RT 2-26-15… “FCC adopts net neutrality rules endorsed by open internet advocates”

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rt_question_more_banner_1This certainly looks to be a positive step, barring hidden clauses. Anyway, here’s a couple items that “stood out” for me.

“…ISPs will now be prohibited from giving preferential treatment to content producers, an arrangement that net neutrality proponents feared would allow for internet “fast lanes,” in which companies could pay to have their products delivered more quickly to US consumers.

“A court battle is expected. Other ISPs, such as Comcast, could join or sue the government separately. “It is a defining moment, but it will be redefined by the courts, Congress and other entities including the marketplace going forward,” Gary Arlen, a research analyst, told USA Today.

“Rosenworcel’s remarks were brief. “We cannot have a two-tiered internet with fast lanes that speed the privileged and leave the rest of us lagging behind. We cannot have gatekeepers who tell us what we can and cannot do and where we can…

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Becca Jones upload





PDF DOWNLOADABLE YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS NOTES AND POSTS collated and kindly shared by Becca Jones


Thank you for adding me to the group. Very glad to be here! I have spent weeks and months digesting every shred of Yellow Rose’s info and am still processing and learning. I copied every post she made as Old Soul (line by line and highlighted the really important tidbits), 200 pages worth, so that I could have the info at my fingertips and be able to share it. What a task that was, but worth every hour I spent on it.

When I first saw “The Lie NASA Told” video I was completely blown away by the SOHO, Stereo and Secchi images. I had never seen them before. It was the Missing Puzzle…

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Lucas : As Of Today, 23 February 2015. I See That My WordPress Blog Is Blocked In The UK – Truth Hurts – 23 February 2015

Angel 4 Light:

Please help to repost so that the people get this information. Truth must be free and we are needed to help each other. Be blessed

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Logo Lucas_square_wordsUpdate: 23rd Feb. 2015: 9.30 am it seems wordpress.com is again letting the UK have a view at my blog…. we will see if the nonsense now will stop.

It is clear that social media and blogs are  targeted for political and corporate reasons and thus for shutting up those that will bring the news and information on what is really going on not found in the mainstream media and propaganda by governments and corporations. Freedom of speech and privacy and other ways of expression seem not to exist anymore as corporations decide (like the (corporate) governments)  to hush the humans up and keep the rest asleep and disconnected from the real news. We humans need to see what is happening and see that the efforts made by us seem to have had an impact.  I hope that still people can or will try to post or re post the…

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ActivistPost – 27 Minutes Of Truth You Won’t See On Mainstream TV – 25 February 2015

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Logo_activistpost-comActivist Post

On today’s episode of Breaking The Set, Abby Martin discusses several vital topics that would be career-killers for so-called journalists on other news channels. This video is 27 minutes of truth you won’t see anywhere on establishment media.

Abby crushes warmongering lies by McCain and Netanyahu, exposes how Hillary Clinton is owned by corporate tyrants, she interviews Mike Papantonio on Big Pharma misconduct and CIA torture whistleblower John Kiriakou. Great show!

Follow Abby on Twitter

www.activistpost.com / link to original article

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NaturalNews – S.D. Wells – If Vaccines Work So Well, Then Why Does The Science Have To Be FAKED? – 25 February 2015

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NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) There are no “whistleblowers” in the organic food world that all of the sudden “confess” that the power of organic food is some horrible lie and that all the tests for health and safety were faked by leading researchers and scientists. That hasn’t happened, isn’t happening and won’t happen. Why? Because nutrition works, and chemical medicines don’t, relatively speaking. In the vaccine world, there are more than a handful of leading researchers who have blown the whistle, on videotape and in the court rooms of America, that vaccine safety is not tested and results must be faked in order to get government contracts for hundreds of millions of dollars. Top Merck scientists have blown the whistle about crooked scientists who spike the tests on MMR vaccines with rabbit antibodies and lie that the measles vaccine has a 95% efficacy rate, when the results would have been FAR LOWER.

