11 Ways to Decalcify the Pineal Gland




by S. Ali Myers
In5D contributing writer

This how-to list will give you a reference point for exercises and ways to help with pineal gland decalcification.  Your pineal gland, also referred to as the 3rd eye, is a small endocrine gland in the geometric center part of your brain.  It is home to the ajna (brow) chakra and its energy is of psychic and spiritual phenomena.

Your pineal gland produces a number of chemicals and hormones that cause happiness and serenity, euphoria, restfulness, civilized behavior, balanced emotions, and psychical phenomena just to name a few.  These are natural states of being, however, due to lack of proper nutrition, environmental issues, left-brained thinking, and various chemicals; most people have developed a calcified pineal gland.

The Creator has given humans a chance to reverse or decrease ALL “ailments” and dysfunctions.  There are various supplements, food and drink, exercise, and other practices one can implement into their lifestyle to reverse pineal gland decalcification.  Once you begin to consciously work with the energy of the third eye chakra you will begin to see reality for what it is as opposed to what you have been programmed to beLIEve.

The following list is in no particular order.  See what resonates or feels right to you and begin there.  And remember, practicing patience and being consistent is key for any spiritual and metaphysical work.

1. Eliminate or reduce meat intake.  Meats, especially heavier ones like beef and pork, are very acidic.  An acidic ph balance is not conducive for a healthy, decalcified pineal gland.

2. Drink alkaline or distilled water.  Alkaline water is electrifying and distilled water removes heavy toxins and metals out of the human body.

3. Avoid fluoride.  Fluoride is toxic to the human system.  Use non-fluoride toothpaste.  Most tap water in the US is fluoridated so drink alkaline or distilled water.

4. Practice Sungazing.  Taking in the Sun’s energy when it is orange or setting/rising is tremendously beneficial for the pineal gland and decalcification.  You can do this daily for 3-5 minutes, it doesn’t take long.  Your pineal is a crystal and reacts remarkably to our Sun.

11 Ways to Decalcify the Pineal Gland


5. Eat more greens & vegetables.  The more alkaline foods you get into your system the more you are feeding the pineal gland and other crucial parts of your being.  Foods that have been charged with sunlight are electrifying and pineal decalcifying!

6. Avoid mercury.  Mercury is extremely toxic.  Most vaccines and tooth fillings are mercury-based.  However, nowadays, most dentist are using non-mercury based fillings.  If you have mercury fillings in your teeth, a holistic dentist can remove them.

7. Maintain positive thoughts and actions.  This may seem a little elementary or not “deep enough” but,  there is great power in your state of mind.  Thoughts can also be toxic.

8. Take Blue Green Algae and other chlorophyll rich “superfoods”.  This is similar to eating more veggies but adding a more powerful punch.  Other superfoods include chlorella, spirulina, sea moss, and wheatgrass.

9. Use herbs.  Herbs like mugwort, wood betony, alfalfa, parsley, and gotu kola have wonderful healing properties.  You can make a tea or grind it and sprinkle on a salad, or it can be smoked as part of a ritual.

10. Don’t use fluorescent bulbs.  The standard, cheap light bulbs are very inconsistent with the natural light spectrum.  Your pineal gland is light-sensitive.   It’s also important to sleep in complete darkness, if  possible.

11. Place a crystal on your brow chakra daily.  Meditating with a crystal is energetically beneficial for pineal decalcification.  Some of the favorites are amethyst, clear quartz, sodalite, and lapis lazuli.

S. Ali Myers is a Metaphysics teacher, writer, speaker, and consultant specializing in spiritual self-development.  Ali’s goal is to help others reach their highest potential by operating from the Spirit Mind (Higher Self).  You may find out more information about Ali and his works at http://3rdeyeactivation.com

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5D.com

This is an amazing list! The only other suggestion I would make is to try ozone water, too. As per Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research into water and consciousness, you can add mantras and affirmations to whichever water you consume as a way of supercharging it!


