California is a ‘mess’ because of liberalism

Fabio: California is a ‘mess’ because of liberalism

Tim Allen on Going to Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Shocking statement by Keanu Reeves

Note from Angel4Light:

People, I do believe that there are still good people living in the Hell Hole called Commiefornia. Many are in fear to speak out.

Why is Commiefornia allowed to use energy weapons against the population? It is clear that these Satanists are performing Agenda 21. This makes all the government’s in that state terrorist since they support the evil that is being done. 

I believe that there are still some good cops and perhaps good people and positions of government that have their hands tied or in fear to speak out.  

So what is the solution? We know that Nazis are Satanist. We know too that Satanist believe in slavery, pedophilia, beastiality, and other horrendous things that satanists do. So cutting off the federal funds will not matter much because they will simply rob from the slaves of Commiefornia who can’t afford to leave or are still sleeping and totally clueless.

I think that many of the Liberals do not know what evil they are supporting, and if they do it is very much like how the Nazis did in Germany back during World World War II. They too are held accountable for all the atrocities that is going on because they are promoting it.

I do believe that many of the Stars who are ranting and raving and acting like maniacs are satanists or has sold their souls and are therefore possessed. Like the following sad us to be Christian music singer who is selling the Illuminati porn video showing what they do. This is what they really do folks. No joke.  Sick and Katy Perry has personally admitted to eating human meat and loves it.

So the Getty Museum is this where they perform rituals and at the Playboy mansion? I have heard that many Movie Stars live close to each other and have under ground tunnels connecting their homes so that they can have the after Hours pizza parties and spirit cooking and other Satanic events. 

I understand that they are taking their guns away and there bullets. That’s what Marxist do. An unarmed populace is easy to control and round up for the FEMA camps. This sounds like a horrible nightmare, and it is. 

I know that people do not want to leave their homes, but these demons have every intention of burning you out of it. Stealing your land and the resources underneath. 

The entire West Coast seething in pure evil. My heart goes out to the good people who are caught in this spider web. 

If you notice there are many famous celebrities who are leaving California. Some are leaving the evil. And some are leaving because they are evil, and are running for the Hills or there caves or their mole holes. 

There are still many good people who are clueless to what is going on around them. They don’t understand that the weather is being manipulated to bring in the droughts, the chemtrails to ruin the crops, the GMO and vaccines to euthanize and sterilize the population. 

It seems like a hopeless situation. I used to live there and it was a very disgusting place. I don’t miss it but I don’t wish anything bad on the people who work and live there and are really decent. 

Society needs to come together and put God back in your heart. You don’t have to go and pay to pray. But do pray or meditate and surround this world in the golden white Christ Light of the one true God, the source of all that is.

God is love, and we must come together in heart and pray for each other and the children. We must not fear death or anything for we are God’s children. We need to stand strong together and in united love of humanity and GOD’s creations.

Speak out and wake up your brothers and sisters. Get back to dignity. Love your fellow man as you live yourselves. We need to help each other to lift each other up when we are down. 

We don’t have to embrace the Wicked. Rather we can offer some guidance if accepted, if not move on to the next person and don’t be discouraged. For your pure heart will heal the sorrow in many souls. 

Regarding the Soulless ones what do we do? 

  • Stand ready to defend the weak and innocent ones. We can not allow the filth of Evil to rot out the minds of our youth or sterilized or euthanize or torture or corrupt.
  • Pray for God’s guidance and come together as humanity in mass. 
  • We must show in peaceful awareness, to awaken those who are asleep, due to the chemical lobotomy that this Nazi regime has performed on America.

Our great President Donald Trump has his hands full and I am sure that between him and his loyal team and our good Military. We shall see an end to the Hotel Commiefornia. 

This has been a deep rabbit hole for many of you and only a confirmation for those who are awake and need to know that the world is coming out of our comma. 

The Satanists Rats are being rounded up now and their assets are frozen. So if you are in business with these evil Lucifer worshipping sick depraved things who torture, rape, kill and eat children and humans, you are guilty by association.  If you are supporting or hidding these terrorist of humanity, expect to have your assets frozen and too, and who knows what else.

Research and boycott the businesses that are performing child trafficking and satanic practices.

God has heard our prayers and has sent in his high Angels to help our President and our good people to get totally freed from this bondage from Satan. 

We are still in the fight. Prayers are needed. Become the prayer for warriors. Be the voices needed at the Local Government meetings. Speak out and bring meetings together to bring this to the awareness of all humanity. These Vampires can not live in the light of truth and Humanities Love for each other. 

Some say to send these Demons Love. I personally say NO because that is giving my energy away to them. Instead:

I bring in the Light from Source God and surround all benevolent beings with the pure light of GOD’s Eternal Love, Grace and Protection. It repulses the Evil and rebukes it. 

