Judge Anna: The Truth Has Come Out Finally And Conclusively!

The Truth Has Come Out Finally And Conclusively!!! From Anna von Reitz – http://wp.me/pWDrY-4g9


By Anna Von Reitz

We hope to soon have The Puzzle Project up and running– a national level fact-finding mission in support of Public Interest Litigation before the World Court and the UN Trust Committees.

This work only suffers from the common ailment— we all face a LARGE fraud and its attendant criminality which has taken root in so many countries and in so many sectors of society that it is natural to see the “tree” — the so-called judicial system in the U.S. — without grasping the larger picture.

The problem isn’t just the judicial system running hopelessly amok.

It’s the fact that all so-called“governments” are actually nothing but privately owned and operated “governmental services corporations” being run by international banking cartels that have operated under conditions of secrecy and deceit to co-opt lawful government and instigate a vast web of fraud and criminality throughout the world. It’s not just the Federal United States. It’s the “government” of the UK, CANADA, FRANCE, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN… all fakes. The truth has come out finally and conclusively. There are so many people to thank for that, it beggars description… the rats have been fully and absolutely exposed. The criminality of the banking system has been fully documented by The Paradigm Project — Heather Tucci-Jaref and others. A few American lawyers remained true to the American cause and a few DOD employees did too, and they all did their actual jobs. As a result, the bankers are caught, dead in the water. And the fraud is at an end, no longer something that can be suppressed and contained by filthy politicians and bankers meeting in secret.

The rats in DC are in a bad position, and more and more of them are realizing it. 177 nations worldwide have recognized that the “Federal United States” has acted as a criminal syndicate and that it has been operating in a form and in a way forbidden by its charter and the treaty and trust documents allowing its existence, so that it has not faithfully “represented” the Continental United States and the American People, but has instead been misusing and abusing Americans at home and then also misusing American resources including the Armed Forces as Bullies against other countries, fomenting war for profit, and engaging in every kind of vice and war profiteering in “target countries.”

While we Americans have been kept ignorant and clueless by the perpetrators of these fraud schemes (all of which are easily recognized as classic bunko schemes executed on an unimaginably large scale) what I would most like to share with the rest of the world at this point is that the American People — the People of the Continental United States as opposed to some elements operating the Federal United States —- are good people, moral people, peace-loving, hard-working, God-fearing people. We were lied to, bullied, purposefully deceived, taxed to death, deprived of basic rights guaranteed by our actual Constitution, press-ganged into the international jurisdiction of the sea, and defrauded of our labor and our actual property assets. We suffered along with the rest of the world.

Those responsible include the Crown Corporation and its agencies and subsidiaries, the government of the Inner City of London aka WESTMINSTER, the Lord Mayor, the Lords of the Admiralty, the British Monarch dba ELIZABETH II, IMF, FEDERAL RESERVE, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., and so on. Please NOTE that the British Monarch is the American International Trustee on the High Seas and Inland Waterways and that all the abuse we have suffered and which the rest of the world has endured, too, has been caused by British mismanagement and war-mongering for profit.

The other thing I would like the world to know is that many American government officials, even members of Congress, were kept in the dark. This entire criminal scheme was designed to be operated by just a few at the top.

Finally, I would like the rest of the world to know that preliminary estimates indicate that only about 20% of the money appropriated to fund domestic American welfare relief ever made it to any poor people, and less than 2% of the money appropriated as foreign aid ever made it to the intended recipients in other countries.

The American People have been defrauded and had the lion’s share of their intended assistance to others at home and abroad siphoned off to fund criminal activities.

The facts are now speaking for themselves. Anyone who wants to argue with me or cast aspersions and suspicions at me as an individual should be advised— I am not here to prove anything to anyone and I am not the issue. The issue is the information. The facts. The timeline. The fraud. Everyone in receipt of the information has the basic tools necessary to research these matters for themselves and they are fully invited to perform their own due diligence.

Numerous people from around the world have been contacting me and asking for help related to their own governments. The basics of what we have learned (at least to our satisfaction) is that the System was introduced in England in 1867 by Benjamin D’israeli, with legislation resulting in the “enfranchisement” of English workers. At the time, this was hailed as a good thing by English Labor Union leaders and other Progressives who were deceived into thinking that the“right to vote” was an advancement of the position of the working class. It was in fact a means of further and officially enslaving the working class by a process of registration.

If you look up the legal meaning of the word “registration” you will learn that anytime you register something you are giving it or some aspect of it up to the ownership or control of the entity keeping the registration. It is not the same as publicly recording an ownership interest in a piece of property, for example. Thus, when you “register to vote” you give up your natural right to elect your leaders and in effect hand your proxy over to whomever cares to exercise it.

The word “enfranchisement” relates to this undisclosed registration process, too, in terms of “enfranchised voters”, but more darkly, it is used in the context of Incorporation —- and that is what D’israeli aimed at with the Acts of Parliament involving Enfranchisement. Think of large corporations that are operating in your various countries that have local franchises. In America, it might be McDonald’s or Dairy Queen or Sears. These corporate franchises are obligated to be pretty much in lock-step with their national and international parent corporations and they operate under franchise licenses. Anytime you see the word “license ” be aware that it is official permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal— in this case, the franchises receive the license to use the name, logo, recipes, products, etc., of the franchising corporation.

What does it mean to “enfranchise ” a human being, in this sense of “enfranchisement”?

It means to reduce you to an incorporated thing, a subsidiary subject to the whims of corporate management. It means enslavement, body and soul. In supposedly equitable exchange you receive the benefit of voting for your slave masters and whatever privileges they give you, the right to be taxed and regulated to death, the right to be conscripted, the right to pay for a million dollar life insurance policy with the parent corporation named as your beneficiary, and so many other so-called “benefits ” it hardly pays to name them.

This is what we have been dealing with. Thanks to Benjamin D’israeli and a besotted Queen Victoria.

It also means that the banks, the Bar Associations, the Lords of the Admiralty and the Lord Mayor and the Queen engaged in a systematic program of press-ganging land assets into the international jurisdiction of the sea. This crime has been outlawed—utterly outlawed worldwide— for 200 years. It carries the death penalty and they did it anyway, using a pathetic excuse.

Once they had “converted ” all the living people and their estate interests into franchises of the various governmental services corporations, they could claim that they were justified in their actions because there is no law against enslaving a corporation.

In actual practice and fact, of course, they did enslave the living people and all their private property assets. This is how they were able to enforce “Selective Service ”and other forms of “The Draft ” during the Second World War. This is how they have been able to spend uncontrollably and rack up huge amounts of odious debt Against the civilian populace.

By registering your birth, seizing control of your name, and creating all sorts of corporate franchises benefiting their own corporations named after you— they–the bankers and lawyers and politicians effectively stole your identity and your credit cards.

Now we come to the issue of Odious Debt. Odious Debt is debt created by fraud of which the victims are unaware and from which they do not benefit. Much of the so-called “National Debts” around the world are this form of debt, and Odious Debt is not collectible.

It must be written off and forgiven. This is what is behind Pope Francis’s declaration of an International Year of Jubilee beginning December 8, 2015.

Beyond that, we also come to the issue of National Credit. All these fiat money systems have been operated as debt-credit systems. Every time you create a debt in such a system you also create a credit. Therefore, every National Debt is counterbalanced by a National Credit. Why have you never heard about your National Credit, only your National Debt? Because the perpetrators fully intended to leave the working people holding the bag while they siphoned off and absconded with not only the National Credit owed, but the underlying actual physical assets as well. They won’t be able to do that now, because now you know the truth about “National Debts” and how those National Debts were accrued by credit fraud, and you also know that you are owed an equal National Credit.

Finally, everyone worldwide needs a lesson in the mechanisms offraudulent convertible debt. Afraudulent convertible debt is a debt created by fraud that is converted into new ownership and used by the perpetrators as investment capital. The most typical example is the billing you receive every month for electrical service (at least in America this is true).

What appears to be a bill comes addressed to YOUR NAME in capital letters and your address. Unknown to you, this “billing statement” isn’t really a true bill and it isn’t addressed to you. It is addressed to a franchise of a governmental services corporation and the “statement” is actually a voucher allowing you to cash in a “dividend” equal to the amount shown as due and owing — but of course, you are never told this and you are never told how to fill out the coupon for credit. Instead, if you don’t submit payment you are threatened with disconnection, and in this way, you are coerced into paying the bills of a governmental services corporation’s franchise.

Of course, the utility company submits the bill each month directly to the “government” and gets paid for servicing the franchise. That’s payment Number One. Then they send you a billing statement and coerce you to pay it. That’s payment Number Two. They establish a “capital credits account” in YOUR name and deposit your payment in that account. They then use that money as investment capital benefiting their utility company and prevent you from accessing the capital credit account you funded. In some cases, the utilities are so crooked they set the “capital credits” aside and later claim that they are “unclaimed funds” and abscond with them directly.

Fraudulent convertible debt always involves a double-dipping system in which a charge gets paid for twice by different parties. In effect, it gets you, the consumer, both coming and going. You are on the hook to pay for the “government’s debts” —so as a group you paid for payment Number One, and as an individual you were forced to provide payment Number Two as well.

The same exact system of fraudulent convertible debt is used throughout the mortgage industry. When you create a mortgage, it is never credited to you— it is registered in YOUR NAME— as being owned by a government franchise operated under your name, but not belonging to you. Remember that the governmental services corporation is the owner of YOUR NAME, which is the incorporated franchise they are running for their own benefit under your name without your knowledge or consent.

So you walk in to close what you are told is a loan being made to you, and what happens? The bank takes your Promissory Note, which has Actual Cash Value, just like a stack of bank notes, and they cash it. That’s payment Number One, charged off against “the government”, which of course passes the entire cost back to you and your brethren in the form of taxation. Then the bankers come back under false pretense that they actually loaned you something, and demand that you pay them back principal and interest for thirty years and claim that you also owe them a security interest in your property (which you gave them, albeit under conditions of fraud and deceit and non-disclosure) which they can foreclose upon if you fail to perform. That’s payment Number Two —so, in effect, the banks charge you once, then charge you twice, plus interest, plus a security interest that is undeserved—and you fund all of it. You fund the first payment through your taxes to the “government” and you fund the second through more of your labor “donated” to the account of YOUR NAME and what really, did you receive?

You received access to credit in a bank account held in YOUR NAME, but not actually belonging to you, and you spent that credit on a home and property that is recorded in YOUR NAME but which doesn’t actually belong to you, either. Both the purported debt and the property belong to the governmental services corporation’s franchise. You are just an unpaid volunteer, doing all the work and producing all the credit to fund these operations, for the benefit of the franchise. It’s more usury, only this time, owing to the interest payments and security interest, it’s more like quadruple dipping than double dipping.

And all this blatant fraud based on semantic deceits and coercion and racketeering and deceptively similar names has gone on under the noses of all those you trusted to regulate banking and securities, precisely because the banks were running the “governmental services corporations” behind the scenes and were “regulating themselves.”

So what is the answer? Other than becoming aware yourself, spread the word. There will be too many of us for them to silence and once people know what went on, they will be stuck for it.

And what to do about replacing these criminal enterprises masquerading as governments? Well, we all know how our governments are supposed to be operated and by whom, and for most of us, that means we have to get involved.

The Americans are busy restoring their actual government on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States. It’s our understanding that Mrs. Merkel is doing her best in Germany and that numerous other heads of state are grappling with the facts and trying to bring remedy without bloodshed or disruption. Help them. We are informing the members of Congress that they have been elected to private corporate offices instead of public offices which they are meant to serve and that this has been accomplished by fraud and deceit. They have to choose their true allegiance and accept their true elected office in order to serve and represent the interests of the Continental United States as deputies and fiduciary officers—-and they otherwise have no capability to enter into any valid contract in our behalf or claim to represent anyone but themselves and their own little group of cronies.

Meantime back home we are occupying the vacated public offices we are owed and we are operating our state and county governments as judges, sheriffs, bailiffs, clerks, legislators, and many other public offices under American Common Law.

Action is moving forward on an international basis to end the criminality, expose the fraud, and bring relief. Please keep your minds and hearts fixed upon what is good and right and just, and realize that the vast majority of the people who have been employed by these corporations have been innocent of the evil they have unwittingly done. Even many lawyers and judges are completely unaware that they were doing anything wrong. To echo Jesus Christ, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

–—although they are going to learn very shortly, and be offered a choice!

In closing, I would like to paraphrase King George V — “Keep calm and get even.” Don’t give way to rage or violence of any kind. Realize that your grievances have been fully documented and proven and that the Mills of God grind slowly but exceedingly fine. Those who are truly guilty cannot escape, those who have acted in error must be forgiven, and the innocents who have suffered, will in the end be blessed by their own patience and kindness.

Anna Maria Riezinger a/k/a Anna Von Reitz

mailto: avannavon@gmail.com

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Electroshock Torture Used Against Defendant in U.S. Courtroom to Silence His Defense Speech

Source: Nesara News

Electroshock Torture Used Against Defendant in U.S. Courtroom to Silence His Defense Speech; Caught on Video
What kind of world are we living in when a man defending himself in court is not only routinely interrupted by the judge but also jolted with 50,000 volts of electricity because he continued speaking.


