How the Vaccine Industry Lost the Propaganda War

BACKFIRE: How the Vaccine Industry Lost the Propaganda War, Alienated the Public and Stirred Up Suspicion of the Entire Medical Profession

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This is a plum article from Mike Adams at Natural News that bears sharing. The people who are out there asking questions about vaccinations need to have easy access to a piece like this. I don’t think he omitted a thing. 

When it comes right down to it, any doctor who recommends or administers a vaccination is in direct violation of their hippocratic oath to “do no harm” … but don’t even care enough to research it because so many get massive compensation from the beyond-wealthy pharmaceutical companies who manufacture these toxic cocktails.

The human body was NEVER meant to need anything of the sort to enable it to combat any disease. Vaccines are killing people at worst—not making them well. ~ BP


February 18, 2015

(NaturalNews) The vaccine establishment has a horrible conundrum. It desperately wants everyone to voluntarily buy its for-profit vaccine products, but it has failed to convince everyone that its products are safe and effective… or even necessary in many cases.

The problem is made even worse by the fact that the products themselves really aren’t as safe and effective as we’ve all been told. Flu shots still contain mercury, a neurotoxic heavy metal. Some vaccine inserts still admit they are backed by no clinical trials. The U.S. government really has quietly paid out nearly $3 billion in compensation awards to families of children who were irrefutably damaged by vaccines. A top CDC scientist really did confess to taking part in scientific fraud at the CDC, covering up data linking vaccines to autism.

These facts are irrefutable. So the strategy of the vaccine industry — and its obedient media fanatics who have utterly forgotten what it means to ask an intelligent question — has been to withhold this information from patients.

The thinking is that if patients can be isolated from the truth that vaccines aren’t as safe and effective as they’ve been told, then they might be easily manipulated into buying them. Above all, withholding accurate information from the public would at the very least prevent people from asking uncomfortable questions about vaccines… questions that might lead to catastrophic disclosures for the vaccine industry (such as scientists testifying before Congress about research fraud).

Under the iron fist of corporate-run vaccine fanaticism, the questioning of medical dogma cannot be allowed. So the strategy remains one of “reality control” by attempting to aggressively manipulate all the information the public sees and hears about vaccines in order to construct a false reality that only the more illiterate members of public really believe.

A blatant violation of A.M.A. code of ethics

This very tactic is, according to the American Medical Association, a gross violation of fundamental medical ethics.

“Informed consent is a basic policy in both ethics and law that physicians must honor,” the A.M.A. says on its Code of Ethics page.

This statement is also found in the AMA’s published book, Code of Medical Ethics, on the bottom half of page 269.

Learn more:
It goes on to explain:The patient’s right of self-decision can be effectively exercised only if the patient possesses enough information to enable an informed choice. The patient should make his or her own determination about treatment. The physician’s obligation is to present the medical facts accurately to the patient or to the individual responsible for the patient’s care and to make recommendations for management in accordance with good medical practice.

The vaccine industry, however, cannot achieve obedient compliance if it allows patients to be fully informed. Informed consent, it turns out, is the enemy of vaccine propaganda which stands as the world’s most outrageous example of distorted, one-sided medical propaganda waged as a psychological warfare operation against the American people.Even though denying patients access to important information about risks vs. benefits of vaccines is a fundamental violation of patients’ rights, virtually the entire medical profession does it anyway. Vaccine insert sheets containing disclosure language — side effects, vaccine ingredients, contraindications, etc. — are almost never given to vaccine recipients. Doctors who are given airtime on television never talk about any vaccine risks whatsoever, even though such risks are quite real.

The pharma-corrupted medical profession in America today, it turns out, has become very comfortable with knowingly lying by omission. This has become an accepted practice even though it clearly violates the American Medical Association’s own code of ethics.

Read More…

I love you all dearly! Be blessed, Angel Eve.

Important Message – We Are Going HOME !!

Urgent Message for the Ground Crew for Feb. 2

Update: Feb. 3, 2015 8:24 am: I had already gone to bed when I wrote this, but Alexandra’s message deserves some prettying  up so I’m adding graphics. It most certainly deserved her photo but iPad doesn’t cooperate in that regard. I was excited to read this and it took awhile to get to sleep.  Who needs sleep?!  Let’s do this! I reminded myself to remain calm, neither too up or down, and listened to Tom Kenyon. It was putting me to sleep, but not for long.

