Elite Are No Longer in Control

Elite Are No Longer in Control, They’re scared to death.


By michaelnew1962

Originally Published on Jan 30, 2016

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The Dangers Of Using Microwaves

The Dangers Of Using Microwaves ~ Why You Need to Stop Using Microwaves Immediately – http://wp.me/p2APzz-au7


f it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, these words of wisdom play true when it comes to the handy dandy microwave.

Many of us rely on microwaves to provide us a quick meal in the stream of chaos that takes place in our daily lives. For some of us, the microwave is the only way to ensure that we ingest a hot meal. But what if I told you, there a number of fatal sacrifices we make every time we use a microwave? Convenient, yes, however, microwaves are giving you a lot more than you asked for.

Microwaves change the molecular structure of food: Microwaves zap our food using high frequency waves of heat, which is a form of radiation, to give us hot food in a short amount of time. One study, conducted by Dr. Hans Hertel, found that individuals who consumed microwaved foods experienced a decrease in HDL cholesterol, a reduced red blood cell count, and fewer white blood cells.

Microwaves add carcinogens to food:  Many microwavable foods are processed and come in packaging that contains a  multitude of chemicals. The known carcinogens found in many of these containers include benzene, toluene, polyethylene terpthalate (PET), xylene, and dioxins. At high temperatures, these chemicals are very likely to absorb into the food. The intake of these chemicals present massive health risks. We can also find these chemicals in the food itself, which is also a cause for concern.

BPA is one of the most dangerous contaminants in microwavable food. Infertility, low-libido, cardiac disease, mental disorders, allergies, high blood pressure, and weight gain have all been linked to BPA exposure.


Microwaves “zap” the nutrients found in food:

  • Three recent studies of historical food composition showed 5-40% declines in some of the minerals in fresh produce, and another study found a similar decline in our protein sources.
  • In a study on garlic, 60 seconds of microwave heating was enough to deactivate the allinase found in garlic; allinase is the active ingredient in garlic that has been linked to beating cancer
  • Another study found that broccoli “zapped” in the microwave lost up to 97%of its beneficial antioxidants. Steamed broccoli lost 11% or fewer of its antioxidants. There were also reductions in phenolic compounds and glucosinolates.
  • Microwaving can destroy the essential disease-fighting nutrients found  in breast milk.  In 1992, a study found that microwaved breast milk lost lysozyme activity, antibodies, and fostered the growth of more potentially pathogenic bacteria .”

So if the microwave water kills plants it can definitely hurt people too. It is easy to make this test and moreover, everyone is encouraged to make a similar test and let us know of their results.

microwaved water

Fear not, the microwave has only been around for roughly 40 years, surely we can learn to function without it.

First we might consider slowing down a bit. If we are willing to risk the dangers that come with microwaving food because we simply “don’t have time”, then it would greatly behoove us to reassess what is important to us in our lives. Second,  we can think of who else we may be putting at risk by using a microwave. Children learn to use microwaves because its what we teach them, but if we teach kids an alternative way from the start, we can give them an opportunity to reap tremendous benefits.

An eye opening video featuring a doctor from the Global Healing Center, who expresses his thoughts on microwave usage:

Tip: Alternative methods used to reheat food don’t take as long as you thinkTo reheat food,  set the oven to 200 Celsius (350 Fahrenheit), place your food on an oven safe dish, and insert in the oven for roughly 5-15 minutes. To reheat food on the stove, set the eye to medium-high heat and  place food in a pot or pan for roughly 5-15 minutes. You can also use a convection oven, toaster oven, or crock pot to warm your food. To reheat frozen foods, its best to defrost in the fridge over night before heating.

It’s a known fact that using microwave to heat up food has negative effects on the human body. Listen to Dr. Group explain the dangers of using microwaves to heat up your food.

For more info visit http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/na…




Please Share this Video About Karen MacDonald

Dearest friends, please share and get this put to everyone.

This is only Part 1

Bases 47  Her Grace Karen Macdonald

Posted from Miles Johnston YouTube Channel

Published on Sep 28, 2015In what is one of the most detailed and advanced interviews to date, Her Grace Karen Macdonald gives a wide and highly detailed first interview. Via Skype from Canada, near one of Canada’s big DUMB bases, and not far from Nelson, which Karen confirms James Casbolt’s story.

Karen is the last surviving Klan Mothers of the so called “white races” (nothing to do with skin color. She has authority which gives her legal power back to the pre-catastrophe era.