It’s the world of Judge Robert Christopher Nalley who, in 2014, continually treated defendant Delvon King – who was in a Maryland court on gun charges – like a violent animal. Turns out, the violent animal was the judge, who ordered the court deputy to taser Nalley – to the point of making him scream in pain.

The video showing the despicable act by ruthless Nalley is enough to get your blood boiling while also making you also lose your faith in human decency and kindness. See for yourself how the judge keeps telling King, who is behaving peacefully the entire time, to stop talking. When he continues speaking, that’s when Nalley loses it and unleashes his harsh demand. The judge orders the court deputy to “use it” (the taser), at which point King instantly falls to the floor, screaming uncontrollably while remaining in a fetal position. King lets out a spine-tingling scream every few seconds as he tries to deal with the whopping 50,000 volts of electricity that just shocked his body.

Defendant shocked with 50,000 volts of electricity, then told to calm down… is this for real?
While King suffers in pain, the judge acts as though what just occurred is no big deal, telling everyone in court to take five minutes so King can “calm down.”
Calm down?

First of all, it’s Nalley and his I’m-above-the-law attitude that was in need of calming down. Secondly, King should have received more than a mere five minutes to recover from the judge’s violent order; the judge should have extended an apology directly to King as well. But most importantly, the judge should have been severely reprimanded for his below-the-belt, unnecessary action since such an order is only to be given in the event a person in court begins acting dangerously and an emergency situation unfolds.

The video clearly shows that the only dangerous behavior occurred when Nalley ordered King, who was wearing a shocker anklet, to be tortured with 50,000 volts of electricity.

Slap on wrist for judge who ordered electroshock torture
Sure, after pleading guilty, the judge was punished – if you can call it that. Had anyone else inflicted such violence on another person in the same manner Nalley did, they would have received jail time on top of hefty fines. But because Nalley is a judge, he can get away with ordering such acts of torture on citizens and walk away with a slap on the wrist.
Case in point: Initially, he was facing upwards of a year in jail and a fine that could have been as high as $100,000. But since he’s a judge, and since his order to the court deputy fell under the sanction of his place in government, his so-called punishment ended up being a measly $5,000 fine and having to attend anger management classes. No time in prison. Just a minor shame-on-you fine that reinforces how out of whack society’s preferences are for those in power.

This isn’t the first time Nalley has behaved in such a horrific manner in the courtroom.

In 2010, he lost his temper upon discovering that a cleaning woman’s car was parked in a restricted zone at the courthouse. His reaction? Why, deflate one of her tires, of course. Clearly, this isn’t the way anyone, let alone a judge, should behave. Nalley was fined, suspended for five days without pay and ordered to write an apology letter.

What’s happening in society when right is wrong and wrong is right? The backwards mentality that seems to afflict those in power needs to stop immediately, as does the minimal punishment they often receive for their sick and twisted wrongdoings.

Sources for this article include:
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Judge Anna Update: Am I Worried About John Daresh, His Attacks and His False Charges? – with note from Freewill



Published Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Am I Worried About John Daresh, His Attacks and His False Charges? Judge Anna – with note from Freewill

From: Anna von Reitz
Date: Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 7:40 PM
Subject: Am I Worried About John Daresh, His Attacks and His False
Charges?In a word—- NO.   I am not worried by Daresh’s desperate and wrong-headed accusations.

Why am I not worried?

1. Since when is it a “crime” amounting to the creation of a “shadow government” to fill vacant Public Offices? 

2. Show me where I have any kind of “organization” at all?  What’s it’s name?  Where are it’s websites?  Where are it’s meeting places?  Where is it’s membership roster?  John Daresh is the one claiming to have an organization of over 5,000 members, and a stated goal of having at least four spies in every county in America.  Not me.

3. Show me where I am wrong about any of the history and public records I have presented which lead inexorably to the conclusion that I am right and Daresh is wrong?  

Rod Class and I and others have provided the proof that all our state offices and laws have been “vacated” so far as the US Congress is concerned since 1976.  Read the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) and International Organizations Immunities Act  (IOIA). 

I have also explained HOW that “vacating” came about.  It happened when the state and county governments “reorganized” as franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC. in order to receive federal revenue sharing kick-backs.  Any time you incorporate anything, it leaves the jurisdiction of the land and stops operating under the Law of the Land (including the Constitution) and operates under the international Law of the Sea instead.  So all our Public Offices were instantly vacated in that process and became private corporate offices instead. 

Nobody told us about it at the time it happened (1950’s and 60’s) and the actions of Congress were not publicized, but now that we know, there is nothing stopping us from informing our Trustees at the United Nations (which we have already done) and going ahead and adopting our birthright political status, filling the vacant Public Offices and restoring our unincorporated government on the land.

There is no endangerment, insurrection, or subversion of any form of government owed the United States of America on my part, and our actions on the land are certainly not any of the business of the federal government operating on the jurisdiction of the sea. We have two separate organizations with separate jurisdictions, just as they always have been—one on the sea, one on the land, one private, one public, one federal and one state.  This has been cut and dried for over 200 years, taught in every civics class and history class in America. 

4.  Show me where the “federal government” dba The United States of America, Inc., has any lawful jurisdiction related to me, other than being under contract to provide me and my unincorporated state with essential governmental services?  Two decades ago and on the public record I declared that I am an American born on the land of Wisconsin and not any sort of Federal United States Citizen at all.  This Matter of Fact has been blatted all over the planet for two decades and formally recorded in the Vatican Chancery Court. It is a Matter of Fact in international law.

What does Mr. Daresh THINK The United States of America, Inc, has to say about my political status?   Let me inform Mr. Daresh—– they dare not say one word.   They are bound by the actual Constitution, the United States Statutes-at-Large, and the United Nations Treaties they have signed to regard my choice of political status as sacrosanct and mine alone.  And if they fail to honor my choice, they shall be brought to trial as war criminals senselessly attacking an unarmed friendly vessel as pirates on the High Seas.

At the same time I declared my political status I also revoked my election to pay federal income taxes in 1998 and by law CANNOT ever pay them again.  At the same time, I informed the Social Security Administration that there had been a mistake, that I am not a federal employee, not a ward of any STATE, not  seeking welfare benefits of any kind, not seeking political asylum, nor any other such rot.

Since then I have reconveyed my property, including my name and vessels in commerce,  to the land jurisdiction of the United States.  I operate my private bank accounts using funds denominated in lawful money and function under complete commercial liability at all times as the naked owner of everything I am. 

If the federal corporation or any of its franchises or subcontractors address me when they are not spoken to, they will be in violation of both the actual Constitution and the United Nations Treaties they have signed onto. 

As I have recently learned the secrets of acting as a Bounty Hunter under their own 14th Amendment, I can operate my own Court of Record to fine them to the moon if they trespass against me and they cannot say or do a thing against my process because—guess what? On the land jurisdiction of this country, I really am sovereign.  

5. NLA is in fact unknowingly acting in insurrection against the government of the people, by the people, and for the people— exactly what they have accused me of doing.   Having not properly declared their political status, having not formed a jural society, having not formed any kind of unincorporated county government to operate the land jurisdiction, and having not taken any kind of jural oath, the NLA is operating in limbo as a rogue entity, neither fish nor fowl, neither federal nor state.

There is no “General Common Law” available to the federal government — as freely admitted by the U.S. Supreme Court in Thompkins v. Erie Railroad.  The only form of “Common Law” that is available to the federal government is international Martial Common Law, and that cannot be mistaken or misrepresented as American Common Law. Apples are not oranges. 

No Common Law Grand Juries operating at the county or state levels can operate as federal corporate franchise entities and at the same time pretend to invoke the Fourth Branch of our land-based  government. Such actions are neither lawful nor legal—- not lawful because only people actually possessing and declaring their birthright political status can operate our government on the land and invoke American Common Law Grand Juries, and not legal, either because PERSONS are not allowed to operate our government on the land and they commit acts of fraud and insurrection by pretending that they do.

Put another way— the Fourth Branch of our lawful government is operated by living people under American Common Law.  It is not operated by PERSONS operating under international Martial Common Law—-and in the absence of a proper declaration of political status, this is the only option available to members of the NLA.

Thus from either side of the fence, the NLA is not operating in any proper or honest capacity. NLA is bound to get into trouble as a result. Either the federal corporation will crack down on them for not being legal, or the actual government will crack down on them for pretending to be lawful.

And in no case can they fulfill the rightful function of the Fourth Branch of our government going at it as they have, which no doubt accounts for the fact that they have been unable to gain traction and recognize and prosecute actual crimes.  

6. Last but not least, no federal corporate officer in his right mind at any level is going to address me.  As they are all operating in private corporate offices, they are all subject to the Clearfield Doctrine and international Law of the Sea.  They have no immunity and don’t operate the sovereign unincorporated State of Alaska on the land— a fact that they would be forced to admit under cross-examination. The Bar Members among them, which is most of them, are especially vulnerable and accountable, because they are provably and objectively foreigners on our soil and if they take any part in prosecuting me via mischaracterization of my declared political status they will be subject to very, very serious international war crimes charges before the World Court including press-ganging, fraud, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, breach of trust, enslavement and kidnapping.

Venal as many lawyers and politicians are, I don’t know any who would care to face those counter charges in my Court of Record nor any of the international venues at my disposal.

NLA like THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. itself is an evil organization that is staffed almost entirely by good people —good people who don’t know that they are doing anything wrong and who aren’t being properly informed or guided.

Please take it to heart—- it is I who am worried for NLA members.   NLA Members are sitting ducks because they don’t have their ducks in order and their leadership won’t learn enough to lead them in the way they need to go.

The Pied Piper responsible for this is John Daresh, not me.

My advice to NLA and all the various Common Law Grand Jury organizers and members remains the same—- check out the information available from the Michigan General Jural Assembly as regards organizing your grand juries properly. Their process has been vetted by the military and in use for many years. As soon as they finish tweaking their latest Handbook it will be widely distributed and available.

As for straightening out your own political status issues I suggest that everyone go first to www.freesovereignandindependent.com for a bird’s eye view of how this mess got started and why your separate birthright political status matters, then go to Kurt Kallenbach‘s website to learn how to reclaim and reconvey your name and other assets back to the land of your birth.

This is a peaceful, non-violent and proper matter of learning how your government is supposed to operate and then operating it, not anything revolutionary or even controversial. 

The United States Congress (as opposed to the United States in Congress Assembled) made the United Nations the Trustee responsible for safeguarding our security and our Public Offices and our state law and our assets.  As beneficiaries of our national trust, it is our responsibility to inform these Trustees of our wishes and to make it clear that administrators of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and the UNITED STATES, INC. have acted in criminal deceit, collusion, and breach of trust to mischaracterize us and defraud us of our birthright, that we are the Priority Creditors of these corporations, and that we insist that our Organic and Public Law be honored with respect to us and our property. 

Start there and go forward.  If Mr. Daresh goes mad with frustrated desire to control everyone and everything and suffers an inability to read — that’s his problem. If he wants to mistake the lawful government owed to the land jurisdiction of this country as a “shadow government” while attempting to operate a national spy ring and a “national grand jury” himself, let him.

If he wants to tell lies about me all day long, let him, too.  It won’t avail him any more than it has availed many others.

I personally gave John Daresh the county settlement documents and other documents contained in the  fromdefactotodejure.pdf document four years ago. John was heading up the New York Committeemen at the time. John was instructed exactly how to properly assemble a petite grand jury of at least 12+1 in each county. John chose to ignore the instruction and build his own personally designed grand jury scheme knowingly putting good people in danger. Several times John has been contacted by a few members of the Michigan Assembly with attempts to get him on the right path. John never made an attempt to correct his error. I now feel John intentionally wronged many people and needs to be held accountable for his actions.

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My Reply to John Daresh and NLA — Round One



My Reply to John Daresh and NLA — Round One

by Anna Von Reitz

And the following is my response to “NLA” — or rather, to John Daresh, who finally, after months of silence, decided to say SOMETHING to me….. His comments are clearly indicated, followed by mine:

The following is a response to the “Me and the NLA by Anna Von Reitz” posted at
on February 16, 2016. I will not reprint the post, readers can go to the posted page and read for themselves the claims. I will respond to each assault by bullet points. If you want to understand Anna Von Reitz’s unique perspective, and why NLA distanced itself from her ideologies, please read the additional postings on her site;



Anna has never contacted me or any of the National Leadership on the phone. Therefore, no such opportunity to hang up on her was afforded. Although we have need to chastise a national NLA leader from time to time for rudeness, it has over time become extremely rare. All of NLA leadership is instructed to be polite and, cordial and although NLA holds to the commandment of repentance and forgiveness[5], if one of our leaders are unable to control themselves we will rank them down, and out of the public eye, that’s our policy.