Something must be going on because Mica was a wild and crazy guy for the past several days, but yesterday he was notably mellow and well-behaved. It had to be the energies, which may have felt like the image above, to some. I think he’s our “Micometer”.  And you know what else popped into my head yesterday? The word “frenetic”, and I hadn’t read the Gaia Portal message.  Ommmmmmm…   ~ BP

I just found this at Alexandra Meadors’ blog at the Galactic Connection and wanted to pass it on right away. Keep listening to Tom Kenyon’s sound healing meditation from the Hathors, or whatever grounds and calms you. A number of people have been saying it feels like something is afoot. Thank you, Alexandra. ~ BP

P.S.  Similar message from the Gaia Portal today



Alexandra says…  I have just received “word” that I am to alert The Ground Crew with the following notice immediately.

“Please inform The Ground Crew that we are in an “all hands on deck” status. Each of you is being called to hold your position and be ready. We are asking each of The Crew Members to remain calm and balanced, be consistent in this composure, and be vigilant of any triggers that attempt to derail you. You are being called to hold the space of Truth and Light, as these are YOUR encodements, and your time is NOW to show up with on-going stable resonance. This is one of The most important missions thus far, and because of it, things may not be as they appear. Many who we thought we knew will become exposed for what they truly are. Remember that The Light is gloriously abundant and the Truth Always Prevails.”

OK – so even if you are not consciously aware of your participation in this Ground Crew Operation, you are being requested to REMAIN CALM, STAY BALANCED, AND KNOW THAT THE LIGHT IS PROCEEDING AHEAD. Many times, people have written in thinking that they are failing themselves and humanity because they don’t know their own mission or purpose, but the fact of the matter is most do not know all the details due to the technologies such as mind swiping, remote viewing, and deadly vibratory rays that are consistently used by The Dark to extract crucial information. Most will not be given too many details to keep themselves safe and the mission protected. Please know this.

ALL OF US must band together at this time. There is no more time for dissension, accusations, and maligning because those that are not who they present themselves to be, will soon be decloaked and exposed.

I was shocked that this message came in with such urgency. Something is truly in progress and it feels major….all psychics and intuitives are welcome to add your messages to this. I will share them with the world…

Honored to serve you all – and love you,


All Truth – Is Being Revealed

JFK to 911
Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

This film will blow your mind and it is just the tip of the iceberg. What happened to America? How the Nazi faction took over our beautiful Earth. For we are like free range chickens in a hidden cage.

Wake up before it is too late.

Share this with everyone you know and trust.

When the Human population find out that the Aliens landed long ago and took over. These insane beings have no love in their hearts for mankind. We are only a food source and money source.

I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.

This Film was Published on Nov 19, 2014

The who, how & why of the JFK assassination. Taken from an historical perspective starting around world war 1 leading to present day. We hope after watching this video you will know more about what happened in the past and how the world is run today.

Before they remove this from YouTube, please download and share with all you know. It is important to know the real truth. It makes everything clear now.



Improve Your Health Naturally With Boron


Originally posted on Nesara

The people who posted the article about boron healing arthritis had their account suspended already  

Health Conditions Improved Naturally with Boron

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Aging
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Sex Hormones
  • Allergies
  • Parasites
  • Candida Albicans
  • Lupus Erythematosis

I owe my own discovery of it to Dr. Rex E. Newman Phd for his valuable study of Boron extending over many years. He has written the book ‘Beating Arthritis & Beating osteoporosis’ (Printed by Ellesmere Press Ltd. The British School, Otley Street, Skipton, Yorkshire. UK.) 

A Natural Remedy for Arthritis and Aging 

While Boron is an effective treatment for 95% or more in the relief of arthritis (provided the joint has not completely deteriorated) its range of action extends beyond that. It works very well  in alleviating arthritis, partly due to its crucial role of calcium integration into the cartilage and bone. This is important for all of us as we age, even if we do not have arthritis. Aging is partly associated with weakening of the bones as they become increasingly porous – adequate Boron can prevent this aging effect. 

