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Originally Published on Apr 26, 2016



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Monsanto Employee Admits an Entire Department Exists to “Discredit” Scientists

I knew it. I could bet money that many humans felt this was the case.

These Demons and their Overlords (Draco/Arcons) are so totally consumed with insanity the idea of any rationale means of life is beyond their grasp.

We are up against a foe of Man. These things are not human, even that they ware the hologram skinsuits. The many reasons why things are bubbling over into a stew of toxic shit beyond our wildest dreams.

So what can we do? Be Love think Love, all Mankind needs to stick together and spit out their chewing gum.

Roddy Pipper was snuffed because he told us the truth. “They Live” was a documentary.

Stop watching TV, get involved and be the Peace keepers, your children deserve more than plastic trinkets that will enslave them.

I don’t watch movies any more but here are some to help you to know what we are dealing with.

“Cowboys and Aliens”

“They Live”

“Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”

“Lost Boys”

“The Matrix”

These are all classified as SiFi but should be classified as SiFacts.

Do Not Fear, they have brainwashed you into believing all their lies. They have manipulated history, our books, created gods to worship and religions.

The reason they are killing us, is they want to steal our souls and plant them into the cyborg bodies they havevbeen creating underground. You will think it is great at first, until you realise that all that made you special has been robbed and surpressed that you have been Assimilated much like the Borg. It will then be Hive Mind.

No children to delight you or things to give you purpose, your connection to Source is to be permanently terminated.

Okay that is gloomy to say the least, but you can’t just sit there and do nothing. Wake up others, blog if you can. Create mix-ups and gather with like minded souls.

Everyone needs to meditate on a positive outcome. We are powerful beings, we just forgot due to the constant onslaught of vaccines, fluoride, Chemtrails, nanotechnology, GMO etc.

Okay now that I have your full attention what will you do. Are you affraid to tell others the truth because they may claim that you are crazy? This was a great tactic by the EL-eats to get us to work against each other.

The following photos are rather shocking, but hopefully it will show you who is ruining our Government, these are the Demons without their holograms.

Okay the pictures wouldn’t upload, but I will post later.

Go to or go to YouTube and search Reptilians. You will be amazed.

But why are these stars that I love showing up as Reptilians or Demons in the Movies?

Digital film captures the truth. They removed Analogue TV because it was harder to send the programming, but the down side us that the truth is revealed. Why do Cops not want to be filmed? Because many are Reptilians and it will show up. The good human cops won’t mind being filmed and are dumbed down to not do anything when a Reptilian Cop or Clone goes for the kill. These things are not Human. All Cops, Military, and enforcers (enslave minions) have sold their souls, whether they know it or not They have signed an agreement (contract) to a fraternal order (coven).

When the cops pull you over to rob you, they are given permission to do this crime on behalf of the Lucifer who is the head of this crime family.

When they kidnap you or steal your children, they are acting as minions for Lucifer.

So this was a wild trip down the rabbit hole. You need to wake up and wake up others.


Meditate on Love replacing all evil. On Love replacing Hate.




























Critical News – Please Make VIRAL

This is HUGE NEWS. Critical news.

Thank you Tatoott1009 for sharing this.

Please my friends, share this with everyone you know and protect the video maker.

Here’s the link to Tat’s Revolution where you can read the article and see the video.

The video is really well done. This is the answer and the reason the psychopaths killed all these doctors and why they are making vaccines mandatory, and why they recommend so many vaccines to infants.

This needs to get out to everyone.  Please share.  ~ BP

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Flag Purge Continues: NAACP Wants Stars & Bars Removed From Alabama Troopers’ Vehicles

This is one of the Racist groups around. They only make money by stirring up shit. The President of this group is either a drug dealer or coke user and the other radicals that belong to this group are most likely following a Obummer script on how to devide and conquer.

As people are busy fighting over a stupid piece of cloth which represents a Civil War fought over money not Slavery. Please check out the real story of Lincoln and his war and of terrorism towards the South. The South tried to secede from the Union because they were being over taxed by the North. So as people are busy with this mess and not watching the Nazi take-over of our country.

We need to stand together and realise that this evil shit that is being shoved down our throats at every turn is to stir up violence and revolt. So what about a silly piece of cloth?

Our Troops and Cops are being taught to be Gestapo Brown shirts. When is the last time you had a license stop? Think about it… That is a Nazi check point. All Cops work for a corporation and their job is to bring in review, so now you know Slavery is not represented by a piece of cloth, it in your face daily. We have all been slaves to the establishment we thought was WeThePeople.

We need to stop worring about the flag and start seeing about arresting the true terrorist of this country who have brought in foreign troups (UN) to our soil. We are being invaded. Actually we have already been invaded. They are now trying to tighten in their reigns.

People need to alert their neighbors and take shifts on watch. Purchase loud whistles or bells that will wake up a neighborhood.

Have whistles that you can blow or a big brass bell that you can sound off.

If you power goes off, beware and be ready to stand your ground. These entities want us in the Fema camps like rounding up a herd od sheep, btw that us what they call us.

Do not volunteer for drills, report those who are. These people are paid off and the price will be high for us all.

You have to know that these things coming are not human. See the interviews that Princess Diana did, where she stated that “They are not Human”.

I will post more about these entities and they have infested this world like cockroaches.

I hope Dad and Mom are taking us home soon. The EF are beefing up their take down of humanity. The trucks that are traveling with the Troops are to dismantle communications and power. I understand it is AI technology that is being used to feed the brainwash to the troops in mass. This mass mind control has been shown on several live Drills, and proven successful, so now they want to do it in mass. There is truck which is the with the AI program. This Robot is running the operations. Much like the Terminator, it has no feelings, only a programed agenda from psychopaths.

You and your neighborhood need to meet daily without cellphones, duscuss everything, strategic planning is crucial now. For those who don’t want their cage rattled and perfer to keep their heads in the sand or other physical places, just tell them that you will still have their back, because they will awaken and we all need to be there for each other.

Jade Helms is the real take over disguised as a Drill in case things go wrong. We need to all be very alert!

These entities who think they own us and Earth are evil beyond words. They are now tired of playing with their food and plan on mass disruption of life on this Biosphere.

Send Love but carry a big stick, their hearts are not like ours, they are truly cold blooded and enjoy evil. All the El-eats are either Vril in Skinsuits or their Clones as they could be hidding out knowing that when the people awaken to what they are and have done to us. The Ants will come after the Grasshoppers.

Do not get vaccines or give them to your children. Stop drinking city water and watching Tell-A-Lie-Vision. TV programing is just that. Their End Game isn’t pretty, and you will not be able to defend yourself if you or your precious children are having to fight to just function.

Take Vitamins and Minerals and MSM, and Copper, and Garlic. I will post more on this for you.

See the Documentaries

“They Live” and

“Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

This is a Flat Earth Biosphere, which is a spaceship (Vah). Do the research. NASA is totally Nazis and they lied about Everything.

Watch “The Lies NASA Told”

I love you all. Be blessed

Thank You President Trump

Draining The SwampDecember 15, 2018
Pray for President Trump, the White Hats, our Military and all benevolent beings helping to Free Humanity . Be in JOY and in PEACE. Love others as you Love yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be an example of Love and Joy. Peace will be ours and so it is.

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