I have called the National Headquarters and talked with people at least twice, including Gary Jolly. I believe I have the phone records to prove it. I definitely have the mailing receipts of contacts I have made, including the mailing that delivered the wet-ink, hand-signed, thumb-printed, and sealed affidavit of probable cause which has since been published as “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” available to all on Amazon. com. Those who have read this affidavit will agree that it has been mammothly researched and honestly attested to, and I trust that I am not alone in being mystified as to why any American Common Law Grand Jury would FAIL to investigate a properly executed affidavit of probable cause alleging grand felony fraud, press-ganging, kidnapping, inland piracy and other crimes against the American people and our lawful government.

I spoke with Gary Jolly and he confirmed the only contact he had with Anna was by e-mail and in that email he requested to be removed from her mailing list.
If there is a judge or justice in a common law court, it’s not a common law court. It is true that the proper name for our elected or appointed Jurist is Justice, it is also true that all Justices when sitting in a common law court hold the status of Magistrate to keep the case orderly and on point.

This is splitting fine hairs to no real purpose. The actual proper title for a Common Law Judge is “Justice of the Peace”, just as the proper title of a Sheriff on the land is “Peacekeeping Officer”— but that is neither here nor there. In actual practice, Sheriffs do their duties as Sheriffs and Justices of the Peace function as Judges, whether Magistrates or Superior Court Justices aka “Judges”.

The District Attorney’s job is to prosecute in the practice of law, but they have no decision making authorities concerning cases, nor do they have the authority to make a deal after the Common Law Grand Jury indicts, the Common Law will not tolerate that.

Gee, well, then why is it that we have not seen ANY successful prosecutions actually bearing fruit if the DA is not exercising his “prosecutorial discretion” and ignoring the Common Law Grand Jury presentments?
It has been at least two years. I see no movement. No action. No successful prosecutions of the many, many, many CRIMES that the the American people have suffered in the same time period— and there must be an explanation for this that I am not seeing here. We have no dearth of crime and yet no prosecution.
It looks to me like either (1) the Common Law Grand Juries have no teeth for precisely the reasons I stipulated in my article “The NLA and Me” or (2) despite the supposed intolerance of the Common Law Grand Juries for being ignored by the DA— they are in fact being ignored and accomplishing little or nothing beyond spinning their wheels. Prove me wrong, John Daresh. Please publish the list of presentments that the Common Law Grand Juries have issued and a list of those cases that have been or are being prosecuted as a result?

The Common Law Grand Jury acts independently from the prosecutor and papers are filed directly with the clerk.

All cases are filed directly with the Clerk, so that’s not enlightening. What we are interested in is lack of prosecution of serious crime. The job of a Common Law Grand Jury is to investigate crime either on its own initiative or upon being presented with an “information”—- which I certainly provided.

National Liberty Alliance was founded about three years ago and developed a realistic and lawful plan to save our Republic. Within that time period NLA has been successful in organizing the Nation and educating The People in Law, American History and Ethics, which was is a prerequisite necessity for accomplishing our goal to duly serve as the Unified United States Common Law Grand Jurists and Administrators.

In the Common Law System the courts are supported and created by Jural Societies at both the County and State level and Jural Societies are created by those who have claimed their proper political status and signed a Jural Oath. Since most of the people on this Continent have been mischaracterized and removed from the land jurisdiction and are considered “civilly dead” with respect to their birthright political status, they have no ability to form lawful Jural Societies nor can they operate the lawful courts owed to the Republic. It would be analogous to Spaniards pretending to be Irishmen and proposing to operate Irish courts.
I have brought this to the attention of NLA to no avail. Nobody I know who has been involved in the NLA effort has gone through the process to re-establish their birthright political status and reconvey their name and estate to the land jurisdiction of the United States. Nobody in NLA that I have talked to has registered any understanding of Jural Societies. Nobody has shown any flicker of understanding when I asked to see their Jural Oath.

This indicates either ignorance on the part of the NLA leadership or purposeful fraud against the institution and process. I would prefer to think they simply don’t know what they are doing and I would be happy to help, but instead of evincing any willingness to learn anything, the policy of the NLA leadership— similar to the policy of the current “administrators” of the governmental services corporations pretending to be our lawful government—is to ignore valid information to their detriment and dishonor.

We accomplished that goal by first reconstituting the “Common Law Grand Jury” in all 3133 counties by filing press releases within the counties inviting the People to gather and be introduced to the Common Law Grand Jury and give their vote of approval and the response across the Nation was overwhelmingly positive, averaging a 98% approval rating.

While people may have responded in some manner positive to the initiative it is a pure and honest fact that only a handful of those 3133 counties actually followed through by taking any action whatsoever to do the work involved and of those that did, owing to lack of proper instruction, it appears that NOBODY involved in the NLA effort:
(1) reclaimed their proper political status and
(2) formed a Jural Society and
(3) signed a Jural Oath, so that for all their good intentions and hard work, not a thing they could do could be considered a valid Common Law action.

In order to rightfully establish a Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury we first established fifty Unified States’ Common Law Grand Juries as we continue to organize leadership in all 3134 counties. Each State possesses their-own Seal and mailing address. We then organized leadership in all Federal Districts in order to provide for federal administrations and provide for the monitoring of maintaining of the Principles of the King[6] of the court.

Again, these organizations, both at the county level and state level may exist on paper, but the evidence that they exist in fact, that they have been properly organized and documented,and that they are popularly understood and supported is totally lacking. The only “King’s” Court in the Republic is owned and operated by the actual “free, sovereign, and independent” people of the United States. Their Federal Courts operate within the Federal Postal Districts established on the land, and are not the “same as” United States “Federal” Courts established and operated within “U.S. Districts” established in the international jurisdiction of the sea. These Federal Postal District Courts owed to the people and the unincorporated States of America are not to be confused with any form of United States Court currently in operation, but again, NLA seems confused about jurisdiction and forms of law.

We, the people of the land jurisdiction of the United States, separated from the King (and the Queen) over 200 years ago, unlike the British-subject “inhabitants” who remained here to provide essential government services. As you can see from reading any version of the Constitution, the “federal government” under contract to provide nineteen essential services was NOT tasked with providing Common Law Courts and in fact there is no such thing as any General Common Law available to the federal government (Thompkins v. Erie Railroad). How then are the requirements of Amendment VII to be met?

Answer: we, the living people, acting in our actual and proper political status, are supposed to be self-governing and are supposed to operate our own Jural Societies and our own American Common Law Court System —- not “just” a Grand Jury, but the entire common law court we are owed—- Justices, Sheriffs, Bailiffs, Clerks, Trial Juries, Bondsmen, Coroner, etc.,
That this is not apparent to NLA and the NLA leadership is a cause of grave concern. I have yelped and tugged at pants legs to no avail. In order for the actions of the Common Law Grand Juries to have meaning and teeth these organizations must be properly formed and operated as a lynch pin standing between a fully operative American Common Law Court System and the present United States Court System— able to hand down presentments either to the land jurisdiction Common Law Courts or the sea jurisdiction United States Courts as the issues and subject matter may dictate.
Otherwise, people are left functioning improperly in a foreign jurisdiction, subject to criminal complaint, and all their hard work goes for naught. Their Grand Juries are at best well-intentioned but totally ineffective vestigal organs, like a tail bone long after the tail is gone.

It is a wrongdoing to maintain a sitting Grand Jury indefinitely. The entire NLA membership (5000+) is a sitting Grand Jury for the sole purpose of dealing with subversion against the United States of America, after which the Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury will disband. All other cases will be referred to the respective county jury pools once the subversion problem is resolved and administrations are properly established.

The idea of a gigantic single sitting “Grand Jury” throughout the country is novel, but unsupported by historical practice or definition; the Republic (unincorporated states on the land and living people) is organized according to townships, parishes, counties, and states— with Federal Postal District Courts operating on a regional basis—and The Supreme Court of the united States of America in Philadelphia— but in all the history and case law I have read in the past fifty years there is no precedent for a national Grand Jury. And if the county level Grand Juries are not properly seated and composed of people who have reclaimed and reconveyed their names and estates to the land jurisdiction and organized Jural Societies and taken their Jural Oaths—- then obviously, any state level Grand Juries are not validly composed, either, and neither would a national level Grand Jury resulting from a promulgation of smaller errors be valid. If you start out wrong, you end wrong, and the entire sand castle is apt to be swept out to sea.

NLA is building Administrations composed of 4 People per county to serve as an investigative body for the Grand Jury, provide orientation for jurist, provide jurist counseling when requested, provide written forms of the jury’s will, and provide grand jury access for the People of the county.

The above speaks to the problem — Common Law Grand Juries in this country arise from properly composed Jural Societies, not “Administrators” nor “Administrations” — that’s the language of the United States Court System operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea, not the American Common Law System owed to the living people and unincorporated states on the land. The whole idea that our justice system should rely on four self-appointed spies per county reporting back to a national webmaster is repugnant. The government of the land, the Republic, operates from the bottom up, not the top down, and it operates in the open, not as a secretive network of opinionated tattle-tales.

The so-called sequestration of the Grand Juries and the relative inability of the people to access the Common Law Grand Juries is part and parcel of the problem we are trying to address. My complaint is a picture perfect example. Millions of people around the world have now read our affidavit of probable cause. More than six months have gone by since its publication and the presentation of its information to the NLA sponsored Common Law Grand Juries. If anyone is interested in quelling “subversion” and bringing an end to crime, then our affidavit provides more than enough factual information to justify investigation and action against the banks, attorneys, and politicians responsible for the current conditions— but so far as I can tell, no action has been taken at all.

Nobody from NLA has called me. No Grand Jury has summoned me to ask questions about our affidavit or request additional witnesses or testimony.

Today we have National name recognition, 100’s of thousands of followers (established by google analytics) over 5,000 members, 1,393 County Organizers, 115 State Coordinators, 105 Federal District Leaders, 7 National Coordinators, 11 Committees, and membership is growing exponentially.

It doesn’t matter how many members, how much money and effort spent, or what kind of “name recognition” an organization has, if it is acting in error from the ground up, which NLA provably is. This could not be more plainly stated, demonstrated, or proven than by the lack of successful prosecutions. Our country is awash in criminal activity. If the Common Law Grand Juries were properly educated, organized, seated, and supported there should be thousands of cases in process and thousands of successful prosecutions. The total absence of prosecutions based on the Common Law Grand Juries and their efforts SHOULD be a clue to Mr. Daresh and everyone else.

Those who as Anna put it “waved good-bye” to NLA and joined her were former disgruntled members of NLA that were removed from our membership for being dishonorable and refused to repent.

Nobody “joined” me. I am not an organization. I am out here in Alaska doing the necessary groundwork to correct the political status of Americans who have been mischaracterized as Federal United States Citizens. That’s ground zero—- bringing back the Americans to their natural birthright status on American soil, forming Jural Societies and from Jural Societies forming the missing American Common Law Court System we are owed. This is just plain common sense once you grasp the situation and the history and the facts. It’s not an opinion. It’s not “my” way versus someone else’s way. And it is certainly NOT “dishonorable” or anything requiring “repentance”. All the repenting that needs to be done is on the part of banks, lawyers, and politicians who have acted as criminals on our shores.

I am not a BAR Attorney

Well, thank you, Mr. Daresh for finally, unequivocably clearing that up. You could have saved everyone a lot of ear-twisting if you had simply said so when asked the question some months ago.

Like many People on the internet I have a pseudonym. I first signed up on the internet through AOL in about 1992 and the first thing I was asked to do when I signed up in those days was to choose a “screen name”, I chose John Darash. John is my Christian name and Darash which is a Hebrew word from the Bible meaning “diligent seeker of truth”. So I have been known as John Darash for almost 20 years. When I started working in Liberty Groups my wife was concerned about using our family name because I have always been controversial and she was concerned about “crazies” and she felt our family would have some protection.

I have used a pen name based on my family name, “Anna von Reitz” for even longer, Mr. Daresh, so I would have understood this explanation and so would most people. Again, you could have cleared it up a long time ago.

NLA quoted Anna in a federal paper because she gave an accurate picture of the fiction and we thought she was a real judge. We could not find a Judge Anna Von Reitz in Alaska and about six month ago we discovered that she was a self-appointed, self-elected judge trying to pass off a shadow government as a de jure government.

The Republic owed the living people and the unincorporated States of America is anything BUT a “shadow” government. It is the government of the land jurisdiction of this country and your ignorance together with that of your followers does not render it invalid. I am indeed an actual judge, but I am not a member of the Bar and I am not a member of the foreign court system of the Federal United States. There is a profound difference between the “Alaska State Superior Court” which operates on the land jurisdiction of this country and the “State of Alaska Superior Court” which does not.
If you, Mr. Daresh, had ever sat down and read my sworn affidavit which was provided to you, you would know that:
(1) no member of the Bar may serve in ANY Public Office of the Republic owing to self-evident Constitutional prohibitions against their participation in our government;
(2) that almost all the courts presently in operation in this country are either private administrative tribunals of the federal corporation and its franchises or admiralty courts operating in international jurisdiction and that none of these courts operate under any form of American Common Law until and unless we invoke our own court of record and operate it ourselves;
(3) I am an actual American Common Law Court Judge, aka, Justice, filling a vacated Public Office of the De Jure government owed to the living people and the unincorporated States of America, as an act of service to the people of Alaska and Americans at Large.

