Major Shifts at Play

In so many ways, we are here for This Cycle

Hello Beautiful Earth Family 🙂 !

I’m sitting here listening to Samson chew on his ball, to distract him from messing with the bandage on his front right paw. The halo collar, cone thing, the vet gave me, was taken off the moment we got home, set on a side table. He doesn’t need that, thankfully. He tore a toe nail pretty far back while running along the fence, barking at the neighbor’s grand-dogs. He is doing so much better, more like himself, today which is a big relief. Our pets really are family, aren’t they.

Ok, onto the update for today. I do have two amazing conversations to share with you, below and also here and here. I loved having these conversations and am excited for you to possibly enjoy them, even expanding and feeling that yummy confirmation from hearing another speak your truth, no matter how cosmically out there it happens to be.

We would usually have our live gifted message today but I feel like I want a day of rest, reflection, personal time, and, I’ll be honest, laundry. I will be live again next week.

For here, I wanted to share that we have some continuing shifts, major shifts in energy patterns underway, and I felt another big move earlier this morning. It all feels, to me, exciting. More opportunities for us to truly be our Light, with perhaps more awareness of how we are stable forces of Love in a highly unstable and unpredictable cycle. Take care of you. Ok? Give yourself the love, time, attention, self-care and self honoring that feels great to you right now, knowing we have other responsibilities and tasks that we don’t get a break from. Be savvy with your time and prioritize yourself, too, in these shifting energies.

It does all feel good but things are becoming even less predictable. Those who know me know that I love this. Because I love how humans can settle into their true free will, their more authentic layers, when they aren’t operating from scripts and programs.

Self-Awareness is the key for this group. Knowing yourself. And further getting to know yourself, as the dynamic, adaptable, loving form of Light that you Are in your humanness.

The Solstice is coming up fast and it does feel like we are preparing for that. Building a more solid structure, within ourselves, for the expanding light force that we are. Here.

Many of us have been involved in reconnecting with the mainstream, in sometimes surprising ways. We’ve learned that we, our light, is stable enough to handle these interactions with more mainstream energies. This is, in many ways, why the deconstruction within key mainstream structures is happening. The eternal light is there to provide the support needed, while the more phony, mask-like structures are set down (or ripped off).

We are our Light. Eternally and Here. We thank you for this, for you being You. Every single one of us is a divine, and enduring Light of Source, that is unique and distinct from each other. A celebration of soulful variety. Carefully designed and crafted by you, as your eternal self.

We see you. We celebrate you. We are here with reason and purpose. Not with what we do. But with who we are.

With love, blessings and gratitude for all that you are,
Jill and the Guardian Council of the Golden and Platinum Rays

Ever look around at your extended family and wonder “Who are these people?” With love, of course 🙂

The holidays tend to be a strange sort of realization of how different we feel from our loved ones. It can also be a strange invitation into patterns of ourselves… that we don’t like. It can be confusing and even disorienting.

There is so much to gain from distinguishing ourselves, our light, our sense of self relative to, well, our relatives. My team has shown me the value and purpose of being our own One… of recognizing the natural distinctions between us as humans, even within blood families.

We’ve created a three call series through the holidays to assist and support this special group, to be your Light, your One, even amidst the sometimes straining times of the holiday season and gatherings.

Relationship Alchemy live call with your questions this Thursday!

We provide insights, reassurance, tools, strategies and some humor for being your best One, liking yourSelf, even in these sometimes awkward family dynamics.

Purchase here then access materials here or here (you may need to refresh screen to show materials). Call one is already in replay and available immediately upon purchase. We have a great group in this series and would love to invite you into this space of openness, love, support, and expansion; recognizing the very unique ways that we are here on Earth and here within our families. We see You, the loving, caring, soulful You. This matters. You matter. Relationship Alchemy is available and welcoming you, now.
Major events going on in the Middle East right now. Very much a part of the shifting we discussed above. Yes, Egypt and Petra are still on, after careful evaluation, deep connection with our teams and solid guidance to proceed. We’ve realize that the timing and purpose of this trip is now even more divine… than we initially realized. 

Please contact me if you feel very much in purpose for unlocking the codes in these sacred spaces on Earth.

Jill at jillreneefeeler dot com
Thank you for Sharing!


