Tesla Rings

Tesla Rings

I learned of the concept of the Tesla Tensor Technology from Slim Spurling a Physicist who met & worked with a gentleman who had worked with Tesla on the Manhattan project. This technology is very advanced and perhaps was telepathically acquired from Higher Beings or his Higherself.

Tesla Rings form what is called a ‘tensor field’ across the opening of the ring. Those who perceive subtle energy describe a beam of energy (light) that passes through the ring traveling for a considerable distance in both directions. Within the Ring there is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic with an output that is beneficial and healing to all life forms.

Benefits Of Wearing as Amulets, Bracelets or Finger Rings

  • Protection from Radiation & EMF
  • Stabilises your bodies natural frequency
  • Neutralises the harmful effects of electromagnetic and geomagnetic frequencies
  • Relaxes stiff wrists and shoulders in a few hours

The Tesla ring actually possess infinite energy source which is not magnetic or electric. It’s a superconductor that effectively neutralizes any magnetic field whole bringing coherency in terms of chaotic situations. It also produces measurable effect of gravity.

Benefits Of Tesla Rings

There are actually numerous uses of the Tesla Rings such as the following great advantages when using these tools:

  • Pineal Gland
  • Wear on head during meditation
  • Use as bracelet
  • Psychic enhancement
  • Harmonisers can neutralise radiation, chemtrails and mind control if used with a frequency generator
  • When the ring is put under the bed, it effectively neutralizes negative fields of geo-pathic origin
  • The ring can also be utilized to increase meditative state and improve manifestation success
  • It can effectively clean an aura when slowly lowered from the head going down to the foot and reaches the back part of the body
  • It can potentate and neutralise chemicals in water by setting the glass over and under the tensor rings
  • It can keep the swimming pool clean by placing the ring at the pump
  • It can also be used in shower head
  • When placed on the Smart Meter it can reduce the negative energy and radiation

Harmonizers seem to boost human consciousness through pulsing cosmic L-field or light field which possess positive harmonizing energy.

A person’s energy is actually set in motion which continues along with its presence. Everything and everyone can actually get affected but in an optimistic manner. In fact, the more the world has light in it, the more chances it can support increasing people’s consciousness.

Locations To Place Your Tesla Rings

You can place a your Ring in almost any location and see improvements the secret is trial and error, sometimes a smaller ring may be enough to neutralise negative energy or to improve meditations or manifestations then again you may need a larger ring or a ring made from a different cubit as each resonate at a different frequency. So the best thing to do is try and try again as there are many different cubits as each will give different properties available such as Lost, Sacred, New, Kings (Royal), Empowerment, Solomans, Black, Energy, Galactic, & Remet Cubits.

  • Wear on head during meditation
  • Wear on Wrists
  • Under cushion or meditation mat whilst meditating or manifesting
  • On fingers and wrists to protect against radiation
  • Around neck for meditation, chakra alignment and radiation protection
  • Harmoniser Outside or inside connected to frequency generator to neutralise chemtrails and weather modification
  • Underneath and on top of fridge freezer, cooler, microwave, oven, as they all give of radiation and carbon monoxide
  • Place under glass of drink
  • On top and underneath drinking water tap or place over faucet
  • Water Tank underneath and on top
  • Under food storage cupboard
  • Place one ring around each electricity socket
  • Can be placed within Oregon devices, chembusters, cloudbusters to amplify energy or sit devices within the ring
  • Used with radionics machines
  • Television, Laptop or Monitor
  • WiFi Router – Underneath and On top
  • Sky or Tivo Box
  • Xbox, Playstation or other games consoles
  • Attach to wireless headsets, controllers etc
  • Mobile, cell phones – anything wireless
  • Electric Power packs
  • Under bed, pillows, mattress, sofa seats
  • Place under plate of fruit, food on each shelf in fridge/cooler
  • Putting around each light switch will reduce the effects of electric feedback from dirty electricity
  • One ring per lamp or light but not directly on the bulb as it may melt the ring or cause short circuit, lamps and lights are a high source of radiation
  • Place over smart meter, electricity box, gas intake pipe – Please do not open anything or tamper with pipes or boxes as it may be illegal in your country
  • The Tesla Ring is a Tensor Field Generator, these are best if hung in each corner of your room to give an amazing energy and clear area for healing, reiki, manifestation, sleep etc
  • PC & Printer
  • Carry in pocket, wallet or bag
  • Wear as a pendant or key ring
  • Place on each chakra when laying down meditating
  • Underneath and on top of boiler
  • Attach to drinking or bath Water intake pipe
  • Place at each corner of bath
  • Attach rings to shower head
  • On dog or cats collar if they suffer badly from radiation
  • Place underneath plants pot or ideally bury in soil.
  • Use it to charge up your crystals

I am Currently offering:

Tesla Rings:

1/2 Sacred Cubic $20 each + S&H

Construction Of A Tesla Ring
Each Tesla Ring has been lovingly made with high quality and purity 99.999% Copper wire with thicknesses ranging from 1.5 – 5mm. They all have a nice copper shine finish and very sturdy.

