Testimony from the Prince of Darkness – Erik Prince (Former Navy Seal and Blackwater CEO) Exposes Pedophile Network Tied to The Clintons

Thursday, November 30, 2017
Testimony from the Prince of Darkness – Erik Prince (Former Navy Seal and Blackwater CEO) Exposes Pedophile Network Tied to The Clintons
In this video, Jason Bermas breaks down what Erik Prince may be telling the House Intelligence Committee behind closed doors with revelations about numerous Clinton scandals. All while Mother Jones tries to deflect any real investigation from happening into these matters. 

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Too Disgusting For Words UK OverWhelmed With Pedophiles


Victurus Libertas VL 

Published on Mar 1, 2017

Police are being overwhelmed by the number of reports about child sexual abuse and need to consider alternative approaches for less serious cases, the UK’s lead officer on child protection has said. Simon Bailey, the head of Operation Hydrant – the nationwide inquiry into historical child sexual abuse – said forces were operating beyond capacity because of the sheer volume of reports.



NEIL KEENAN FULL UPDATE: Old Republic Versus New Republic

NEIL KEENAN FULL UPDATE 05.30.16 Old Republic Versus New Republic: THE JIGS UP

Video by 2 NEOTECH – Gv 
Published on May 30, 2016


The Keenan Team


Old Republic
Versus New Republic:
May 30, 2016 / 54 Comments

Note from Angel4Light:
The above video is a computer generated voice of Neil Keenan’s post below. For the benefit of those who have difficulty reading, the video will be helpful. For those who want to read and perhaps print out the text, I have placed it below.

Old Republic Versus New Republic: THE JIGS UP

by Neil Keenan


For too many years we have been played with by what we called government when in fact it was always nothing more than a Corporation.

Well, it’s time for them to come forward and face the fact that they have finally been cornered and there is no out.

Yes we have heard about the New Republic but when you put together the pieces of the puzzle you realize that they are both one and the same – just flying a new flag with new colors or what have you.  “They” have the wherewithal to do just about anything they wish with us, so long as we don’t catch on but guess what?

We have caught on!!

Neil Keenan and Group K have finally acquired the necessary pieces of the puzzle to put an end to their existence should things be handled properly.

If not then it will be the same old same old…In this case we will all be in dire straits.  I have personally financed most of this endeavor myself with bits of funding coming in from others who wished to assist mankind.

Well, we are now at the point in time where mankind comes first otherwise kiss mankind goodbye and welcome in the advent of worldwide slavery – and this is where they are attempting to lead us – and this and now is where we need to draw the line.

It is happening and we do know; and you all need to get your acts together and understand we just might not make it to the next Elections.

This will be dealt with before then.  So, we address it now or we put down our books and pick up a gun because there is going to be a whole lot of fun.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED which is what we have always been about.

Neil Keenan and Group K


There is a trembling in the halls of governments around the world, as mankind awakens to their enslavement and the blatant fraud and trickery that have been perpetrated upon them by “corporate” governments.

This arose as a result of the division between Corporate Law (Admiralty, Commercial Law, Law of the Sea) and Common Law (Law of the Land).  Common Law is generally based on Universal Truths such as the Ten Commandments and other basic, common religious beliefs or standards that are set within a society and that act upon “real” persons.

Corporate or Commercial Law works with “fictions” (false entities created in the mind), and as such requires real flesh and blood humans to be hoodwinked into believing that corporations are “real” entities, on the one hand, and that “straw men beings” created in your name are “YOU”!

If you are awake now, you will be aware that these fictitious entities were created at your birth by way of your Live Birth Certificate and a Trust was created in your name ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS – so that the corporate government (a fiction) can deal with another fiction (YOU in caps).

As a result, the establishment creates all kinds of laws, statutes, taxes, and many other ways to enslave YOU and steals all of your personal wealth. Your house, your car, your land, and your children are all owned by the corporate government as your name is ALWAYS in CAPITAL LETTERS (WHICH IS NOT you).