This is my Protection Meditation. It will work for you as well.

I envision a beam of GOD’s platinum gold light coming from the central Sun penetrating my being anchoring into the crystalline core of Tarra. 

I envision this beam of platinum gold light from Source, to feel me with the divine Holy Spirit

I am envisioning this golden Platinum light to encompass and feelup my entire body and Aura, expanding out to protect all benevolent beings

I say the following invocation out loud, unless I am around others who would not understand:

“I AM a Child of GOD the Creator of all that is

I AM Light and perfection

I AM Love and Peace

I AM invincible

I AM immortal

I AM invisible

I am that I am and so it is

I asked that this Divine Light that I am sending out, let it protect all of GOD’s (Creator of all that is) creations. May they awaken and remember who they are. And so it is. Thank you God for my Gifts, for everyone, for everthing and for me.  I say Thank you, Thank you, I humbly and sincerely Thank you! “

My friends, exciting times are at hand, but the strife for the West Coast could be serious, so let us all shine our Angel Light of protection for these precious hearts who need our help.


Chemo Kills! Cancer can be cured naturally!


Very Disturbing News – Don’t Read If You Don’t Want to Know

Big Macs now cost FIVE POUNDS ( $7.50 U.S.) each in Switzerland… and that doesn’t include fries and a drink

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Hard to swallow: Big Macs now cost FIVE POUNDS each in Switzerland… and that doesn’t include fries and a drink

  • Big Mac index tests the relative price of currencies around the world
  • Swiss franc remains the most expensive, according to the index
  • The iconic burger now costs the equivalent of nearly $8 there, £5 in sterling
  • Norway’s currency is the second most expensive, followed by Denmark
  • Swiss currency is soaring after central bank removed Euro cap last week

It’s lucky most visitors to this week’s Davos conference are billionaires – because Switzerland has been named the most expensive place in the world to buy a Big Mac.

The famous burgers cost 6.50 Swiss francs in the Alpine country – that works out at more than £5 ($7.50) for the McDonald’s sandwich alone.

Norway has the second most expensive Big Mac in the world at £4.40($6.50), followed by Denmark, Brazil and the US, according to the so-called Big Mac index.

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A Big Mac in Switzerland now costs the equivalent of nearly $8 - around £5 in British money, it emerged today


A Big Mac in Switzerland now costs the equivalent of nearly $8 – around £5 in British money, it emerged today

The index was created by The Economist magazine in 1986 as a way of comparing the relative values of different currencies.

By comparing a product which is almost perfectly identical and on sale around the world, experts hoped to show the ‘purchasing power’ of each nation’s money.

The price of Big Macs is compared against the standard US price for the product – which is currently $4.79, about £3.19 in sterling.

The relative price of the iconic burger in Britain – now £2.69 in sterling – has fallen compared to other currencies in recent months.

Meanwhile in Russia – whose currency has plummeted amid a fall in the price of oil and sanctions over the annexation of Crimea – Big Macs are cheaper than ever.

Consumers in Vladimir Putin’s country can now pick one of the burgers for the equivalent of $1.36 – just 91p, which is cheaper than a basic McDonald’s hamburger in the UK.

Travelex explains The Big Mac Index created by The Economist

A fall in the rouble means Russia is one of the  cheapest places to buy the burgers - which cost just 91p there


A fall in the rouble means Russia is one of the cheapest places to buy the burgers – which cost just 91p there

The prolonged crisis in the Eurozone means the relative cost of a Big Mac on the Continent has also fallen in recent months and is now worth $4.26, or £2.84.

The index’s latest results were released as business and political leaders gathered in Davos, Switzerland for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Switzerland’s Big Mac price has risen in the last six months and looks set to increase further as the country’s currency continues to boom.

The Swiss franc rose nearly 30 per cent to 0.81 against the euro last week following the Swiss National Bank’s decision to remove a three-year-old cap of 1.20 francs per euro.

It means Swiss ski resorts are being forced to cut prices by up to 20 per cent in a desperate bid to lure back holidaymakers.

The currency surge means a British visitor now has to pay £80 more for their week-long lift pass bringing the total to £380, while a single day pass went up to around £60.

The cost of enjoying just a small glass of beer while taking in the majestic view of the Matterhorn mountain jumped by around £1.30 to £4.60.

The Big Mac was chosen for the 'purchasing power' index because it is almost identical around the world (pictured: A McDonald's in Bangkok, Thailand)


The Big Mac was chosen for the ‘purchasing power’ index because it is almost identical around the world (pictured: A McDonald’s in Bangkok, Thailand)

Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.

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