This is a short description of who I am in this incarnation.

I was awaken many years ago hearing the call, like many others through the years. I heard Christ say to me: “Bring my Children to me”. I was lead into the Ministry but was not allowed to memorize the Bible. I could not understand this at the time, as I had always been really great at memorizing things. Memorizing everything is how I got through school. Although I couldn’t remember much of what I learned later I guess I intuitively knew it was a bunch of lies. I did have things memorized so that I could score well, (as many of the kids have done in the past and even today). Memory failure: Much has to do with the depletion of our vitamins and minerals that effect memory functions, plus I had plenty of dental work done through the years, so the mercury fillings were doing a very nice job there.

I feel that I have lived a nice adventure on GAIA and many were the time when I did readings for people all over the US. Readings was not something I was drawn to do it as a living, mainly because the Church and many brainwashed friends believed it to be the work of Satan. So I placed my gift on the back burner. I would only do readings for dear friends who knew me well and knew it was a blessings and not a wicked gift after all.

I was ordained as a Minister, but I would not follow the Corporate Ministry, as many have elected to do. It was not about the money, but a ministry in helping souls find their way back to God. I am what you term as a Street Preacher, much like Jesus the Christ did. This is the real church.

I would not stand on a pulpit in churches passing the plate and having people “Pay to Pray” as I always saw it. I did preach on TV many times, but not for money. I went out to the streets as I was instructed by God. I went to the shady side of town, looking under bridges for lost souls. My Bishop and a team of other Ministers and myself went on a crusade through out the city, to feed and spiritually uplift those whose lives seem so dim. It is one of the most fulfilling missions of my life, to turn one’s heart around and let the light in. I saw many Angels walking around in misery and my heart would cry for them.

I had always had the gift of vision from a young age, yet it was in 2007 shortly after my Father left this earthly existence that I experienced more and more visions and it was mostly in his voice that I would hear things.

I would see my phone light up in the middle of the night. It had been off and has a lock code in order to open it to the internet. Yet It was scrolling by itself and I was led to many sites and information. I was receiving the wake up call so to speak. I could not see the Angel or Being that was using my phone but I was not afraid. I felt the sweet spirit and thanked them.

I begin to awaken my Husband to what was going on in this crazy world. The more I open myself to receive information – the deeper I went down the rabbit hole.

Once I was fully awaken, and no longer afraid, then the messages that came to me were to awaken others. That it would be a task indeed. I was told that I am a Way shower, and Ambassador of Light for the Galactic Federation and absolutely an Ambassador for God. I see Jesus on a regular basis but have not channeled him as yet.

This website is slow in coming, as I have been working hard on my TV Shows spreading the word then videos for You-tube. I have given up the TV Shows and concentrate on the masses that I can get via the Internet.

I am able to channel as often as I wish or have the energy for. But since I found out what Channeling really is, I don’t do it any more nor listen to it.

Personally: I do healing, readings and spiritual guidance, I create beautiful Orgone creations to ware or share. A few examples are shown under the Orgone Art tab. contact me if you are interested.

I may start posting my channeling and other information on this site. I also post on YouTube.

If someone wishes to link back to my site, so be it. It will be most Blessed. I do not copyright my work because We Are One.

Update regarding Channeling: Please read my updated post on this topic.


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  1. apeerless
    Jan 27, 2015 @ 15:41:59

    Loved reading this. Thank you! ❤


  2. GAF
    Feb 21, 2017 @ 17:21:57

    I’ve taken a glance around your blog and I’ll have to say that it’s nice to see a lightworker type that actually sees the reality of things at the 3D level. Many “lightworkers” refuse to quit looking at 3D and yet can’t seem to see the Truth of things, so much so that they will support the “cabal candidate”, unwittingly feeding their energy into the very thing they claim they don’t want.

    Well, perhaps by equinox or at least by solstice, much Truth ought to be out in a much bigger, in-yer-face way so more can wake up… and that includes “light workers” who only think they have a grip on reality.

    Thanks for shining your light.



    • Angel4Light
      Feb 24, 2017 @ 19:07:17

      Dearest Light warrior, we are in a soup of slim that is far worse than anything I agreed upon when coming here. We were deceived into this game and now I want to take myt crystalline butt out of this Matrix. But I have to stay and fight this spiritual battle for those who have lost their way, for the innocence and for those who seem lost but are slowly coming around.

      I agree about the so called light workers riding around in their Jaguars or Mercedes asking for large sums to hear their profound words.