SITS NEWS: Matt Lauer Fired, Massive Pedogate Bust, Truth About Vaccines 

SITS NEWS: Matt Lauer Fired, Massive Pedogate Bust, Truth About Vaccines – December 3, 2017 (VIDEO)

STILLNESS IN THE STORM NEWS: Teresa Yanaros reports on the latest news articles from the past week including Matt Lauer scandal, massive pedogate bust, and the truth about vaccines.


Is this the fried mindset of the people today?

Transformation and the Seat of Your Perceptions by Master Jesus

Transformation and the Seat of Your Perceptions by Master Jesus

by Natalie Glasson ~ Sacred School of OmNa

Beloved souls upon the Earth, journeying through illusion and truth to recognise the magnificence within your being. I honour you now and give my thanks for your presence upon the Earth. I am overjoyed by every challenge you move through awakening more light into your being; I am delighted by every realisation that dawns, bringing you back to your centre. This is a time of wonderment upon the Earth as you move from one period of existence to a new period of truly living as your essence. The entire perspective of humanity is changing. What was thought to be known as true is no longer, change is present, and a new way of seeing and thinking is manifesting. I, Master Jesus, experienced a similar period of transformation upon the Earth during my lifetime. It is wonderful to experience because the shift occurs within your being and can be witnessed within others, it is akin to being at the very core of transformation, a magical process indeed.

Embodying Transformation

During my time upon the Earth, I could feel transformation taking place within me and around me within others. I could feel the pockets of light awakening and the knots of blockages coming to the surface to be released. In these times with awareness, I would expand my energy to embrace all beings present upon the Earth. I would feel my oneness with all while being aware of the transformation taking place. It was as if I embodied the transformation of all; I was at the very core of every soul’s transformation as a collective and individual. I would then breathe into the areas where I found knots while expanding the pockets of light to create harmony, inviting the Creator to be fully present in the transitions taking place.

I welcome you to achieve the same during these periods of tremendous change. You may wish to achieve it first for yourself, expanding into your own vast energy, allowing yourself to be at the core of your own transformation, breathing into knots of blockages and magnifying pockets of light. Let yourself be at the core of your own transformation, this will bring greater understanding of what is occurring within your being and your ascension process. Then I encourage you to achieve the same as I did, expanding your energy to be as one with the Mother Earth, humanity and all beings. You will notice the difference of being at the core of your own transformation and the core of transformation of all that is the Creator. My purpose of guiding you in this experience is to support you in understanding why certain situations or experiences are arising for yourself and globally. With understanding comes the presence of acceptance which brings forth compassion, peace and security. With acceptance you will be able to open your heart and mind to further understand how your soul wishes to contribute to support this great period of change for all. Your intuition will always guide you to achieve all that is necessary. If you feel unable to recognise and realise your own intuition this exercise is a wonderful opportunity for you to reconnect with your intuition, developing your inner trust. Please let me be with you to support you in this mission.

Transformation is a very beautiful and yet delicate process, there is a need for a feeling of safety and support within your being in order for full transformation to take place, and yet transformation can create the exact opposite. Feelings of uncertainty, insecurity and lack of support can manifest allowing the process of transformation to be feared by many. It is moving through these uncertain energies by accepting their presence and influence which actually allows you to meet with the security, foundations and beautiful awakening that is the blessing of transformation. Please remember that if feelings of uncertainty, insecurity and lack of support do arise whether seemingly from a situation or transformation, know that they require your acceptance, breathe into their presence until the feeling dissipates. Then you will discover that transformation is a beautiful, enjoyable and light awakening process.

The Seat of Your Perceptions

It is my opinion that the transformation of ascension can be viewed and perceived in different ways depending on the seat of your perceptions and inner sight. Viewing transformation within yourself and the world from anyone of your chakras would create a completely different view and experience of life within and around you. Interpreting your world from the seat of your ego could create a very fearful or selfish view. This is why during my time on the Earth and even now, I always encouraged myself and all around me to focus upon their heart chakras or higher heart chakras. I knew that in doing so, I would see the world from a seat of compassion, with the view to feel how myself and others are feeling while having a great volume of love available to me at any given moment from my heart chakra. I was also aware that the heart chakra can often hold onto the deepest, most painful wounds, these can be our most wonderous teachers offering the greatest healing available to us. By existing in the heart chakra and viewing yourself and the world from this seat, you can have the tools you need to accelerate your ascension, healing and awakening process. I encourage you to seek and explore this for yourself.

