Spiritual Understanding

Spiritual Understanding

By Mike Quinsey

The chaos on Earth is reaching a new level and many of you are understandable confused because it is totally unexpected. As a result of a new virus that you have yet to find an antidote for, your world is experiencing a serious epidemic that has spread so quickly. Many of you thought that with the coming of the New Age that the new vibrations would quickly result in a great upliftment that would soon see the end of such troubles.

Yet you are in the midst of a world-wide pandemic the likes of which has not been experienced within your time frame. Your concern is such because you were told that with the completion of the old cycle in 2012, you were in effect commencing a new era free of old karma. Many souls have continued to remain karma free but others have incurred new karma, and we did warn you that in this new period it would not be carried over but would be almost instantaneous.

Therefore Coronavirus is a way of dealing with the need to correct the mistakes being made. However, the consequences are also an eye opener for many, many of you who have still tried to maintain the old way of living. The old has no place in the present times and it is shaking the very foundations on which your lives are based. You are seeing the shortcomings of the last Age and you will never return to them. When you start anew you will look back and acknowledge that which was unsuitable for your future, and take this opportunity to start anew.

In spite of all the trials and tribulations you have experienced, it is to your credit that many of you are rapidly approaching the time of Ascension. Regardless of what is happening the path to Ascension is now opening up even if it is not apparent at this particular time, and nothing will prevent it from coming to pass. The joy and happiness you will feel will be beyond measure and having moved beyond duality, you will live in peace and able to express yourselves free from the burden of mixed societies that have often been led by the Illuminati.

Although you cannot take any material possessions with you may rest assured that everything you need will be immediately available to you, although in reality you will have the mental power to bring such things into being yourself. It means that you will have so much more freedom of movement than ever before that can extend well beyond the Earth. Most souls usually prefer moving in groups who have similar interests and ambitions. The likelihood is that you will meet up with friends from earlier lives and so renew such friendships. They will be exciting times and you will have freedom to explore as you wish. With the added advantage of a much longer life your ambitions will clearly have no limitations.

You might imagine that having lived many, many lives over thousands of years there would be little left to excite you, but bear in mind that everything is continually moving on and subject to changes. There are seven Universes and in your time you will have spent lives in some of those, so you are in fact a seasoned traveller of the skies. You will also have experienced some of the different life forms that you will have long forgotten, yet there are still records of your history and it will remain there for all time. In reality you are a seasoned traveller of the Universe.

You are entitled to feel excited at the prospect of once more being in control of your destiny. Be assured that that the goal is still to continue your evolution and soon you will have much more to say about your future. You will be carrying forward all of the positive gains from your previous lives and your goal is to evolve even higher. Instead of very short lives and experiences, you will live for hundreds of years whilst maintaining a youthful appearance.

What lies ahead of you will be somewhat familiar and why you will have no problems in accepting it. After many lives having your life plan organised to enable you to lift your vibrations and achieve Ascension, it will be well within your capabilities to have full understanding and knowledge of the new experiences that you need. The knowledge of who you really are should lift you up to new heights, and the prospect of being part of those who seek out others needing help with their evolution is exciting and rewarding.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey


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Kryon: The Revelation

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of magnetic service.
For those who have just tuned in, and there are many, we sit in front of a group that is about to tour, about to see a magical place like no other, one of the places on the planet which has a very different kind of energy throughout the island and we’re going to speak of this a lot more. This is Iceland.
At the same time that this is happening, the planet seems to be shutting down. I will address the virus today. I will give you things to think about. I want to give you some history. I want to tell you some things perhaps you didn’t expect to hear. But for the Iceland experience and those who sit in the chairs, I’ll tell you something. Whereas there are other lands that have special energies that imbue it from the dirt of the Earth, from Gaia itself, this one is different. Those who live here will tell you that the land doesn’t simply have energy, it has personalities. When you go to the big island of Hawaii, you speak of Pele, you talk about that which is an energy with a personality. Some will say “well, it’s mythology”, others will say “It’s more than that”. Those who have been there and born there will say “It’s a lot more than that”. It is the same here except that it is amplified over and over. For the various areas can be named, if you wish. They will speak in different languages, if you wish. Sometimes they have stories about speaking to one another. The glaciers, the mountains, the fjords, the land that you walk on, may speak to you as a personality, not just an energy. That is different.
It’s an island. It is not therefore connected in any way with any other part of the planet that would influence the separateness of the personalities that you’ll meet. For those of you who are sensitive, you’ll know it. For those of you who are not, you’ll suspect it, for you’ll feel a soothing difference. Even that which is majestic and hot and steaming will have a beautiful message about why they are there and a greeting for the human who looks upon them.
I wish to speak now about the times. This is surprising to many how this planet now is going through something that people didn’t expect. If you followed my work, you’ll remember that 2012 was a cycle. The end of one, the beginning of another. This is not Kryon information. This comes from the majority of the indigenous of the planet. For together there was a consensus in the cosmology of so many indigenous that the procession of the equinoxes, that which is 2012, is the beginning of a new cycle for Earth. That is why I am here to give the messages at all, to guide you through the changes. And what have we told you about the changes? We have said “dramatic”. We have said “watch for the Wild Cards”. Have you seen any? We’ve said that things will not say the same. And they don’t and they haven’t and they’re not. We’ll speak again in a moment of what is taking place on the planet right now, gripping so many in fear. But first there are those that had said “Wait a minute. Kryon you have talked about the influence of a consciousness that starts to evolve, an awakening consciousness that makes the planet a better place. How does this all fit in to what’s happening today? Hardly does it seem that it’s a better place at the moment.”
We have told you before, dear ones, that in this time of shift and change there’s going to be energy you’ve never seen before of revelation, that you will see things that were always there but now you will see them for the first time in all their ugliness and all their darkness and most of the things that you will see is low consciousness and things that were always there that have to now be taken away or exposed into the light. Some of you so aware, of a society, and now starts to see the things that they never ever thought would be exposed to the light in this way, things such as the “Me Too” movement, where many awaken and say “we knew that darkness was there but it happened to me” and others would say “and to me” and others would say “and to me”. And, for the first time, you realize that there is no fear over that which might happen to you because so many are seeing the same thing.
What is happening today is completely and totally the actions of men. Humans have created what is taking place. This is not something that Gaia is responsible for. What you’re seeing is revelation. Now, wait a moment while I give you some history that may not seem relevant. But I’m going to give it to you anyway and, when I’m done, there will be those who roll their eyes and shake their heads and say “I don’t think so, Kryon.” and I will say to them “Wait a little while.”
I told you early on that this planet was going to have revelations to start cleaning itself up with a higher consciousness humanity which starts to awaken with inventions and ideas that will create a better life for humanity. I told you long ago that the way you should make electricity on this planet is geothermal. All of the electricity – where you stand, where you sit, in this tour, in these days – is geothermal. Some have said “Well, that’s easy because it’s a volcano nation so of course they use geothermal.” And I said to you “Yes, but the entire planet, all they have to do is dig far enough and you’ll get the heat, you’ll make the steam.” And yet the planet chose instead to use the most expensive and dangerous steam engine in the world, called “nuclear”.
When a child first burns it’s hand, it never burns it again. There are engrams that etch onto that which is called synapse, which keeps that child from ever touching something hot again. You would think, would you not, that this would also apply to that which you call instinct from humanity, civilization to civilization, and then understand once they burn their hand they would not do it again. And yet that has not happened. For war has always been that which is a dysfunction which has solved nothing. And yet war has been with you over and over and over and over. We told you that 2012 starts an awakening of regular humans and regular leadership that starts to understand that that is dysfunction and that an evolved consciousness will not allow that to happen again.
I’ll talk about a hand-burning that occurred, a metaphor. 1986. It was called “Chernobyl”. And just briefly, dear ones, I give you this history because it’s repeating itself in another way right now, this hour, as you sit.
When the nuclear plant exploded at Chernobyl it was a shock. For nuclear plants are not supposed to explode. Indeed it was discovered later there was a flaw in the design, that this flaw was repeated over and over in other reactors in that land. None of them exploded but the flaw was there, ready to have a repeat performance of Chernobyl. Chernobyl was not covered with a shell because that which was the leadership and the government was an oppressive one, one that did things inexpensively, one that even was afraid of itself, always in denial and filled with fear. When it exploded, even those who were there denied the explosion. This was ingrained in this kind of government for half a century. “You don’t say what you see, you say what you’re told.” And so what took place next was a shock to all. Denial, denial. It took almost two hundred thousand people to clean up the mess and it’s not cleaned up – and won’t be – for more than four thousand years. The most dangerous steam engine in the world. Lives had to be lost before the government would acknowledge that which was obvious and correct the nuclear reactors that had the flaw. But still they’re not covered.
These are the things we wish to speak of that we told you are changing. We told you that now the elegance of magnetics would start to show itself in a way that should have showed itself a thousand years ago, that you can have very strong magnets that push and pull against one another to turn wheels, to make cam shafts go up and down, to make electricity forever without using any resource – not even the heat of the Earth – that they could be sealed up and crank for years and years and the only thing that would wear out would simply be the metal itself.
That that is the new magnetics of electricity, of engines. People would say “Well, when it that happening?” and we told you just recently it’s happening now.
This has also been repeated in 2011 in Japan, where they realized that no matter how “safe” they could make it, Gaia can make a difference. An earthquakes, a tsunami and this again was a reactor which has gone wild. The most dangerous thing you can do. Magnetics is going to replace these. It’s going to happen soon. It is starting now and this is the evolution that I spoke of.
I want to tell you about a quotation from the Prime Minister or President or whatever you wish to call the one in charge of the country that had Chernobyl. It was the Soviet Union. Gorbachev made a statement. He said that Chernobyl was the catalyst for the fall of the Soviet Union. Because when the people saw the deceit, when they saw that which is the lies and the fear – collectively – it could not sustain itself any more. It was out of the bag. It was seen by millions.
I would like to tell you something about the virus right now which is causing so much trouble, so much fear, so much worry. There are viruses in nature, bacteria in nature, that stays with nature. The trees would have it, the animals would have it, and they don’t apply to humans. Humans have their own set of viruses and bacterias that you work with – as humans on the planet, you deal with – but occasionally, occasionally – there will be a crossover from the animals to the humans or sometimes even the plants to the humans but it only happens because of human action. It never happens naturally. The virus you have did not happen naturally.
In the 1800’s, you had “The Black Death” – the Plague – traced back, of course, to the fleas that were on the rats and the rats which were living with the humans in unsanitary conditions with humans placed back-to-back with other humans, even before you knew about washing your hands and germs. You know what happened. Today it’s not “the Plague”. Today it’s the flu. But it has the same attributes of having been caused by human action.
What I’m going to say next is controversial. I will say a phrase many times. A virus is not political. A virus does what it does naturally and if you want to see a story that is told, all you have to do – carefully – is to see where the virus goes and where it came from. You are told that the virus occurred by itself. It did not. The virus comes from a bat. That was studied in the most high-end, high-class virology laboratory in China – Wuhan. It was there. They acknowledge it was there. It’s part of the study. It’s the derivative of SARS. That is where the virus came from, dear ones, and yet you’re told that it didn’t. Somehow it magically appeared in the area – not from the laboratory. But what happened next is so similar to Chernobyl. It’s a hand-burn that you should see and know about.
Those who are affected in the area, who are a civilization that lives together. five, six in a room. Who doesn’t practice the same kind of health issues that you do, in the same ways that you do. And of course they were infected immediately and they started dying because they did not have the protection so many of you do in your societies. And what the government said is: “You’re not dying. Pay no attention to the bodies that you see on the street.” That didn’t last long. That area lost as many human beings – tragically, sorrowfully – as the United States lost in 9/11. And the government denied it. And they were afraid to admit it. And they said “Well, it didn’t come from here.” And they kept dying and dying. Finally, there was no way that they could halt that which was known by the news, by others who reported it, and it got out. And even today, the scientists will tell you and the governments will tell you “Well it did not come from the laboratory.”
Pretend you have a city with a giant smoke stack. One day you wake up and there’s smoke everywhere and you’re told “Well there may be smoke here but of course it didn’t come from the smokestack.” And that is exactly what they’re saying. It came from the lab. Accidentally, it was released. For some of the same reasons that the government that sponsored Chernobyl had flaws. And this will be known. And this will be seen. And history will show it. And so what has taken place today with all of the finger-pointing has to do with human action, carelessness, deceit and fear.
Dear ones, it will be contained. It will be solved. And the hand-burning, if you want to say that, of this planet will be remembered.
Oh, but there’s more. Follow the virus. There is a secret I am not going to reveal, for the secret is to be revealed by the whistle-blowers, by those who will know things in the years to come – or sooner. It will cause a revelation. And when it does, dear ones, there are perhaps two governments that may fall, or change dramatically, because their people will see – finally – the repression, the fear, the lack of open-ness, and start to change those things on Earth that you thought would never be changed because of this virus. There is a big secret. A hint, for you, is this: A virus is not political. A virus doesn’t lie. If you follow the infection schedule at the very beginning, you will find that besides China there was one other country – far, far away – that immediately was infected with hundreds – even the top echelon. Go find it. Is there a connection? Is there a “follow the dots”? A virus is not political. And there is something even bigger than you think that was brewing here and when it is revealed, and the secrets are known, the governments who are responsible may very well not survive. This is the tip of the iceberg for planetary change and it has nothing to do with health but everything to do with consciousness shift on the planet.
You will get through this, dear ones. And it will be contained, dear ones. And you will remember it and you’ll never want this to happen again. And when you find out how it truly happened, that’s when things will change.
You sit in a great and beautiful place, the ones in this room I’m talking to. For the next few days, a time to relax, a time to see the beauties and the personalities that are within the waters and within the geysers, and within the mountains, the volcanoes, the glaciers and the waterfalls. They all have names. Not the names that humans have given them. And if you could hear them, they would talk to you, and they would say “This is a beautiful Earth, dear human being. Welcome to the beauty of the future.” Go from this place wiser, changed, and aware that this planet is starting to work in your favor. Two steps forward, one step back. You’re in the step back right now. It will get better. And so it is.