Example: an elderly lady began to take Boron daily a few months before her operation for an artificial hip that had been scheduled before she started to take the Boron. The surgeon found that he could not use the usual saw for cutting the bone in the hip replacement surgery; the bone was just too hard, like that of a young person, so he had to use a stronger saw to do the job. 

Typical usage times to alleviate Arthritis with Boron Supplement 

It has been found that generally, those under 60 years old get better in the first month, those in their sixties in the second month, and those in their 70’s and 80’s generally get better after 3 months of Boron supplementation. 

Relationship of Daily Boron consumption and incidence arthritis 

Studies have shown a very clear link between Boron and the incidence of arthritis 

Country  Boron Consumption  Arthritis Incidence


Jamaica  Less than 1mg per day  70% of the population   
USA, UK, Australia, NZ, South Africa  1 to 2mgs  20% of the population   
Israel  10mgs  0.7% of the population   



Boron and Animals 

Animals with arthritis are usually cured with Boron.  As with humans the level of boron in the soil relates to the degree of arthritis in animals e.g. a high proportion of sheep with arthritis, indicate that the pasture land is deficient in Boron. Dogs and Horses are among the animals with arthritis that have been found to benefit from supplemental boron. 

Menopausal Symptoms and Sex Hormones 

Boron is essential for oestrogen production, and can have a rapid effect in helping menopausal women.   Sex drive may return within just a few days sometimes after it has been absent for years, and a rapid reduction in hot flushes. Minerals and trace-elements get to the ‘bottom of things’ so to speak, they are often the missing link and can be extremely effective. Boron raises the level of natural sex hormones in the body, and so would eliminate the need for HRT or Hormone replacement therapy states Dr. Newnham.  Zinc is also important for sex hormones for both sexes. 

Boron, Allergies and Parasites 

Because Boron will overcome the symptoms of 95% of arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis, Dr. Newman speculates that allergies, that are involved especially with Rheumatiod arthritis, are probably being reduced by Boron.  

Prof. Wyburn-Mason identified certain amoebae that parasitized the joints of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers. Dr. Rex e. Newman states that Boron can control these parasites. He discusses the role of infection and parasites further in his book Beating Arthritis & Beating osteoporosis.    Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers often experience the ‘Herxheimer’ reaction for a week or so after starting boron, this causes a temporary worsening of the arthritis. This is due to die – off from the parasites, that enter into the blood prior to elimination by the white blood cells. 

Boron and Candida Infection

Boron can help overcome candida albicans according to Dr. Newman, but other measures are also needed such as pro-biotics e.g Primebiotic, immune rebuilder, Zell-Oxygen and anti-fungals such as Colloidal Silver or Olive Leaf Extract   

More Health Conditions                                                                

Boron may justifiably be understood as a general health enhancer, and  we do not yet know it’s full range of influence.   On page 69 of Beating Arthritis & Beating Osteoporosis there is an account of a retired lady with congestive heart failure and arthritis.   After only 2 months on the Boron, both her arthritis and her congestive heart failure where considerably improved.   

Dr Rex Newham heard of a case of hay fever that was greatly improved with Boron. This is understandable if we consider that the improvement in calcium metabolism alone, for which much of Boron’s action is centred on, will tend to calm the system, tending to reduce allergies and the auto-immune reactions involved in many health conditions, not just Arthritis.   

Boron will help to incorporate all the other minerals into the bones reports Dr. Newman, so it is not unreasonable to assume that Boron may also help with the correct cellular uptake of minerals and trace elements into the cells. All types of arthritis may be helped by Boron and also systemic Lupus Erythematosis. 

Boron and Fluoride

Fluoride in the form added to tap water and toothpaste is, I believe, a threat to health as evidenced by much research 1 that has been totally ignored by those that want to make money out of finding a way to dispose of the toxic waste, that is too toxic to dump elsewhere, and the Government cronies that back them.   Fluoride in sea water is in a form and combination with all the other minerals and trace elements that renders it non-toxic.   

There is good evidence that in Andra Pradesh India people can develop quadriplegia (when all four limbs are not working well as the result of skeletal fluorosis where 1.35 ppm fluoride was present in the water. Boron will inactivate fluoride in the body forming a harmless compound, according to Dr. Rex e. Newman.

Therapeutic Dosage 

To treat arthritis and other deficiency symptoms that may be linked to other health conditions, Dr. Rex Newman recommends 10 mgs. Some populations have as much as 30 mg a day in their diet will only good effects, in most western countries the soils are grossly deficient.    