As powerful lightworkers, I also encourage you to explore and experience the world around and within you from different chakras. It is true that at any given moment you are viewing yourself and the world from all chakras and all aspects of your being combined. However, with intention you can connect into a chakra to acknowledge and understand the energies it is holding onto which is creating a certain perspective which may be supportive or limiting. Connecting with different chakras and even your ego will allow you to recognise the message that aspect of your being are sending out to the world, as well as how it is impacting your view and perspective of the world. For example, you may discover that one chakra is filled with fear and so is creating a fearful outlook. Thus you are not only looking for fearful things in your life but also creating them. Then you may understand that another chakra is filled with joy and is supporting much fun and laughter in your life. It may dawn upon you that the fear is diminishing your joy or that you are enjoying being fearful. It is interesting to observe how the energy of each chakra creates an interaction which manifests within you and in your physical reality. The inner work and discovery I am proposing will take patience. However it will also create a very powerful purification and cleansing within your being. This will mean that the energies within your chakras and being will be aligned to your truth, also what you wish to experience and create for yourself within your reality. You will notice yourself to be clearer in your thinking and emotions, as well as the way you perceive yourself and the world. It will be a very deep and powerful release of old limiting energies, maybe even from numerous lifetimes.

Setting Your Intention

To set an intention to view yourself, your reality and world from a certain chakra or aspect of your being you can use the below invocation, altering it as to where you wish to view from.

‘It is my intention to view all that I am, my reality and the world around me from the seat of my…………………… (chakra or aspect of your being.) Master Jesus, please support me in recognising the energies I am holding in this area and how they are influencing my experience of myself and reality around me. Help me to understand how this area is also interacting with other areas of my being and the impact created.

Support me in understanding how to bring forth healing when it is needed and how to magnify the blissful energies within me. I am ready to explore and discover now. Thank you.’

Wishing you peace, compassion, love and contentment,

Master Jesus


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WOW – The Matrix – The Second Sun – Lightbeing Photos

I am reposting these wonderful photos I captured several years ago. We we’re receiving the light waves then and I was able to capture sme amazing footage, before the chemtrails mudded up the sky.

Have you been getting some amazing footage lately? It should be even more magical if we can just stop the chemtrails.

******Post from September 2015 ******

I mentioned these photos in an earlier post quite recently. Just thought I would make it available again for all to enjoy. Be blessed

Angel 4 Light

Below I am placing as photos that I have taken that shows the Matrix. Many of these photos are from my Girlfriend. She is not a professional photographer, but gifted with being awake and led to take photos at the correct moments for us to share with you. I love these photos and if you enlarge these you will clearly see the grid. Yes, we are living in a Construct in case you are new to the idea.

The problem with uploading to the Media on WP is that it like YT squeezes the photos down so I hope that you will be able to zoom in and see what I am sharing with you.

I hope that you find these as uplifting as I do. Enjoy and Be Blessed.

Zoom in to See Matrix Zoom in to See Matrix (on Left)

01-07-13 (1) Zoom into the Rays See Metrix Zoom in on the Multicolored Fingerprint Ray

7 7 13 Sun Rays Orbs

7 7 13 CP Second Sun(17) Second Sun?

matrix proof110182012 MultiDimentionalBeingandVioletFlamesAngelwings-Portals-3-1-2014 (5)3 days of Violet Flames-FromHeavenMultiColored Angel

This is a CU view of Sun Rays Photo of the…

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Lord Melchizedek: Consumption Of Animals

Greetings. I am here to explain to you the fallacies and mysteries around the consumption of animals as food by humans on Earth. 

There are many of you who do not think twice about killing for food, while many others feel much guilt around it and will not eat meat at all, or very rarely. 

It is true that all life is sacred. In the eyes of spiritual law, taking a life unnecessarily is the ultimate travesty, because every living thing is loved unconditionally by the Creator and no-one is more important than another, whether it be an insect, a lion or a human. 

Furthermore, all life lives in the cycle of return and abides by the law of evolutionary expansion which requires the application of sustainability. This means that whatever is taken for food, shelter or profit and gain must be replaced in equal measure. In the natural world animals kill other animals for food and survival. Man is, after all, an animal is he not? It is within man’s rights, therefore, to kill for food to receive the balance of nourishment his body needs. 

However, when more is taken than is necessary, or plundered without replacing what is taken, an imbalance occurs and some animals become depleted in number and in vibration. Many animals have died out altogether due to over fishing and unsustainable hunting. 