White House Releases Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal

Originally posted on

White House Releases Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal

Tat’s Revolution has a smarmy piece on this that looks perfect for Hallowe’en, if you’re interested in venting or snickering. By the way, I can’t help applying the words “Toilet PaPer” every time I see “TPP”. It may as well be, because it will soon be flushed.

We need to remember that whatever disgusting legislation is passed by the fake government will be rescinded and nullified after The Event. 

It’s hard to believe that people don’t have a problem with their so-called government negotiating and drafting up global initiatives in secret, behind closed doors, when they’re told the contents of a trade deal won’t be made public for years.

Is this the WHOLE truth in these 30 chapters? I wouldn’t count on it. They’re never that forthcoming. Has something changed?  ~ BP


November 5, 2015

The much-anticipated release of the final text of a sweeping Asia-Pacific trade agreement became a reality on Thursday morning, kicking off what is expected to amount to months of intensive debate on Capitol Hill.

The U.S. Trade Representative’s office dropped the details of the massive 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal — 30 chapters and more than 2,000 pages — exactly one month after the agreement was completed on Oct. 5 in Atlanta.

The text of the TPP deal will be under the microscope of Congress and the broader public for at least 90 days before President Obama can sign the agreement, between the United States and 11 other nations: Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Vietnam, Brunei, Chile, New Zealand and Singapore.

Read the rest…

YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : Uranus and Mercury, are being towed to the sun, and the pit is somewhere in that area

Article: YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : Uranus and Mercury, are being towed to the sun, and the pit is somewhere in that area

YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : Uranus and Mercury, are being towed to the sun, and the pit is somewhere in that area





Ed has had another blow out, breaching the side wall.


image image



We’ve never seen this configuration before. But, we’ve also never seen a vah tied to a platform during these protocols, as well.
The white blocks are reminiscent of slide balance weights. I believe that is the Mer platform morphing, in preparation for the roll.
Uranus and Mercury, are being towed to the sun, and the pit is somewhere in that area. We’ve heard Ed falls off, into it.
We’ll all look forward to the flash and the leap forward.










image image image image



OMM’d ? … JUDY CRESS blew up pic to 400 x



Humm, notice the cube shape on your 1st pic at bout the 5 pm area? You think maybe they were escaping?
there is a pop up piece, i’ve seen on that side, for quite some time. It never seems to come all the way out like a cube. But, it could be one
Hi there Rose!!!!
WOW, you just gave me the boost I needed….
Ha! I was wondering if this was ever gonna happen.
So we watch the sun go bump into the pit and them we leave?
no, we leave then watch it nova and fall ☺
Rose, are we short timers here now like; any second now?
yes, any second now
YES !!!!!!!!!
Any other cool info for us?
their squealing about their heirs
Hey Rose, have we ever met in the higher realms before? I dont think I am a warrior except for here on earth…..hahaha
Shinji lEl
Thanks for the Update Rose :’) I see the blowout it looks massive was that One that did that or Af ?
Eve said she’d send them in shortly
Poor babies~ NOT ! hahahaa
the trick is…the complainers are in the pit
REALLY? ok, now we’re havin fun!
Have we met in the high realms Rose?
Shinji lEl
It’s Morphing time … Ready to Roll 😀😆
She might have gotten bumped off line again ~

Shinji lEl
Yeah I figured lol those dastardly ef always cutting the communication short on us from our Rose :’o
I wonder whats those 3 lil bubbles on Merc’s pole?
Shinji lEl
Rose usually said they are Cabs either they go up or down … but who knows ?
might be the heirs that Rose said Eve was sending out …
I am too afraid to get excited tho….I am but also not. Man I hope this is it finally.
Shinji lEl
I truly hope so as well … very exiting times indeed 😉
She does explain the white blocks lol :”) The white blocks are reminiscent of slide balance weights. I believe that is the Mer platform morphing, in preparation for the roll.