And so we find ourselves presented with the current dilemma: The united States of America and the United States of America, Incorporated – which one is WE THE PEOPLE?

Judge Anna has recently made it very clear that the de Jure Republic of the united States still exists, but the offices and officer positions have not been filled, nor can they be filled, with the existing Congressmen (or women), Senators, Judges, President or other Corporate government officials duly elected or appointed; as all existing usurpers have committed fraud and a host of other unconstitutional acts.


Every elected Congressional person has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution and has committed TREASON when operating under any incorporated government or by being a member of the BAR or by holding dual citizenship.

Similarly, these usurpers cannot change their position (as Judge Anna stated, “cannot change their spots”) by stating or passing legislation that allows them to convert the existing Corporate (Admiralty) Government into a Common Law Government.

And so it would appear that the current convoluted, underhanded maneuver by the bad guys is to create a New Republic as a facade for the bankrupted USA Inc. and United States of America Inc.

Apparently, this New Republic has been chartered in France (again) with the Treasury domiciled on a sovereign Indian Nation Reservation outside Reno, Nevada, and with funding (gold backing) by the Chinese, although which ones remains to be seen.

This New Republic Group is obviously a whitewash with General “Dumbford” (Dunford) and Speaker Ryan being positioned to “transition” the united States into an new era of Admiralty enslavement.

Then there is a Third Group headed by persons unknown who have filed with the Hague that the De Jure united States of America under Common Law still exists and is alive and well with a duly appointed Congress, Senate and President, and presumably Common Law Judges like Judge Anna,  BUT still with no Continental Congress meeting of All States; thus lacking in some legitimacy.

Common Law State governments, however, are being formed, and many States (30 to date) are now rallying against Federal (corporate ) overreach. This might lead to a call for a Continental Congress which can then revive States Rights and Common Law on the Land.

And so the question now is, “Can WE THE PEOPLE beat down the New Republic publicly?” This is where the real battle is playing out right now.

And if it is true that the Asian Elders have financed the New Republic, then are WE compromised?!

The Asian Elders hold the keys, and it is their intention to transition the World more equitably. They have no interest in which side wins or loses, as they finance both. It is just business to them.

Financing the “New Republic” is just a means to hopefully, a better outcome. What they don’t seem to realize is that what they are propping up is the same old hideous monster morphed with red, white and blue stripes with starry-eyed greedy banksters just gagging to carry on – business as usual.

Similarly, the Foreign Registry of the New Republic and its Treasury domiciled in another foreign sovereign nation is in clear violation of the De Jure Constitution which is still legally alive.

This creates a condition of TREASON by General Dunford and Speaker Ryan and legally nullifies the collateral borrowings of gold and any other confiscation and distribution of funds retrieved from the fraudulent activities of the Fed and other international financial institutions.


General Dunford only has the authority to arrest those in violation of their Oath of Office and try them in a Military Court for treason.  He has no authority to make himself an interim President or Vice President of the Republic. Speaker Ryan is completely ineligible, as he should be among the first arrested.


The American people need to wake up to this new con job!

And the situation is no different for the Asian Elders!

How can a foreign chartered New Republic be American? How can a foreign domiciled US Treasury legally issue new US Dollars (TRN’s, currency and Bonds)?

This is corporate enslavement all over again! Just change the paper and revalue.  Anyone for hide-and-seek?


Again, consider what happens to all those hard-earned overseas Dollars acquired in exchange for real goods? The Petrodollars are more slippery than ever!  And a few hundred trillion in gold backing for these worthless numbers does not seem to be on the Chinese plate of noodles.

We have done our part in exposing the banksters and the formation of the BRICS financial system. It is time now to swing our search light around onto the so-called New Republic fiasco being perpetrated on the American people.

We HAVE OUR OWN REAL REPUBLIC! Let’s breathe life into it again!

Read what Judge Anna has written and spread the word. Revitalize our REPUBLIC on the LAND!