We include Boron within our Capra Mineral Whey, Each 16 grams of whey contains Vitamin D3 450 I.U. Boron amino acid chelate, elemental weight of Boron 10mgs.  

1 Diesendorf M. The Health Hazards of Fluoridation ; A Re-examination. Intern. Clinical Nutrition Review. 10-2.1990.p304-321 

Disclaimer: Regenerative Nutrition advocate a holistic approach to natural health and wellbeing.   The body’s ability and power to heal depends upon the totality of diet, nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors.  No claims for the cure of any disease is intended, or implied.  Always consult a health care practitioner when combating disease states.   The statements in this article have not been approved by the FDA



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Go Natural

Go Natural


Very Disturbing News – Don’t Read If You Don’t Want to Know

Big Macs now cost FIVE POUNDS ( $7.50 U.S.) each in Switzerland… and that doesn’t include fries and a drink

 Originally posted on Nesara

Hard to swallow: Big Macs now cost FIVE POUNDS each in Switzerland… and that doesn’t include fries and a drink

  • Big Mac index tests the relative price of currencies around the world
  • Swiss franc remains the most expensive, according to the index
  • The iconic burger now costs the equivalent of nearly $8 there, £5 in sterling
  • Norway’s currency is the second most expensive, followed by Denmark
  • Swiss currency is soaring after central bank removed Euro cap last week

It’s lucky most visitors to this week’s Davos conference are billionaires – because Switzerland has been named the most expensive place in the world to buy a Big Mac.

The famous burgers cost 6.50 Swiss francs in the Alpine country – that works out at more than £5 ($7.50) for the McDonald’s sandwich alone.

Norway has the second most expensive Big Mac in the world at £4.40($6.50), followed by Denmark, Brazil and the US, according to the so-called Big Mac index.

Scroll down for video

A Big Mac in Switzerland now costs the equivalent of nearly $8 - around £5 in British money, it emerged today


A Big Mac in Switzerland now costs the equivalent of nearly $8 – around £5 in British money, it emerged today

The index was created by The Economist magazine in 1986 as a way of comparing the relative values of different currencies.

By comparing a product which is almost perfectly identical and on sale around the world, experts hoped to show the ‘purchasing power’ of each nation’s money.

The price of Big Macs is compared against the standard US price for the product – which is currently $4.79, about £3.19 in sterling.

The relative price of the iconic burger in Britain – now £2.69 in sterling – has fallen compared to other currencies in recent months.

Meanwhile in Russia – whose currency has plummeted amid a fall in the price of oil and sanctions over the annexation of Crimea – Big Macs are cheaper than ever.

Consumers in Vladimir Putin’s country can now pick one of the burgers for the equivalent of $1.36 – just 91p, which is cheaper than a basic McDonald’s hamburger in the UK.

Travelex explains The Big Mac Index created by The Economist

A fall in the rouble means Russia is one of the  cheapest places to buy the burgers - which cost just 91p there


A fall in the rouble means Russia is one of the cheapest places to buy the burgers – which cost just 91p there

The prolonged crisis in the Eurozone means the relative cost of a Big Mac on the Continent has also fallen in recent months and is now worth $4.26, or £2.84.

The index’s latest results were released as business and political leaders gathered in Davos, Switzerland for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Switzerland’s Big Mac price has risen in the last six months and looks set to increase further as the country’s currency continues to boom.

The Swiss franc rose nearly 30 per cent to 0.81 against the euro last week following the Swiss National Bank’s decision to remove a three-year-old cap of 1.20 francs per euro.

It means Swiss ski resorts are being forced to cut prices by up to 20 per cent in a desperate bid to lure back holidaymakers.

The currency surge means a British visitor now has to pay £80 more for their week-long lift pass bringing the total to £380, while a single day pass went up to around £60.

The cost of enjoying just a small glass of beer while taking in the majestic view of the Matterhorn mountain jumped by around £1.30 to £4.60.

