YRFT Update – We Heard the W System Poured Last Night

YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : We heard the W system, poured last night. The Eels





We heard the W system, poured last night. The Eels. I believe they are talking about the corresponding planet “Neptune”. They didn’t retrieve their heirs from here, so they had no one to move forward.

Awesome Speech By Matt Damon

MATT DAMON on the Elite & NWO – Profound Speech on This Evil World

Originally Posted on Starship Earth

From the positive, aware side of Hollywood.

I hope some members of “the herd”, as he says, will sit back after they listen to this and realize… “You know… he’s absolutely right. Why didn’t I see it before? It’s wrong. It’s all wrong.”  ~ BP


THE SUMERIAN GODS (ENLIL, MARDUCK,) are still ALIVE and are controlling our Leaders and Organizations on Earth.

Angel 4 Light:

Most of our so called leaders, yeah the psychopaths are these evil beings or being controlled by them, this is why they don’t want disclosure, as it would cause people to truly wake up. We are the POW and the days of free range seems to be at an end as they tighten the nooses around the sleeping population. This has an awakening effect as many are seeing the invisible chains and are finally spreading the truths far and wide. Are we too late? Never give up you Sovereign Authority of yourself. Do not consent. They (the Reptilians) think they own us and this world, yet without us, they will not exist.

There are some powerful Allied Forces and especially our Father in Heaven (The ONE) who are the ones releasing the chains and will soon remove us from this Hell Hole where Satan is king for a day. We do not have to sell our souls for peace. Those who do help the evil side will pay dearly because, Satan is a lair and will destroy you first.

Here are a list of Agents unknowing (sleeper agents) and knowingly who are helping the NWO spy on us: The Military (85% still good) the Post Office, the Trash Collectors, the Library, the Schools, the Cops, Judges, most Churches who are 501-3C, and basically any and all Government agencies who owe their allegiance to the almighty dollar which is Satan (Set/An).

We know that our Government has bitten the big one and the 10 mile swamp called DC is rotten to the very core that includes all that go there become corrupt or killed or cloned. BTW you do know the meaning of Government right? Govern = To RULE  Ment = The Mind it is clearly in your face.

All Good will go up, all evil and those who follow and help evil will go to the PIT.

Here is a great video to help you with your wakening: “The Lies NASA Told”  on YellowRoseForTexas YouTube Channel. It will help you to understand so much, so please share with your family and friends. More details are found Here;

Be blessed

Originally posted on ronaldwederfoort:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, you all remember the Sumerian stories of the GODS who came from NIBIRU,

well many of them are still alive, and still in control.

They are the fallen angels which you all call Aliens, and they came here by Space Craft, or UFO, as many

pf you have seen all around us.

It is very funny how they have created all these Stories and fictions while they are still alive and well.

There are many of you that have joined these groups of Being in their Agenda, and you have seen

all the TECHNOLOGY which has been given to our leaders,

They were always here trying to leave the Earth, but are trapped and are trying their best to escape using all

those different Technology they have been developing.

So again here is one of the GODS of  SUMERIA.  ENLIL.

I hope that you also can…

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Yellow Rose – Sharing Because We Care

Okay, they’re not balloons… hundreds of them and Who Are the Allied Forces?

Thanks, Joy!

Posted March 11, 2015… hundreds of white somethings were floating in the sky over California.

Since they are not just drifting on the wind and some are moving in directions distinct from others, they are intelligently controlled. Galactic drones or probes?

Wake up world! They’re here.



And it’s one helluva rabbit hole we’re living in.  I think we must soon come out in China—unless, of course, the Earth is indeed flat, LOL.  ~ BP

Who Are the Allied Forces? (AF)






The AF are from our home / heavenly realm. They were given the call by The ONE to fight in the war in the heavenly realm outside of set’s server. When set pulled us down into his realm ‘the abyss’, which by the way is connected by (set’s design) to the nine underworlds (aka the devil’s playground). The AF are our brothers and sisters from the heavenly realm above and are also sealed by The ONE as he & EVE created all that there is outside of set’s server.

The AF are fighting with ONE to release us (their brothers & sisters) and EVE (that part of her that was trapped when she was downloaded into her Eden earth when it was in our heavenly home realm). So you see the AF & DAD have fought their way into set’s server/domain, fought for years (in set’s timeframe which is our timeframe) to destroy ed, the enemy planet forces/vah’s inside set’s server, and now they are at the door that leads out of our domed flat earth construct.