Judge Anna has cleared a path in front of us, but she doesn’t have the position to confront these bastards head on.  However, the key that Anna needs to be as potent as possible is Neil Keenan signing the M1 papers quickly.  M1 status gives Neil Keenan and Group K the absolute authority to empower Anna with the right to confront and deal with the corporate US government – and woe to whoever gets in Annas way at that time.

Furthermore, with Neil Keenan’s status as M1 confirmed financing will never be a problem again. Group K will have access to as much funding as required for any project imaginable.

Statements have been made that clarify the Elders’ position on Common Law and Admiralty Law and how the two can co-exist in commerce, but not ON THE LAND of the united States of America in the form of a Federal Government under the Constitution.

Such clarification is necessary at this time to circumvent this nefarious attempt to implement a New Republic – when the Old one still exists and is the legal one.

Such a clarification also exposes the disinformation efforts of Karen “Hades’” and all the drivel that she espouses in her claims as an “authority”. This also means that all of the following entities have already been paid in full: The FED, World Bank, IMF, UN and all the incorporated governments around  the globe.

You would do well to understand the importance of such a declaration and the need for the Elders to confirm their support of the De Jure Republic, even if it takes a bit longer – and working with Neil Keenan to clean up this mess.

It remains to be seen if the perpetrators pushing the New Republic are using this as an underhanded strategy to transition back to the Old Republic, but the RV and GCR are just “business as usual” moves that don’t solve the problem.

The RVs and GCR merely move money around and give commerce a bit of a reprieve – by hopefully distributing funds to infrastructures and areas of need, but they still include the enslavement of world economies and all of mankind.

And so, what then does the surrender of the Cabal actually mean? Likewise, what does the collapse of the US Government as a public service provider (which it has not been) mean?

There is no surrender – not without arrests. Unfortunately, “Dumbford” is too afraid to make any arrests.

We concede that some readers might be of the opinion that this post comes across a bit too heavy – but this is no game. The Keenan team has spent many hours receiving and analyzing information; putting together this massive jigsaw puzzle which ultimately shows us that another attempt is being made to just put up a new facade – and our information sources are second to none!

The stakes could not be any higher – and you really need to understand the gravity of the situation in which you find yourselves.


Neil Keenan and Group K

Copyright © 2016, GROUP K, Ltd.


Down The Crazy Rabbit Hole






The Huge Secret That Princess Diana Knew

Gary Lite 

Published on Apr 4, 2016

By: David Icke – From the book “The Biggest Secret”

This is only a fractional part of a very long document [Note: I’ve posted the full document,


about the parasitic murdering reptiles known as the Royal Family of England and what princess Diana discovered about them. Some people may find this totally unbelievable and shocking! Huge Secret Princess Diana Knew.

There have also been questions about whether Diana is even buried on the island. In the Summer of 1998, the Star magazine in the United States quoted an unnamed “senior source” at Buckingham Palace as saying she was secretly cremated and according to a report in the Los Angeles Times some people in the village of Great Brington also don’t believe she is buried on the island. I know these reports are true from my own sources.

One resident quoted by the LA Times said that the night her coffin was taken to Althorp for burial, the village had been ‘invaded’ by the army, police and special forces units, and all the villagers were hustled into their homes. She said that the crematorium at the church was working late into the night. Betty Andrews, the former cook and housekeeper at Althorp, is quoted by Star magazine as saying:

“There’s a strange feeling amongst the villagers that we may not be hearing the complete picture”.

While researching this book I was introduced to Christine Fitzgerald, a brilliant and gifted healer, who was a close friend and confidant of Diana for nine years. Because of Christine’s understanding of the esoteric, Diana was able to talk to her about matters she would not dare to share with anyone else for fear of being dubbed crazy. It is clear that Diana knew about the true nature of the royal family’s genetic history and the reptilian control. Her nicknames for the Windsors were “the lizards” and “the reptiles” and she used to say in all seriousness: “They’re not human”. There is a very good reason for Diana using this description of the Windsors.

As her deprogramming continued, Arizona Wilder remembered clearly a ritual she attended at Clarence House, the Queen Mother’s home near to Buckingham Palace, in which Diana was shown who the Windsors really are. It took place in the first seven days of July 1981, just before Diana and Charles were married on the 29th.