As most animal protein consumed by humans is farmed, the law of sustainability is being abided by; however, not all animals are killed for food and this is where the biggest imbalance has been created. In many countries animals are killed for skins, tusks and organs or kept in inhumane conditions for human benefit. There must be sustainability, but there also must be grace and respect for the life taken in order for the vibration of the gift of life to be at its highest.

The vibrational nature of food is very much dependent on the nature of its breeding, its growth, its nurturing and harvesting. When blessings are not given or the life is taken without request or respect, the vibration of the nourishment received will be of a much lower order than if the animal were killed with love, thanks and blessings. If an animal has been bred with love and care, with all its needs being respected and its very presence honoured, the nature of its nutrition after death will be much higher than the products that come from animals raised otherwise. When animals are bred from a vibration of income, greed and ego the vibration of the food will be of a much lower order, particularly if the animal suffered in any way. Animal products such as eggs will be affected in the same way.

All life is sacred and equal. Spiritual law allows animals to kill other animals for food as long as they kill for need, not just for the sake of killing. Do not fear the act of killing for food if that is what is required to maintain your health. Be conscious, however, of the consequences of taking life and consuming or using it without gratitude or its permission. By giving thanks and love to the animal who has given its life to sustain yours, you are balancing the exchange of energy, both for you and for the species of animal from which you take. It is entirely possible to do this in retrospect if you have no control over how the animal’s life was taken, such as when you buy meat or animal products from the supermarket. All you need to do is to visualise light going into the food and consciously give thanks and blessings for the gift of nutrition that it is giving to you. If you are doubtful of the origin of the product you can also intend that the energy of the food be raised to its highest and best so it is of the most benefit to your health and well-being.

Survival on Earth in the physical form is dependent on food, water, warmth, light and love. No human on Earth should be without those requirements. However, sustainability and balance are vital in keeping the Earth’s natural world working symbiotically and in harmony. The vibration in which you live is the vibration you attract. Take only what you need and always be grateful to the animal that was sacrificed so you can live.

And so it is.

Lord Melchizedek.

Source – Channel: Victoria Cochrane

The GoldFish Report No. 163 – Week 45 POTUS Update w. Dr. Jim Fetzer: The Red Pill Report

The GoldFish Report No. 163 – Week 45 POTUS Update w. Dr. Jim Fetzer: The Red Pill Report
By The GoldFish Report
Published on Nov 27, 2017
On The GoldFish Report No. 163 Louisa and Jim give another dose of Red Pill News starting with an update about the now 4, 289 sealed indictments, the recent Tweet from POTUS essentially validating MEGAPILL.COM as a genuine news source contrary to the Fake Main Stream Media News and in doing so also validates ‘Q’ ANON poster on 4 Chan in correlating POTUS’s accomplishments and the string of Q Posts of same subject matter. Also, internet fact checkers/censorship, False Flag Hoaxes, Adrenochrome Horror, and more on the Storm. Caution: RED PILL AHEAD. To learn more about Jim Fetzer’s research, books and articles, visit Google ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’ to find a free DVD of the facts. 

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Here Is The Red Pill For Your Awakening


Keanu Reeves: Hollywood Elites Use ‘Blood Of Babies’ To Get High

Hollywood elites use “the blood of babies to get high” according to Keanu Reeves, who warns that “these people believe the more innocent the child, and the more it suffered before it died, the better the high.“

“The revelations that are coming out of Hollywood now, I’m telling you, they are just the tip of the iceberg,” Keanu Reeves said in Milan, Italy, where he unveiled three motorbikes that he designed for a company that he co-founded in 2007.

Explaining that he is “building to a future” where he is “free from Hollywood’s shackles“, the John Wick star spoke with revulsion about “the place of the child in Hollywood“.

“Children are revered, they are put on pedestals, but they are also tortured, raped, murdered, and consumed in various ways. They are currency. And I’m sad to say this practice seems to be becoming more and more open in those circles in recent years.“

Keanu Reeves, whose younger sister suffered from leukemia, finds it “inconceivable” that anybody could “be so selfish as to destroy a young person’s life for your own personal pleasure.”

“But that is the sort of person running Hollywood,” said Reeves, who donated 70% of his earnings from the Matrix trilogy to hospitals treating children with cancer. “These people are sociopaths, pure and simple.”



All Truth Coming Out Now … Do Not Fear!


