Anonymous Leaks Satanic Cult Members Total Info

‘Anonymous’ Document Exposes Hampstead UK School & Municipality as Ritual Child Sex & Sacrifice Hub & ‘Anonymous’ Leaks Satanic Cult Member Names, Places, Phone #s, Emails”


The truth is relentless now, isn’t it? It just keeps coming and coming, whether we’re ready or not. Those who pay no attention and don’t even question will feel very foolish when all is said and done.

The lad who climbed out a window on a string of bed sheets at Buckingham Palace is now said to be a product of a hoax by ‘The Daily Mail’.  (That was a correction: first published with The Guardian, should have read Daily Mail)  Did we really think they were going to admit it??? Of COURSE there’s a coverup! Do people understand who OWNS the media?

Every time someone exposes the Illuminati or the extraterrestrials it’s a “hoax” or a “conspiracy theory” and this satanic paedophilia is happening AROUND THE GLOBE.

How did that man get inside Buckingham Palace if he wasn’t LET in?  It’s BUCKINGHAM PALACE for crying out loud! Did he just saunter in off the street to have a pee? If he did, the palace guard should be dismissed and replaced.
Was he a servant? Why would he risk his life to leave in that way if it wasn’t preferable to what he was subject to inside the palace? People need to ask intelligent questions and do some critical thinking before they brush this off. It’s FAR more likely that it’s true, than false. What does anyone have to gain by playing a trick like this?
There are people who left comments on this blog and Facebook when I shared news of this satanic abuse before, particularly within the church, and they simply refuse to believe it. Rather than do any research, they’d prefer to shoot the messenger. That’s so much easier, isn’t it?

Did the Royal Family not take legal action last year to prevent media from sharing negative stories about them?

The police, media, clergy, social services, etc. are part of the satanic ritual abuse cult and protect the Lizard Queen and her brood with their lives. How else could they keep it under wraps for so long?

Wake the hell up, people of Earth. You and your children are prey. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

I’ve been wanting to share this Operation Deatheaters story all week. There are those who ARE telling the truth about this sadistic, psychopathic cult, and they’re going after them. There’s nowhere for these sadistic murderers to hide.  ~ BP

If children were being raped and killed in your home, would you just stand down and do nothing?When we IGNORE the horrific crimes against humanity that are occurring behind the scene of the world we live in, that is what we are doing, ignoring the fact that these crimes are happening right in our neighborhoods.The unwanted truth is that many politicians, banksters, and authorities in high position of power are raping and killing innocent little children.The main reason why they are getting away with it is because cowardly people refuse to face the truth. Be aware that the Earth is our home, so when kids or people are being raped and killed in our Earth (home), it is our duty as human beings to do something about it. ~ PL Chang

Alfred Lambremont Webre, New Inside Out, Vancouver, Canada

February 20, 2015
(NewsInsideOut) VANCOUVER, BC – In an online posting entitled “Anonymous Leaks Satanic Cult Member Names, Places, Phone #s, Emails” by a group identifying itself as Anonymous, full details of the serious crimes of murder, infanticide, cannibalism, torture, rape, sexual abuse – all crimes against humanity and forbidden by criminal law in the UK as well as by the International Statute of the International Criminal Court to which the UK is a signatory – have now been made public.Full Anonymous document published below as EXHIBIT
The full Anonymous document is published by in the EXHIBIT below in the public interest.As has published, the salient facts in the document released by Anonymous have been known to the officials of Christ Church Primary School in the upscale municipality of Hampstead UK, as well as to local police and social services officials who have appeared to be willing participants and/or facilitators of this ongoing international crime against humanity.Readers from inside and outside the UK are encouraged to take this information to their local Town Councillors, Members of Parliament, local newspapers, bloggers, radio and television stations (Internet & Broadcast) and to demand action to prosecute all named participating criminal ritual sacrifice network members and facilitators in police, social services and elsewhere.


[ has copies of the full files of this webpage]


Note From Angle Eve:

I felt this was important to re post. We need to get the word out. Share with everyone. Protect our children now!

I love you all dearly! Be blessed, Angel Eve.

Urgent Meditations Needed Today

It is important to do the World Peace Meditation today. You can find the information I posted recently with the caption starting with: “Update – Urgent…”  I also suggest doing the weekly meditation and a special Meditation suggested by Tannath of check out her update page for this information.

Tomorrow 7-27-14 is a very Satanic ritual day where they plan to sacrifice women and female children and babies during or after their sick gang sex. The Dark Ones are going after the Goddess Energy. We must do meditation both today and very heavy tomorrow to counter act these dark ones. Send a Universal load of unconditional love throughout Gaia today and tomorrow to prevent this and ask that these dark forces be transmuted into Love and Light. And so it is.


I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.

Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.

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