The AF have a deep, sincere, heartfelt love for us and EVE who is their Mother too. The AF are ALL of our family OUTSIDE of set’s server whom chose of their free will (who could resist the Call to Arms from their Father/The ONE?) to come to our collective rescue.

The AF what their Mother, their sisters and their brothers back on safe territory just as badly as we want to be rescued. I guess this is my SHOUT OUT to my family working behind enemy lines wherever they may be, I LOVE YOU! AND SO APPRECIATE YOUR STEADFAST DETERMINATION IN FIGHTING THIS WAR AND BRINGING US YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND MOTHER HOME. ONE’S SPEED!!!





COMMENT BY allicat … Just one comment here hun, Eve was not trapped down here in server with us. She has been operating strategies with One and the AF from up above, and has been key in attaining our freedom! We owe a lot to her efforts especially. The Earth/VAH was split, and pulled into the Abyss. The Earth belongs to Eve and will be returned to her xoxoxoxo

WTFOOO-EEEK : PART 1, 2, 3 Visit Original Post

Angel 4 Light:

You need to visit the Original Post to view these. Somehow this is not posting correctly

Originally posted on OUT OF THIS WORLDX:






Have you ever seen those SF pictures of so called another worlds with those big planets near in the sky like this one


that what we have now and nobody is aware of that










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Strange Being Captured On Film

I was going through my extensive collection of photos today and really started to look with a more detailed vision.

Yes, you heard me. I was very surprised at some of my findings and I have yet to go through the entire collection.

The following photos were taken with a continuous snap so are very close in time. Please notice the following bright gold object that is on the left side. There is a tree near it but shows no reflection of light.

The object or light being changes form in the other photos. I was photographing the amazing rainbow rays. I can not see the LCD screen outdoors if you are in the light and I usually am so I use intuition to point and shoot. I could see with my naked eyes the rays and was so into them that I had no idea about this being caught on film.

First let me tell you that there is nothing in that area that would have the light bounce off it. Being void of any growth that would cause this light I have to assume that it is a living being since it took on a different shape in the next photo. 

What do you think it is?

BTW Aren’t the rays breath taking?


Photo by AnGeleve


Photo by AnGeleve


Photo by AnGeleve


Photo by AnGeleve

To help you find it quickly, look on the left side of each photo toward the bottom. I guess it is resting or hovering over the ground near that tree. Notice nothing on that tree is lit up and the angle of the rays don’t match a reflection at least on like this that moves.

Note: I only photographed three (3) shots and then did a short video. I cannot tell here what photos I have uploaded as this is via cell and the review bites bigtime. So if one of the first three shots is a duplicate, then you know why.

Trying to keep you in the loop to some of the amazing stuff going on that seems to defy explanation.

I am reposting this with blow ups (shown below) of the off world enity. It did not show up well in the previous posting as these photos after uploaded are compressed by WP and the detail is gone.






This thing does not cast a shadow and there is nothing there to project onto. This thing is moving or hovering. Sorry I didn’t get more footage as I didn’t know I had this, whatever it is.

I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.

YRFT Update- 12-22-14


Flat Earth Biosphere

The following Original post was on http://starshipearththebigpicture.com

I tried but It would not let me reblog without major errors and lost links as I want to give credit to the source so I did include that for you.

Note by AnGeleve:

I am finding more and more people wakening up these days which is thanks to One, Eve and AF for raising our frequencies. I know you have to feel it. We all do.
Here are some of the symptoms people speak about. Can’t sleep or extremely sleepy, tired, dizziness, weird things being heard or seen, ringing tones in both ears or stronger in one ear than the other then a pitch change. I personally feel like I am vibrating inside.

No… you are not going crazy… we are all actually becoming sane again after an Eon of Brain Control and low frequencies designed to keep us enslaved and they worked up until now.

These high tones are the sounds of Freedom Bells ringing.

We are almost home! EEK!