The OCKS are totally down. The el service hub is down. D server and OSS is down, because we’re tied off to the Mer platform, thats safe. Earth has projected the emitter, past Mer.
Looks like we’re almost there.
Headaches, and dizzy, are common for the optical window tie off, but the headaches were also the eels hitting us. Nausea, is the motion sickness from the eye.
No worries though. Remember to stay firmly anchored in love.


image image




EHB : MERCURY coming into frame and fire shooting out of ED

If that is indeed what vah that is, according to the nassholes anyway.





Articles about Monsanto’s Demise

Source: Signs of the Cabal Demise 5… ‘Three Articles about Monsanto’s Demise”


Signs of the Cabal Demise 5… ‘Three Articles about Monsanto’s Demise”

gmo_NOT_16Just found these three, and if the first two are real, it appears that the truth about Monsanto is coming out. And the last one shows who got this deregulation of GMO/pesticide companies rolling.

MONSANTO PROFITS FALL ANOTHER 15% IN APRIL – Corp about to collapse (9-13-15)

“Monsanto is continuing to lose profits into the second quarter of 2015, shedding an exceptional 15% profit amid falling GMO seed sales — even more than most experts projected.

“Some economists believed that Monsanto’s ‘tried and true’ strategy of pushing GMO seeds on farmers would sustain them into the first quarter of 2015… I predicted that Monsanto would in fact continue to lose money, as both the agricultural industry and consumers at large take a major stand against anything to do with the company:

“Going further into 2015, it’s clear that this GMO behemoth has many more obstacles to face that will most likely lead to a continued loss… That said, it is clear to me that Monsanto’s continued decline is in full swing.”

Monsanto’s Sealed Documents Reveal the Truth behind Roundup’s Toxicological Dangers -Richard Gale and Gary Null (9-15-15)

“There is now an enormous cache of evidence on both scientific and legal grounds that Monsanto in fact conducted numerous studies in the 1970s and 1980s on glyphosate’s toxicity and health risks and intentionally sealed this research from independent and public review and scrutiny. As with Big Tobacco’s proprietary claims that prevented the FDA from publicly warning Americans about the dangers of smoking, the EPA has sat on Monsanto’s own deleterious data for decades.”

Rare Film Clip Shows George H. W. Bush Plotting with Monsanto to Use US Government to Spread GMO Imperialism (9-16-15)

“In 1986, four executives from Monsanto visited the White House to see then-VP George H. W. Bush with the objective of gaining a valuable ally.

“Monsanto wanted to get in on the deregulation bandwagon… “Call me…we’re in the dereg business.” Then he adds, “Maybe we can help.”


Anonymous – October operation


Visit the post for video, and share.

Video Anonymous – October operation



Originally posted on Out Of This Worldx




Note from AnGeleve:


I just LOVE this truth post. I hope people will see the truth, but too many are still in slumber and seem happy in their ignorance or lack of wanting to get to the real truth. Education indoctrination, vaccine toxicity, too much Fluoride, GMO, Chemtrails on slaught have slowed the human mind down. Not to mention the lack of minerals and essential nutrients that are required for our bodies and minds to function in this 3D Matrix.

This reality has been almost unbearable to many of us who are sensitive to the pains of others. We try to help by waking them up, but in many cases it is ignored, refused or forgotten.

I do know that this is the time of the awakening and for many the truth may come as a big shock, while some may see it as a confirmation of what they felt deep inside.

It is comforting to know that this story is finding an end, I for one am ready for the new chapter of my great adventures.

The Pope coming to America is all about the NWO, so don’t fall for the bs that will ooz from this Snake. He sacrifices children and sits on a Demon Throne in the Vatican. He claims to own our souls = NOT!


This is their (ef) last cards, and they think they will get to collect more souls to go with them. The (ef) think they are leaving to go home (which is Hell) and take as many of us as they can, but they are getting the PIT instead. Never will this happen again.