Again, if you had bothered to read my affidavit, you would not be making these ridiculous assumptions about me, my standing, or my actions.

No one in NLA’s leadership has made any vague insinuations about anyone, furthermore the founders of NLA and all National Leadership is available every Monday evening in an open forum for three hours where anyone can ask any questions concerning our plan and behavior.

Our papers that have been filed in all 94 Federal District courts define our work and our position concerning jurisdiction and Article III Courts.

Again, I am sorry to disabuse you, but Mr. Jolly did indeed make inexplicable insinuations about me to my face. He said, and I quote, “We know who you are and we are against you.”

Obviously, you DON’T know who I am or what I am doing, nor do you realize WHY I am doing what I am doing. If you did, you would not be making all these half-cocked statements and assumptions. I must assure you that I am not alone in my scholarship and findings and in fact, your organization is not the first nor the best-informed when it comes to the work at hand.

The Michigan General Jural Society formed over twenty years ago and organized the unincorporated State of Michigan and continues to properly operate the County and State Jural Societies to this day. Their members, unlike yours, have properly declared their political status and settled their counties on the land and taken their Jural Oaths.

If you were concerned about the Truth and the proper way to organize lawful county and state government operations for the de jure Republic, you could learn a lot from their past and ongoing efforts, but it is clear that you are close minded and not open to learning anything more or better than your own opinion.

What self-appointed Judge Anna Von Reitz, self-appointed Judge Bruce Doucette, self-appointed Judge Stephen Keno, self-appointed Judge Stephen Nalty, self-appointed Judge David Coffelt, Rodger Dowdell, Carl Swensson, Arnie Rosner, self-appointed Keith Post Master General, and self-appointed god graced Administrator Joaquin Folch, self-appointed marshals, governors, a president and other officers are creating is a quasi-shadow government that essentially advocates the overthrowing of the government.

What self-appointed comptroller John Daresh does not realize is that the people of this country actually are sovereign on the land —- NOT “sovereign citizens”—- that is an oxymoron, for one cannot act as a sovereign and a citizen at the same time nor in the same jurisdiction, but sovereign on the land jurisdiction of this country nonetheless.

The people you have named are all honorable and unselfish and well-educated and well-informed Americans who have stepped forward into the gap left when all Public Offices in this country were vacated and “released” to the United Nations, as officially declared and explained in the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and the International

Organizations Immunities Act
You and anyone else reading this may be certain that I and the others named are in fact Justices of the Common Law. If we were not, we would be arrested for impersonating Public Officials.

As I have explained to others and as I will explain to you, when you incorporate anything it is immediately removed from the jurisdiction of the land and out from under the Law of the Land, including The Constitution, and it is instead operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea and under the Law of the Sea.
That’s what happened when first the Federal Government began operating as a corporation — the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation to be exact— and later, all the State and County governments also incorporated in order to receive “federal revenue sharing”—– that is, kick backs from unlawful and immoral federal corporation racketeering.

Via the simple act of incorporating, all the Public Offices owed the people and the unincorporated States of America were transformed overnight into private corporate offices instead.

The Sheriff on the Land became a Sheriff on the Sea. Instead of being a peacekeeping officer obligated to enforce the Law of the Land and the Public Law known as the United States Statutes at Large, he became a “law enforcement officer” obligated to enforce corporate codes, regulations, and statutes instead.

This is just a small part of what you clearly don’t know, don’t understand, and aren’t willing to learn.

18 USC §2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government – Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof,
18 USC § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy – If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

Any “sedition” is on the part of those attempting to overthrow the lawful government of the people, for the people, and by the people. These “laws” that you are quoting, John, are Federal Code — not Public Law, and the Federal Codes are a mere reflection of the actual United States Statutes-at-Large which safeguard our government on the land and which obligate the service and performance of the governmental services corporations under the tri-lateral treaty, national trust indenture, and service contract established by the actual Constitution known as The Constitution for the united States of America.

That you would seemingly accuse me and these other honorable Justices of the Common Law of sedition while being ignorantly engaged in promoting fraud yourself and misleading others to take actions that they have not been properly prepared for is another example of wanton disregard for fact, history, and Law by the leadership of NLA.

We are here operating in the open, for all to see, clearly declaring our understanding of who we are and what our government is and in which jurisdicition we are operating, allowing no one to mistake our political status, our standing on the land, and our intention. NLA meanwhile is operating a secretive “shadow government” itself, composed of unknown “administrators” acting as spies in each county, reporting back to some “national” organization styling itself as a Grand Jury of the Whole for which there is absolutely no precedent or justification.

I leave people to draw their own conclusions.

As I said in the beginning of this paper “truth is sometimes brutal”. Because we are fully informed we are obligated to warn The People who do not understand that they are in danger. The forces driving the quasi-shadow government movement are Pied Pipers[7] who are either agent provocateurs[8] or just useful idiots[9] who speak of a new federation and writing another constitution and thereby are putting many good liberty minded People who are desperately seeking a solution to save America in jeopardy.

Truth is brutal, John, and the truth is that however well-intentioned you are, you are woefully misled and ignorant. You are in fact so far from being “fully informed” that you should just sit down in a corner and listen for several months to the people who ARE fully informed.

There is no “quasi-shadow” government— at least none that I am aware of. There is only our government which has been mis-administered for a very long time and which was left vacated when the various units of the state and county governments incorporated themselves as franchises of the federal corporation dba UNITED STATES, INC. and began operating in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea.

That may be all well and good for a corporation whose only responsibility is to provide nineteen “governmental services”—- but it is not sufficient as the government owed to the living people and unincorporated States of America known as the Union.
Our Public Offices owed to the land jurisdiction of this country were vacated and we are now filling them. This is no act of “subversion”— this is an act of restoration, plainly justified before the Hague, the United Nations Security Council, and the World Court. If you don’t like it, John, that’s too bad. The rest of us are not bound by your ignorance or opinions.

Additionally, because these dishonorable People have tried to appear as NLA by using similar seals and calling themselves a common law grand jury in order to ride the coat tails of our success. This has placed NLA members in jeopardy of arrest, being wrongly identified by news reports and law enforcement as part of the quasi-shadow government movement. It is for that reason we will be filing an Information making it clear that we are not part of the Anna Von Reitz “New Federation”.

I have never announced, participated in, advocated, or established any new “Federation”. I have preserved the actual Constitution, which is an entirely different thing — and that action, John, is in fact my lawful duty. Yours, too, if you had sense enough to recognize it.

Nobody can complain that I have ever done anything but my duty — which includes reporting crime to the Common Law Grand Jury. I did my part, as required by Law, but you and your organization have not. That is pure, simple, and factual for everyone to see.

You assert that your organization is a “success” and that we are “riding on your coat-tails” somehow. You apparently think you have some thunder to steal, but I see no success in terms of performance in behalf of the people of this country. I see no successful prosecution of any of the ample crime in our midst as a result of your organization. I see no action taken to investigate the information contained in our sworn affidavit of probable cause.
And if anyone is riding on any coat-tails, the Michigan General Jural Society and its worthy and correct effort to secure the Public Offices and land jurisdiction owed to the Michigan State and its people pre-dates your organization by at least twenty years. Time for you and anyone who is serious about re-settling your counties and states on the land and enjoying the freedom and government you are owed, to pay attention to what the Michigan General Jural Society has already accomplished and start following their template for real, actual, secure, and uncontroversial success.

Obviously, the Michigan General Jural Society has been functioning unobstructed and openly and successfully for at least two decades and has not been subject to any threat of arrest or accusation of criminality and if the NLA is experiencing such problems those problems are caused by the ignorance of NLA leadership and lack of proper preparation, education, and support for the volunteers trying to organize a crucial — but far from only component—of the government they are owed.
To anyone who is sick and tired of the atmosphere of fear, incompetence, gossip and endless spinning of wheels offered by NLA and its leadership— that is, anyone who really wants to restore the Republic and the lawful government we are owed— I invite you to check out the Michigan General Jural Society and its proven and peaceful process to do exactly what needs to be done— not only in terms of being able to set up a properly seated Common Law Grand Jury, but being able to set up a properly founded Jural Society and County Assembly to support it.

Go to the


website where the MGJS Handbook called “From De Facto to De Jure” should now be posted and available for download.

Forget about NLA and John Daresh. He obviously doesn’t know what he is doing, and that is indeed a danger to the membership.


See this article and over 100 others on Anna’s website here:

Turning America Around – Thanks To Our Heros


– Republic for the united States –



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Originally posted January 4 at 4:18pm ·

to All Members of the Press Corps, All Federal Employees, All Members of the American Armed Forces, All Sheriffs, United States Marshals, and Others Responsible for Public Safety and Peacekeeping
Regarding the Take Over of BLM Facilities in the Western States
Issued by Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

January 3, 2016

Although it may come as a surprise to many Americans we have been mischaracterized and misidentified as British Crown Subjects for the better part of a hundred years. This travesty has never been corrected; instead, the British Crown, a commercial investment organization, has kidnapped and press-ganged American land assets into the international jurisdiction of the sea and has pillaged our labor and our resources without mercy in criminal conspiracy and contempt of our Constitution. They have been aided and abetted in this activity by members of the American Bar Association and the Internal Revenue Service acting as licensed privateers.

These vipers nurtured in our bosom pretending to be our “Friends” and our “Allies” and even our “Trustees” have practiced identity theft against the American people, have involved us in their own private bankruptcies as sureties obligated to pay their debts; they have pretended that because of their fraud against us, we have “abandoned” our property including our land patents, our bank accounts, and our organic states. They have usurped against our lawful government, enslaved our people, and acted as criminals in our midst.

The corporations responsible for this behavior are no different and no better than Walmart or Sears or Burger King; they have used names like “Bureau of Land Management” or “United States Department of Agriculture” and so on under color of law.

The “Bureau of Land Management” is not an actual unit of the American government. It is a foreign corporation whose only business here is to provide us with “essential governmental services”.

The land patents to the western states are owed to the States of America and the Indigenous Tribal Governments without exception. The only ownership accruing to the Federal United States dba District of Columbia Municipal Corporation or in other corporate guises is vested entirely in the ten square miles of the District and limited to its Boundary Stones. The only ownership vested in the Federal Government in the western states or anywhere else is a lease interest in facilities that have been provided to expedite their service missions.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) facilities being occupied by American Militiamen were bought and paid for by the people of this country for the use of the BLM with the understanding that the BLM is a unit of the American government and is working in good faith for the people of this nation.

However, according to the public and private records, the BLM is not in fact any part of our lawful government at all and has not been so for decades. It is a privately owned foreign “governmental services corporation” operating under color of law; it has no business interfering in the activities of the ranchers and farmers, occupying government facilities under conditions of fraud, or otherwise presenting false claims of interest, ownership, or authority.

The Hammonds and the Bundy Family are Priority Creditors of all the governmental services corporations which are now or which have operated in this country in the past. They are tax exempt and their “vessels in commerce”— meaning the various trusts and public utilities operated under their NAMES without their knowledge or consent— are all tax-prepaid. They and their countrymen are owed the patent to all land within the geographically defined boundaries of their respective states, free and clear of liens, encumbrances, or other presumptions against their property rights by foreign corporations operating under conditions of self-interested fraud.

BLM employees are here to provide “essential governmental services”. Those services do not include acting as undeclared commercial mercenaries operating under color of law and against the best interests of their employers and benefactors. Any federal employee offering to harm or interfere in the normal occupations of their employers, that is, the people of this country, or to prohibit their employer’s customary use of the land and resources they are heir to is acting as an Outlaw in contempt of the Public Law and the actual Constitution and is subject to arrest under the Bounty Hunter provisions of the United States Statutes-at-Large.

Being employed by BLM like being employed by JC PENNY confers no special authority, grants no immunity, and is not a license to undertake any activity that would otherwise be unlawful—including trespassing on private property, making fraudulent claims, and racketeering under armed force. The rule for federal employees and law enforcement officials including “Federal State” and “Federal County” officials is that if you can’t do it in your private capacity, you can’t do it at all.

Members of the Press Corps are similarly reminded of their responsibility to safeguard public safety and obey the Public Law, including their obligation not to incite, misrepresent, or engage in insurrection against the lawful government of the people, by the people, and for the people. This is not a country of the corporation, by the corporation or for the corporation. Anyone needing to be reminded of that fact should question both their education and their sanity.

The highest Law Officer in this country is the County Sheriff who has accepted the public office, received his bond, and taken his Oath. He is enabled to deputize as many men as he needs to enforce the Public Law within the borders of his county and may require the use of any and all equipment and facilities paid for with public funds in pursuit of these ends. He works directly for the people of his county and is accountable only to them.