The Best Is Yet To Come – Trump 2020

By Joe M

The Best Is Yet To Come – Trump 2020

“This nation is our canvas. And this country is our masterpiece. We look at tomorrow and see unlimited frontiers just waiting to be explored. Our brightest discoveries are not yet known. Our most thrilling stories are not yet told. Our grandest journeys are not yet made. The American age, the American epic, the American adventure, has only just begun. Our spirit is still young. The sun is still rising. God’s grace is still shining. And, my fellow Americans, the BEST IS YET TO COME!” – DJT

The Presence of Everything by Archangel Raphael

The Presence of Everything by Archangel Raphael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa

I, Archangel Raphael, in loving radiant presence, greet you. May my healing energies awaken your belief in your own healing powers, creating a beautiful dawning of spiritual strength and the creative forces within you. Now is the time to recognise your own radiance, realising what is present for you within your inner radiance. I simply act as a mirror for you to recognise the Creator residing within your physical body; an eternal presence. Everything you see, sense and acknowledge within me, is present within yourself as well.
The Creator begins within each of us

Such a profound statement when you accept its truth, explore it deeply and live from this understanding. When you are unwilling to recognise the Creator within, you are believing that the Creator is initiated through others, whether inner plane light beings or physical people. The Creator is your origin. All openings and awakenings of any form are born from the Creator. The Creator arises from your essence and creates through you. In every form and dimension of your being, the Creator begins within you and all begins. This means you hold all that is the Creator within you. From the birth of the Creator to all creations, from the eternal nature of the Creator to the nothingness of the Creator. The entire journey of the Creator resides within you, whether you are in existence in a physical or light body. Within this realisation you seek the Creator within you rather than outside of yourself. You recognise the power, truth, and radiance you hold within you.

Allow yourself to affirm out loud a few times and then in your mind, ‘The Creator begins within me.’ Allow yourself to acknowledge how this feels for you. What emotions, thoughts or sensations arise from within you? Do you believe the statement to be true or does it feel unreal to you? Exploring this statement supports you in deepening your understanding of the presence of the Creator within you.
Creation is your truth and embodiment

Creation is the formation of energy and light into thought, emotion, physical or anything that can be experienced and embodied. Creation is the awakening of a journey of exploring the Creator’s essence. You could say it is the beginning of an expression of the Creator. If the Creator takes form within you and shapes manifestations/ creations, then the divine mind and divine plan of the Creator are present within you. As well as every journey of creation that you have ever experienced and which every soul has manifested. This is your truth, it is the vibration that pulsates throughout your being, flows through your life and intertwines into everything you create. You are an embodiment of truth and creation, whether you believe it wholeheartedly or not. In fact, you are an embodiment of all truth and creation of the entire universe of the Creator.

If you choose to, you can recognise the entire cosmos in your being

The Creator resides within nature, the universe, the world, life, and the cosmos. All of these are a creation of the Creator. Nothing is separate, everything is existing in oneness and harmony, even when chaos is present. You currently recognise yourself as separate from everything that is the Creator and yet everything resides within you.