This period is the last seven days of the cycle of the Oak Tree, according to esoteric law, and the ritual was called The Awakening of the Bride. This is a ritual for all females of the 13 bloodlines who are going to be in publicly high positions and marry reptilians to produce the new generation of rulers. Arizona says that the Queen Mother, the Queen, Prince Philip, Lady Fermoy, Diana’s father Earl Spencer, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles were all present when Diana was brought into the room.

5-15 Illuminati ET/Spiritual Conspiracy: Arizona Wilder on Illuminati cermonies

Oystein Svendsen 

Uploaded on Apr 24, 2011

5-15 Illuminati ET/Spiritual Conspiracy: Arizona Wilder on Illuminati cermonies.

A weblink to all my Illuminati/NWO videos on Youtube in chronological order, please visit:

Illuminati satanism astral entities interdimension


The Science behind Reptilian Shapeshifting


Now for many this is extremely hard to believe. That is fine. I had difficulty at first, but if you look, the disclosure has been in your face all along. Look at the movies and TV Programs.

David Icke has been trying for the longest time to tell us. It is frequency. We vibrate at a lower frequency, therefore we can’t see these creatures.

Not all reptilians are bad, the lower levels have been slaves far longer than mankind.

Do not Fear. Sending love out increases your vibrations. Place a golden shield around you to protect yourself and those you love.

All that is Good will make the Shift. Where do you dream to be?

The Event had been sabotaged by the Reptilians many times, but they can no longer do it. It is our time to fly and we shall.

We know not the time or the hour, but it is upon us now. Live in your heart and help others with this transition.

Some may be afraid, but there is nothing to fear.

I surround myself in the Devine Golden Light of Source who protects my Soul and I welcome the awakening and reuniting ofy higher self.

This is going to be a very special time.

Even that you see how we have been manipulated and enslaved. Forgiveness is important for yourself and let Source handle the Karma issues.

Be safe, be strong, be love, be light and be blessed.






Judge Anna Update: Nationality


Nationality – A question for Anna Von Reitz

Victimhood v. Brotherhood


Anna Von Reitz  answers the following question:

On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 8:48 AM, Lalo wrote:

    Hello Sir,
    I was wondering if its possible to send Anna Von Reitz a email through you.
    I have a question about Nationality and the USA..

    I come to find the truth about the so called African American here in the united States of America.

    I come to find that the people enslaved since the birth of this nation was falsely given title of African American to deceive them from what the Creator had given; Which was known of their true ancestry and Nationality at the time of the Emancipation Proclamation.

    United states of America is guilty of war Crimes, human trafficking and slavery to name a few and this is not mere conjuncture.

    Now I ‘m trying to undo what has be done to me. and my children.
    I have authentic proof from the Library of Congress, Presidents of the united States and others.

    I want to denounce my so called United states citizenry and maintain my possessions and residence(like the native Americans).

    Just like the story of Elan Gonzales (Cuba 2000) the USA has no jurisdiction of another citizen of another state/country. so how can they have jurisdiction of a child taken by acts of war and called them their own and label them African Americas?  Through propagated lies and deceit this country has taken what it promised to protect in its edicts of the US constitutions and Bill of Rights.

    There is not statute of limitation of kidnap, murder or crimes against humanity that I know of.

    Thank you,


    Nigritia State Citizen,


In reponse to questions about the abuse black Americans have suffered versus what everyone else has suffered: 

What you have to realize first of all is that although they did it first and worst to black people they have been equal opportunity predators and have  in the end treated everyone the same and have enslaved everyone.

The key to this is political status, not race.

Following the Civil War members of the Bar Association and the international banks incorporated the Federal Government.  In doing this they gained a means to avoid The Constitution and its requirements.

As a corporation they are in the business of providing government services so they made everyone an offer— they would provide MORE services to some of us than to others, and in exchange those people would sign over their lives and property to them and act as slaves and wards of the State.