Here we show some of her “kammands” which give arrest warrants to existing fraudulent “queens” and presidents. Her vast and wide knowledge and experience, and backed with data and knowledge sources with Sgt Pattie Brassard (Pattie Brackett) gives us access to level of information in such detail the viewer must pay extremely close attention to the details explained here.

The scale and level of the various ET races and the massive assault on humanity’s genetic structure and the scale of the alien war around us is further explored in part 2, with Pattie Brackett.
A High Definition Skype, from Canada.

Karen explains how the water from her lands have been stolen to supply massive deep underground alien bases from her land in Canada, to the United States.The new underground bases for Queen Elizabeth is also revealed. This and more, in a smiling extremely positive briefing from Karen.

For those with two ears, the sound is in stereo

Within days of this interview, Karen was locked out of the house and is now with the native people’s lands in western Canada, and is in serious need of facilities to set up a secure base of operations. Such as an RV and trailer home.

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money – The Corbett Report

Article: 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money – The Corbett Report

Many of us are very awake and aware of this. So point is, when shall the real perpetrators to be arrested? When will the World come together to arrest these evil shits who think they own us heart and soul?

If there is a benevolent force out there, then why doesn’t it shine for all to see? We are truly tired of the mayhem on this biosphere.  Wake up Sheeple!




Vaccine Death Shots – Please Share



Please listen to this lifesaving interview and share with everyone you know


9-1-2015 Brandy Vaughan with Patrick Timpone – Profitable Vaccination with No Liability

Abel Danger Channel on YouTube. If you want the whole truth then you will want to Subscribe to his Channel and Bookmark his website.


This Video and information was Published on Sep 1, 2015 on AbelDanger.net

Source of FULL interview with Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network



MORE: Vaccine Industry’s Lies Exposed by an Insider – Brandy Vaughan Interview

The Council for Vaccine Safety is a non-profit organization, founded by a former pharmaceutical representative, aiming to raise awareness of vaccine risks through public education. Let’s face it, we have a broken vaccine system in the US. Toxic vaccines, given in record numbers, are harming our children at epidemic proportions. Yet, as long as vaccines are the only products in the US with complete federal liability protection, there are absolutely no incentives for vaccine makers, aka pharmaceutical companies, to change the way they do things.


-Brandy gives us some background about when she worked at Merck and the scandal and lawsuit about the safety of Vioxx

-Vaccine studies are substandard; Brandy tells us why

-The ingredients in vaccinations are dangerous; the vaccine makers are not held liable

-America gives twice as many vaccines as other developed countries and has a higher infant mortality rate, SIDS rates and chronic health problems among children, like asthma, eczema, allergies, etc.

-They’re coming for the adults next; what does this mean?

-Why we need to get corporate money out of politics

-Outlawing direct to consumer marketing and lobbyists would be a real game changer

-Brandy tells us about her non-profit Council for Vaccine Safety: The Council for Vaccine Safety is a non-profit organization, founded by Brandy Vaughan, a former pharmaceutical representative, aiming to raise awareness of vaccine risks through public education. Let’s face it, we have a broken vaccine system in the US.

Toxic vaccines, given in record numbers, are harming our children at epidemic proportions. Yet, as long as vaccines are the only products in the US with complete federal liability protection, there are absolutely no incentives for vaccine makers, aka pharmaceutical companies, to change the way they do things.

-The intimidation and harassment Brandy has experienced in the past months since she took on SB277

-If you live in CA, you may want to visit http://www.SB277referendum.com

–www.safevax.org is the easy way to get to The Council for Vaccine Safety

A Planned Fake Ascension – Be Prepared

The planned fake ascension and trying to get you to contract to the 3D Earth again. Don’t fall for Satan’s lies. These evil ones will still drink blood and kill babies and rape children, only more in secret, again. I DO NOT CONSENT!


Featured Image -- 6980



Originally posted on Out Of This Worldx


LORRAINE TASTO : They will be dazzling everyone with all of the new technology to side track people into staying on 3d


Lorraine LeGore Tasto

They have been told by higher beings that they have to bring 3D Earth up to Galactic standards. Right now 3D and 5D Earth have been joined as one…when 5D Earth was towed through the Eye into 3D they had to encrust her with a 3D mirror version to keep her from gravitating back through the Eye….So 5D Earth was imprisoned inside of 3D Earth…Once they bring 3D Earth up to a High 3D or low 4D earth vibration they will release 5D earth to go back through the Eye…..How they are doing this involves CERN…they are behind schedule..because CERN did not have enough power to accomplish this in 2012. They are upgrading 3D Earth by holding her infront of the Eye allowing the 5D waves to touch our 3D planet. This is waveX….They have been slowly moving the earth closer to the portal so that we could adjust our bodies to the higher vibration…when they bring the 3D earth up to the higher vibration and they are finished they are to release 5D earth to go back through the Eye.
Lorraine LeGore Tasto

