BLM Destroying Ranches by Fire

Let All Truth Be Made Known

Burns Oregon Standoff Revolution Radio Ammon Bundy Interview – YOU MUST WATCH !

The Watchman News 01/21/2016 Burns Oregon Standoff Revolution Radio Ammon Bundy Interview – YOU MUST WATCH !



Judge McNasty, Sheriff Ward and the County Commissioners are some of the main sources of the problem in Harney County take over by the Feds. This team of thugs railroaded the Hammons into jail unjustly to steal their land.

Judge McNasty, who is on the pay off to remove all the Ranchers, and whose Brother works with BLM. He is absolutely not for the people. He needs to be investigated immediately. Is he a Mason? I am willing to bet on it.

Judge McNasty appointed Sheriff Ward as Sheriff. Sheriff Ward did work for BLM prior to this appointment. Dave Ward was Witness #11, who testified against the Hammons.

Fact: It was the BLM who set the fires that burned the refuge and a  witness came forth to testify but it was not allowed.

The Hammons were threatened with bullets in the head by the prosecuting Attorney and Judge McNasty and even perhaps the ex BLM Sheriff Ward.

Don’t you find it odd that the Good Sheriff conveniently retired before the Hammons were sent to jail?
Was he threatened or bought off?

Seek and ye shall find.