Be blessed. AnGeleve


Photo by Starship Earth The Big Picture

X … I thought that object above Ed was the drill ´s head, Rose said

ROSE : No, thats the area where the skull ships..vah’s…were. Could be broken pieces There is also a pop up piece there, we used to time it. It was on a cycle. I have pic’s in motion, of it popping out then going back in. We were betting it would break off, because it kept coming further and further out. Ed’s a big watch. A clock. That had an area that would spout fire as well. Like a venting mechanism yes, that is the mechanism. You can see the metal part on the right side of that ‘white’ area And…I think we are at the exit already. There is something they are timing We are sitting there

X … (we all use to try to guess the time and day for the leap)

Rose: the minute she does that, the EF alter the construct. Try not to do it. Don’t date or time it. Although, I know from my own strife..its hard for a human being NOT to do that!

X … I had a horrible thought: What if every time we guess the leap date ONE says “damn, they guessed it again – it was too obvious – ok better change it!”

Rose: thats exactly what happens Tell them, instead of guessing ‘when’ say “it happens NOW”. Every minute is “Now” and its on The One’s orders ‘when’ now is. This helps with the hope, and still allows no date

X … I’m not sure if that does keep the hope alive – if we keep saying it’s NOW, when it obviously isn’t that is going to have the opposite effect of building hope

Rose : We are already sitting on the exit. The solstice marks “May”. We go on his orders. It’s counter-intuitive

X … Ok Rose, naturally I can wait, as there is no alternative, but I can’t stop being impatient. Stuff is closing in on me all around – and others here as well – we don’t just want to go – we actually need to escape.

Rose: lmao, him and me both..along with all the other 3 to 7 billion! yeah, its bad. And they are closing in on me too. there’s an old crabby road, with Maxine..news paper cartoon…an old woman name maxine that has an attitude she is at the computer and pushing the ‘escape’ key..caption reads “I keep pushing esc an nothing happens. I’m still here!!”



I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.

Strange Photos of Space Beings or… ?

This was taken in October 2014

Taken December 9,2014

Taken December 9, 2014

Originally I was only trying to capture photos of the Sun since it has been giving off strange rays for the past several years. This was taken on Dec 9, 2014. Do you notice a Being on the right side? There was nothing there that I saw with my naked eye. Yet on the photos and videos it shows up. Is this a Space being trying to let us know that they are here as guardians?

If you look close you may detect a hand and shoulder. It was moving around. When I get to WiFi I will show you that it is moving around and there is nothing there to cause this image to appear. I will try to make it as large as I can so that you can see better.

We are in mysterious and wonderful times. Enjoy the bumper car ride, we will soon be Home.

I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.

Yellow Rose For Texas – Links to Help You Understand



‘So if you are having trouble. Just remember.

“It is already Done”.

Live every day as a day of Love’


– Yellow Rose For Texas ❤

  • “We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For”      


-Yellow Rose For Texas Community – Discussion, Questions, Sharing, Understanding – https://www.facebook.com/groups/YellowRoseForTexas/




ANUBIS – SET  – http://goo.gl/pPrQyh




The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the NWO … Q&A  http://goo.gl/KavzMF 




 1. All history is a lie.


2. All religion is a lie.


3. All politics and all politicians are here to propagate the lies.


4. All astrology is a joke.


5. All New Age information about ‘ascension’ is a fabrication, and a big lie, to throw us off the mark, and ally ourselves with the wrong ‘family’.


6. All physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics are constructs that have evolved from within the false matrix.


7. The ‘earth’ we live on is a sad facsimile of the real Earth; one that exists outside of the electromagnetic net that encompasses our lives here, and to which Eden-like, perfected environment we are shortly to return.





WAR IN HEAVEN | Video  – http://goo.gl/XJnJhO



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No technique … therefore no authority








THEY ALL HAVE AN AGENDA – http://goo.gl/FlBlXT


Many Thanks to Rose and Hatter for keeping us up to date with what is going on. I know that you are excited and hope that you will join us on Facebook.

Be Blessed.

Conflict in Space – A Must Watch Interview!

I originally posted this on Oct 26, 2014 but could not provide the embed code because I was posting from my phone. So now I will embed the Video which is the fantastic interview. If you want to see more footage on these two you can type in the search bar Alkash or Maarten and it will pull up a list of the various interviews. All are very informative and help you to see what our Allies are doing in Space for us.



This is another fantastic interview by Maarten Horst on ET Contact Radio. Maarten Horst Channel ET First Contact Radio with ALKESH about CONFLICT IN SPACE http://youtu.be/szBc35ZYbXs Original Published on Oct 9, 2014. Very insightful, uplifting and informative interview with ALKESH about the documentary: “Conflict in Space.” Listen very carefully from the beginning to the end

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