The Big Mac was chosen for the 'purchasing power' index because it is almost identical around the world (pictured: A McDonald's in Bangkok, Thailand)


The Big Mac was chosen for the ‘purchasing power’ index because it is almost identical around the world (pictured: A McDonald’s in Bangkok, Thailand)

Don’t Do Chemo – There are Cures for Cancer

Lemon and Baking soda

Original Posted on Health and Nutrition Aug29,2014


Baking Soda

Lemon and Baking soda Miraculous combination: 10,000 times stronger than Chemotherapy!

Why do we not know about this?

Because there are organizations that continue to profit from disease.  It is that simple.  Do you know how many people die while this secret is kept simply in the name of profit?

Lemon has already been proven to have strong anti – carcinogenic properties. In addition to this there are many other useful properties. Lemon has a strong effect on cysts and tumors.




Citrus fruit can cure cancer. Recent studies have shown that consuming citrus fruits, specifically lemons have prevented and in some cases cured cancer.  And by adding baking soda you will normalize the pH of the body which does not allow the cancer to continue to spread.


A recent case-control study out of Europe showed that consuming four or more 150-gram portions per week of citrus fruit decreased the risks of throat cancer by 58 percent, oral/pharyngeal cancer by 53 percent, stomach cancer by 31 percent, and colorectal cancer by 18 percent. This study did not find a protective effect of citrus against breast cancer, but a recent American study did show that women consuming about 75 grams daily of grapefruit (fruit or juice) saw a 22% reduction in breast cancer risk if they had never used hormone replacement therapy. It is noteworthy that the protective level of citrus consumption was nearly identical in both these studies (525-600 grams per week) and could be interpreted as a minimum intake level for meaningful cancer protection. However, it’s also important to know the best sources of limonoids if they are key to citrus fruit’s anti-cancer properties.

 Lemon has a very strong antimicrobial effect with a very broad spectrum of activity against bacterial and fungal infections. Lemon is effective against internal parasites and worms, it regulates blood pressure and is a powerful antidepressant, reduces stress and nerve crises.

What is the source of this information?  It comes from one of the largest manufacturers of drugs, which states that after 20 laboratory tests conducted since 1970 they have proved that:

Lemon destroys carcinogenic cells in 12 types of cancers.

Lemon prevents the spread of carcinogenic cells and has 10,000 times stronger effect than drugs like Adriamycin,

Chemotherapy and narcotic products.

Chemotherapy has horrible side effects the worst being that it destroys healthy cells, simply put it kills you. Lemon juice and baking soda, on the other hand only kills the cancer cells.

Patients should drink two teaspoons of lemon juice with a half of teaspoon of baking soda.

Please make sure to use organic lemons.   Organic lemons are 100 times more effective than a lemon grown with chemical fertilizers and sprayed with chemicals .


Source:Instituto de Ciencias de la Salud, L. L. C. 819 N. Charles Street Baltimore, MD 1201

Addtional Sources for this article include:


Do NOT buy “Arm and Hammer “baking soda,……” It has aluminum in it” The package says PURE but “IT IS NOT PURE” FACT PROVEN!  I challenged Church and Dwight, the Mother company of Arm and Hammer about false advertising on their packages and to send me a “Letter of confirmation of its purity”. What I got after a bit of a battle was, ” “Our baking soda MAY contain unknown traces of aluminum”. The packaging will be left as is, with PURE on it. That statement is a C Y A or P Y A statement,…..
Cover Your Ass or Protect Your Ass Go to a health food store like I do because “Everything else” is chemical laden!

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Would You Eat Food That The Farmer Will Not Eat?

(Before It’s News)

Natural Society

Like a thousand other farmers across the US, Kirk Bair is a farmer looking for ways to grow food economically and with as little labor as possible – but what are the moral implications of planting food you are aware is toxic, and selling it to your friends and neighbors? Is Bair in the right for planting GMO seed, even if conventional seed is hard to come by?

Bair has said:

“When you put a herbicide gene inside a corn seed, soybean, wheat, whatever you’re working with, you’re eating that. You’re ingesting it.”

It is clear that Bair realizes the health dangers of GM crops, but he plants them anyway? Why? He feels he has no choice, and there is a multi-billion dollar industry calling the shots.

“I’ve got some good looking ears coming,” said Kirk Bair, admiring his genetically modified corn crop, developed with Monsanto’s technology.