Letters Sent To Western Sheriffs addressing situation in HARNEY COUNTY OREGON



Letter I sent today to the attention of all sheriffs. Please copy and send to your local Sheriffs. To bring Peace for us all. They need to Wake up!


~~~~~ LETTER 1 ~~~~~

Dear Sheriffs,

Please read the following letters from Judge Anna Von Reitz and share with all of your Sheriffs.

Open Letter to Sheriff Ward 

Click to access openlettertosheriffward.pdf

Dear Federal Agents 

Click to access dearfederalagents.pdf

The North West Ordinance

I placed these links above for you to copy and paste into your browser to read.

Please know that I have spent many hours researching the crimes in Harney County, and none of it is from the Hammons or the Bundys.

If you do some serious research you will find that the corporation posing as our Federal Government is not who you think.

The letters above should spell it out for you.

You are no doubt honest hard working devoted family oriented individuals with the best of intentions.

It is incumbent upon you to study the true LAW of the land that our Forefathers paid for with their lives. It is the Original Constitution of the united states for America.

If you would like a copy of the Original Constitution not the Corporate Constitution that is irrelevant. I ask that you contact John Darash or Gerrard with

I am sure that you can get a supply for all your Sheriffs.

On my website, I have posted many facts regarding why the events have happened. It has been blown out of context by the Lame stream Media. This is a peaceful protest, no guns. These are ranchers who have been tormented by BLM, their properties distroyed, cattle set on fire, properties set on fire, water tanks distroyed all to bankrupt them into selling their land which the Federal Gov has no legal right to.

Look up the Act of 1871.
Lincoln put America in Bankruptcy because he strong armed the South into staying in his corrupt system. The south was being taxed 90% and had ceceded from the Union.

A great History lesson if you dig for the real truth. It was never about Slavery, it was All About The Money. Lincoln declared Marshall Law and arrested reporters he arrested political dissidents. It was a Nazi style take over then. If you know how they treated the Southern people you would be sick. His evil mercenaries called Generals, burned down the South to the Sea, everything. Raped and pillaged like savages from hell and starved the prisoners.

After the war was won with the help of the Rothschilds (Cabal and Son of Satan) money. Lincoln had remorse and wanted to set things right, but he was assassinated before he could do it.

Durning the War or just prior to it the Southern Representatives had walked out and left their seats vacant.

Shortly after Lincoln’s death, I believe Useless S Grant (not a typo) was President and he was a very wicked man. He had appointed his military officers to sit in the southern vacant seats of congress. Therefore we had ZERO representation from the Southern States. The ACT of 1871 was passed in secret. The Secret Government (a private for profit corporation owned by Nazis), had usurped power and disguised it as normal.

Please read all that you can and study the truth.

This is not our Government. JFK tried to tell us and he was assassinated before he could make the changes he wanted to do. President Kennedy was going to shut down the CIA but he did fire Allen Dullis, head of the CIA. Remember the secret society speach? LBJ, Nixon,  Gerald Ford, and Gov. Conley from Texas, the FBI and CIA were involved in the Assassin and or cover up. It was a full fledge take over by the Nazi regime.

The Nazis in the District of Columbia are letting in Russian, Chinese and Turkish troops into our land. We have been invaded. Where are they hiding? Underground Tunnels.

There are countless witnesses who have seen Foreign Troops setting fires in California. All to steel the land. Agenda 21.

If you think that the 4th Reich will be merciful for you or your children, think again.

Hitler shot his own troops, becaused he was paranoid and that is how psychopaths are.

Hitler and Obama follow Lincoln’s tyranny against America. Lincoln is the reason we are all slaves.

I have a website that has plenty of research for you if you will please take the time. The links above also have more information and will be a great place to find the truth.

I know that you do not want your children to grow up in a FEMA Camp or in a cubical like the Orwellian movie “1984” or in a hut like the movie “Hunger Games”. Yes they (the Nazis), like to shove it in our faces, exactly what they plan to do. It is up to us to prevent it.