Who is Q?

Note from Angel4Light:

What is happening Now? Let’s Go Down The Rabbit Hole…

The following statements and links are extrapolations from 4Chan talking to Q or from Q… a few Quotes from Anon are noted below for your awakening.

Finally, the CIA-assisted technology probably most familiar to you is one many of us use on a regular basis: Google Earth. In February 2003, the CIA-funded venture-capitalist firm In-Q-Tel made a strategic investment in Keyhole, Inc., a pioneer of interactive 3-D earth visualization and creator of the groundbreaking rich-mapping EarthViewer 3D system. CIA worked closely with other Intelligence Community organizations to tailor Keyhole’s systems to meet their needs. The finished product transformed the way intelligence officers interacted with geographic information and earth imagery. Users could now easily combine complicated sets of data and imagery into clear, realistic visual representations. Users could “fly” from space to street level seamlessly while interactively exploring layers of information including roads, schools, businesses, and demographics. In the private sector, this flyover capability was so compelling that multiple TV networks used EarthViewer 3D to fly over Iraqi cities and landscapes in news broadcasts using publicly available satellite images. All of this acclaim eventually caught the attention of Google Inc., a multinational cyber-focused corporation, which acquired Keyhole in 2004, thereby laying the groundwork for the development of Google Earth.” _ Anon

“One of the first big milestones in this transformation took place in November 2004 when Google acquired a tiny and little-known 3-D mapping startup called Keyhole Inc. Google paid an undisclosed sum for the company, immediately absorbed it, and began turning its tech into what we now know as Google Earth. The acquisition would have gone unnoticed, had it not been for one not-so-tiny detail: Keyhole Inc was part-owned by the CIA and the “National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency” (NGA), a sister agency to the NSA. Keyhole Inc also had one major client base: US military and intelligence agencies.” _ Anon


“NSA/Prism spying is just for the CIA to constantly spy on entrepreneurs and scientists and researchers to steal/ co-opt their work” _ Anon

≡CBTS #505 Space XXX Edition≡ W&W !!2HB9iHje93w ID:SKANC8ZQ Thu 23 Nov 2017 00:30:50 No.150565407 View
Quoted By: >>150566184 >>150566275 >>150567994 >>150568016 >>150568047 >>150568255 >>150568870 >>150569906 >>150571480 >>150571705
≡1. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the coming days. Everything is connected, Everything has meaning.
2. Yes, we all see the attempts to demoralize us and derail our redpills to the normies. Stay strong lads. Focus and believe
3. Stick to your choice. No one tells you what to do, so just do the voodoo you do so well /pol/
4. How would *you* succinctly break all this news to your blue-pilled friend? Does the initial message need to answer every detail? Do normies even post here? Bring them along for the ride and celebrations lads.
5. Get Comfy, Believe in your bones that we’re riding the greatest timeline in existence.

>>149083850 → >>150535757 → UPDATED

>>150560899 (Made in a Net Neutrality thread)
>>150513545 >>150539407
>>150515835 >>150516052
>>150522442 >>150523494
>>150523420 >>150523213

Nov 22
>>150417001 >>150414073
>>150417146 >>150415097
>>150434351 >>150434251
>>150435422 ANS >>150458521

Nov 20 & 21
Green1 >>150405114 (++ Counter) Green 2, 3 4 remains

Advise for newfriends >>148908717
*GUIDE >>150454362

Q Trip !ITPb.qbhqo
Legend >>149483858
Decoding CNC >>149960813
Signature >>149958772
Countdown +++ >>149081347


FYI from Angel4Light:

I haven’t placed the trolls insane postings which is a desperate attempt from these dark forces to make Q look like a LARP.

Remember, the Communist Manifisto states how to brain control the masses, is to constantly repeat lies until it is believed, and to call them what you are.



Recent Updates

Wow It Is Happening!

So What To Expect? What Is the Event?

Be A Peace Commanding Presence

Be A Peace Commanding Presence

10 Amazing Dolphin Superpowers

10 Amazing Dolphin Superpowers

by Monte Richard

Everyone loves dolphins. They’re intelligent, inquisitive, playful creatures who have captivated people since the dawn of time. But dolphins didn’t get to be everyone’s favorite aquatic mammal just by lounging around all day. Having to adapt to life in the harsh ocean environment requires some serious skills. As a result dolphins, have developed some incredible abilities that continue to amaze researchers.