There is first a need to recognise that everything holds the energy and essence of the Creator. You may judge something as being negative or positive, even that it is impossible for certain things or experiences to hold the energy of the Creator, however, judgment causes separation and misunderstanding. When you recognise that the energy of the Creator is in constant creation, constant motion, and manifestation, you realise that there is only movement within the energy of the Creator, so nothing stays the same. Transformation and change are a constant in the presence of the Creator.

Secondly, it is powerful to recognise that if everything holds the energy and essence of the Creator then you do too. If everything holds the energy and essence of the Creator, then everything is the Creator and resides within the Creator. Thus, the presence of everything exists within you.

As a being in existence upon the Earth, it can be challenging with the limitations of the mind to recognise the presence of everything. The Creator is eternal, and it can be demanding to contemplate everything simultaneously. It is possible to gain a sense of the presence of everything within you, connecting with the energy, vibrations, and frequency. Thus, you embody the presence of everything and are able to access all you need and require to be of service to yourself and others.

What does it mean to you to embody and align with the presence of everything?

What would it change in your reality and life experiences to embody and align with the presence of everything?

What would you consciously create and be guided to create from the space of embodying and aligning with the presence of everything?

It is important to take some time to contemplate and meditate upon the realisation and acceptance of the presence of everything residing within you. To achieve this, I, Archangel Raphael, invite you to repeat the statement, ‘I Am the Presence of Everything.’ You are stating that the Creator who resides within you and all beings is the presence of everything, all that is the Creator. As you recite the statement either out loud or silently, you allow the energy being created to direct your focus deeper and deeper within, aligning you with the energy, vibration, and frequency of the presence of everything. Thus, your entire being pulsates as the presence of everything, with infinite opportunities to create infinite possibilities.

Everything has already been created and yet it is experienced as if it is fresh and new. This is because of your willingness to be present in that moment with whatever is forming or manifesting. Each time you allow yourself to be present you transform, grow and are different. Thus, each moment is approached and experienced differently. Each moment is unique.

While it can be testing to imagine that all that is the Creator exists within you, it can be challenging to come to terms with the understanding that everything you agree with and disagree with is also present within you. It is powerful to realise your perspective creates your understanding of agreeing and disagreeing. Your thoughts and the thoughts of others can create that which you disagree with. I, Archangel Raphael, invite you to accept that everything is present within you; focus on the truth and inspirational nature of the Creator. If anything, not aligned with the inspirational nature of the Creator arises then simply let it go through your intention. You will be releasing it on behalf of the world and the entire universe of the Creator, which is an amazing service. Let the healing begin.

You may wish to take time to realise and meditate on the embodiment that you have access to everything you need and require; it is all present within you.

To be present in the moment and conscious of what is occurring is a powerful skill.

To be present with all you recognise yourself to be is inspirational.

To be present with everything is your truth.

I, Archangel Raphael, invite you to contemplate, seek and explore the power of everything within you.

In love, healing, and harmony,

Archangel Raphael




Source: Commander Ashtar channeled by Erena Velazquez.

I am Ashtar, Light Forces Commander. I am grateful to be here and to be channeled by this channel.

It has been a long road for us and humanity. Now it’s about 40 years ago when the Galactic Disclosure was suppose to happen and it was stopped. The transmission was in England on BBC channel, we decided that humanity was not ready for the Galactic Disclosure. Then, in the beginning of 2000, another Galactic Disclosure was suppose to happen, which was interrupted by the Dark Forces with September 11. Now, we are in 2020, this time we believe that we are on the right road to the Galactic Disclosure and the Ascension of Humanity.

We are pleased to announce that we are doing everything we can to save humanity from the Dark Forces who are still trying to interrupt the Event. Please, don’t be alarmed by the Corona Virus, it’s another attempt by the Negative Forces to stop the upcoming Galactic Disclosure. We suggest that you don’t let fear take over you and please meditate to raise your vibrations. We are doing our part from another side trying to stop and eliminate the Corona Virus, which was created in the laboratory. The Cabal wanted to create panic and distress globally.

I am pleased to say that we are doing a lot of work behind the scenes. We prevent a lot of catastrophic events that could destroy humanity and put Mother Gaia in a big distress. When you see these chemical trails in the sky, why do you think you are still alive, because we neutralize them all the time. If you would see the amount of poison that is being dropped on humanity, then you would understand how much work we are doing. We would suggest for humanity to start doing their part more intensively.

Also, the light workers need to remember that going on vacation and living their lives is not a priority right now. The priority right now is to help humanity to ascend. We want you to remember that everyday and every minute of your day, that this your task here. This why you came here and volunteered to be here to help humanity, so please do what you promised to do, and we will do what we promised to do.

We have been here on Earth for a long time, we are ready to move on to the next task, but we can’t. We need to finish this mission here. We are looking forward to 2020 as being the year of Ascension of Humanity and the year of Disclosure.

I will be back again soon to give more information on the progress of Ascension and the Galactic Disclosure. I am Ashtar, I was pleased to be here.

The Acceptance of Differences by Lord Melchizedek plus

The Acceptance of Differences by Lord Melchizedek

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa

I, Lord Melchizedek, bring into your awareness a key stage of mastery that you will move through and embody when you are ready. Each level and stage of mastery encourages your unification with and expression of the Creator through your being whether you exist within an energetic or physical body. Your experiences on the Earth, what you create, how you react, all allow you to move through different stages of spiritual mastery, retrieving wisdom, knowingness, trust in self and the Creator as well as feeling deepening freedom. You could liken stages of mastery as lessons that offer enlightenment. While there are specific embodiments which take place, each person experiences their manifestation within their being and reality in different and diverse ways. Thus, mastery for each person appears unique and yet everyone is striving to reach the same goal. When you experience unification with the Creator, you embody the entire universe of the Creator, the presence of infinity and a limitless awakening; full freedom can be the only way to describe this. Freedom for your spiritual being, soul and soul group, which will powerfully impact your existence on the Earth. As a physical being you have a powerful role in your journey of mastery as many deep-seated shifts that require to take place are played out within your being and your physical reality. Everything you do, say and think has the potential to make a difference to your reality, ascension, mastery and the evolutionary divine plan of the Creator.