Have you noticed the mass kills of our wild life? The Earthquakes, the Floods, hurricanes the Chemtrails? In California the Drought and then the Foreign Troops setting California on Fire? It is called Weather Wars or Eugenics.

The Bee’s who help pollinate our crops have been dieing off, The fish in the waters are being boiled alive and the chemicals that they are dumping in our oceans are insane.

It is a dePopulation on steroids or as they say it is the great Kulling of the Herd.

Please know that these inbred beings have no souls and want this biosphere for themselves. It sounds far out there. But you need to open your eyes before it is too late.

The Chemtrails is to Mind Control us all, to read your thoughts and have complete control of every aspect of your life. Sounds like fun? The Chemtrails are loaded with nanotechnology and you are breathing in these little smart dust that hooks up to your brain, so when they want to hit the kill switch, we will all drop our bodies. You need to be strong in faith and filled with love in your heart. For the wicked will not prosper from these deeds.

The Chemtrails are loaded with aluminum, barium, mercury, strontium and other toxic metals. Easy to test. This causes respiratory problems for those who have asthma or the elderly. It is probably also causing cancer and for sure it will cause Alzheimer’s.

I won’t dive into the mass kills from vaccines and the shrinking brain syndromes from babies receiving vaccines. Autism is directly the results from vaccines.

Now these same corrupt corporations are suppling you with your daily dose of poison, called GMO. This gives you all kinds of illnesses, leaky gut, cancers. I could probably give a long list of horrendous illnesses that results from GMO (Agent Orange – Round-up) and horrible deaths it has caused.

Fluoride in your water supply is Toxic and distroys your bones, teeth and is known to be the number one cause of certain types of cancer.

Why are the Birds falling out of the sky? HAARP and Chemtrails

What is causing the Earthquakes = HAARP and Chemtrails

Chemtrails was designed as a bio weapon of war against the people. I call all these evils what they are = Eugenics.

All that I have told you is well known by many who are awake and we want you who we look up to, to awaken before it is too it is

Kissenger, who was an SS Officer lied when he came to America and the Masons got him in. He was one of the Nazis who helped to bring in the Nazis from Germany after WWII. It was called Project Paperclip. The SS Officers started up the CIA which is a paid Terrorists private for profit Corporation which is used for convert works and assassinations, they were the ones along side the FBI who killed JFK.

Okay, this is a long history lesson and I could go on longer. NASA was set up by the Nazi Scientists who were brought over by Project Paperclip.

The Clintons are Nazis, kin to the Queen who is a Nazi and cousin to Hitler.

The Bushes are actually Germans and it was Prescott Bush who supplied the money to Hitler.

It was Bayer who designed the Gas for the Gas Chambers.

It was IBM who provided the computers to the Nazis to keep count of the Jews and whatever.  
Read “Trading With The Enemies”

Okay now you see why it is important for you to know this unbelievable pile of dog do. It is really hard to swallow. But it is the sad truth.

I ask that you stand with the good people and not the Nazis.

They have used our tax moneies and illegal activities to fund the weapons of war, brought 98% of the Media. So they have been controlling the propraganda.

Have you seem the movie  “Wag The Dog”?

The Bundys have pleaded for redress and have tried every course they could, until this sit-in brought public light to the crimes that the BLM and the criminal inJustice system is doing to the Ranchers and Farmers.

The Hammons are innocent and have a witness but it was not allowed. These corrupt Judges and prosecutors and BLM are guilty of high crimes.

Sheriff Ward served as a BLM employee, check it out. He railroaded the Hammons. He was witness #11, In the 2012 trial. BTW Sheriff Ward was Appointed by the County Commissioners of Harney County (more people with dirty laundry to investigate).

Please do some serious research and you will be shocked. The criminals are pretending to serve the people, but they are being paid off.

Thank you for reading this long heart felt plea.

We love our Sheriffs and they are who we look to for truth.

May GOD open your Eyes
your Hearts and may peace and protection be with you always.

Be blessed


Please read my stories regarding the Burns issue.  And watch the videos it will save you many hours. The people of America have come together to share their investigations. It is a start. You have the ability to dig deeper it is up to you where our future lies.

I have faith in you. 