All federal employees are guests of the people of each county and state. So long as they pursue their lawful duties and do not inappropriately presume upon, threaten, harass, or otherwise offer to harm their hosts, over-reach their lawful jurisdiction, or make false claims against land assets they are owed safe conduct and support. The moment they breach the peace, break the Public Law, offer contempt against the Constitution, engage in operations under color of law—including trespass on private property, cattle rustling, armed racketeering and so on, they are subject to arrest like any common felon.

The people of this country are the employers, benefactors, and Priority Creditors of all federal corporations, all federal employees, all federal contractors, and all federal officials. The people did not grant their hirelings any power to harass them, indebt them, mischaracterize them, change their political status, seize upon their property, defraud them, trespass upon them, or engage in any other criminal activity whatsoever.

It must be squarely recognized that the burning of barns is arson. The theft and removal of livestock is cattle rustling. The bringing of false claims of indebtedness and obligation is fraud. The presentation of weapons, especially tactical weapons, employed in any of these activities is assault and attempted racketeering under force by undeclared private mercenary forces. It is now easy to recognize that these are crimes masquerading as “law enforcement”.

The private in-house laws of corporations must remain in accord with the Public Law or those corporations must be liquidated as crime syndicates and their assets distributed to those they have harmed and to their lawful creditors. This includes the BLM, the UNITED STATES, the AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION, the STATE OF OREGON, or any other corporation found to be operating in violation of the Public Law and their own charter.

Any questions may be addressed to:
Judge Anna Maria Riezinger
(907) 250-5087
Judge Bruce Doucette
(720) 338-0394

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Judge Anna sent a letter to Stewart Rhodes of the Oathkeepers.

It is truly a great read, so I have posted a link so that you can download and print it out.

If someone doesn’t have software that can read a pdf file, please let me know in your comments and I will see what I can do.

Here is the link

A Reply to Stewart Rhode’s Recommended Honorable Exit Strategy For Ammon Bundy From Judge Anna





Source :

Originally published on Jan 21, 2016

Sub for more:


A letter from the governor of Oregon, Katherine Brown, to the FBI director, James Comey, attorney general, Loretta Lynch, and President Barack Obama, was published Thursday by Oregon Public Broadcasting’s John Sepulveda.

The letter details the Governor has reached her limit with the quote, “armed radicals” occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

She also pleads with the FBI and Attorney General insisting for a quote, “swift resolution to the matter.”

While the governor did not define, swift, she did confirm a large presence of state and federal agencies operating in the town of Burns, and indicated the town is under great stress due to the Bundy occupation.

Sepulveda details the Governor’s misgivings with the lack of Federal action and disregard for the residents from a press conference in Salem where the governor stated quote, “The residents of Harney County have been overlooked and underserved by federal official’s response thus far, I have conveyed these very grave concerns directly to our leaders at the highest levels of our government.”

At the press conference Governor Brown reiterated her insistence for a swift federal response stating quote, “Federal authorities must move quickly to end the occupation, and hold all of the wrong doers accountable, this spectacle of lawlessness must end.”

If history is any indicator, of how the F B I may handle the swift response the Governor is insisting, one need look no further than the Federal government response at Waco.

After 51 days, that standoff swiftly concluded when the F B I initiated a tear gas attack and set fire to a building burning alive seventy six religious men, women, and children.

As of this report, the F B I has begun communication with Ammon Bundy through phone, however if the Governor gets her wish it could end in fire.


Why the Hurry to Distroy these peaceful people?

What dirty little secrets are lurking around, awaiting to be discovered?

Well it has already been found and the investigation is on going.

I will be posting what we had all suspected all along.

These statements are clearly not from a system for the People, can you see the Tyranny?

Please share the information far and wide.

Be blessednbsp;

Burns Oregon Standoff Revolution Radio Ammon Bundy Interview – YOU MUST WATCH !

The Watchman News 01/21/2016 Burns Oregon Standoff Revolution Radio Ammon Bundy Interview – YOU MUST WATCH !



Judge McNasty, Sheriff Ward and the County Commissioners are some of the main sources of the problem in Harney County take over by the Feds. This team of thugs railroaded the Hammons into jail unjustly to steal their land.

Judge McNasty, who is on the pay off to remove all the Ranchers, and whose Brother works with BLM. He is absolutely not for the people. He needs to be investigated immediately. Is he a Mason? I am willing to bet on it.

Judge McNasty appointed Sheriff Ward as Sheriff. Sheriff Ward did work for BLM prior to this appointment. Dave Ward was Witness #11, who testified against the Hammons.

Fact: It was the BLM who set the fires that burned the refuge and a  witness came forth to testify but it was not allowed.

The Hammons were threatened with bullets in the head by the prosecuting Attorney and Judge McNasty and even perhaps the ex BLM Sheriff Ward.

Don’t you find it odd that the Good Sheriff conveniently retired before the Hammons were sent to jail?
Was he threatened or bought off?

Seek and ye shall find.


An Open Letter to Sheriff Ward of Harney County Oregon and to All County Sheriffs in America from Judge Anna




An Open Letter to Sheriff Ward of Harney County Oregon and to All County Sheriffs in America from Judge Anna

Originally Posted By: Watchman
Date: Thursday, 7-Jan-2016
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Dear Sheriff Ward,

I am writing to you today to ascertain your office and position with respect to the Hammonds and the developing situation at the Bundy Ranch with respect to “Federal Officers”.

My name is Anna Maria Riezinger, also known as Anna von Reitz because my actual name is German and a mile long. I am an American Common Law Superior Court Judge in Alaska where operation of the Seventh Amendment Courts started up again in conjunction with the Common Law Grand Juries more than a year ago and I also serve as a Federal Postal District Court Judge for the Western Region.

As you can clearly see by reading the Seventh Amendment all matters pertaining to living people and their property must be addressed to Common Law Courts. How then, are the Hammonds being addressed by federal admiralty courts? The answer lies in the past.

During the Civil War the normal court system owed the people in the South shut down and did not immediately reopen. Commanders in the military districts in ten states appointed civilian tribunals to function under “Special Admiralty”—– a euphemism. For the purposes of these military tribunals, people and property could be addressed in an arbitrary fashion without regard for the Law of the Land. This was very convenient for the administrators and very unfortunate for the people.

In 1866 the Supreme Court addressed the situation in Milligan Ex Parte and decided that so long as the American Common Law Courts were running there was no excuse for the use of any form of martial law. Be advised that the American Common Law Courts are up and running. But both the military administrators and the judges and most particularly, the Bar Associations, had a taste of arbitrary power and the bit in their teeth back then—and a concerted effort to shut the Common Law Courts down began, so as to usurp their jurisdiction and “move the venue” of the local courts off the land and into the international jurisdiction of martial law and the sea, where power could be exerted against the people and their assets on the land in a comparatively arbitrary fashion.

By 1965 the rats had achieved their ends and almost all Common Law Courts in America were either shut down or functioning with only two offices— justice of the peace and notary publics.

This allowed the members of the Bar Associations to impose admiralty law on the people and to avoid the guarantees of The Constitution. The use of “Special Admiralty” in a courtroom is signified by the heavy gold fringe on the flag.

A word here about the Bar Associations and some facts about the ABA that deserve to be far more widely known, also some information about the current Court System that you probably don’t know:

The American Bar Association is an offshoot of the London Lawyer’s Guild, an avowed Communist organization. The American Bar Association and the IRS are both owned and operated by Northern Trust, Inc. They are private, foreign debt collection agencies, not units of government, not “professional associations”, and certainly not “non-profit organizations”. As an organization representing a foreign (British) government, the Bar Associations are only allowed to function here via a Treaty (the last one in 1947) that they have abundantly violated. Their members are required to present Foreign Agent Statements as part of their credentials in open court, which they hardly ever do.

As a result of their misdeeds and usurpation against the Law of the Land and the people and their violations of both their corporate charter and their Treaty, a commercial obligation lien of $279 trillion dollars has been assessed against the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association, and the “US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE”—-which, it turns out, is just another private subcontractor performing “governmental services” and doing a criminally bad job of it.

The “US District Courts” are also private for-hire subcontractors that run all the related courts in their districts. Please see Title 28, Sections 80 to 131. All these “State” Courts and “County” Courts are being run as franchises of the “US District Court”—and they are all private corporate institutions having no public office or function at all, and being related to the actual state and county only insomuch as they are operating within the geographical boundaries of a state and a county. This can be readily proven by looking up the Dun and Bradstreet Numbers, CAGE numbers, and corporate filings of these organizations. And, as was recently demonstrated by the Lufkin Case in Texas, neither the “US District Court” nor its “State” and “County” affiliates have any authority to collect debts outside the ten square miles of the District of Columbia.

We should also clear up another misunderstanding. Back in 1864, the “United States Congress” acting as a Board of Directors for The United States of America, Inc., changed the meaning of several words by executive fiat, without telling the rest of us. For their purposes and from June 30, 1864 onward, the words “state” and “State” and “United States” are code for “District of Columbia Municipal Corporation”. Thus, instead of “US District Court” you should be reading “District of Columbia Municipal Corporation District Court” and the “Idaho State Supreme Court” for example, should be read as “Idaho District of Columbia Municipal Corporation Supreme Court”.

Are you beginning to feel as if you have landed in the Land of Oz? Yes, all this means that until you make some important decisions, you aren’t working for the people of your county as an elected public peace officer. You are working as an employee of a federal corporation franchise in a private capacity. Your election is being “interpreted” as an election to an office in a private corporation. You are presently acting as a mall cop. You have no public office, no public bond, and no public oath. If you are like most members of the “law enforcement community” you are not even licensed or bonded or insured in a private capacity by your cheapskate employers. You are working for The Man, not the people. And all this got off track 150 years ago.

So all those “federal agents” who are harassing the Hammonds and who are offering to arrest them and transport them to a private prison facility? They are private corporate employees of a franchise or subcontractor of the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation having no more authority than a floorwalker at JC PENNY, despite their pretensions otherwise. They are misinformed as to their authority and also misinformed regarding the identity of the Hammonds. These “federal agents” are literally foreign with respect to the Hammonds and have no jurisdiction related to them at all.

As part of the overall outrageous circumstance and fraud scheme the members of the American Bar Association have also contrived to change the citizenship of American State Citizens—- people born on the land of the Continental United States like the Hammonds have been “kidnapped on paper” and their civil records have been falsified— which is in violation of international law, the Law of War, and the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which both the Federal United States and the British Government have signed.

An examination of the paperwork will reveal that virtually every single American State Citizen has been deemed a “foundling” and ward of the state, the unwanted child of an unwed mother—- almost 400 million of us, and not a Daddy to be found? This is the result of a systematic and repugnant scheme by international commercial banks and the ABA, and again, all serving to change the natural venue on the land to a court venue in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

The fact is that although human slavery has been outlawed worldwide since 1926, it is not against the law to enslave a corporation. So what have the criminals among us contrived to do? To “redefine” living people as corporations—- specifically as foreign situs trusts doing business under names styled like this: John Quincy Adams, and ESTATE trusts operating under names styled like this: JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, and now, most recently, Puerto Rican public transmitting utilities styled like this: JOHN Q. ADAMS.

Look at the paperwork in your hands seemingly addressed to the Hammonds. Depending on the style used to write their names, you can tell whether the documents are addressed to foreign situs trusts owned and operated by the “State of Oregon, Inc.” , a Cestui Que Vie Estate Trust owned and operated by the “STATE OF OREGON, INC.” or a public transmitting utility owned and operated by “OREGON”—- a franchise of the UN Corporation. Please bear in mind that these “legal fiction entities” were created without the Hammond’s knowledge or permission and they are completely, 100%, the responsibility of those who created them. If the HAMMONDS referenced are ESTATE trusts belonging to the “STATE OF OREGON” it is high time for someone who is responsible for the “STATE OF OREGON” to pay any debts related to the franchise without delay—-and without bothering the living people these franchises are named after.

It also behooves them to leave the living people and their property strictly alone and forego any pretense that the living Americans known as the Hammonds have knowingly or willingly agreed to act as Federal United States Citizens or have any agreed upon responsibility to act as “co-trustees” of the Public Charitable Trust, which they most likely don’t make use of and don’t even know that it exists.

Bottom line— these “courts” and their presentments and “orders” have nothing whatsoever to do with the Hammonds as living people, nor their actual physical property assets at all. They have to do with the mis-administration of public trusts and “legal persons” operated by private, mostly foreign-owned corporations which are attempting to entrap and enslave Americans and lay false claims against their property via probate fraud, identity theft, and coercion.

This is the kind of criminality and fraud we are dealing with, Sheriff Ward, and at the end of the day, the pedal hits the metal in your office. The British Government contrived the means to “press gang” the “land assets”— living people and their property assets— of America into the jurisdiction of the sea during the Second World War. They enslaved us and our property assets under false pretenses and via the use of legal chicanery “for the war effort” — and after the war, they simply continued on with these abuses.