Everything needs sleep. The human world record holder, Randy Gardner, stayed awake for 11 days straight. By the fourth day, he was hallucinating. Not sleeping will eventually kill you and every other mortal creature with higher brain functions—except dolphins, which have apparently found a way around sleep. Baby dolphins actually forgo sleep for the first month of life—and so, therefore, do their parents. The trick is that these amazing sea critters can shut half of their brain off at a time. Scientists tested dolphin reactions without rest for five days straight and their reaction time never slowed. Blood tests for signs of stress or sleep deprivation turned up negative. Dolphins may be able to do this indefinitely. Another study showed that dolphins can use their sonar for 15 days straight with almost perfect accuracy. It makes sense that dolphins evolved a way to keep an eye out for predators while they’re dozing in the open ocean. But the truly fascinating part about all of this is that tests showed visual information was being passed from the snoozing side to the active side. Even though they shut down half of their noggin at a time, the other half can take over all the functions. It’s almost as if they have two brains.


Everyone knows about dolphins and sonar. With those trademark clicks and squeaks they use sound to perceive the world around them. You would think that would mean their other faculties would be diminished. But in fact, they have better eyesight than we do. To start, dolphins have an eye on each side of their head, which gives them a panoramic visual range of 300 degrees. They can see behind themselves, and each eye can move independently of the other, meaning they can look two different directions at the same time. They also have a reflective layer of cells just behind the retina called the tapetem lucidem. This helps them to see exceptionally well in low light. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, dolphins can see just as well out of the water as in it.


Why aren’t dolphins covered in barnacles? Whales are coated in the things, but the dolphin family seem to be immune. Look at Flipper or Shamu (killer whales are just big dolphins by the way): They’re clean and glassy smooth. So what’s their secret? Super skin. Dolphin’s unique skin gives them all kinds of advantages. To start, while their epidermis is no tougher than ours, it is about 10 to 20 times thicker than any land animal. It also grows about nine times faster than ours. An entire layer of skin is replaced every two hours. This rapid skin regeneration helps to keep dolphins smooth, silky, and hydrodynamic. Dolphins also have microscopic ripples in their skin, which help them travel faster through the water and prevent parasites from grabbing hold. But the real secret of why dolphins are so clean is that they secrete a special gel, which resists the mucus that barnacles and their ilk cling on with. So dolphins are covered in some sort of natural glue solvent. Even if something does find a way to latch on, this dolphin grease also contains enzymes that attack parasites.


It turns out that dolphins are pretty good swimmers. The bottlenose can hold its breath for 12 minutes and dive nearly 550 meters (1800 ft). Part of the reason dolphins can do this is because they’ve got incredible lungs. Though they aren’t much bigger than our own, they’re much more efficient. With each breath, a dolphin exchanges 80 percent or more of its lung air. We puny humans can only get out about 17 percent. Their blood and muscles can store and transport more of that oxygen, too. This is because they have more red blood cells, which in turn have greater concentrations of hemoglobin than we do. But this still doesn’t fully explain how dolphins can hold their breath for so long and dive so deep. To accomplish this feat, they can also restrict where their blood circulates. During long dives, blood is shunted away from the extremities and sent to the heart and brain. All nonessential tissues are cut off and forced to rely on their own internal supplies.


Dolphin healing is pretty much impossible. Seriously, scientific opinion can be summed up as “its healing is almost alien compared to what we are capable of.” They’ve been known to survive wounds the size of basketballs, and they will regrow that huge chunk of flesh in a couple of weeks, actually returning to the original contours instead of leaving a gaping scar. They don’t just heal, they regenerate. Their recuperative abilities have been likened to fetuses in the womb. But besides Wolverine-esque recovery skills, dolphins don’t bleed out either. Typically, when someone takes a shovelful of flesh out of your side you’ll hemorrhage to death. However, it’s believed dolphins use the same mechanics that enable them to dive to great depths to help them constrict blood vessels to stem the flow.


Dolphins don’t care about little inconveniences like mind-numbing agony. After receiving crippling injuries that would incapacitate just about any other creature on Earth, dolphins have been observed playing, swimming, and feeding normally. They give no outward signs of the gaping wound full of exposed nerve endings that should be screaming bloody murder. And it’s not that they don’t feel pricks and pokes. Dolphins are just as sensitive as we are. But when inflicted with a serious wound they shrug it off. It’s believed they must be able to produce natural morphine-strength painkillers . . . that are nonaddictive.Try losing a bucket’s worth of flesh then going back to work in the morning with only your body’s natural painkillers to tide you over and see how that works out for you. Since predators go after the weak, not showing pain or distress makes evolutionary sense. If you just got a hole the size of a melon blown in you, you really don’t want to advertise that fact to any sharks that might be lurking nearby.