Do You Embody Acceptance?

This is a powerful question to ask yourself, answering with honesty and integrity. It is most likely that you do embody acceptance to a certain degree although not fully. To embody acceptance is to live your life from the space of loving acceptance within you. It is to accept yourself, others, your life, experiences, and the world completely. Acceptance doesn’t mean that you have to agree with or believe in. It doesn’t even mean you allow, understand, or tolerate. Acceptance doesn’t invite you to resign yourself to certain outcomes of manifestations. The acceptance, I, Lord Melchizedek, speak of is to be present without judgment, to receive and to acknowledge. When you accept a person you are present with them, letting go of any judgments that may arise within you, receiving all they are or are not sharing/ expressing, and acknowledging them which is welcoming them to be themselves in every given moment, knowing you are allowing yourself to be truthful. This is the same for any experience, part of your reality or aspect of yourself.

Acceptance is a powerful stage of mastery because it encourages you to see, sense or acknowledge yourself and reality with greater clarity. You begin to recognise things beyond your previous perceptions, ideas, and beliefs. Embodying acceptance opens your being and world to you creating freedom, love and the truth of the Creator.

When you commit to embodying acceptance you begin to experience internal shifts, awakening enlightenment and a deepening clarity of yourself and the Creator. You may also begin to see/ perceive things in a different way. In truth, you learn or remember how to see the world and yourself through the eyes of the Creator, a magical and empowering experience. Imagine viewing yourself and the world from unconditional love, infinity, and an eternal bond.

The Power of Differences

Each soul or spark expressed from the Creator is the same as the Creator and yet is unique. No person on the Earth is the same however many similarities may be apparent. Each person/ soul is different and yet born from the same source. Differences are a part of the Creator; they are a core function and an essence of life / ascension. Gazing through the eyes of the Creator the differences that manifest within all aspects of the Creator are exciting, informative, expressive and create growth or a journey of self/Creator discovery. When we accept that differences are a key aspect of the Creator, we begin to recognise differences within and all around us with awe and understanding.

Do You Embody Acceptance of Difference?

With the realisations that difference of any form or kind are an expression of the Creator, so you can begin to evaluate your beliefs and the way you view yourself and the world in your current reality. Do you perceive differences are negative, something to be feared or a source of separation? Do you judge others for their difference or judge yourself feeling separated from others? This requires tremendous thought and contemplation. How are you perceiving yourself and the world around you? With an understanding of acceptance and a new understanding of differences what changes could be made to your thinking as you perceive the world around and within you?

Many choose to isolate themselves or others because they judge them as being different in some way or another. Disagreements, wars, misunderstandings, abuse, seclusion, suffering, loneliness, and fear are all a product or manifestation of judging differences. In truth, differences have the power to bring unity and oneness to your being and the world.

Observe the differences you recognise within your being.

* Are you willing to view these differences from a space of acceptance within you?

* Observe the differences you recognise in the people around you.

* Are you willing to view these differences from a space of acceptance within you?

* Observe the differences you recognise in the world.

* Are you willing to view these differences from a space of acceptance within you?

It is important to remember the acceptance of differences doesn’t mean that you have to agree with or believe in. It doesn’t even mean you allow, understand, or tolerate. Acceptance doesn’t invite you to resign yourself to certain outcomes of manifestations. The acceptance, I, Lord Melchizedek, speak of is to be present with difference without judgment, to receive and to acknowledge them. To then speak, react or create from a space of unconditional love within you. Something new, insightful or illuminating may then appear to you as a result of your acceptance.

If acceptance is difficult then understand that healing may be required in order for acceptance to manifest. You may wish to call upon your community of guide to assist you with the necessary healing. There is no need for you to understand what healing is required and why. Simply allow healing to take place when it is needed and bathe in the benefits.

Gradually you will change your perception of difference and thus shift your reality and ascension. There is so much to experience. It is time to embrace the unique expressions of the Creator.

A Final Note

While my communication to you describes a stage of ascension and mastery you are ready to embody, it also presents to you what is needed in your world now to create healing, peace and the manifestation of the truth of the Creator. Imagine if a large percentage of the world and world leaders adopted acceptance of difference, what would be created for all to experience? This is a time where powerful shifts and transformations are possible.

With love, truth, and peace,

Lord Melchizedek


Master Jesus: Endless joy is your destination

Message from Master Jesus

by John Smallman

Endless joy is your destination.

The crazy world you see around you is not as crazy as it may at first appear, because enormous changes, changes that were decided upon at the moment of your apparent separation from Source, are coming into effect, one after another with great rapidity. These changes are a major aspect of humanity’s awakening process, and are indications of the enormous progress humanity has made, and is continuing to make in its spiritual evolution.

The craziness has always been present, but because of the choice to be unaware of your true nature – at One with Source – you have been mostly unaware of it. There has always been conflict, suffering, dishonesty, betrayal, and corruption in the human arena, but what is happening now is that it is no longer possible for it to remain hidden. Modern technology has of course made it possible for all that is not in alignment with Love to increase in magnitude and greatly expand its field of influence. However, it has also made it possible for many more people everywhere to become aware of what is happening, and has been happening for eons, through modern communications systems. It is now impossible for corrupt or deceitful practices to remain hidden or secret, and they are increasingly being uncovered and brought to the attention of all. This truly is reason to celebrate!