~~~~END OF LETTER ~~~~


Since this morning many more things have come to light that I wish to share.

I sent a second letter with the first letter (anove attached).

Here is that letter:

Dear Sheriffs,

Below in quotes is the letter I sent to you this morning, in hopes that you can send it out to all of your member Sheriffs far and wide.

It is very apparent that the Governor is also in cahoots with the land grab and has called in the Troops.

So innocent blood will spill unless you guys act Constitutionally.

The CIA is in Burns Oregon setting up for their upcoming false flag.

It is so important to know that the people doing the sit in are peaceful protesters who have exhausted all means og communications with the tyrants.

There is a Main Stream Media block so that the locals will not have any information.

My heart is saying please listen quickly and do your jobs to protect all Americans who are standing up for Liberty and Justice.

A Massive triage like mash has been set up by the CIA and the FBI and BLM. Now the governor has called in the troops so they are planning a massacre of that town because they want that land for Russian Mining and Chinese Mining.

Can you see the true Criminals now?

Please read my letters, those from Judge Anna and my website is filled with information.

Be blessed and May GOD bless America.

~~~~~~ LATEST NEWS ~~~~~~

Folks need to write Sheriff Ward

He has been sent letters by Judge Anna, the Bundys, the Hammons, the 3 percenters, Pete Santilli and countless others:

Sheriff David Ward has deleted his email and refused to take calls from Americans concerned about his unconstitutional stance against the Hammond Family. He has also decided to forward all emails and correspondence from Americans to the FBI. Please do your part as a Constitutional Patriot and send him a copy of his letter via U.S. Mail, fax and email:

Sheriff David M. Ward
485 N. Court Avenue #6
Burns, Oregon 97720
Telephone: 541-573-6156
fax: 541-573-61546


It is also come to light how employees at so called Government buildings are having a great laugh over the land Grabs.

Judge McNasty’s brother works with BLM here is a great video with source links.

BLM/Oregon: Judge Grasty’s Brother a BLM Agent and scandals of the BLM

Originally published on Jan 19, 2016

Click to access minerals.pdf

Click to access 20060406_issue_076_article_5.pdf

Click to access Water-Appr-Systems.pdf

Judge McNasty is the one calling the shots

BLM Land Grab & Dirty Oregon Judges

Professor Doom1 

Originally published on Jan 17, 2016

Click to access Cooperating_Agency_Guide.pdf

Sheriff Ward (former BLM employee and appointed not elected Sheriff) helps the FBI to go to the local Hospital to recruit Doctors and supplies for a major event that they are planning against the PEACEFUL SIT-IN RANCHERS. The scene at the Refuge, the FBI triage looks like a MASH War Camp. So what kind of assault are they planning on?

This is Occupy Wall Street on Steroids. The Nazi Brown Shirts are planning evil.


From the ones who performed 911, Waco, Ruby Ridge have now orchestraed a new big bad wolf called Patriots. Can’t have the slaves wanting Freedom and Liberty and surely not Justice.

(The hand sign says “Hail Satan”)

In and around Harney County, all main stream media is being blocked so please get the above letters out to your local Sheriffs. It is important that they know what is really going on.

Please support Pete Santilli,, other Alternative Media and those who are putting their lives on the line to keep us free, peacefully.

Please pray for Peace and that GOD will send a multitude of Angels to protect the good people of Burns, this is directed to the Bundy family, LaVoy, Pete, the iii%s and all good people who are waking up and are calling for our help in these hours.

The Nazis and Masons have a strong hold in that area. People are being threatened and haressed by the FBI, CIA, BLM thugs and not by the guardians or the Sit-in Ranchers. The land does not belong to the Nazis.

Agenda 21 is in full process and the land is being given to foreign Communist Countries.

They stole our jobs, they steal our homes and now our land. When will America Wake Up?






Nesara News

Originally posted Wednesday, January 20, 2016






What is agenda 21? What is Smart Growth? What is sustainable development? This video provides a description of Agenda 21/sustainable development and how it affects your property rights. While it is important to be good stewards of our planet, the sustainable development movement has been co-opted by an aggressive agenda to rewild America (The Wildlands Project) and reduce automobile usage and


Posted by Olive Oyl

…    – – –   …  LET’S Continue

Oregon The Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

Posted by tatoott1009

Source: Oregon The Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

BLM seems to have wanted the Hammond Ranch pretty darn bad but why? A corporation called Uranium One and a 1956 survey might just hold the answer!

Uranium One, a Canadian company mired in controversy over its proposed purchase by a Russian mining conglomerate, is divesting itself of its Colorado mining interests because of “all the politics and all the local sentiment” against uranium mining in the state, an executive told the Colorado Independent recently.

Prospects for a nuclear revival would start with mining uranium in Colorado.

“Nothing,” Uranium One vice president of conventional mining Norman Schwab said when asked what the company currently has going on in Colorado. “I had a lot of different properties in Colorado and we’re not into waiting for years for sentiment to change, so in terms of work in Colorado we’ve dropped the various properties and we’re focusing in Utah and Arizona and other states that are pro-mining. It’s as simple as that.”