And, according to them, this deal was SO good, everyone was PRESUMED to have accepted it.  Those who did accept were to be considered United States Citizens.

So all the new United States Citizens were required to pay for all these new services the federal corporation was supposedly providing, but in fact was only administering.

The victims of this scam not only paid for the services and for the administrative costs of the service providers out of their own pockets, but the services — such as social security– were often substandard because they were not subject to market forces.

Once these demons got their claws in they could charge everyone however much they could get away with for these “services” and according to the 14th Amendment of their own corporate charter published as The Constitution of the United States of America in 1868, the victims HAD TO pay and COULD NOT question the resulting debt and were guilty the moment they entered the courtroom if the “government”—- that is, the governmental services corporation brought charges (as in bills) against them.

In this way they set up shop in our midst and set up this fake “agreement” allowing them to provide us with any service they wanted to provide, charge us anything they wanted to, and then have our own PRESUMED consent to jail and punish us if we didn’t pay them for both the cost of the service and their administrative costs to provide it.

Pretty sweet for them, no? Obummercare is just a most recent example of this process at work.

Of course, they acted under conditions of fraud and deceit to accomplish all this, but accomplish this they did. They have been working it ever since in broad daylight and people have gone along and accepted it because they thought this THING in Washington, DC was acting as their lawful government.  They could not see or conceive that those who had been operating the lawful government before the war had just seized upon the names and institutions and began operating as a self-serving governmental services corporation instead. 

The remedy they provided was the Expatriation Statute and the Revocation clauses of various other pieces of corporate “legislation” most especially your right to revoke your election to pay federal income taxes.

When you expatriate from “United States Citizenship” you are restored to your natural birthright as one of the people of the United States — what the federal corporation calls a “non-resident alien” and “American National”.

EXCEPT for black Americans who never were granted this birthright status in the first place.  Their only protection and recourse is what Dr. King fought for— equal civil rights.

Civil rights are privileges conferred by Congress that can be taken away by Congress. But since the Civil Rights Movement you are guaranteed civil rights equal to the Natural and Unalienable Rights of other Americans.

Most recently the greedy slavemasters have tried to claim that our unincorporated States of America no longer exist, that The Constitution is voided because one or the other parties to it “died”, etc.

By seeking to deprive us of our remedies they are also seeking to deprive you of your equal civil rights because they would leave no Natural and Unalienable Rights for you to compare to.

This is what these treasonous, greedy, immoral vermin have been trying to pull off — but you can help stop it right now by confronting them with the facts to their faces and demanding an end to this second class “citizenship” and all the PRESUMPTIONS that go with it, and by organizing in support of the white American Nationals who are demanding that the Natural and Unalienable Rights of ALL people born in this country be honored and respected.

These criminals in our midst have created these divisions and injustices with malice a forethought, seeking to divide the American people into warring factions— the better to divide and conquer us all.  They have tried to separate us by religion, by race, by former nationality, by political parties— you name it. They have done this to distract us and keep us from noticing that THEY and their grossly mismanaged “governmental services corporation” are the source of the poverty and injustice and criminality engulfing this nation.

Though black Americans HAVE been especially deprived and abused by this System, they are FAR from the only ones who have suffered the abuses of these corporations masquerading as our government. All have suffered and continue to suffer until we wake up and stand together and put an end to this nonsense.

No corporation on Earth has any right to operate in a criminal fashion. All of them are subject to liquidation.  It does not matter where they are chartered or under what national auspices. They can be tracked down and charged with their crimes and dispensed with in short order. Their owners and operators can be charged with crimes and any corporation that acts in a criminal fashion loses the protections of the so-called “corporate veil”— meaning that the fortunes of the corporation’s owners and operators can be liened or otherwise seized upon as remedy for their wrong-doing.

Having observed that— perhaps you have been observing the land grab going on in the Western States right now? Heard about that poor rancher, LaVoy Finicum, who was murdered by these thugs?