What is seen can be changed. And that is happening all across the world as dictators and their cronies step down or are removed from power, while in so-called democracies the people are rising up and most vociferously demanding change. And change is happening! Do not be upset or depressed by the news of intense suffering, because none of it is new, it is just much more present in your awareness. Instead, if you can assist physically in relieving it by financial donations, or by visiting areas where assistance is desperately required and by offering your services, then do so. If not, do not judge yourselves as inadequate, thus allowing yourselves to be discouraged by your apparent inability to offer any meaningful assistance to those in desperate need.

Remember that you are all, every single human being without exception, divine beings having a physical experience in form for a reason that is spiritual. You all chose to be incarnate at this point in Earth history in order to assist in humanity’s awakening process, and every single one one of you has a task to fulfill, and which you will fulfill – in fact you are fulfilling it right now in this present moment just by being.

Let go of your doubts, of any sense of worthlessness or inadequacy, because that is just your egos denying that you have a purpose, in a despairing attempt to persuade you not to play your parts in the awakening process, by trying to convince you that either there is no awakening process, that there is only the physical world that you are experiencing as human beings, or that you do not have the necessary skills or abilities, and therefore what you can do or offer is not important or sensational enough! Your egos have an intense need to be seen and honored, and this arises from your sense of separation and abandonment which occurs as a result of believing yourselves to be alone and insignificant in a vast unfeeling universe. A completely invalid belief that you need to release.

As divine beings you all have an effect on the whole of creation at all times by the energy you express and share. You can indeed be negative and doubtful, or angry and resentful, or bitter and hate-filled. But you incarnated to be loving, and you have limitless ability to be loving in every situation and in every moment, because that is your real and true nature. When you set the intent to be only loving whatever arises, and reset that intent daily or even hourly, it has an enormous effect way beyond anything you can, with your limited human intellect and awareness, possibly imagine. And before you incarnated you set that intent, knowing how tremendously powerful that intent would be, and also knowing that it was a mighty task that you had set yourselves because you would, as humans, forget your purpose and your true nature, once you had incarnated.

Now, due to the amnesia that being born into human form entails, you have mostly forgotten this, and many of you are allowing your fear-driven egos to guide and direct you, instead of turning inwards to the Love that resides within you always. And of course your egos are extremely good at distracting you from your true purpose by pointing out to you your human inadequacies, and encouraging you to believe that you are small and insignificant beings in a universe that is utterly unaware of you. If they can keep you in fear then you will accept their guidance and the misdirection that follows from it. When you are experiencing living in fear, anxiety, doubt, or uncertainty, and operating from that state, then that is a very clear indication to you that you are allowing your egos to direct and guide you, and they will always lead you astray.

The resolution is to refuse to accept your egos’ guidance, and to turn inwards to your innate knowingness, your intuition, and act with honesty and integrity, while dismissing the doubts and fears with which your egos present you. You have a saying “Feel the fear but do it anyway.” When you do that you move through the fear to a sense of peace and achievement. Each time you have to choose between integrity and the ego – fear – the ego will try to persuade you to follow its guidance. And each time you go with integrity the ego becomes weaker, and you find it easier to overcome your fear. You have all, at times, had to deal with fear that seemed overpowering, and yet you went ahead. Even if your efforts were in the end unsuccessful, you nevertheless felt uplifted, even elated because you had defeated your fear.

Now is the time to build on the lessons you have learned while in human form, so embrace the Love within you, and intend in every moment to be channels or conduits through which that Love can flow in abundance to wherever Source deems It to be most needed, where It can have maximum effect for humanity’s awakening. Know that you are fully supported in this intent by all in the non physical realms, and remind yourselves, whenever doubts or fears arise, that only Love is real, that It is infinitely powerful, and that It always overcomes all obstacles easily because they are unreal.

You are most definitely very firmly established on the path to awakening, because that is every human’s life purpose, and you will not depart from it. Your awakening, as you have been told by so many so frequently, is inevitable because it is divinely ordained. God’s Will for all that He creates is eternal peace and joy, and because that Will is always achieved that is what you are to awaken to. It was achieved at the moment that separation apparently occurred, and it awaits your choice to be present and once more aware of your unchanging divine nature. The divine Will is never enforced, It just is in every moment, and when you awaken you will recognize It and be filled with endless joy.

Endless joy is your destination, your divine inheritance, it is the state into which you were created, and it is the state into which you are to awaken. Therefore, as I said at the beginning of this message: “Celebrate!” By celebrating you intensify your individual energy fields, which are all permanently connected to the infinite field of divine Love that is All That exists, and you therefore intensify and accelerate the awakening process.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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How to Cure Shingles Quickly

How to Cure Shingles in 3 Days-Get Rid of Shingles Fast, Quickly, Overnight

By CureHows

Research shows that, out of every 3 people in the United States, 1 person develops shingles.

Shingles is a medical condition that affects one side of the body, in most cases, the torso or face. It consists of painful blisters and skin rashes. [1]

As you get older, the risk of getting shingles increases. Shingles are also called zoster herpes or just zoster. This name comes from the virus that causes it referred to as varicella-zoster.

How to Get Rid of Shingles Fast

Shingles mainly attack adults and people with a weak immune system. It resembles chicken pox.

Consequently, if you experienced chicken pox when young, you will likely get shingles when you grow older.

If you are suffering from shingles, you must be curious to know how to quickly get rid of them. Good news is, experts have discovered quick methods of curing shingles.You can either decide to use home or natural remedies, supplements or over the counter prescriptions as well as creams.

Below is a detailed guide on how to quickly treat shingles;

Home and natural remedies to get rid of shingles fast

You can cure shingles while at home. There are a few steps you will need to follow to get well in 3 days or less. A combination of all the requirements in the following steps will work miracles for you;


The first and most important thing is for you to take care of your diet. Good diet is number one hint to fast healing of your shingles.