yellowstone idaho cern-SPACEWAR-LHC=HARRP= sandhook 57


One of those more pro-mining Rocky Mountain states is neighboring Wyoming, where Uranium One is launching an in-situ mining project in the Powder River Basin. Republican lawmakers have objected to the purchase of Uranium One by Russian government-owned Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ) for national security reasons.






There is considerable political angst that uranium mined in Wyoming could wind up in Iran because ARMZ supplies that neighboring and highly unfriendly nation. Uranium One’s Schwab, a South African based in the company’s Denver office, said it’s fear-mongering to suggest highly regulated uranium will wind up in a rogue state. It’s the unregulated stuff people should worry about, he said.

“It’s like gun ownership, for instance,” Schwab said. “In South Africa, the only people who own guns now are the criminals, because the people who try to do it legally are prohibited. It’s just impossible.”

The Denver Post Wednesday reported Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak addressed the political issue during a Denver visit on Tuesday: “Do you mind some investment? It is a normal commercial operation — not something that is operating on any political guidance.”

In a statement to the Colorado Independent, Colorado Sen. Mark Udall, a proponent of reviving the nation’s moribund nuclear power industry, said the ARMZ sale needs to be watched closely.

“With the increasing interest in strategic minerals, it’s definitely valid and responsible to ask serious questions about who has the right to extract, own and develop them, and I’m continuing to study the situation involving Uranium One,” Udall said. “I also understand that the proposal must be cleared by the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investments.”


Harney County Sheriff David Ward – against the Constitution!


Harney County Sheriff David Ward – against the Constitution!



Oregon Sheriff Cracks Down on Supporters of the Constitution!

Tim Brown

15 January 2016

Harney County Sheriff David Ward, who has shown himself to be an unconstitutional sheriff, is responsible for removing a reporter from an open assembly in Oregon for simply asking a question about the Constitution.

Ward, unable and unwilling to actually deal with the constitutionality of the situation surrounding the Hammond Ranch, the Bureau of Land Management or those who are protesting offered hollow words to the crowd gathered. (Ward, one year earlier, was an active BLM AGENT! Suppose there is a ‘connection’ and preconceived BLM/FBI plan in play here devised after the Bundy Ranch standoff?!)

Harney Sheriff THROWS OUT Reporter for Asking about Constitution!

However, one patriot report stood up in the midst of the complacency of Sheriff Ward who encouraged the protesters to “go home.”

Some stood by Sheriff Ward. Among them was Oregon State Representative Cliff Bentz who claimed that the ‘occupiers’ of the wildlife refuge were breaking the Privacy Act of 1974, for trespassing on ‘federal land’.

What he failed to mention were all the reporters who were apparently also ‘trespassing’ on that same land. He failed to acknowledge the Constitution’s limitation on what land the federal government can own and for what purposes.

When challenged on these issues by reporter Pete Santilli, who asked, “What about the Constitution?” people began to boo him and he cited the Constitution for his right to free speech.

Santilli also cited Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, just as Ammon Bundy did regarding the issue of federal land.

Santilli was removed for “disrupting” the meeting, which is absolute nonsense and unconstitutional. It is a jack booted thug approach to silencing dissent and has nothing to do with disrupting the meeting that was going on. It was pointing people back to the law that is supposed to govern even those who are entrusted and elected to enforce the law.

Oregon, you have brought this on yourselves. You will not stand up for yourselves or the law, but will stand up for tyrants and thugs. Let this be a lesson to you of things to come unless you wake up and stand up.

As a final warning, heed the words of the Word of God:

“But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” – Revelation 21:8

Patriots, this is no time to be cowards! It is a time to man up and stand by the law and by the Word of God against tyrants. Which side are you on?

Posted by Olive Oyl



It is clear that these local commissioners, sheriff and even senators are all in cahoots. It is all about the money, and they have sold their very souls.

Question is which side do they stand, with the American people, or the Nazis who think own America?

The following letters have been sent out to the Sheriff’s, FBI, Congress, and all concerned.

Please download these documents, print them up and send registered mail to your local County and City Officials. Print up flyers and spread this far and wide.

The Nazis are wanting a Civil War, let us stand together in Freedom. I will post as much as our Father in Heaven will allow. We are here to change the future. I believe that our spirits came here, from back in time to change and make right all that could happen if we ignore the truths laid before us.2016-01-17-21-13-42~2

Declaration of Independence


Specifics for Sheriffs and Federal Agents

Regarding the Take Over of BLM Facilities in the Western States

Open Letter to Sheriff Ward