Well, the name of the parent corporation of both the BLM and the FBI is GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES (INC) — it is just a corporation like Walmart or JC PENNY. It has no special authority or standing. Its employees have no Public Office or granted authority.

What say you that all the people in this country black and white and red and yellow recognize what the problem really is and go after it with hammer and tongs?

It is nothing more or less than a bunch of criminally mismanaged and greedy corporations and once we all self-declare our political status as one of the American people on the land — there is no stopping us from cleaning house from Boston to San Francisco.

And in the process we can and we will find the means to end injustice based on race, religion, or any other factor.

Seize the day and seize your brothers– Americans of all kinds and colors. Support the effort to remove and control the criminally insane corporations that have usurped upon and claimed to represent the living government of the people, for the people, and by the people.  That government vested in each one of us as organic states of the Union can never die or be overcome by any amount of legal chicanery so long as we know and remember who we are and stand together, refusing to be deluded or deceived or misrepresented by these evil clowns anymore.

It is showtime– time for all Americans to stand up against these corporations and their false claims and criminal actions in every state and across the nation.

See this article and over 100 others on Anna’s website here:www.annavonreitz.com

Slavery- The Truth Will Set Us Free

Slavery – http://wp.me/s3m8FY-slavery

The above article is one I suggest that you read. It should be a jolt of reality for many, as I can hear the silent voices that have been wanting to scream from the roof tops. Now is the time “I am mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it any more!“.

The Orwellian life we have been slowly pushed into has reached a point of upchuck. We are at the edge of the cliff and the Cabal wants to continue and push us over the edge into their NWO controlled existence. Not going to happen!

The fear porn has been a big factor keeping the sheep within the confounds of the controllers prison.


It is time to voice, it is time to say No More. We want Peace. We want to be left alone. We want Love for all mankind and we are thengood shepherds of the land, so we want the rape and pillaging of mother Earth to stop and all violence to stop.

Think love, be love and pray for love and peace for all.

Be blessed

This Is Very Important To Share


American Research Group: they don’t have authority over the People (their creators) – http://wp.me/pZMlJ-6NZ

The photo above doesn’t necessarily ho along with tge article link as shown, but somehow it does and it should concern you. The Jesuit Pope man in a dress,  is kissing the ring if Joseph Rothschild who is the Son of Satan. Does this shine a light on things for you?

Sorry that the Article posted as a link and I  couldn’t get it to you otherwise as I have limited Internet. It is very important to share and I hope you will do just that.

Be blessed

Flag Purge Continues: NAACP Wants Stars & Bars Removed From Alabama Troopers’ Vehicles

This is one of the Racist groups around. They only make money by stirring up shit. The President of this group is either a drug dealer or coke user and the other radicals that belong to this group are most likely following a Obummer script on how to devide and conquer.

As people are busy fighting over a stupid piece of cloth which represents a Civil War fought over money not Slavery. Please check out the real story of Lincoln and his war and of terrorism towards the South. The South tried to secede from the Union because they were being over taxed by the North. So as people are busy with this mess and not watching the Nazi take-over of our country.

We need to stand together and realise that this evil shit that is being shoved down our throats at every turn is to stir up violence and revolt. So what about a silly piece of cloth?

Our Troops and Cops are being taught to be Gestapo Brown shirts. When is the last time you had a license stop? Think about it… That is a Nazi check point. All Cops work for a corporation and their job is to bring in review, so now you know Slavery is not represented by a piece of cloth, it in your face daily. We have all been slaves to the establishment we thought was WeThePeople.

We need to stop worring about the flag and start seeing about arresting the true terrorist of this country who have brought in foreign troups (UN) to our soil. We are being invaded. Actually we have already been invaded. They are now trying to tighten in their reigns.

People need to alert their neighbors and take shifts on watch. Purchase loud whistles or bells that will wake up a neighborhood.

Have whistles that you can blow or a big brass bell that you can sound off.

If you power goes off, beware and be ready to stand your ground. These entities want us in the Fema camps like rounding up a herd od sheep, btw that us what they call us.

Do not volunteer for drills, report those who are. These people are paid off and the price will be high for us all.