You must remember that shingles is caused by a virus and therefore, there are certain types of foods you need to eat to fight off the virus.

You are advised to mainly consume organic, raw vegetables and fruits in plenty. Foods, when consumed raw, are full of water and nutrients which are directly and easily absorbed into your system.

Remember, the virus weakens your immune system and what you are trying is to boost it as soon as possible. This revival is possible if you take foods loaded with nutrients.[2]

The list of most advisable foods for quick healing from shingles include the following; Water

Remember to keep your body hydrated. Take plenty of water as this will help normalize your body functioning.

Remember, your immune system is weak and any further loopholes such as dehydration only worsen your condition.

Drink at least 8 ounces of water after every 2 hours.

Green leafy vegetables

As already mentioned, when you have shingles, your diet must be rich in vegetables. Calcium and beta-carotene in vegetables boost your immune system.

Getting Rid of Shingles: Fast Home Remedies Diet

Green leafy vegetables
Garlic and onions

Raw garlic and onions contain allicin which boosts the immune system.
Foods rich in vitamin C

Eat foods that are rich in vitamin C such as yellow fruits and oranges all which boost your immunity and hence speed the healing process.

There are foods you need to avoid as they can only make your condition worse. Such foods include; all types of breads, dairy products, meat, or any type of foods that are hard to digest. If you avoid these foods for at least three days, while enriching your system with fruits and vegetables, you will realize a drastic healing from shingles by the third day.

Additionally, you are advised to avoid caffeine for the period that you suffer from shingles. This is because, caffeine dehydrates your body. You need to also avoid carbonated beverages since they lead to increased acidity which may make the illness more acute. Fried foods also increase acidity and you will be safe if you avoid them. [3]


After ensuring that your diet is taken care of, you will need to deal with the shingles directly. Here, you want to directly get rid of rashes and blisters. In this a step, you aim at first relieving the itchiness and this can be done by sticking to a bathing procedure.

Clean the blisters every day to prevent any possibility of spread. A cool bath will work for you. Coolness is key in relieving you of the blister pains as well as calming any itchiness.

The following procedure is important when taking your bath;Add 2 cups of colloidal oatmeal or preferably cornstarch into lukewarm water. Let it soak for twenty minutes then take your bath.

Do not use hot water at all since it is likely to worsen the shingles. This is because, too much heat on the skin increases blood flow.

Dry your body very well using a soft towel. Remember to wash your towel to avoid any possible spread. You can then apply essential oils or honey to hydrate your skin. [4]

According to Phyllis and her husband Dr. James, in their book; Prescriptions for Natural Healing, colloidal silver is very effective in treating shingles.

Some testimonials confirm that colloidal silver will heal your shingles in a day or two.Remember, you want to heal from shingles in the shortest time possible so you need to follow the instructions very carefully.

Adding a cornstarch-baking soda mixture to your water is something you must remember to do. Still under this step, you will need to use a wet cool compress after taking your bath.

Applying a cool moist compress relieves you of the pain that comes with the shingles. Do this several times in a day in order to relieve the symptoms soonest possible. Soak the cloth in cool water then after wringing the water, apply the cloth to the blisters. Just like a bath, the compress reduces the pain and so you will need to repeat the procedure as many times as you can. You are advised against applying an ice pack on the affected area. This is because, the coldness increases skin sensitivity and eventually increasing the pain.

By the third day of following the two steps above, you will notice that your shingles are healed. In case they do not completely heal, try the creams or supplements.

Products such as Creams

Any time you scratch the blisters, it worsens. If bathing and cool compress do not work, you can try creams and lotions. You need to be careful on which of these products you use.

Perfumed or scented lotions cause further irritation and you should not use them at all.

The suggested ointment for you is any that is topical and contains capsaicin which is a natural ingredient. It is the active ingredient in chili peppers. This should be done at least three times in a day. It has an anti-inflammatory effect which is a property known to ease pains.

Best Creams to Cure Shingles Fast

Zostrix creams

The cream reduces pain signals sent to the brain. When you first apply the cream, pain increases. After a short period of time, the pain goes away completely. By the third day, the pain will be totally gone.

Calamine lotion can be applied after showers and baths to dry out your blisters and soothe your irritated skin.[5]

Over the counter or prescribed medication or supplements

Medicines bought over the counter or even supplements may not work as fast as the above remedies. However, they will speed your healing process and in about three days, the symptoms disappear.

The following is a guide on supplements and medication that you need to equip yourself with;


Echinacea -This is an herb that helps fight viruses and infections. You are advised to take 500mg three times in a day.

Vitamin B12 – You will need to take vitamin B12 in order to speed your recovery and reduce pain. Take at least 1000mcg every day until recovery.

Zinc– To support your immune system, you are advised to take 50mg daily. Zinc has also antiviral effects that help fight the illness. It works faster when used as soon as you notice signs of the illness.

Oregano oil – This oil like zinc has antiviral effect and it works against the virus that causes shingles.

Prescribed Medication

You may have heard that shingles disappear on their own. Even that, this takes about 2 to 6 weeks. You may not be able to bear this pain for such long periods. Good news is, there are drugs that will make your healing process fast enough.

To accelerate the healing process, you could try the following;

Antiviral medications

For maximum effect, Dr. Van Groningen advises that as soon as you notice symptoms of shingles, see your doctor for drug prescription.

The commonly used antiviral drugs include Valtrex (valacyclovir), famvir (famciclovir) or zovirax (Acyclovir). [6]

Anticonvulsant drugs, for example, gabapentin

For long term pain, corticosteroids may be prescribed
Analgesics, for example, lidocaine available as gel, spray or cream.
To suppress the pain, nerve block injections are used
Tricyclic antidepressants which include; nortriptyline, imipramine, and amitriptyline; all of which work together to reduce pains.