Second Letter to Sheriff Ward

Letter to FBI, BLM, includes All Federal so Called Agents

I will be posting more. This is not to place you in fear, as we should never be in fear, for we are eternal.

You are being given the wake up call, so, be the Paul Revere and spread the Truth for all to see.


Truth has no race. Truth is Love. We are a Devine spark of GOD and this is a spiritual battle for your very souls.

Be love, spread love like butter everywhere you go. Lend a hand.

Stop being self serving and ask how you can help, Mankind is in dire threat at this point in History and we have the opportunity to change that.


Be blessed

BLM to Bundy Ranch: “you’d better hope that 10,000 show up”

Source: The Next News Network

BLM to Bundy Ranch: “You’d better hope that 10,000 show up”

This footage above shows the confrontation with the BLM on the Bundy Ranch.
Which was originally published on Apr 13, 2014

Dan Love, BLM Special Agent-in-Charge, assigned to the Bundy Ranch Standoff was secretly recorded, on April 10th, while on duty issuing threats to on-the-scene reporter Pete Santilli from Guerrilla Media who was also issuing threats of Citizen’s Arrest while seeking peaceful resolution and a de-escalation of the unfolding event.

The first voice you hear in this audio is of Pete Santilli asking, “Where’s the cattle?”

The next voice, the lower voice is of Dan Love from BLM. Some of the highlights of the recording, transcribed (this transcripted EDITED for length and continuity, listen to the actual audio if you want every single word).

Santilli: “We want zero conflict. You know, confrontational, nose to nose…” And then later, “Are we going to be here screaming at you, and you’re gonna be tasing, are you gonna do that type of confrontation. What we are trying to do is to completely de-escalate, 100%.”

Santilli: “What we’re going to ask for to de-escalate and to make sure we are not in confrontation with you… we want to let you know that we’re going to come here and it’s going to be non-negotiable what we believe in, and what we believe is the right thing to do.”

Dan Love: “We have two federal court orders, and if you interfere, you will be arrested. If you impede and interfere, you will be taken into custody.”

Santilli: “Tell DC Justice [Eric Holder] this is non-negotiable… but if you choose to go face to face and people get hurt, then we are going to hold you personally accountable.”

Dan Love: “And I will hold you legally accountable. And I guarantee that the Constitution is on my side and not that side… Your Constitutions aren’t decided on the dirt… you can fight that argument from jail.”

Santilli: “It’s not gonna be a fight, it’s gonna be a non-negotiable terms, peacefully. If you bring violence…”

Dan Love: “If you interfere, if you impede, you will be arrested. I don’t know how you plan on arresting me, but good luck with that.”

Santilli: “There are gonna be some law enforcement officials who are gonna be going to jail.”

Dan Love: “Yeah, don’t do that. That’s not gonna end well for ya. That doesn’t happen. And again, I’ve seen your numbers right now, you’d better hope that 10,000 show up…”

Dan Love: “You’re telling me you’re gonna show up and arrest officers? That’s not gonna happen, Mr. Santilli.”

Santilli: “If anyone is unconstitutional, is not following to abide by their oath to the U.S. Constitution, they are going to be arrested including the Sheriff of this county.”

Dan Love: “Okay, you start with him, go arrest Mr. Gillespie, and once you accomplish that you come back…”

Santilli: “He will be incarcerated if he fails to uphold his oath to the U.S. Constitution… he will go to jail.”

Dan Love: “I’m telling you right now I’m putting YOU on warning as the messenger, if you violate, if you impede, if you interfere with two lawful court orders, you will be prosecuted, you will be arrested.”

Santilli: “They are unlawful court orders…. I did not come here to do anything but to give you the opportunity to prevent a scenario where you’re going to make a decision to cause harm to people.”

Dan Love: “We’re lawfully here! Do you see all these signs? You’re in an enclosed area, you’re on federal land…”

Santilli: “It’s not federal land.”

Dan Love: “It is federal land. I am positive.”

Santilli: “I’ll bet you lunch.”

Dan Love: “Mr. Santilli, if you were right, I wouldn’t have a job. So you know what? Be right. Get it changed, and then I’m happy not to wear this little gold shield…”

Santilli: “Do you know how dangerous it is for you to run around with a gun and a badge with what you just told me?… That you actually believe that you have the Constitution, and the law behind you, and the entitlement and you have a badge and a gun?”

Dan Love: “If you come unlawfully, to impede or interfere, you will be arrested. Non-negotiable.”

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Okay why am I posting this footage. If Pete is the bad guy like many shills around the net are spouting off, then why didn’t he help the BLM to acquire the land?

If Pete Santilli does work for the FBI, do you not think that there are good guys on our side in these private for profit corporations?

Father in Heaven is helping us. My intuition has been fairly accurate and Pete Santilli is not a commie FBI agent. Much like Ted Gunderson, Edward Snowden, and Chip Tatum and a host of other silent Heroes behind the scenes.

I believe Pete is genuinely a good Patriot and is doing his part to see that no harm comes to these people.

Here is the thing, he is in a positive position to broadcast to the world the stinking diaper bail that the BLM and their evil over lords have created here in America.

