The medical cartel: too big to fail, too evil to expose

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The medical cartel: too big to fail, too evil to expose

by Jon Rappoport

April 19, 2015

There are several reasons why the medical cartel is too big to fail: the enormous amount of money at stake; its aim to control populations.

In this article, I want to examine a related reason.

Suppose it was discovered that thousands of bridges around the US were in imminent danger of collapsing? Not because maintenance and repair were lacking, not because the materials used to build them were cheap and shoddy. But because the original designs were inadequate and broke basic rules of engineering.

Suppose five or six major manufacturers built their automobiles so the vast majority of power derived from the engines was transferred to one wheel?

Suppose the US Dept. of Agriculture recommended that all farmers spray their crops with heavy chlorine instead of water?

In other words, the science…

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Angel 4 Light:

Beautiful and inspirational. Be blessed

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In that moment when the dew

kissed the bloom….

My very soul felt the kiss

of Divine Essence….

And I was complete.

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The Flat Earth Masonic Matrix Manipulators

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Originally posted on

Published on Apr 19, 2015

The oldest and largest secret society in existence has a secret so huge and well-hidden, so contrary to what we have been taught to believe, that its exposure threatens to not only completely and single-handedly crush their New World Order “United Nations” but to radically reshape the entirety of modern academia, universities, the mainstream / alternative medias, all the world’s governments, space agencies, and the very Earth beneath our feet. http://www.AtlanteanConspiracy.com

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Update: Federal Judge drops bomb in the Monsanto vs. Maui case

Angel 4 Light:

Another sold Soul to Setan. To the Pit, they shall go. Be blessed

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Update: Judge drops bomb in the Monsanto vs. Maui case

by Jon Rappoport

April 19, 2015

On April 15, Federal Judge Susan Oki Mollway dropped a bomb in Monsanto vs. Maui.

She ruled that the case cannot go to Hawaii State Court, but will remain under her federal jurisdiction.

The federal government’s support for Monsanto is even greater than the State Government of Hawaii’s.

And the will of Maui County voters—to put a temporary block on Monsanto’s toxic, local, GMO/pesticide experiments—is now diluted at a new remote level.

Maui County can’t enforce the vote, and neither can the State of Hawaii. Now a federal court will decide whether to nullify the will of Maui voters.

This is dictatorship.

Among the obvious reasons for refusing to allow this matter to be settled at a state level, there is a hidden factor: a guiding principle invoked in the Hawaii State Constitution:

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75 plane crashes into Twin Towers every year

Angel 4 Light:

Read the part over and over about how many people are murdered each year by the medical profession and big pharma. Time to recall big pharma. BOYCOTT anything to do with Chemical Companies. Be blessed

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skull and bones

75 plane crashes into Twin Towers every year « Jon Rappoport’s Blog.

From and with permission of

75 plane crashes into Twin Towers every year

By Jon Rappoport
April 19, 2015

3000 people killed on September 11, 2001.

What would happen if there were 75 attacks of that magnitude every year? Not just one year, every year.

Roughly one attack every five days.

Mad uncontrollable chaos. That’s what would happen.

Military dictatorship right out in the open; absolute and official gutting of the Bill of Rights; mass arrests and disappearances on the slightest of pretexts, huge riots, global war…

And still, the attacks would continue to take place. No measure, no amount of force would stop them.

The news would cover nothing else. Every day, all day, television and print news would yell, shout, scream, wail.

Well, consider these figures, which I have published many…

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Angel 4 Light:

This precious story touched my heart and I felt compelled to share it. Many of my close family members have parished from Cancer, however it was the Allopathic Doctor’s remedy that killed them. Chemotherapy is highly toxic and if you study further, you will find that Chemo is the big killer as well as radiation. Many alternative remedies are out there and worth exploring. How do you know for sure that you have Cancer if it is not physically showing? Just some Quack who has sold their soul to Big Pharma saying so will not be an option. People act like Doctors are Gods. Be in total control of your health. A positive attitude, faith and changing your toxic habits can make a big difference.