When asked why he has planted GM corn, Blair states:

“To use conventional corn, non-GMO, I’d have to till, apply pre-emergence herbicide. It’s more economical and more convenient to use GMO corn on real ground. I only use it because I felt like I had to. My seed supplier said, ‘Kirk it’s harder and harder to get a hold of conventional seed.’”

In less than a decade, the US has gone from planning 100% conventional seeds to almost 90% genetically modified seeds. Corn, soybeans and cotton are some of the most commonly grown GM crops – all considered staples.

Even though Blair grows GM crops, he says:

“I want to know what I am eating and I don’t want to eat GMO foods.”

Imagine that – a farmer who won’t eat his own crops. He has even supported labeling initiatives in California stating:

“People need know what they’re eating. People want to know what they’re eating.”

Read: 800 Scientists Demand Global ‘GMO Experiment’ End

This is a strange phenomenon – when farmers will knowingly plant crops they realize are dangerous to human health. Are they right about giving in to Monsanto, Bayer, and Syngenta when banned GM crops are being found in Europe, or when they are growing in Oregon and Minnesota fields without permission?


What about cross-pollination? Is a farmer’s ability to grow non-GMO completely compromised already to such a degree that she or he has to just shut down their tilling machines like a defeated warrior laying down his sword?

One biotech company claims the following reasons that farmers plant GM crops:

“Because they benefit from the technology – after all, 17.3 million farmers around the world do so, and their numbers grow each season.

In addition to higher yields and higher farm income, their reasons include: 

  • Increased management flexibility
  • Easier adoption of no- or reduced till farming, which saves time, equipment usage, and carbon emissions
  • Improved weed control
  • Soil preservation
  • Less worry about pest damage
  • Less time spent on crop walking and/or insecticide application
  • Savings in energy use – mainly associated with less spraying and tillage
  • Savings in machinery use (for spraying and possibly reduced harvesting times)
  • Improved quality (e.g., lower levels of mycotoxins in GM insect-resistant maize)”

To the astute reader, there are several items on this list that are completely false – ‘less worry about pest damage’ could elicit an entire book of refutation. GM crops have increased worry about pest infestation. The emergence of superweeds and superbugs was in tandem with GM planting.

The ‘savings in machinery’ is arguable too, as more and more herbicide and pesticide use likely eats up any saved costs from having to spray more often – not less. The soil is also not preserved with GM crop planting – but destroyed. This has been proven many times over.


Multiple studies have looked at GM planting and its effects on the soil. One such study explains:

. . .residues of Bt maize plants that are ploughed into the soil following harvest suppress its ability to respire (produce carbon dioxide), it also reduces mycorrhizal colonisation and seriously alters bacterial populations within the soil ecosystem. This function of soil is vitally important for regulating plant growth and vitality, and for increasing availability of minerals and nutrients.

. . . Bt toxins persist in the soil for a considerable amount of time, which impedes the soil flora recovery and impacts upon plant health and growth in subsequent growing seasons.”

Addressing the other items on the list like improved quality are questionable, as are many other of the fallacious reasons given by EuropaBio.

Many farmers simply won’t accept the biotech misinformation that has been dished out for decades. The Rodale Research Institute on Organic Farming and Gardening lists thousands of farmers who know a better way. Since the 1940s and prior, this country has been growing food without chemicals and GM technology. It is more than possible, and now more than ever, vital.

It is understandable how farmers could initially feel drawn to the Big Ag model, based largely on the calculating lies of the biotech industry – but hopefully more farmers are seeing through biotech’s façade.

Bair seems to have seen behind Oz’s curtain to some degree, but he and other farmers like him obviously need public support to choose non-GM seeds and grow them.

You don’t fight a multi-billion dollar industry on a few acres. Perhaps Bair will join the ranks of Dr. Theirry Vrain, a former pro-GMO scientist who now whistleblows on the entire industry. That ould be redemption.


NOTE From AnGeleve:

I have suggested to my readers for a very long time to GROW YOUR OWN FOOD. It is safer and more nutritious.  Most all food today sold in Grocery stores and  Fast Food Chains are GMO. No wonder people are getting sick and have so many health issues.  Don’t get me started on the Vaccinations. Another means to deliver poison to the masses.

When the people really start to wake up and see the seriousness of the situation I am sure we can take steps in the right direction. Right now we have more a sleep than awake. The sleepers are slowly wakening but many times when it is too late.