You have to know that these things coming are not human. See the interviews that Princess Diana did, where she stated that “They are not Human”.

I will post more about these entities and they have infested this world like cockroaches.

I hope Dad and Mom are taking us home soon. The EF are beefing up their take down of humanity. The trucks that are traveling with the Troops are to dismantle communications and power. I understand it is AI technology that is being used to feed the brainwash to the troops in mass. This mass mind control has been shown on several live Drills, and proven successful, so now they want to do it in mass. There is truck which is the with the AI program. This Robot is running the operations. Much like the Terminator, it has no feelings, only a programed agenda from psychopaths.

You and your neighborhood need to meet daily without cellphones, duscuss everything, strategic planning is crucial now. For those who don’t want their cage rattled and perfer to keep their heads in the sand or other physical places, just tell them that you will still have their back, because they will awaken and we all need to be there for each other.

Jade Helms is the real take over disguised as a Drill in case things go wrong. We need to all be very alert!

These entities who think they own us and Earth are evil beyond words. They are now tired of playing with their food and plan on mass disruption of life on this Biosphere.

Send Love but carry a big stick, their hearts are not like ours, they are truly cold blooded and enjoy evil. All the El-eats are either Vril in Skinsuits or their Clones as they could be hidding out knowing that when the people awaken to what they are and have done to us. The Ants will come after the Grasshoppers.

Do not get vaccines or give them to your children. Stop drinking city water and watching Tell-A-Lie-Vision. TV programing is just that. Their End Game isn’t pretty, and you will not be able to defend yourself if you or your precious children are having to fight to just function.

Take Vitamins and Minerals and MSM, and Copper, and Garlic. I will post more on this for you.

See the Documentaries

“They Live” and

“Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

This is a Flat Earth Biosphere, which is a spaceship (Vah). Do the research. NASA is totally Nazis and they lied about Everything.

Watch “The Lies NASA Told”

I love you all. Be blessed

Anonymous Leaks Satanic Cult Members Total Info

‘Anonymous’ Document Exposes Hampstead UK School & Municipality as Ritual Child Sex & Sacrifice Hub & ‘Anonymous’ Leaks Satanic Cult Member Names, Places, Phone #s, Emails”


The truth is relentless now, isn’t it? It just keeps coming and coming, whether we’re ready or not. Those who pay no attention and don’t even question will feel very foolish when all is said and done.

The lad who climbed out a window on a string of bed sheets at Buckingham Palace is now said to be a product of a hoax by ‘The Daily Mail’.  (That was a correction: first published with The Guardian, should have read Daily Mail)  Did we really think they were going to admit it??? Of COURSE there’s a coverup! Do people understand who OWNS the media?

Every time someone exposes the Illuminati or the extraterrestrials it’s a “hoax” or a “conspiracy theory” and this satanic paedophilia is happening AROUND THE GLOBE.

How did that man get inside Buckingham Palace if he wasn’t LET in?  It’s BUCKINGHAM PALACE for crying out loud! Did he just saunter in off the street to have a pee? If he did, the palace guard should be dismissed and replaced.
Was he a servant? Why would he risk his life to leave in that way if it wasn’t preferable to what he was subject to inside the palace? People need to ask intelligent questions and do some critical thinking before they brush this off. It’s FAR more likely that it’s true, than false. What does anyone have to gain by playing a trick like this?
There are people who left comments on this blog and Facebook when I shared news of this satanic abuse before, particularly within the church, and they simply refuse to believe it. Rather than do any research, they’d prefer to shoot the messenger. That’s so much easier, isn’t it?

Did the Royal Family not take legal action last year to prevent media from sharing negative stories about them?

The police, media, clergy, social services, etc. are part of the satanic ritual abuse cult and protect the Lizard Queen and her brood with their lives. How else could they keep it under wraps for so long?