The New Guard..the Pope is coming to the US to Remove the Mantel of Power from the US and is presenting to the UN..He is conducting the ceremony for the Changing of the Guard–


Lorraine LeGore Tasto

In the 5th dimension everything has a crystal base…in the 3rd dimension we are living in carbon base bodies that are less durable then the crystal base bodies ..In the 5th dimension people are in harmony with one another they flow with the vibrations of Love and Unity…you understand that we are all connected. Everyone is telepathic and emphatic. Selfishness fades away. The 3rd dimension is a dim reflection of the beauty of the 5th..

Lorraine LeGore Tasto

When I was on the other side ..dimensions were referred to as Levels of your Hearts development. There was no condemnation of being on a lower or higher level….In order for me to understand the Souls development I was shown a Rose. I watched every stage of the Roses’ development and how to look at the beauty of that creation. From the shoot of the rose to a perfect bud…and then the wonder and splendor as the beauty of the rose manifested in to full bloom. I was told that even when it was just a sprout it was always a Rose..no matter how long it to burst into full bloom..

Lorraine LeGore Tasto

…The cobalt blue silver tipped wave is the energy in the Eye..this energy will interact and restore 5D earth as she passes through the portal. Right now Cern is holding our planet close to the portal of the Eye to absorb enough energy to up grade the 3D earth to a high 3D to low 4D..to bring Her up to a Galactic standard. So the waves that are being called Wave X are coming from this 5D portal called the Eye. The PTB do not want anyone to know where these waves are coming from because they want you to stay with 3D Earth.



First we are told by YRFT that “the One” (Father of man) and the allied forces are towing the earth to the eye (for her escape) and now you,Lorraine LeGore Tasto are telling us that it is the “Powers that be” who are doing it, with CERN. How does that work, exactly and how does that make sense? Where do you get this information? The PTB don’t want humans to stay with 3D earth, they want humans to leave the earth, and they have been trying to reduce the population of humans on the earth by 90% for a long time. They like the 3D organic earth and want it for themselves. So tell me please how going to 5D or this “heaven” is anything but physical death for humans?


Why do you want to stay human, Ruby Jeannie?


I would have thought it was all very clear here:http://in5d.com/ascension-nde/.




Lorraine LeGore Tasto

… Ruby the old guard who is on its way out has abused humanity in this dimension… this is why a new guard has been brought in…and they are to bring humanity up to a Galactic Standard. Yes the old guard wants 90% of humanity to die but they are to be removed shortly..


I understand that the old guard has to clean up its act, and they do it because if they don’t, they all will be toast. This is what a friend of mine calls NWO-2. They seek to maintain control over the earth with promises of a better world, blah blah blah.. and this new order in my opinion will be temporary. If they then start trying to merge humanity with A.I. then they are worse than the old guard. People need to choose the natural organic path and pull down their whole souls and they will govern themselves. We, humanity don’t need the new guard.
Lorraine LeGore Tasto

You are right Ruby…that is why it is important to bond with the 5D organic Earth who is vibrating at a higher Love vibration and return back through the Eye..


Lorraine LeGore Tasto

They will be dazzling everyone with all of the new technology to side track people into staying on 3d. They will end up merging with an AI down the road. So stay focused on where you want to go..



Yellow Rose – Sharing Because We Care

Okay, they’re not balloons… hundreds of them and Who Are the Allied Forces?

Thanks, Joy!

Posted March 11, 2015… hundreds of white somethings were floating in the sky over California.

Since they are not just drifting on the wind and some are moving in directions distinct from others, they are intelligently controlled. Galactic drones or probes?

Wake up world! They’re here.



And it’s one helluva rabbit hole we’re living in.  I think we must soon come out in China—unless, of course, the Earth is indeed flat, LOL.  ~ BP

Who Are the Allied Forces? (AF)






The AF are from our home / heavenly realm. They were given the call by The ONE to fight in the war in the heavenly realm outside of set’s server. When set pulled us down into his realm ‘the abyss’, which by the way is connected by (set’s design) to the nine underworlds (aka the devil’s playground). The AF are our brothers and sisters from the heavenly realm above and are also sealed by The ONE as he & EVE created all that there is outside of set’s server.