In 1936, famed British zoologist Sir James Gray was amazed by how fast dolphins could swim. He’d studied their anatomy extensively and the best he could guess at was that dolphin skin had to have some sort of magical anti-drag properties. This was known as “Gray’s paradox,” and it wasn’t officially solved until 2008. Gray wasn’t completely wrong—dolphins do have anti-drag properties, but he grossly underestimated the power that a dolphin’s muscles produce. Olympic swimmers can produce about 60 or 70 pounds of thrust in the water. A dolphin moving at average speed hits 200. Swimming at full tilt, these aquatic speed demons can produce 300 to 400 pounds of thrust. That’s over five times what the most physically fit person on earth can do. And dolphins are extremely energy efficient, too. A human can only convert about four percent of their energy into forward momentum in the water. Dolphins, on the other hand, can turn 80 percent of their energy into thrust, making them some of the most efficient swimmers in the ocean.


Dolphins are able to swim with open wounds in the bacteria-riddled ocean and not die of infection. And the incredibly filthy teeth of sharks don’t bother them much either. Without hospitalization, humans would die of sepsis within a few days of a shark bite . But dolphins seem to do just fine. In fact, they won’t get any infection at all, which has been described as no less than “miraculous.” And yet dolphins have an immune system similar to ours, so how have they acquired this super resilience? Well, no one really knows. The best guess that science has is that dolphins have managed to siphon off antibiotics made by plankton and algae. Chemicals produced by these microscopic creatures have been found in dolphin blubber. As the blubber decomposes at the site of the wound, it gives off these natural antibacterial substances. How they can store these lifesaving chemicals just under their skin instead of metabolizing or excreting them is still a mystery.

Magnetic Sense

Why do dolphins and whales strand themselves on beaches? It’s a mystery that has confounded researchers for years. Theories include some strange disease, pollution, or military sonar testing. But autopsies have not produced a smoking gun. And when you take into account that strandings have been recorded for hundreds of years, it probably rules out humans as the cause. Now, some researchers are beginning to suspect that it’s all the sun’s fault. Dolphins and whales have magnetite crystals in their brain to help them sense the magnetic field of the earth. With this built-in GPS, they can navigate the featureless oceans with ease. One group of researchers plotted stranding spots along the US East Coast and found that they coincided with places where local magnetic rock reduces the Earth’s magnetic field. So a deep-sea dolphin or whale that depends on its magnetic sense might not see the shore till it’s too late. Other evidence suggests that when the sun throws too much radiation our way, it also screws up the magnetic senses of aquatic mammals. Researchers at the University of Kiel have shown that most beachings correlate with the portions of the sun’s solar cycle that produce a higher flux of radiation. This might explain why rescued dolphins and whales will often turn around and beach themselves again.


Dolphin sonar is pretty incredible. The ability to detect objects from a distance through some sort of aquatic beatboxing is just amazing. And combined with the other senses we’ve already covered, dolphins have some of the keenest senses of any animal on the planet. Yet Mother Nature isn’t done with these sea critters. They can boast one other super sense: electroreception. Dolphins can actually sense the electrical impulses given off by all living things. Guiana dolphins live around the coast of South America and resemble the common bottlenose. Researchers discovered a depression on their rostrum (snout) that can detect electrical impulses given off by the muscles of fish. Scientists liken the sensitivity of its electroreception to that of a platypus. They probably use this ability to search for fish hiding in the mud. Sonar is great for detecting objects at a distance, but not so much when you get up close. Scientists suspect that all dolphins and even some whales may have this ability.

NOTE: The original article has a lot of links to explain more information but were too many for me to provide here. Please go to original article if you are interested in more information.

As You Wish Talk Radio: James Gilliland & April LaJune

November 21, 2017

Posted by Terra Zetzz

As You Wish Talk Radio w/ James Gilliland, April LaJune

James interviews April LaJune, co-host of the podcast The

America Matters Show.

They discuss current events around the globe and much of the corruption that is being exposed.

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