When you start to cut pieces of wire to particular length referred to as Cubit length, the wire will act or resonate as transformer to unique cosmic energies and then draw this energy to the wire. There are numerous different Cubit lengths utilized by modern civilizations through diverse ages.

The Physicist Slim Spurling in February 2005 on a phone call had stated that he had found out that old Egyptian Royal Cubit with measures 54mm+/- 2 mm is more useful for bio-physical energy.

This formed a non-polar pole of light. The next condition, which is the second condition, for the formation of a functioning Spurling Ring is the span of the wire. A lot of people are familiar and heard of the Cubit that is defined as a component of measure as of megalithic structures approximately the entire globe.

The exacting Cubit span for these Rings came from the Great Pyramid of Giza.

When the wire is coiled, you actually trigger Orgone (Chi, Prana – has many different names) energy into spiral movements.

Important note: The Tesla ring does not have to be 100% Round to work. It is important not to adjust the roundness if you have a type A personality, as you could damage the weld and the slightest fracture could cause your Ring to not function properly. These are all hand made with love embedded and prayers for your highest good. The circle is lead by my Higherself. Perhaps you are a type A person so it is meant to release that controlling part of your nature, so just let it be.

This is not a toy for children, although it is not harmful, but the child could damage the weld and bring a fracture that could cause the Tesla Ring to be nothing more than a beautiful Copper ring.

Additionally I add the famous Tesla Coil to strengthen the weld and add a touch of glamorous light to each piece. I do not add any chemicals or coatings to prevent the natural oxidation that occurs with time on these beauties of great energy.

Tesla Rings

Testimony: While sanding and polishing the Tesla rings I was meditating and asking for Divine guidance to show me that these rings are working. Within moments of this prayer the rings started to Glow, it was very surreal, I could see energy coming from the rings. I started to feel very energized and almost overwhelmingly so. Every Tesla Ring that I picked up began to Glow and I could feel the energy. It became too much for me as I had 4 rings completed and still working on sanding others. So I had to retire and WOW what Dreams I had, so vivid.

Please Share your experience with me, it will be positive and amazing. I can’t wait to hear from you.”

Tesla Plates:

$40 ea + Shipping & Handling

Basically it is an Orgone plate comprised of the powerful Shungite to amplify charging and purification of water with the center focal piece of the Copper Heddeka, Triskele, surrounded by the Copper Tesla Ring 1/2 Cubic.

Triskele, Heddeka

The Shungite concentrates the health-giving energies eliminating everything that is injurious to your health.

Shungite can shield you from electromagnetic radiation emitted by TV sets, computers, microwave ovens, mobile phones, and other sources of EMR.

Crystals used:




Black Tourmaline

Black Lava


These Crystals are placed in a spiritual Grid. These Crystals are powerful healers and grounding Crystals to help connect your 8th Chakra and open you to your Devine awareness of who you are. They will amplify the charging of your sacred energy while removing negative energy and impurities. Not only does it placed a shield of protection over you, it helps in healing and removing negative forces from your sphere.

Don’t be surprised to start hearing your Angels or your Higherself communicate with you. Perhaps you may start to Channel. Always ask 3 times: who are you? Then ask 3 times: Are you for my highest and Devine good? If the information comes back very irritated or negative, you need to cut communications immediately and rebuke the demonic entity or AI trying to brainwash you. Remember that Lucifer was beautiful and can appear as a celestial being. So your discernment is critical and the higher dimensional beings will not the agitated or aggressive, but will be filled with love and appreciate your caution.

Even with the high protection of this combination a high vibration Crystals, you must be clear and pray for guidance from our Creator then direct your desire to communicate out to our Heavenly Brothers and Sisters.

Start by sitting with pen and pad to write down your experience. You will soon be auto writing which is a great pathway to Channeling.

Again the importance of asking 3 times if the spirit is for your highest good. If they respond nicely “yes”, then enjoy. If they are upset that you should ask, then rebuke them immediately and uninvite them from your experience.

Tesla Plate

A Special Gift: When you order 4 Tesla Rings, you will also receive a gift of two exciting high vibrational Crystals. One is Shungite from Russia, the other is a White or Clear Crystal from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Note: All my stones are purchased in batches so I don’t have individual certificates for them but you can research these stones for yourself.

I am guided to combine Shungite and the special crystals of Protection, healing and grounding in a specific grid with the powerful white sword crystal (Selenite) to bring in the light and higher vibrations to each user.

For individual properties of each stone, you can look them up via duckduckgo.com or visit this page later as I publish these properties for each stone. Links will be updated.



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