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NaturalNews – J.D. Heyes – 1984 Is Here: Samsung Admits Its TVs Might Spy On You, Warns Against Carrying Out Sensitive Conversations – 25 February 2015

Angel 4 Light:

Stop watching Tell-A-Lie-Vision. It is called Programs for a reason, and unless you are really awake you don’t want to really know what/who you are watching. Be blessed

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NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) In the prescient 1948 tome, author George Orwell wrote about a supposedly “fictitious” future in which the civilized world lived in what can only be called a surveillance society, in which “the government” would be able to keep watch on the citizenry 24-7, and through a variety of technological means.

It turns out that Orwell’s premonitions were a lot more realistic than even he likely imagined.

Today, surveillance cameras are everywhere, at least in the modern world. Police have a range of listening devices and surveillance technology, some of which can see through your walls and into your home. And federal spy agencies like the NSA routinely intercept and track Internet and wireless communications.

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Masaru  passed away 10/17/2014.

We love you very much!!

Thank you for your love and

contribution to this world!!!




It was 1994 when the idea to freeze water and observe it with microscope came upon me. With this method, I was convinced that I should be able to see something like snow crystals.
After two months of trial and error, this idea bore fruit. The beautifully shining hexagonal crystals were created from the invisible world. My staff at the laboratory and I were absorbed in it and began to do many researches.

At first, we strenuously observed crystals of tap water, river water, and lake water. From the tap water we could not get any beautiful crystals. We could not get any beautiful ones from rivers and lakes near big cities, either. However, from the water from rivers and lakes where water…

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UFO Sighting Night and day PLANETS and ARCHONS … THE SHOW MUST GO ON ! ! !

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(24 February 2015)



UFO Sighting Night and day

in The United States Texas

24 february, 2015





A television production crew in Lima, Peru, videotaped a purple-colored disc-shaped UFO hovering in the distant sky near a construction site. So far, there’s no official explanation for the object.



Archons Surrounding

Canadian Pyramid UFO


Shinji lEl





Oh I just HAVE to tell you what we just saw in the sky! The sun is setting right now, all blue and pink sky. I went out to lock the chickens up and I happened to look up. There was the half moon, bright and clear and my eyes moved across the sky. I noticed something, a perfectly round faint grey orb, the same size…

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Preston James 2-24-15… “De-fund Homeland Security Now!”

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_65veterans_today_preston_james_banner_27Another what I would call “statement piece” by Preston. I have a sense that these are somehow like coded “calls for action”. Well, maybe not so “coded”, but very forthright and no nonsense statements about what all of this DHS garbage is really all about.

I did note in the comments, that apparently there has been some break in the DHS funding deadlock (click here).

“Homeland Security (DHS) is a criminal organization with no official mandate. It is unconstitutional and even worse it is an private foreign based occupation army inside America deployed to surveil, harass, abuse, tyrannize, disarm and eventually to intern and then progressively mass-murder all Americans.

A recent Congressional study has shown that the DHS Fusion Centers have uncovered and prevented no incidents of terrorism inside America.

“A primary function of Homeland Security is to Militarize the American police and transform them…

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“Smart” Meters? CPUC & PG&E… “FAT CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG: Utility commissioner’s [Michael Peevey] private emails reveal conspiracy”

Angel 4 Light:

Worth reading and see if you have one of these contraptions hockef on your house.

Originally posted on Kauilapele's Blog:

smart_meter_on_fire_from_video A “smart” meter… it will even heat your home (or burn it down)…

This is perhaps the first time I’ve paid attention to an article about “smart” meters. Of course, I’ve heard of them, and know of some who have had major problems with them, or with resisting the public utilities commissions that want to install them.

Let’s be clear… who profits from these meters? Clearly, the utility companies, the smart meter manufacturers, and, very likely, the ones on those “for the public” commissions who approve them. And this example of PUC/utility company corruption is I’m sure one of many examples that will be exposed.

The video of the December 14, 2014, CPUC public meeting is very powerful, and I would recommend to anyone, like myself, whose “smart” meter awareness was limited.

Found at NoLiesRadio.org. The images of emails, below, may be downloaded as well here, and here

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