Wake the hell up, people of Earth. You and your children are prey. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

I’ve been wanting to share this Operation Deatheaters story all week. There are those who ARE telling the truth about this sadistic, psychopathic cult, and they’re going after them. There’s nowhere for these sadistic murderers to hide.  ~ BP

If children were being raped and killed in your home, would you just stand down and do nothing?When we IGNORE the horrific crimes against humanity that are occurring behind the scene of the world we live in, that is what we are doing, ignoring the fact that these crimes are happening right in our neighborhoods.The unwanted truth is that many politicians, banksters, and authorities in high position of power are raping and killing innocent little children.The main reason why they are getting away with it is because cowardly people refuse to face the truth. Be aware that the Earth is our home, so when kids or people are being raped and killed in our Earth (home), it is our duty as human beings to do something about it. ~ PL Chang

Alfred Lambremont Webre, New Inside Out, Vancouver, Canada

February 20, 2015
(NewsInsideOut) VANCOUVER, BC – In an online posting entitled “Anonymous Leaks Satanic Cult Member Names, Places, Phone #s, Emails” by a group identifying itself as Anonymous, full details of the serious crimes of murder, infanticide, cannibalism, torture, rape, sexual abuse – all crimes against humanity and forbidden by criminal law in the UK as well as by the International Statute of the International Criminal Court to which the UK is a signatory – have now been made public.Full Anonymous document published below as EXHIBIT
The full Anonymous document is published by NewsInsideOut.com in the EXHIBIT below in the public interest.As NewsInsideOut.com has published, the salient facts in the document released by Anonymous have been known to the officials of Christ Church Primary School in the upscale municipality of Hampstead UK, as well as to local police and social services officials who have appeared to be willing participants and/or facilitators of this ongoing international crime against humanity.Readers from inside and outside the UK are encouraged to take this information to their local Town Councillors, Members of Parliament, local newspapers, bloggers, radio and television stations (Internet & Broadcast) and to demand action to prosecute all named participating criminal ritual sacrifice network members and facilitators in police, social services and elsewhere.



[NewsInsideOut.com has copies of the full files of this webpage]


Note From Angle Eve:

I felt this was important to re post. We need to get the word out. Share with everyone. Protect our children now!

I love you all dearly! Be blessed, Angel Eve.

Portal 2012 – WORLD LIBERATION DAY 5-5-2012

It is time to take action! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the exact time of full moon this May.

Millions of us will gather and visualize the liberation of our planet from the tyranny of the central bankers so that for the first time in our history we will have the chance to create our own destiny as free citizens of the Earth.

There is a plan, conceived by positive people in the military, supported by civil authority, to arrest the members of the banking Cabal for their crimes against humanity.

Our visualization will support this plan, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We will support brave heroes that will carry out this plan.

Something like this has never happened on this planet before. This is our chance to be a part of it!

Our mass effort on this day will be the trigger that will activate the plan so that it may come to its fruition. Our visualization on that day is our declaration of freedom and independence. Make this viral! Share it worldwide!

We will all be doing this visualization at the same time, the moment of full moon, which comes this May 5th /6th.

Exact times for different time zones are:
8:30 pm PDT May 5th (Los Angeles)
9:30 pm MDT May 5th (Denver)
10:30 pm CDT May 5th (Houston)
11.30 pm EDT May 5th (New York)
4:30 am BST  May 6th (London)
5:30 am CEST May  6th (Paris)
11:30 am CST May 6th (Beijing)
12:30 pm JST May 6th (Tokyo)
1:30 pm AEST May 6th (Sydney)


1.  Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.

2. Visualize civil authority arresting central banking criminals such as Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and other members of this Cabal such as Henry Kissinger, etc.  Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly

3. Visualize the world finally being free from financial slavery, free from all evil dictators and corrupt politicians.

4. Visualize bright new future for humanity, with new and fair financial system put into place, with all debts canceled, prosperity funds for humanitarian projects released, advanced technologies introduced, ecosystem healed and human beings finally being free from all oppression.

Disclaimer: the date of this visualization (May 5th) is most likely NOT the date when these mass arrests will be taking place

More information about the mass arrests:

Updates about the World Liberation Day can be found at: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/

Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.


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