I don’t use chemicals at all around my house. I make my own toothpaste, washing powder, use handmade soaps, dont drink fluoride or eat GMO foods, I have gone 100% organic even with my garden. I don’t use pesticides ever.

When I purchase healthy foods, I store them in Glass. I Can my produce, and I know what is in it.

I recommend everyone to get back to Nature Now. Grow your own food and make your own shampoos, deodorants, and stop coloring your hair. For pain their are healthy alternatives, for cuts and bruises.

Allopathic care is good for broken bones. Even Surgical is risky. If you want to exit this construct faster, go to the Hospital, they killed many of my loved ones. The horror stories are long but it cured me from ever going myself. I wish you all great health and much wisdom, get books on Herbs, Natural wellness and study hard as if your life depended on it. Be blessed.

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I have not posted for a very long time about cancer. Some of you, my Followers my think, that I have forgot about it.
I did not.
I wish I could.
I wish we all could…
No one day passes without the ugly monster C flushing its ugly face on me…
And I’m reading Cancer Blogs. I can find some hope there. But it makes me so very angry, that so many are suffering because of it…
And there is so much confusion about diagnosis, treatments and survival prognosis.
It is scary, terrifying disease.
I wish I could do something more to stop the pain and suffering of those affected by it.
But all I can do is to keep blogging and hoping that my clumsy writing will help someone, give hope to someone.

You see, I was born in Poland, two years after WWII ended. As a young child…

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Gordon Duff VT 4-18-15… “Jade Helm: Another Neocon Hoax” (and a Gordon/Jim note about a related VT post0

Originally posted on Kauilapele's Blog:

veterans_today_banner_NEW_111veterans_today_gordon_duff_banner_41There’s a Guidance, I call it, that “moves” me to post things here. I do not post everything that comes across my consciousness zone. This “Jade Helm” thing has been one of those. The Kp blog is not about PAFP (Passing Around Fear Porn). Usually those articles are accompanied by a “Be afraid… Be very afraid” statement or two (or twenty).

So this is the only “Jade Helm” thing I will likely post here. There was another VT article, of which I’ll only quote what Jim Dean and Gordon Duff added as comment:

“[Editor’s Note: We have checked all of our sources who would be in a position if something like this is going on, and it categorically is not. What we have is another NeoCon excercise to test how many people can be taken in on this old scam…again. Our aplogies for having and [an] experienced journalist post…

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This Powder Is Causing Cancer in 10,000 Women

Originally posted on SweetWillowman:

Baby powder is commonly used in almost every household, regardless of whether there is a baby in the house or not. Most women claim that talc-based baby powder softens and rejuvenates their skin.

If you are one of these, you better stop using baby powder.


Why should you do so? … read 348 more words

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Secretive Trans-Atlantic Trade Pact Faces Global Day Of Action – 19 April 2015

Originally posted on Lucas 2012 Infos:

RT logoProtesters across the EU and US have staged a day of action against an emerging free trade pact between the two continents. They fear it could see corporate interests undermine workers’ rights and consumer protection.

Crowds have gathered in London, Munich, Brussels and other major European cities to march against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and similar secretive international trade deals.

The day of action consisted of over 700 separate events, including rallies, marches and public statements. All were organized by a variety of civil rights movements in the EU and across the Atlantic. Once the attendance has been officially counted and thus confirmed, it could mark what might have been the largest protest against free trade agreements to date.

Read the full story at: / link to original article

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Brazil To Sue Facebook For Blocking Photo Of Indigenous Woman From 1909 – 19 April 2015

Originally posted on Lucas 2012 Infos:

RT logoThe Brazilian Ministry of Culture has announced plans to file a lawsuit against Facebook for blocking a photograph made back in 1909 showing an Indian with her breasts exposed.

The Ministry said on Friday that Facebook is promoting censorship in the Internet trying to illegally and arbitrarily impose their standards in Brazil and other countries, thus disrespecting their rights to national self-determination.

The move also violated numerous laws, such as the Constitution of Brazil and the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity and Cultural Expressions, the ministry said.

Read the full story at: / link to original article

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