Perhaps the Anti Christ Pope will fool some, but their souls will be safe if they are good and truly being fooled. Dad (The ONE) is taking back his children who had been kidnapped and pulled into this insanity.

Have no fear, live in Love and claim your Authority over yourself. “I am the Sovereign Authority of myself, I DO NOT CONSENT to anyone or anything trying to rule over me. I am a child of The ONE, I am Love.”

Envision the OA (Orange Arsenic Ray) coming from Source to fill your being, fill your Aura and kill off all parasites, nanotechnology, chemicals, cosmic vampires, Arcons, implants, and anything rhat is not for your highest good.

Share and care for all, live in Love and not Fear.

Throw away your TV it’s only designed for brainwashing period.

Get back to nature. Start a Love Movement. Remember in the 60’s when the Peace movement was strong?

Think with your heart and be the Love that you are. Be blessed


















YRFT Update – We Heard the W System Poured Last Night

YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : We heard the W system, poured last night. The Eels





We heard the W system, poured last night. The Eels. I believe they are talking about the corresponding planet “Neptune”. They didn’t retrieve their heirs from here, so they had no one to move forward.

Awesome Speech By Matt Damon

MATT DAMON on the Elite & NWO – Profound Speech on This Evil World

Originally Posted on Starship Earth

From the positive, aware side of Hollywood.

I hope some members of “the herd”, as he says, will sit back after they listen to this and realize… “You know… he’s absolutely right. Why didn’t I see it before? It’s wrong. It’s all wrong.”  ~ BP


THE SUMERIAN GODS (ENLIL, MARDUCK,) are still ALIVE and are controlling our Leaders and Organizations on Earth.

Most of our so called leaders, yeah the psychopaths are these evil beings or being controlled by them, this is why they don’t want disclosure, as it would cause people to truly wake up. We are the POW and the days of free range seems to be at an end as they tighten the nooses around the sleeping population. This has an awakening effect as many are seeing the invisible chains and are finally spreading the truths far and wide. Are we too late? Never give up you Sovereign Authority of yourself. Do not consent. They (the Reptilians) think they own us and this world, yet without us, they will not exist.

There are some powerful Allied Forces and especially our Father in Heaven (The ONE) who are the ones releasing the chains and will soon remove us from this Hell Hole where Satan is king for a day. We do not have to sell our souls for peace. Those who do help the evil side will pay dearly because, Satan is a lair and will destroy you first.

Here are a list of Agents unknowing (sleeper agents) and knowingly who are helping the NWO spy on us: The Military (85% still good) the Post Office, the Trash Collectors, the Library, the Schools, the Cops, Judges, most Churches who are 501-3C, and basically any and all Government agencies who owe their allegiance to the almighty dollar which is Satan (Set/An).

We know that our Government has bitten the big one and the 10 mile swamp called DC is rotten to the very core that includes all that go there become corrupt or killed or cloned. BTW you do know the meaning of Government right? Govern = To RULE  Ment = The Mind it is clearly in your face.

All Good will go up, all evil and those who follow and help evil will go to the PIT.

Here is a great video to help you with your wakening: “The Lies NASA Told”  on YellowRoseForTexas YouTube Channel. It will help you to understand so much, so please share with your family and friends. More details are found Here;

Be blessed


Dear Brothers and Sisters, you all remember the Sumerian stories of the GODS who came from NIBIRU,

well many of them are still alive, and still in control.

They are the fallen angels which you all call Aliens, and they came here by Space Craft, or UFO, as many

pf you have seen all around us.

It is very funny how they have created all these Stories and fictions while they are still alive and well.

There are many of you that have joined these groups of Being in their Agenda, and you have seen

all the TECHNOLOGY which has been given to our leaders,

They were always here trying to leave the Earth, but are trapped and are trying their best to escape using all

those different Technology they have been developing.

So again here is one of the GODS of  SUMERIA.  ENLIL.

I hope that you also can…

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