Antihistamine medications help get rid of the itchiness caused by the rashes.[7]

Above all, seeking your doctor’s advice is very important. The physician is able to assess your condition and prescribe the drugs that are likely to work very fast for you.

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The Sequence of Your Existence Activation by Archangel Metatron

The Sequence of Your Existence Activation by Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie GlassonSacred School of OmNa

Angelic greetings of expansion and awakening, I am Archangel Metatron. It is an honour to bring forth the expansion and awakening energies of the Creator and the Angelic Kingdom to you, in order to inspire a greater recognition of the same within you. Expansion and awakening may appear to be similar qualities and energies when embodied, however, the expansion allows you to become and embody while awakening supports a reflection deeper into yourself. Coupled together, you can dive deep into your inner truth embodying the Creator’s truth into infinity. It is this journey I bring to you and inspire from within you into manifestation. Take a moment to contemplate yourself and your journey with the presence of expansion and awakening.

I, Archangel Metatron, ignite within you the presence of expansion and awakening in order to activate the sequence of your existence. This energy is very sacred, it holds the purity of your being, the mission of your soul and accounts of every experience of your soul and soul group. Thus, it is the story of your existence, offering you the remembrance of past, present and that which you have yet to experience. The story of your soul has already been experienced by you fully and yet it hasn’t even begun! In truth, you are already the entire and complete story or experiences of your soul and soul group, which means that all memories, wisdom and information are ready for you to grasp, download and use now. Can you imagine you already know and have experienced your soul and soul groups mission on the Earth and the inner planes? You have already merged completely with the Creator and you have already been created or birthed from the Creator. You are able to experience and embody everything between these two landmarks as well in your current embodiment.

Contemplate for a moment the volume of wisdom available for you to grasp.

Contemplate the realisation you are already your soul and soul groups mission, everything they wish to embody and learn. This means that everything you could ever possibly need and require is ready and available to you.

Contemplate that you are already a part of the divine plan and have already played your sacred role. You have already completed all the missions your soul set out to engage with, embody and experience. Can you imagine you are already everything you could possibly dream of for yourself and spiritual evolution, as well as so much more that is difficult to contemplate at this moment?

When you begin to focus in this way you enter into a space of deep knowingness, nothingness and unlimited abundance within you, which further illuminated and activates your being. You move beyond a sense of yourself into an awareness of all that is possible and already created.

Everything has already been created, nothing is new. You may wish to take time to ponder this sentence, allowing awakenings to dawn within you. You may find yourself asking the question, can this always be the case? Yes, it can.

Can you imagine that within you is the understanding of the creation of the Universe and each moment of creation of your being?

It is time to shift your perspective through expansion and awakening to realise an activation is taking place within you which is allowing you to glimpse the truth of your being on all dimensions of the Creator’s Universe and beyond.

The Sequence

The truth is that there is no sequence to the existence and experiences of your soul, even when in embodiment on the Earth. Your everyday life feels like it is a series of events which have an order and cycle, yet your soul’s existence and events are occurring simultaneously. Thus, the sequence of your existence is the presence of everything you are being as one, simultaneously. The mind finds this difficult to accept as it is often programmed to accept time and the linear presence of everything. If you can gaze beyond the programming of the mind you begin to open to new understandings of your own truth and that of the Creator. This means your entire existence can be experienced in a moment or explored for a lifetime and still not fully revealed. Thus, the sequence of your existence is your simultaneous embodiment of everything that is the Creator.

You are a library of everything that is the Creator

Trust and courage are required in order to examine within you the truth of the Creator to the capacity that is available to and through you. The evaluation and embodiment of expansion and awakening support the evolution of knowingness of the truth of the Creator within you. Please invite, me, Archangel Metatron, forth to empower and amplify the qualities of trust, courage, expansion and awakening within you. As you focus upon the blossoming of these four energies within you, notice how you delve and rest deeper within your being and truth, entering a space which is deeply familiar to you and yet unknown.

I, Archangel Metatron, then invite you to request me to begin and reveal to you the Sequence of Your Existence Activation. I will do so as I invite you to focus on your breathing with your attention directed inwards. Be ready for anything which requires to be revealed to you. I, Archangel Metatron, will work with your energies to create the necessary shifts and synthesis required, especially in your perceptions of yourself. Let the activation be revealed to you in the most unique, beautiful and necessary way for you.

I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to ask me to assist you in your embodiment of all that is revealed to you now and in every given moment. It is through embodiment you will recognise the true benefits of this activation.

While this activation brings numerous blessings, its greatest miracle is the growing understanding of who you are, your purpose, your mission and why you exist. Questions that often go unanswered and yet you have the capacity to bring great illumination to your being and awareness. Thus, bringing the Creator more fully into manifestation within your being, reality and the world around you. This activation brings self-awareness to a whole new level. The activation I speak of may not download fully and completely into your being instant. It is a gift that you can take time to digest, awakening your inner knowingness to the truth of All That Is. Due to the current linear programming of your mind, you may discover yourself at the birth of your existence or even the completion of your existence, able to grasp the knowledge that is needed to assist your current lifetime. There is much to explore and become aware of once more. It is important to remember that you have access to the knowledge and wisdom of the entire Universe of the Creator, this doesn’t mean you will receive everything that is available. You have the ability to connect with all that is the Creator, however, you will only grasp and understand that which is required and serves you to know and embody.

There is much to explore, I am present to serve, guide, reconnect and inspire you,

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Michael: You Are in the Midst of a Spiritual Revolution

Archangel Michael, You Are in the Midst of a Spiritual Revolution

Published on Jan 20, 2020

Archangel Michael, You Are in the Midst of a Spiritual Revolution

via Ronna Herman Vezane

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What You Need to Do in Order to Ascend

What You Need to Do in Order to Ascend


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