You have a choice. You can continue to operate as a good little debt slave of the Queen acting on “automatic” and taking orders regardless of where those orders come from—– that is, you can act as a corporate mall cop in a private capacity and take your licks when the people catch up with you, or you can honor the truth—- that the people of your county elected you in Good Faith, with the understanding that you would enforce the guarantees of The Constitution owed to them and faithfully impose the land jurisdiction of the united States of America on any British agents who put a tentacle outside their actual jurisdiction.

As a Sheriff duly elected by the people of your county and operating the land jurisdiction owed to the Continental United States you have the authority to take your lawful Oath of Office, obtain a bond for your own security, and deputize as many men as you require to restrict the “federal agents” to their actual capacity. It is your duty to inform these foreign agents that the living people known as the Hammonds do not “reside” in any “federal territory” nor act in any capacity subject to the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation. You also have the right to collect Bounty from the Secretary of State and the US District Court under the terms of the 14th Amendment to cover any costs you incur as a result of having to deal with these improper demands and false claims made by their agents.

If these “federal agents” persist, you have the authority to address the “US District Court” responsible and request their removal from your county. If they still won’t behave and honor The Constitution and the actual limits of their own jurisdiction, you have the right and responsibility to arrest the whole kit and caboodle, just as you would arrest the keepers of a tavern operating outside the Public Law. You also have the right and responsibility to inform the “US District Court” and their franchise affiliates operating the “State” and “County” Courts that the American Common Law Courts and Grand Juries are in operation again and any use of martial law including “Special Admiralty” is no longer excusable. Acting as an elected Officer of the American Common Law Court indigenous to your county, along with the justices of the peace and the notary public, it is your duty to convene the Common Law Grand Jury chosen at random from among the landowners of your county to investigate crimes, including this one against the Hammonds, and to convene a Common Law Trial Jury if necessary before the Justice of the Peace, to decide any and all matters affecting the living people and actual property assets of the county on the land. If there is no one able and willing to serve as Justice of the Peace in your County, a Justice of the Peace may be appointed by any Federal Postal District Judge in your region. Contact me if you need help. Please also know that as the Sheriff duly elected by the people of your county you have the authority and responsibility to demand the return of any American State Citizen being held in “federal custody” for a non-capital crime (murder or assault with a deadly weapon) within 72 hours of their arrest. So if the “federal agents” make the mistake of arresting the Hammonds under false pretenses and holding them in a private capacity, it is your right and role to present a Public Custody Order to the “US District” or other court responsible demanding that the Hammonds be released to your custody. You may then use your own discretion whether to keep them in custody or release them on parole pending final resolution of the jurisdictional complaint.

These are matters that affect millions of people and they must be addressed openly and with determination. The British Monarch has acted in Breach of Trust against the Americans, Canadians, Australians, and others. This criminality and the resulting surreptitious use of the Americium Bar Association members as licensed privateers operating on our shores is a serious international crime which is being addressed. The misrepresentations of Americans as “foundlings” and “bastards” resulting in them being declared wards of the corporate “state” and further misrepresentations leading to them being declared “legally dead” are criminal acts of self-interested fraud carried out against us by avowed “allies” and “friends in perpetuity”– parties who are bound by the most solemn obligations of international trust and treaty, who have abused America and Americans for their own profit. This same pattern of lying about us and making false claims against us and seeking to “re-venue” us to foreign jurisdictions has also been attempted against our federation of nation-states as a whole. Two weeks ago, international banks and governmental services corporations in their employ appeared before the UN Trust Committee—North America, and claimed that the States of America no longer exist. They claimed among other things that we no longer have a national currency in circulation. They claimed that all 400 million Americans had voluntarily accepted Federal United States Citizenship. They claimed that our country is “civilly dead” and “de-populated” and that there are no American State Citizens. This was, of course, done behind our backs by people representing secondary creditors of defunct federal “governmental services corporations” claiming to be the beneficiaries and/or creditors of our estates.

It’s time to set the records straight and for us to act in our naked sovereign capacity. A Declaration of Joint Sovereignty was issued by lawful heirs of the National Trust(s), together with Sovereign Letters Patent in behalf of the United Colonies of America, the united States of America, and the Native American Nations and delivered to the UN Trust Committee–North America and to the UN Security Council, the Pope, the Queen, Ban Ki Moon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Bank of International Settlements. The criminals responsible for this circumstance are being recognized for who and what they are and the die is cast. We are going to get down to the bottom of this fraud and misrepresentation once and for all.

If you wish to be called “Sheriff” of a county in America, you must now step up and earn the title and begin operating the land jurisdiction owed to the Continental United States. You are under moral and lawful obligation to protect the Hammonds against any “federal agent” and to fully inform those agents of the limitations of their jurisdiction while standing on our soil. If there is no American Common Law Court presently operating in your county, it is your duty to organize one without further delay. In most counties there are active Justices of the Peace who still perform private marriage ceremonies and public notaries are still active. You may draft your Grand Jury and if needed, Trial Juries, from among the landowners listed in the county land records. All actions of the actual County Court should be stamped in red and signed in black. All actions by admiralty courts —by whatever name they operate under—are stamped in blue.


Judge Anna Maria Riezinger


Confirmed: A Judge DID Just Call For The FBI and US Marshals To Arrest Congress And The President ~




Less than two weeks ago, an article went completely viral on several social media pages and alternative websites titled, “Judge Calls For FBI and US Marshals To Arrest Congress And The President.” Shortly after it was published, a few websites came out and said that a real judge really didn’t say those things. Interestingly though, the original link and pdf to the statement was in the article itself.

Then on December 18th, 2015, Judge Anna von Reitz issued this statement, confirming that she did indeed call for the FBI and US Marshals to arrest congress and the president:

A Reply to “Snopes” and All Others

Yes, an Alaskan state judge HAS called upon the US Marshals and the rest of the “law enforcement agencies” to do their real job, and I am in a position to confirm it, as I am that judge. Your ignorance is no excuse in this matter.

There are two systems of law in this country, and it is long past time for you all to learn the facts.

When The Constitution was adopted there was already a Common Law Court System in this country that had been established for over 200 years. The Constitution created an additional “federal” court system for the needs of the “federal government”—- that court system is obligated to function in two venues only: administrative (Article I) and maritime/admiralty (Article III).

As you can see for yourself if you ever wake up and bother to look, the Seventh Amendment very clearly stipulates that ALL matters involving living people and their property assets in excess of $20 are to be decided under Common Law and as you can also readily find out Erie Railroad v. Thompkins (1938) there is no such thing as Federal Common Law.

Since all the “States of States” incorporated and adopted the Uniform Commercial Code circa 1965, they have operated as “federal States of States” as defined in the UCC Definitions Section. All these things calling themselves “States” — except for one—are actually corporate franchises of the parent corporations located in Delaware or Washington, DC, respectively, and are private, for-profit organizations no different from General Electric or Macy’s and having NO public office, authority, oath, or bond at all. They are merely “governmental services corporations” in the business of doing what? Providing governmental services to you as a consumer.

All these “courts” you see calling themselves various fictitious names like the “SUPREME COURT FOR THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA” are operated by members of the American Bar Association— all declared to be foreign agents of the British Crown employed as bill collectors. They are all corporations imposing their services upon you. Both the American Bar Association and the Internal Revenue Service are bill collection agencies employed by Northern Trust, Inc. and both have functioned as foreign crime syndicates on our shores for longer than anyone living can remember.

If “Snopes” were worth a hoot in Hell as a fact checking organization, they would have already discovered all of this and a LOT more, so my advice is to stop taking what a couple liberal Californians have to say about reality as Gospel and start using your own eyes, ears, and minds to check your own facts. Get off your lazy rumps and read the founding documents of this country for yourselves.

Go check out the Definitive Treaty of Peace known as the Treaty of Paris 1783. There you will find that two kinds of people exist in this country—– the “free sovereign and independent people of the United States” (that’s us) and the “inhabitants”—– subjects of the British Crown allowed to “reside” here (the members of the Bar and various other “public servants”) who are obligated under Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2 to provide us with “essential governmental services”.

AFTER you have read the facts for yourselves, check out our sworn and published affidavit of probable cause: “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” which is available on Amazon.

Am I a judge? You’d better believe I am. I am among a handful of actual Common Law Judges in America and where I operate my court—on the land—-no admiralty court has any right to stand (See Milligan Ex Parte, 1866).

I am operating the actual Public Common Law Court required by Amendment VII as part of the American Common Law Continental Court System that predates all “federal” and “territorial” courts by 200 years. I am NOT a member of the Bar Association, and for your information, no actual judge having jurisdiction over the land can be a member of the Bar Association. All members of the Bar owe allegiance to a foreign government and are here by treaty (See Bar Association Treaty of 1947) and are precluded from holding ANY public office by The Constitution. Read it and weep.

Before Things Get Out of Hand – A Must Read For All

This is a long but great read and helps to explain so much for us all. Be Blessed


Before Things Get Out of Hand……

Originally Posted on Scanned Retina
By Judge Anna von Reitz
It is CRUCIAL that everyone understand the basic structure that was created by the Founders and which has endured ever since. – Judge Anna von Reitz
There are two entities called “the United States” — the Continental United States comprised of fifty (50) geographically defined nation states acting as a federation
(the “United States of America” was never a sovereign nation, just a business association, folks. It’s the land-based States that are separate sovereign nations.) and the Federal United States comprised of fifty-seven (57) states—the fifty Federal States plus the Federal Territories and Possessions which are counted as “States” of their union which is supposed to operate exclusively in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