The AF are fighting with ONE to release us (their brothers & sisters) and EVE (that part of her that was trapped when she was downloaded into her Eden earth when it was in our heavenly home realm). So you see the AF & DAD have fought their way into set’s server/domain, fought for years (in set’s timeframe which is our timeframe) to destroy ed, the enemy planet forces/vah’s inside set’s server, and now they are at the door that leads out of our domed flat earth construct.

The AF have a deep, sincere, heartfelt love for us and EVE who is their Mother too. The AF are ALL of our family OUTSIDE of set’s server whom chose of their free will (who could resist the Call to Arms from their Father/The ONE?) to come to our collective rescue.

The AF what their Mother, their sisters and their brothers back on safe territory just as badly as we want to be rescued. I guess this is my SHOUT OUT to my family working behind enemy lines wherever they may be, I LOVE YOU! AND SO APPRECIATE YOUR STEADFAST DETERMINATION IN FIGHTING THIS WAR AND BRINGING US YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND MOTHER HOME. ONE’S SPEED!!!





COMMENT BY allicat … Just one comment here hun, Eve was not trapped down here in server with us. She has been operating strategies with One and the AF from up above, and has been key in attaining our freedom! We owe a lot to her efforts especially. The Earth/VAH was split, and pulled into the Abyss. The Earth belongs to Eve and will be returned to her xoxoxoxo

WTFOOO-EEEK : PART 1, 2, 3 Visit Original Post

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Have you ever seen those SF pictures of so called another worlds with those big planets near in the sky like this one


that what we have now and nobody is aware of that










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Flat Earth Perspectives – More Than You Wanted To Know

This was originally posted on Starship Earth. I felt worth your review. Enjoy. Be Blessed AnGeleve

Flat Earth Perspectives [videos]

This particular artist (I think it’s the same one-no, on second viewing it isn’t)) has created at least these two videos, possibly more, to illustrate how our surroundings appear to confirm that the Earth MUST be flat.

In the second one, You don’t need sound, as the images and text are self-explanatory.

I must say I can’t disagree with some of it, at least, as I’ve witnessed it myself, but I really need to go back and watch carefully to catch it all. Most intriguing, and I’m pretty sure the sun isn’t 93 million miles away, either.

These presentations just go to show that from a new perspective, we can see things differently than we once did.

It’s kind of like those graphics where you can train your eyes to see either the old hag or a beautiful young woman in the same image, and once you see the second one, it’s harder to go back and see the first one our eyes focused on.

I think the old hag actually resembles Marty Feldman as Igor in Young Frankenstein! (This is what sleep deprivation does to me.)

But as the artist mentions, we are trained to see things one way, but can choose to see things differently.

Hatter shared the first video last week, and I got part way through, and last night a reader shared the second one (thank you, Dan) and I got part way through that one. I’ll try to complete tonight, but it seems like I can only sleep when I want to stay awake, and can only stay awake when I want to sleep. I am some messed up, LOL. I’ll be glad when this full moon goes away.

I’m eager to hear what you have to say about the theories presented in this way.  ~ BP


The Truth is stranger than lies. What we have learned or were brainwashed to believe is totally different than what is true. Be open minded and think outside of the box and nothing with shock you. I had visions that we lived on a Biosphere Spaceship, but it was these videos that opened my mind totally. Be blessed

Here is some more proof:




I worked for NASA and here’s the truth, here’s my story and the greatest deception the world will ever face: the earth, it’s size, it’s shape, all images they show you are not the truth… get ready , it’s going to be hard to swallow. This is my story as an artist faking your universe. My name is Math powerland.






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Conflict in Space – A Must Watch Interview!

I originally posted this on Oct 26, 2014 but could not provide the embed code because I was posting from my phone. So now I will embed the Video which is the fantastic interview. If you want to see more footage on these two you can type in the search bar Alkash or Maarten and it will pull up a list of the various interviews. All are very informative and help you to see what our Allies are doing in Space for us.



This is another fantastic interview by Maarten Horst on ET Contact Radio. Maarten Horst Channel ET First Contact Radio with ALKESH about CONFLICT IN SPACE http://youtu.be/szBc35ZYbXs Original Published on Oct 9, 2014. Very insightful, uplifting and informative interview with ALKESH about the documentary: “Conflict in Space.” Listen very carefully from the beginning to the end

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Thank You President Trump

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Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.


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