a desperate bid to lure back holidaymakers.

The currency surge means a British visitor now has to pay £80 more for their week-long lift pass bringing the total to £380, while a single day pass went up to around £60.

The cost of enjoying just a small glass of beer while taking in the majestic view of the Matterhorn mountain jumped by around £1.30 to £4.60.

The Big Mac was chosen for the 'purchasing power' index because it is almost identical around the world (pictured: A McDonald's in Bangkok, Thailand)


The Big Mac was chosen for the ‘purchasing power’ index because it is almost identical around the world (pictured: A McDonald’s in Bangkok, Thailand)

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