• Continental United States = 50 Separate Nation States operating “as” a nation on the land jurisdiction.
• Federal United States = 50 Incorporated Franchises of the “United States of America, Inc.” operating the international jurisdiction of the sea, plus seven “nation states” — Guam, Puerto Rico, etc., operating as “the United States of America (Minor)”—for a total of 57 states.
This is the way it is, and the way it has always been.
The Federales and their “Federal State” agents are not supposed to be trespassing on our land jurisdiction, except to serve and take care of and monitor their own citizens and attending to their duties as contractors.
The confusion and the fraud began in earnest in 1911 when banks operating as a private association of banks deceitfully calling themselves the “Federal Reserve” bought the “United States of America, Inc.” –a governmental services corporation—and took over the agencies of the Federal United States. They literally bought such familiar agencies as the “United States Department of Transportation” and began operating them as subcontractors without telling anyone.
They then proceeded to pull off a criminal fraud gambit against the whole nation—and eventually the entire world— beginning with the “Federal Reserve Act of 1913” and continuing through the 1933 bankruptcy of the “United States of America, Inc.” to the present day.
The United States defined as “…the District of Columbia et alia” went “Bankrupt” in 1933 and was declared so by President Roosevelt in Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111, and finally, as consolidated in Executive Order 6260,
(See: Senate Report 93-549, pages 187 & 594) under the “Trading With The Enemy Act” (Sixty-Fifth Congress, Sess. I, Chs. 105, 106, October 6, 1917), and as codified at 12 U.S.C.A. 95a.
The several Federal “States of the Union”—purely incorporated political fictions created as franchises of the United States of America, Inc., represented by their respective Governors pledged the “full faith and credit” of their States and their citizenry, to the aid of the National Government represented by the “United States of America, Inc.”, and formed numerous committees, such as the “Council of State Governments”, the “Social Security Administration”, etc., to purportedly deal with the economic “Emergency” caused by the bankruptcy. These organizations operated under the “Declaration of Interdependence” of January 22, 1937, and published some of their activities in “The Book of the States.”
The Reorganization of the bankruptcy is located in Title 5 of the United States Code Annotated. The “Explanation” at the beginning of 5 U.S.C.A. is most informative reading. The “Secretary of Treasury” was appointed as the “Receiver” in Bankruptcy. (See: Reorganization Plan No. 26, 5 U.S.C.A. 903, Public Law 94-564, Legislative History, pg. 5967) As a Bankrupt loses control over his business, this appointment to the “Office of Receiver” in bankruptcy had to have been made by the “creditors” who are “foreign powers or principals”. As revealed by Title 27 USC 250.11 and elsewhere, the “Secretary of the Treasury” being referenced is the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, an Officer of the Federal United States who was designated as the “Receiver” in bankruptcy by the Foreign Creditors (banks).
The United States as Corporator, (22 U.S.C.A. 286E, et seq.) and “State” (C.R.S. 24-36- 104, C.R.S. 24-60-1301(h)) declared “Insolvency” according to 26 I.R.C. 165(g)(1), U.C.C. 1-201(23), C.R.S. 39-22–103.5, Westfall vs. Braley, 10 Ohio 188, 75 Am. Dec. 509, Adams vs. Richardson, 337 S.W. 2d 911; Ward vs. Smith, 7 Wall. 447)
A permanent state of “Emergency” was instituted within the Union and the Federal Reserve has acted as the “fiscal and depository agent” of the “creditors” ever since. Please note that the member banks of the Federal Reserve are all privately owned corporations, 22 U.S.C.A. 286d.
The government, by becoming a “corporator” (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 286e) lays down its sovereignty and takes on that character and status of a private citizen. It can exercise no power which is not derived from the corporate charter. (See: The Bank of the United States vs. Planters Bank of Georgia, 6 L. Ed. (9 Wheat) 244, U.S. vs. Burr, 309 U.S. 242).
The Corporate Charter adopted by the “federal corporation”, aka, US Corp, included
the Constitution of the United States of America
as its By-Laws, which are of course, as By-Laws subject to change and interpretation just like any other corporate By-Laws. The Constitution of the United States of America also remains as a public commercial contract which is being “traded upon” by corporations claiming to be successors and holders in due course of the original contractual agreement known as
The Constitution for the united States of America.
The real party in interest in the bankruptcy proceedings is self-evidently not the de jure “United States of America” or “State”, but “The Bank” and “The Fund.” (22 U.S.C.A. 286, et seq., C.R.S. 11-60-103) These acts committed under fraud, force, and seizure are many times done under “Letters of Marque and Reprisal” i.e. “recapture.” (See: 31 U.S.C.A. 5323) in behalf of Foreign governments at war. This is an important point to remember as this discussion goes forward in time.
On March 17, 1993, on page 1303 of Volume 33 of the Congressional Record, Congressman Traficant stated: “Mr. Speaker, We are now here in Chapter 11. Members of Congress are official Trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government.”
The “U.S. government” is the government domiciled in the District of Columbia, which at various times purports to represent three distinct entities:
1. the US Corporation formed as we have just seen and as documented at Title 28, 3002, (15) (A) (B) (C),
2. the Continental United States defined as the 50 States United –a confederation of separate nation states operating the land jurisdiction, and
3. the Federal United States defined as the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia along with the corporate franchise “Federal States” set up in each of the land-based states. In this comment Congressman Traficant was including all three primary meanings of “U.S. Government” as the term “General Government” or “U.S. Government” with a capital “G” is traditionally used in the Congressional Record when this meaning is applied—-however, and this is the supremely salient point,
there is no indication that the Several (now) 50 States United were ever bankrupted except as “presumed” voluntary adjuncts.
FDR and his Buddies pulled the semantic deceit of all time.
The actual entity in bankruptcy in 1933 was the foreign government of the Federal United States allowed under the Downes and Bidwell decision and several other Supreme Court cases known as the Insular Tariff Cases circa 1900-1904. Like “South America” these Federal “states” can claim to be “American” and they can form a “Union” of their own—and they did so. They have been operating as “the United States of America (Minor)” and as a “constitutional Democracy” since the 1980’s.
The problem with a Constitutional Democracy is that if 51% of your neighbors want to eat you for breakfast or steal your home, they can do so—and that is the form of government operating in the Federal United States now.
We, the people inhabiting the Continental United States are owed a Republican form of government which upholds the sacred rights of individuals and abhors mob rule. And therein lies the rub. That, and the gross deceit involved in having two separate nations operating under the same umbrella by the same group of people (the “United States Congress”) and under virtually the same name.
Often, the only way you can tell the two entities apart is the word “the”. It’s The United States of America (Major) and the United States of America (Minor).
Using the same name, “United States of America” allowed a great deal of self-interested confusion and corruption, including Confusion at Law.
Its immediate effect during the onset of the bankruptcy of the Federal United States was to transfer control of these States and –completely by semantic deceit and misrepresentation—the de jure Continental United States, too, as they appeared to be named as parties to the bankruptcy— into the hands of the Creditors (the Federal Reserve Banks and later IMF and IBRD) and their Agents administering the bankruptcy under the authority the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico.
The perpetrators of this plot deliberately misrepresented their Employers— the landed States and the Continental State Citizens as “voluntary sureties” for the debts of the bankrupted “United States of America, Inc.”—-without telling us one word about it, without making any clear and honest disclosure of the circumstance, without even admitting that an international banking cartel had interjected itself as a “middleman” between the actual States and People who pay all the bills of the Federal United States and the agencies responsible for carrying out the duties owed.

This “misunderstanding on purpose” allowed the banks to loan the perpetrators vast sums of credit—which the banks created out of thin air merely by entering numbers on a credit ledger— based on the assets of all the States – Continental and Federal — and all the people — Continental State Citizens and Federal Citizens, too. All this credit made available to the “United States Congress” was based on hypothecation of the perpetrator’s debts against the assets of the States and their “citizenry”.

Hypothecation is a stealthy process by which the perpetrators pretend that a Third Party has “volunteered” to stand good for a loan for one of the originators. Think of co-signing a car loan for Cousin Billy Bob—without ever being told that you and your property were ever offered as collateral backing his debts. The bank quietly takes a lien against your property on the “presumption” that you have agreed to pay the bill for Billy Bob if he doesn’t pay off his own loan. That is exactly what the Federal Reserve did in 1933. It placed maritime salvage liens against every “person” and real asset in America, “securitized” them— that is, placed a dollar value on you and your land and your State—and loaned the Congress all sorts of vacuous credit based on your assets and your labor.
Another way to imagine this situation is to assume that a big corporation with lots of franchise operations –say something like Burger King or Sears—went bankrupt and offered its customers and their assets as collateral backing its debts. The colluding Federal Reserve Banks eagerly agreed to this scheme, full-well knowing that none of the supposed “Sureties” had been informed under conditions of full-disclosure and consent. They did it anyway in criminal collusion.

The result now is fully recognized under The Doctrine of Odious Debt.