      I dont believe in been able to pay to pray nor s


      • Angel4Light
        Feb 24, 2017 @ 19:20:55

        Sorry it posted before I git to complete my thought.

        Scratch the last sentence as it was being reconstructed but jumped through the internet portal before I had thr opportunity to correct my words.

        What I was trying to state, and perhaps you feel this way as well:

        I don’t believe in paying to pray or meditate. GOD is within. I also don’t believe that we should have to pay to learn how to ascend. That too is a personal joueney.

        What we need here is a means to clean the water, air and food from being so toxic and brainwashing the population. I know that many of these beings are not the ones I am writing for, but in my heart, I do wish for them to seek LOVE and not dwell in hate.

        The key to the Universe as I have been told is LOVE. It is simple.

        I have never askwd for donations or payments. The only thing I have done is offer my Orgone creations, if people want.to make their own, I encourage that. It does ward off negative entities.

        I do appreciate hearing from you and thank you for your kind words.

        We are going to be entering more bizarre times, so buckle up.



        • GAF
          Mar 06, 2017 @ 05:19:58

          Oh yeah, lots o’ chaos and exposure. Bring it on! Let’s get this show on the road!

          Don’t know if you looked at my blog, but I was one of the forerunners, the forerunners of the forerunners as Karen Bishop liked to call us. I was complete in my personal ascension process in early 2011, then helped Gaia transmute, then helped humanity energetically for too long as lightworkers took their sweet time getting up to speed, all of which kicked my arse. Then it stopped in Sept. of 2014 since the Divine will no longer allow me to be used (small favors) and I’ve only been used once for energetic work since. Now it’s SSDD every day, boring as can be, no personal resources including personal physical energy. I’ve lost most of the palpableness of this whole project as I am long past my own ascension and symptoms and not being used as a human antenna anymore. I’m taken care of but am so very far beyond “in the world and not of it” and have been for years. And if I weren’t so worn out, I’d still be quite fine being here, but I don’t even get out to see the planet and the people I’ve gotten my butt kicked helping. At least about 9 months ago I was finally “released” to observe 3D, which has been way more interesting to watch than resistant, recalcitrant lightworkers were.

          And I think to this day there are far too many lightworkers, including ones who are actually far along in the process, who don’t truly understand ascension and also don’t understand just what rough shape Earth is in… and don’t understand we came to help “save” Gaia, not Earth.

          And because they are not in touch with the shape Earth is in, they think this is going to go on for centuries / lifetimes. It can’t or it won’t happen, hence the acceleration that is going on now. The 3D level folk don’t have that much time to change some things up or we could lose ’em. And that whole service work thing, many lightworkers don’t get either. *shaking head*.

          But the next few months ought to turn the lights on, even for lightworkers. 🙂

          Ok, better quit. Nice chatting with ya and good to know you’re out there shining your light and being the love.


      • GAF
        Feb 24, 2017 @ 19:42:53

        Hello. For some reason your message is not whole as it comes through my notifications. I’ll have to check out your blog later to see if I can read it there. (It cuts off at this point “…pay to pray nor s…”)

        If you’ve looked at my blog at all you can see that I get after lightworkers to step up because with increased awareness comes increased responsibility.

        As I often say, Power and Responsibility go hand in hand. So many lightworkers screaming for their Power and still so reluctant to take Responsibility (the ability to respond).

        It’s tough to demand much from those who have yet to awaken to much, but when those who have a clue are so very timid to show themselves, well, they can’t claim ignorance and have no “reasons” but only excuses.

        And still far too many “light workers” who obviously still listen to the MSM as is obvious as they parrot the MSM propaganda line. *shaking head*

        I think this current eclipse will help those who think they are committed to truly be so. Hope so. Many hands make light (easy) work.


        • Angel4Light
          Mar 06, 2017 @ 03:29:46

          You are absolutely so right. I have found so many who sit on the sidelines just not wanting to get their feet wet. Have turned into cowards. It could have been too much TV or GMO or the fluoride or vaccines. We have been dumbed down, dragged, drugged and abused for so long that many seem to embrace their 3D Matrix world. I intend on spreading truth and light as much as I can. I fear nothing as we are eternal beings.
          Thank you for being awake and sharing the light. We need to meditate daily to awaken this world of sheep before it is too late. I know that the future is bright, for Love is the way and stronger than Hate.


      • Angel4Light
        Feb 25, 2017 @ 05:57:37

        Typing on a cell is not easy. Doesn’t have spell check and easy to hit the wrong key with my old fat fingers. I finished this writing shortly after it flew the coop 😄


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