I am proud to be a farmer, but we do not feed the masses. We only produce enough for our family and gifting to those in need. We do not and will not use any pesticides, and grow non GMO seeds. We only eat grass fed beef, raise our own free range chickens and live off the land. It is the way to survive these turbulent times we find ourselves in.

I do natural health and natural healings for myself and husband. We have not used Chemicals in our bodies for so long. I refuse to go to these quacks. And I must say that something is wrong when on your application to get a paps smear that it ask personal questions, like “Do you own a gun?” Yes No, “If yes, what kind?” “If No, do you know someone who does?”

Now if this doesn’t sound Nazi, what do you call it? 1984?

Okay Humanity, time to Wake Up and take control of your lives. Stop watching Tell-A-Lie-Vision and getting distracted by Sports and BS. They are out to win this game but can’t, but will do much damage in the mist of it all.  Protect yourself and your loved ones with Knowledge. It is Knowledge that will save Humanity. The Shots are to Dumb you down. Research. You do not need these Shots, EVER!.


Are We In The Twilight Zone

I’d like to share this rather strange interview. This sounds like it comes off of the Twilight Zone series.  

Powered by Truth

Now after this Interview… watch a few Movies that will make sense of it all.

“Invasion Of The Body Snatchers” There are several versions. The oldest one is 1939 with Boris Karloff. These were based on a book where the Author was threatened not to publish it or else. She did and the day after publication she was found in the surf with bruised wrist and looked strangled… but it was written in the Coroner’s report that she commited suiside on her self and drowned in two feet of water. She lived in Malibu and was an expert swimmer. This was about Cloning.

Do research and start thinking outside of the box they put you in. You will find out maybe more than you ever wanted to know.

The next movie you should put on your agenda to watch is “They Live”

Don’t let these movies freak you out. Watch with an open mind and see what has been going on under our nose.

Alex Jones did us all a favor by the title to his show. He is very dramatic but has awakened many and I give him credit for that. He is a fear pusher so I don’t listen to him as often as I use to. He could be a Cointel pro, and many have stated this as fact.

It doesn’t matter as long as he and people like David Icke are waking people up.

I haven’t listened to this entire interview, but will when I get to a WiFi. 

Peace be yours and keep love in your Hearts at all times. Don’t hate these beings, they feed on negative energy but can’t stand LOVE it is a powerful weapon against these things in human body suits.


I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.

Daily Wake Up Jolt – The Truth Will Set Us Free

I’d like to share this video for your daily wake up call.

You may already know this but are you having problems with others who have their heads in the sand. This should get the dirt out of their ears.

911 False Flag – American Traitors & Mossad – Where are the Oath Keepers? – Ken O’Keefe

Powered by Truth


Welcome Down The Rabbit Hole

I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.

Flat Earth Perspectives – More Than You Wanted To Know

This was originally posted on Starship Earth. I felt worth your review. Enjoy. Be Blessed AnGeleve

Flat Earth Perspectives [videos]

This particular artist (I think it’s the same one-no, on second viewing it isn’t)) has created at least these two videos, possibly more, to illustrate how our surroundings appear to confirm that the Earth MUST be flat.

In the second one, You don’t need sound, as the images and text are self-explanatory.

I must say I can’t disagree with some of it, at least, as I’ve witnessed it myself, but I really need to go back and watch carefully to catch it all. Most intriguing, and I’m pretty sure the sun isn’t 93 million miles away, either.

These presentations just go to show that from a new perspective, we can see things differently than we once did.

It’s kind of like those graphics where you can train your eyes to see either the old hag or a beautiful young woman in the same image, and once you see the second one, it’s harder to go back and see the first one our eyes focused on.

I think the old hag actually resembles Marty Feldman as Igor in Young Frankenstein! (This is what sleep deprivation does to me.)

But as the artist mentions, we are trained to see things one way, but can choose to see things differently.

Hatter shared the first video last week, and I got part way through, and last night a reader shared the second one (thank you, Dan) and I got part way through that one. I’ll try to complete tonight, but it seems like I can only sleep when I want to stay awake, and can only stay awake when I want to sleep. I am some messed up, LOL. I’ll be glad when this full moon goes away.

I’m eager to hear what you have to say about the theories presented in this way.  ~ BP

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