I do think that many of our Patriots such as the Oathkeepers and such  are running scared because of the position or location of this stand off. Wide open plains and very little coverage should the Nazis come charging in in a Waco style massacre.

My thoughts: If I were much younger or physically able, I would be there in Oregon. This is a peaceful protected movement.

The Occupy Movement would have had more success had there been protection for the Peaceful Protesters.

This world is sinking down the toilets in record speed, so we need to take our final stand. Trust in our Father in Heaven that he will protect us and to know that there is no death. We are eternal and a spark of his Devine Love.

I do not fear death, rather I welcome it than to live a life of servitude on my knees kissing the boots of Nazi guards. Hunger Games is the future these evil turds want for the survivors. FEMA Camps for the workers, eugenics for the elderly and disabled. Sounds like Nazi Germany?

If enough people show up in Oregon, this will cause even further investigations and pull out more truths. Not on the good people, but all the sinister things that are being hidden by the Masons and their minions.

The corruption in the US Inc. Has been beyond comprehension. Many people are in denial of this because they work in one of these evil agencies. All businesses are compartmentalized, to keep the slaves doing just their small part of the big evil machine. Others are so asleep that it seems like it would take a wrecking ball to get through to them.

We have many good things in store for those who are on the side of righteousness. Dad (Source “The ONE) has a grand surprise for the keepers of Doom.

Be strong, spread the freedom spirit, research everything, pray daily, protect yourself spiritually, love one another, be prepared and wake up others.

I encourage you to support the independent news sources you feel drawn to support, as they want freedom as much as you do and will share truth. They are the beacons of light for the world, sending out the Truth and providing hope. They are the sunglasses used in “They Live”.



“Be like butter and spread Love and Peace around the world.” – Angel4light

Be blessed

Pacific Patriots Network arrives at Oregon occupation, acting as liaison, security detail » Intellihub



Great story! The link above is well worth reading.

I ask that all freedom loving Americans read and share the letter posted below before it is removed.

Please read this very important  information that Judge Anna sent to Sheriff Ward. This information is HOT and vital education for all Americans who want Freedom again.

I congratulate Pete Santilli on his wonderful work of TV coverage to these issues of the ranchers in Oregon, but he should go the extra mile by reading the following letter on air, so that this is a truth brigade. Let us blow our horns and ring the bells of Liberty once more!

The entire world knows what us going on in America, but most Americans are clueless.

This letter by Judge Anna, spells out all that the so-called government has done. The oligarchs rule the District of Columbia only and their paid slaves.

We can all change America if we print out a copy of this letter, send it to your local sheriffs have these guys come back under the “We The People ” Constitution.

The Nazis in the District of Columbia have waged Wars killing off our brave young men and women. Their FEMA camps will overflow with these very nazis when all the people read this truth.

Please read, copy and share before it is removed.


Why Are The Feds Trying To Keep Bundy And Dave Hodges Apart


the commonsense show

by Dave Hodges

Originally posted 1-11-2016



Earlier in the week, I, Dave Hodges,  had written that to avoid a massacre of the Ammon Bundy led force, more people had to descend upon Oregon, or Ammon’s people had better leave. The more people and groups arrive in the beleaguered areaall the better for the Patriots, and that this would exponentially increase the risk of public ridicule against the federal government should violence breakout. against a larger group of people.

Right now, CNN and FOX are trying to characterize the Bundy led standoff as an action led by half crazed radicals with nothing better to do with their time. The term, “Domestic Terrorists”, comes to mind with how the Patriots are being characterized by the mainstream media.

Ammon Bundy Scheduled to Appear On The Common Sense Show 1/10/2016 at 830pm MST

The Common Sense Show covertly scheduled an interview to air on Sunday, January 10, 2016 at 830 pm MST. The interview was set up by back channel sources in order to avoid the attention of the feds for fear the interview would be interfered with. The health reporter for The Common Sense Show, Katy Whelan, was handling the details with someone inside the Bundy camp.

I was interviewing Sheila Zilinski when her communications were taken down just prior to our bottom of the hour commercials which would have been followed by Ammon Bundy appearing on The Common Sense Show.
Federal Government Interference

Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, was right, the First Amendment is basically dead.

The Common Sense Show has been taken down before by outside forces, but our phones and our subsequent ability to record and interview for the archives have never been impacted, at least until last Sunday night.

After Sheila was forcibly taken off the air, I announced the following:

“At the bottom of the hour, we are scheduled to interview Ammon Bundy. We fear that the feds will interfere with our broadcast as they have so many times before. However, we have always been able to record and interview and play it later on the archives. If we lose communications with our satellite provider, we will be posting the archives on Monday morning. The feds will not be allowed to keep the message from Ammon Bundy from going out.”

These were famous last words from myself. The federal  government’s takedown of the show was utterly complete and effective. I received a message from the producer, “I am phoning Ammon now”. Then there was complete silence.

Because of the size of my audience, my show is carried on two separate satellites in two different states. They were both taken down at the same time.  We also have a listen by phone option which is independent of the satellite, it was taken down.  We have six phone lines which are landlines, they were all taken down. Nothing related to our satellite provider was left intact. This was an attack simultaneously carried out on multiple fronts.

Somebody pointed out that the Oregon Patriots had been interviewed in the previous days. However, they were only interviewed by FOX , CNN and the other corporate controlled media. The Obama administration does not want Ammon Bundy to tell his story to a talk show host who will not steer the conversation into the desired propaganda zone.

At the exact same time that The Common Sense Show was taken down, all communications within the Bundy camp were also taken down as well. There was not going to be any communications allowed between Dave Hodges and Ammon Bundy, if the Obama administration could help it.



Rest assured, a recorded interview between Ammon Bundy and Dave Hodges has/will taken place and it will be played at a time of our choosing. Will the federal government completely take The Common Sense Show off of the air? Perhaps. However, it does not matter. I will distribute this interview to as many Independent Media outlets as possible. Ammon’s message will be heard, unless of course,  Obama and Loretta Lynch plan to take all of the Independent Media outlets down. What is Obama afraid of? Is he afraid that the country, as a whole, will learn about how his administration throught the BLM and the EPA are abusing farmers and ranchers all throughout the West, and they are using Gestapo tactics to do so?

My daily show is heard from 2-3 pm MST.  The Sunday night show is heard from 6-9 pm MST.  This interview will be played.
Relevant Background

Local, State and Federal Public officials from the Burns mayor to Oregon Governor Kate Brown to the FBI have ordered the now, so-called Oregon Militia to pack up and leave, but Ammon Bundy has made it clear he has no immediate plans to comply. At issue is the fact that Dwight Hammond and his son are serving a five year prison sentence for executing a controlled burn on their own land which carried over the nearby federal land. The act was unintentional and there was no damage.

The zealous federal prosecutors wanted their pound of flesh after a local judge sentenced the father-son duo to serve less than the minimum sentence. That wasn’t good enough for federal prosecutors who prosecuted the Hammonds under arson statutes as they pertained to anti-terroism laws. This was a complete case of federal tyranny being visited upon the Hammonds. The Hammonds are not alone.





These bastards just don’t learn….

Militia Called to Oregon! Are Feds Gearing Up to Slaughter Patriots? Hammond Ranch [Update Page]
Wednesday, December 30, 2015 9:53
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(Before It’s News)
Please stay connected to right here on this update page.  Pete Santilli & his team will arrive in Burns, Oregon at approximately 12 noon PST, and once the team is settled after the 2200 mile trek, they will begin publishing important updates here.

Ammond Bundy says the #Hammond Ranch is bigger than Bundy Ranch.  He’s now calling for ALL PATRIOTS to respond immediately to Oregon.


The FBI propaganda has commenced as it did before they murdered their targets in WACO; Ruby Ridge, etc.

Please read this news article and think about the strong possibility of the Feds weaponizing the media in order to soften the public hearts & minds if the Feds decide to kill Patriots on the ground in Oregon.

Militiamen, ranchers in showdown for soul of Burns.

BURNS – The strangers carrying the whisper of danger arrived in the vast territory of the Harney Basin just before the holidays.
Ammon Bundy once helped his father repulse the government in an armed showdown on a Nevada desert. He was Tasered for his effort.

Ryan Payne, an electrician from Montana, joined that same standoff and boasted of organizing civilians into sniper squads that drew a bead on federal agents.

And not long ago, Jon Ritzheimer worried the FBI with his threatening rants against Muslims in Arizona and elsewhere.
Now, the men say, they are in Burns to help Dwight and Steven Hammond.

The Hammonds are father and son ranchers, due to report to federal prison on Monday. They were convicted in 2012 of arson for lighting public land on fire adjacent to their ranch land south of Burns. They have been imprisoned once and must return for an additional term after federal appellate judges said they had been illegally sentenced the first time. These bastard judges are not even judges….they are magistrates….and are totally unlawful….No one invited these SOBs to come ashore!!!

Totally trumped up charges!!  We are hoping General Dunford will put a stop to this B.S.

Posted by Popeye

Thank You President Trump

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Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.

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