The supposed “debt” owed by the States on the land and the American people was created by blatant criminal fraud of which they were unaware and from which they did not profit.
The proceeds of this cozy arrangement between the Congress, the “government agencies” and the Federal Reserve Banks were poured into whatever projects the banks and their puppets in Congress wished to pursue for profit—
such as the entirety of World War II and all the nasty, unjustified wars-for-profit that the “United States” has engaged in ever since.
The people never received even the goods and services they contracted for, but all expenses related to this fraud scheme were nonetheless charged off to their account and held against their labor and assets—their land, their homes, their vehicles, even their body parts.
So, folks—-“odious debt” is debt of exactly the kind described above and neither the Continental United States nor the people living in the fifty (50) States are responsible for it. The corporations and institutions and corporate officers who created and benefited from this mess are 100% liable and we are not obligated to care if they like it or not. It is their mess and theirs alone.
Furthermore, they are not allowed to use credit and assets that they purloined and siphoned off from the Continental United States and the people to pay all the debts they authorized above and beyond the nineteen enumerated services they were supposed to provide the States under the original equity contract known as “The Constitution for the united States of America”— a completely different kind of document apart from the deceptively and similarly named “Constitution of the United States of America”.
These hyenas siphoned off the vast credit created by the labor and resources of the Continental United States and the people on the land and passed it on to “secondaries”—- which they named as our fiduciaries—conveniently without telling us and instead telling us and the rest of the world that we are bowed under by a vast $20 trillion dollar National Debt.
Their corporation no doubt owes us a $20 trillion dollar credit — which they are trying to avoid paying by shuffling off their assets to collaborators and seeking bankruptcy protection for themselves—but we are on to their ploys now and heading down the home stretch.
We know where the credit side of the “National Debt” went and we have filed UCC-1 claims to tell the rest of the world the truth. We know the lies and chicanery that the banks and the members of Congress engaged in and the false, unauthorized misrepresentations that these criminals made “in our behalf” while pretending to “represent” us.
We are now presenting ourselves.
To bring things up to modern times, the Federal Reserve (Association) bankrupted The Federal Reserve System, Inc. in 2009. Prior to that the colluding banks and “government agencies” divvied up the spoils. The Federal Reserve kept the liquid assets, land, and human chattels and gave hard assets (gold) to the World Bank/IBRD as their share.
Then in 2011, China remembered that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was holding a large stash of Nationalist Chinese gold from 1928 that had never been returned, so they raised their hand about the gold owed and the interest on that gold. This made everyone else remember the German gold held by the same bank, and hey, what about all the gold “confiscated” from Americans by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his thugs?
Ah, so….
The hunt was on. And the World Bank/IBRD were and are in the most uncomfortable position of being in receipt of stolen goods— gold stolen from us and many, many others over the last 150 years.
The Federal Reserve was on the hot plate too— still is.
Money and credit don’t just “disappear”, though the bankers would like us to believe that. In a debt-credit system there is a credit created somewhere for every debit. And we, the American States on the land and the living people inhabiting those (50) States are the Priority Creditors of this whole shooting match.
and you
The witless thugs in Washington, DC right now are intent on saving their bacon, somehow retaining their ability to create and borrow more and more and more “money” out of thin air, and continuing to charge it all off against the labor of the American people. They haven’t realized yet that the game is up, but the bankers have.
Yesterday, (March 18) it was reported that the “IMF and China” are discussing making the yuan the international reserve currency instead of the dollar—- please bear in mind that the “U.S. Treasury” is the IMF, which is an agency of the UNITED NATIONS, CORPORATION. See Presidential Documents Volume 29—No. 4, page 113, and 22 USC 285-288.
READ THAT AS: The U.S. Treasury is talking to China about buying into the BRICS alliance and accepting the yuan as the new international reserve currency to do it.
Once again, as always, the rats in Washington are intent on selling the American people out in order to preserve their own hegemony, and to avoid paying their own debts to their actual creditors— us.
It isn’t going to work, because too many people know the truth. More are learning every day. The days when the Good Ole Boys could go to Jekyll Island and secretly plot the downfall of our nation for their private benefit are gone. No matter what they do, we know who they are, we know what they have done, we know how they operate, we know all their tricks and excuses and relationships with other corporations and criminal syndicates—-and they stand utterly exposed.
Pope Francis recently announced that an International Year of Jubilee will begin on December 8, 2015—that is, 74 years and one day after Pearl Harbor. This is an Ancient Hebrew practice. Every 70 years all debts were forgiven and those who had lost their ancestral land through indebtedness were allowed to return and reclaim it.
That is a big step in the right direction, however, it is not truly equitable and it does not solve the continuing problem of operating governments as corporations.
All these various governments on Earth are incorporated entities (with a very few exceptions, like the governments of North Korea and Iran) and they are all incorporated as governmental services corporations under the auspices of the Holy See and the Vatican. The majority of these governmental service corporations –especially those associated with the British Crown— have knowingly functioned as criminal syndicates and have preyed upon the people they are supposed to serve. By the Pope’s own published laws and rules, they must make amends and they must come into compliance with their charters—-or they will be liquidated and their assets will be distributed to their creditors.
So what happens if the current brand new kid on the block calling itself “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.” and being operated by a newly reconstituted “FEDERAL RESERVE” being operated as a franchise of the “UNITED NATIONS, CORPORATION” is just more of the same old rubbish? —As it appears to be?
Then the pathways lead to Rome once again.
We must make these facts and circumstances absolutely clear to the “County” boards and the “State” legislatures and the “Governors” of these Federal States, so that they have a clear view of what has gone on here, so that they have no excuse for failure to understand the situation, and so that they recognize their obligation —not to a mostly foreign-owned, for-profit governmental services corporation — but to the land jurisdiction and the people who have been so outrageously abused.
First, they must stop usurping upon the land jurisdiction and pretending that Americans of the land jurisdiction have voluntarily accepted the status of “Federal Citizens”—- nobody we know volunteered to give up their birthright status and the guarantees of the original Constitution in favor of debt slavery to foreign commercial corporations.
Second, they must honor the equity contract they are trading upon— The Constitution for the united States of America”—which includes honoring the Bill of Rights, providing lawful money for the use of the States on the land and their inhabitants, facilitating the people’s access to their resources and their own Common Law Courts without obfuscation or delay, ceasing all false claims of indebtedness against the property and assets of the people who employ them, and immediately correcting the citizenship status of all the Continental United States Citizens who were hoodwinked by the endless semantic deceits and fraud schemes. All American State Citizens who have been convicted of so-called “victimless crimes” and “statutory infractions” and who claim their birthright status upon being fully informed must be released from Federal prisons and Federal State correctional facilities.
Third, they must reveal all the slush funds and pockets of credit and accounts that they have secreted away from public view via operation of a dishonest government accounting system. The GAO has been operating under a “double entry bookkeeping system” — popularly known as “keeping two sets of books”. This was a system pioneered by Al Capone’s accountant, Easy Eddy O’Hara. That should be enough to tell you all what kind of “bookkeeping” it is, and why the governmental services corporation has to be brought back to good, old, common everyday accounting.
What they have done is simple enough. They have separated income into “budgeted” and “non-budgeted” income streams. Then they cobble up a “budget” portion and let people fight over that, while the bulk of their income never sees the light of day. They have also indulged in crazy accounting “factors”— such as calculating how much debt they will owe on a pension fund thirty years from now and claiming that as an expense this year. The net effect is to hide vast amounts of investment wealth and real asset wealth from the people it actually belongs to, while the rats continue to poor-mouth about “budget deficits” that don’t exist in reality.
Fourth, there must be an end of harassment of American State Citizens under false pretenses by the IRS, FEMA, NHS, etc., and the Federal State Courts. We are not under their jurisdiction and never have been. Any pretension that we are is merely criminal self-interest and profit-extortion on their parts. We have acted in good faith and shared our resources unstintingly with the “Federal Citizens” and it is now time for them to move over and let us get on with our business— which includes running our own “State” court system, our own Law Enforcement, our own Sheriffs, our own Law Guilds, etc.
Fifth, anyone who wants to exercise the powers of public office must actually occupy that office. That includes taking the proper Oath of Office as a deputy, not a “representative”. Deputies are true fiduciary agents, operating under full individual and commercial liability. They stand behind their actions in behalf of the public and if they fail their duties, their own protection is the bond placed in behalf of their office. All these people who are now occupying “Federal State” corporate offices that are merely named the same or similar names as actual public offices have no authority to do anything either to or for anyone outside the narrow confines of the corporation itself.
It should be crystal clear to all that J.C. PENNY employees are not allowed to go onto private property and evict people from their homes. It should also be clear that nobody but Walmart employees are obligated to obey the policies, procedures, rules and regulations of Walmart, Inc.
In the same way, we are NOT obligated to obey “Federal State” courts about any matter whatsoever, and we are only obligated to obey Federal Courts when the subject matter involves their jurisdiction or a crime took place on Federal property. This is true now and it has always been true. The rats have finagled to misrepresent us as one of “their” citizens instead of honoring our true birthright status because this enabled them to continue their false claims of indebtedness against us and our property. They have been loath to admit the truth and stand down, but that is what is required of them. They must make the effort— the honest effort— to determine the birthright status of each and every man and woman and those who were born on the land of the American States must be accorded their due.
Now, when the options are fully disclosed, and the jurisdictions are made plain, each man and woman is free to choose whether they wish to operate as State Citizens on the land, or as Dual Citizens of the United States. Your ability to contract is unlimited.
If you want to agree to be a debt slave and donate all your labor and property to a mostly foreign-owned, for-profit corporation— there is nothing stopping you. If, however, you wish to retain your birthright status, that is what you are owed and any pretension otherwise is a violation of human rights of the worst kind.
One of the peculiar truths is that the Federal United States operating “our” international jurisdiction of the sea has been at war since the outbreak of the Civil War. All their personnel ultimately operate under the Lieber Code, which baldly declared (Article 40 and 41) that “All laws are suspended…” —-and they are all prosecuted under Martial Common Law. That is the other Draconian Law form that has been misapplied to American State Citizens as part of this gargantuan fraud scheme—- administrative law (statutes and regulations) that is only the internal “law” of the corporation(s) involved, and secondly, martial common law.
This is what is called “Special Admiralty” or “Executive Admiralty” —- it is international Law of War and in these “COURTS” the perpetrators of the fraud drag innocent American Civilians in on the pretense that they are “enemy combatants” or “Prisoners of War” and proceed to do whatever they like to them. This is the source of the gold-fringed flag in the Federal and Federal State Courtrooms.
This practice of claiming that Continental United States civilians are instead Federal Citizens has resulted in systemic, chronic war crime and abuse of the civilian populace on a vast scale.
It is a terrible infraction against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and against the Universal Right of Self-Declaration –both of which the Federal United States is obligated to honor, but even more important, it is a violation of the Geneva Convention Protocols of 1949, Volume II, Article 3, which makes it a war crime punishable by death to change the nationality of civilians.
Please note that President Andrew Jackson three times publically declared the Continental United States to be at peace. He admitted that the land jurisdiction is at peace and it has been at peace for 150 years. All the living inhabitants of the land are known to be civilians and the military full-well knows that the civilian authorities—meaning the people on the land operating their nation states—are the only ones competent to direct the American military under the American System.
As stated at the beginning— the “united States of America” is a federation of actual nation states and has never been a sovereign nation. The Federal United States operates a foreign, international jurisdiction of the sea that has no right or reason to be involved in the affairs of the Continental United States on the land.
The United States of America, Inc., the UNITED STATES (INC.), and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. are all big commercial corporations and in nature and status are no different than any other large corporation. Think Exxon. Think GE.
It follows that the only entities competent to Declare War are the individual States on the land, as they are the ONLY “nation states” present here and also that the only civilians present competent to direct the Armed Forces of this country are the Citizens of the united States of America—that is, citizens of the Continental United States who are serving as properly sworn Deputies of the States, not employees of any “federal corporation” and not “Federal State Citizens”, either.
When the “President” isn’t a Natural-born Citizen of the Continental United States acting as a duly sworn Deputy of the united States of America, when he or she is a Bar Association Member accepting the Title of “Esquire” (forbidden under the Original Equity contract), or who adopts Dual “Federal Citizenship” (also forbidden) and ceases to be a fiduciary officer of the Continental United States—- he has no right to command any American State Citizen to do anything, much less command them go to a foreign country and kill people.
It isn’t possible for a federation of States to act as a sovereign nation, nor is it possible for a corporation to “Declare War” except in fanciful and euphemistic terms. Period.
No member of the United States Congress has acted as a lawful Deputy of any of the Continental United States since the Civil War, therefore nobody in Washington, DC since that time has had the right to Declare War in behalf of any State of the Union, no “Commander in Chief” has had any lawful standing to Declare War as a result of Congress’s inability to do so.
Every single “war” and action declared since 1860 has been a “police action” and there is no reason nor is there any basis for Americans to tolerate this circumstance any longer.
Our sons and daughters have been sent to slaughter in wars for profit engaged in by criminals who have manipulated governmental services corporations behind the scenes and pulled off an illusion of authority that neither the Federal United States nor the various federal corporations possess. Our armed forces have been commandeered to operate as commercial mercenary forces in the thrall of private business interests— and we have been paying for, staffing, funding, and supporting this circumstance—and we have been extorted and fleeced and imprisoned by our employees when we objected.
Enough of this nonsense.
Every American with eyes, ears, nose, and a brain needs to come forward and tip off the other Americans—- ALL Americans. This has been foisted off on us primarily by the British government and the City State of Westminster, the Crown Temple, and the Lords of the Admiralty.
The Popes from 1845 to 2009 (Benedict XVI and Francis have done the right thing) and the British Monarchs are particularly to blame for the gross Breach of Trust and Disservice and Dishonorable behavior they have exhibited and permitted against Americans, Canadians, Aussies, English, Scottish, Irish, Japanese, German, and many other people throughout the world.
Contrary to the British veneer of civility, they have proven to be rapacious and unrepentant predators upon the rest of the humanity and their government is monotonously at the root of all the evil and violence perpetuated throughout the world. It isn’t enough to say that the British Government is not America’s friend now or ever. The British Government has not been a friend to any other nation and has raped and pillaged its own people for the better part of three centuries.
The Brits are always at the bottom of the dog pile when one searches diligently for the source of the discord and violence and there they will secretively remain until we and all the other people on Earth recognize the problem and recognize it for what it is: Satan worship, which has always been identified with the jurisdiction of the sea.
In pagan times, Satan was personified as Poseidon, the God of the Sea—scaly tail, horns, trident and all. Where does the Great Serpent lie? In the sea. Who is his henchman? The Leviathan.
It is all clear enough. Let those with eyes, see. Some of those who live in the jurisdiction of the sea still worship the god of the sea. Many of the complaints of child molestation, ritual sacrifice, and related crimes bear this out— because these things were all part and parcel of the “worship” of the Satanic Mystery Babylon Cult and always have been.
Worship of Poseidon/Satan/The God of the Sea is always in tandem with worship of his consort, Semiramis/Isis/Cybele.
Semiramis is a Babylonian goddess famous for promoting idolatry, harlotry, and all the “abominations of the earth”—-portrayed as a naked fertility goddess with rays of light coming out of her head— just like the Statue of Liberty, just like the Columbia Pictures icon, “Columbia—Goddess of Democracy”.
“Isis” is just the Egyptian version of Semiramis—- so, why, you must ask, are we being conned to believe in a supposedly Muslim terrorist organization named “ISIS”—–??? Obviously, no Muslim in his right mind is going to join or support an organization named after a Babylonian-Egyptian fertility goddess. It’s absurd and obviously true. Any group calling itself “ISIS” is Satanic in nature and its members are Satanists, not Muslims—- yet not a single member of the American Press Corps is raising their hand to ask, “WTF?”
This is because American media is absolutely controlled across the board by six multi-national media conglomerates— all of them foreign, and all but one run by Satanists.

We Americans have made every mistake there is to be made. We’ve been asleep at the wheel like Rip Van Winkle. We’ve been chumps, marks, idiot savants. We’ve been sheep, goats, cattle and everything else for these vampire-like and evil men—-the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and the rest of the bankers and the members of Congress and the members of the “American” military who have stood around with their thumbs up their rectums and played host to this.
It’s all true. It’s all known. It’s all verified. No doubt about it all, whatsoever—-but we can wake up. Earth to Sleeping Giant! Wake up! Pass the word!

These brief pages encapsulate just about all that a thinking, breathing American needs to know about the present situation and the history and Who’s Who of it. This information provides plenty of information and references you can research for yourselves— and you are fully encouraged to dig, dig, dig.
Bring more of the pieces of the puzzle forward and nail it down. The house is built, now all we are doing is finishing the paint.
It’s because other Americans before you have researched and dug and worked hideous long hours under conditions of threat— often going hungry, being ridiculed, losing their homes, suffering imprisonment, or in too many cases being murdered outright— that you have this document in your hand. While everyone else slept, groups of Americans all over this country were awake and alarmed and working feverishly to uncover their piece of the puzzle.
Now it has finally come together. You have this thumbnail version handed to you for free. Honor the sacrifice. Do your due diligence and then, come forward. This is your country, your nation states.
Expose the rats. Denounce the fraud. Gather your brethren together. Explain it all. There will be no great need to prove that you have all been victims of this con game. You all remember when you were told that you “had to” sign up for Social Security in order to have a job in America—-a BIG Fat Lie. You all remember when the vampires came and snatched your children at the hospital—forcing you to sign paperwork that they never explained, but which handed over ownership of your children as chattel belonging to a foreign, for-profit corporation.
You remember being forced to get a license to travel in your own car from Point A to Point A and another license to get married….
A “license” is official permission to do something that is otherwise illegal….
Illegal to travel? Illegal to marry? Because you and your family are being “mistaken” as Prisoners of War and Enemy Combatants in a war that ended 150 years ago. You are being “administered” under martial law that doesn’t pertain to you and which never has pertained to you and yours. And it is all because some criminal elements in the banking industry committed the fraud of all time against you and every other American and because the members of the criminal “Congress” have refused to declare peace. THEY have promoted and prolonged and advocated war, war, war for profit for themselves and their banker buddies at your expense for 150 years and they claim that they “represent” you.
Do they? Maybe it’s time you let them know that they don’t represent you and that if they don’t do their job and declare peace, they will never represent you. They might represent Jacob Rothchild and they might represent David Rockefeller and they might represent Queen Mab, but they do not and they will never represent you. And because of that fact, you are under no obligation to pay them a brass farthing ever again.
They want to “securitize” you? Well, Johnny, maybe it’s time to “securitize” them—seize their assets, nationalize their holdings, lock down the Golden Boys of Wall Street tighter than Ten-Penny Drums. Arrest the “judges” that are sitting as imposters on your bench if they won’t admit the truth and play ball and open up the Public Court that the people of this country are owed. Just do it. Order the Clerk and the Bailiff to arrest that man as an imposter. Charge him with impersonating a Judge of the Continental United States, specifically the ______State, such as “Colorado State Court” or “Iowa State Court”.
Explain these facts to the local sheriff and his deputies, to the local provost marshal and the judges and the court clerks and the members of your “state” legislature. Ask them which “County” and which “State” they represent?
Explain this to some of the lawyers you know who have been so proud to carry a Bar Association Card. Ask them why they are putting up with this and betraying their own families, friends, and neighbors? Why are they working for the Federal United States when they could just as easily work for the Continental United States? All they have to do is tear up their Bar Card and foreswear the title of “Esquire”. Whoopee-Ding-Dong, right?
Stop being attorneys “at” law and start being attorneys “in” law.
The Bar Associations have operated as closed union shops for three generations and gotten away with fleecing their members and demanding that lawyers go along with all this fraud and “keep silent” about it, or be threatened with fines, “disbarment”, abuse from the judges, or worse.
If the “American” Bar Association and the “State” Bar Associations won’t listen to reason and come to heel, it is time to outlaw them— they have all functioned as criminal syndicates on our shores and in violation of the treaties that allow them to operate here at all.
American lawyers are the ones who should be leading the pack and bringing this destruction to an end. They should be burning their Bar Cards like feminists burned bras, if they want any credibility or respect as advocates of the Rule of Law.
With or without a Bar Card they have every right to use our court buildings and facilities and to operate our lawful Public Courts. They are completely competent to set up their own fraternal organizations that don’t worship Satan, tell lies, and commit crime in the sanctity of a courtroom.
Start the ball rolling. Now.

Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.


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