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This is a meditation I did that you may enjoy.

On my website I have a tab at the top menu that talks about my Orgone and some of photos are various pieces, some may not be available, at least it gives you an idea of my pieces.

Most all of my Items are OOAK (one-of-a-kind) pieces I created for a customer. I can create similar but never exactly the same.

These photos on the following link, were taken with a cell phone and not very desirable circumstances. Just know that the pieces are always more exciting in person.!cMUGTSaS!OWlweX5CAuZb4WBpJJm2uQ

Open up in your Browser to view.

The next screen will be lots of folders to review. Some are empty because I haven’t uploaded the photos yet.



Orgone Pyramids

4 sided Pyramids like the Egyptian Pyramids

2 x 2 x 2 $20 + S & H

2 x 2 x 2 (Shungite) $40 + S & H

2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 $35 + S & H

3 x 3 x 2 (smooth no edges) $50 +S & H

3 x 3 x 3 $65 + S & H

4 x 4 x 3 $75 + S & H

4 x 4 x 4 $100 + S & H

5 x 5 x 5 $150 + S & H

6 x 6 x 6 $165 + S & H

Cone Pyramids (most often used outside) these are lovely and very powerful

1.50 H x 1.50 W = $10 + S & H

2.25 H x 2.25 W = $20 + S & H Handling

2.00 H x 4.00 W = $35 + S & H

2.75 H x 3.75 W. = $40 +S & H

2.75 H x 4.25 W = 50 + S & H

View these outside pyramids in action caught on my cell camera

These pyramids may not show up clearly without a great zoom in program, but the effects are all natural and no special effects applied. These are mind blowing. Look at the forth or fifth photo down, it appears to be Angel wings directly over one of my cone Pyramids.

Here are some videos I created on my YouTube channel that helps to show the Matrix and effects from aiming my camera where I have pyramids. This energy is undeniable:

Meditation Help:

Below is the link to a variety of guided meditations I put together for the family that will help. Use your Meditation Headband and sore. I use my wand in one hand and a pocket piece in the other. I have my lights turned down low and place my Pyramid on my Angel Light (Battery Operated – soft multi colored changing light – These are Available for only $10 + S & H!FpNwBKCA!1WNcRYv6RGsFWbuLFtmTEQ

You can also go to my YouTube channel for several of my guided meditations.

Nubian Pyramid (Shungite or Orgone)

1.25 x 1.25 x 2.25 = 40 + S & H

Pocket pieces (mostly used by men or great gifts to help awaken our precious sheep – very powerful)

$20 + S & H

Key Chains (like Pocket Piece or Pendulums) $20 + S & H

Stain Glass Pyramids (currently not making these)

Small 2″

Medium 3″

Large 4″

(I will start making these again after the RV because my machine to grind down the glass needs room as well as my cutting area for my glass and great storage. I also need well ventilated area to solder and separate area from my Orgone.

These Pyramids are beautiful and used to store small items such as jewelry or healing stones to charge them up.

Meditation Headbands: Pure Copper, Crystal and 925 Silver (very comfortable and one size fits all). Hand made powerful for meditations. This is perfect for opening your third eye. $160 + S & H


Orgone Healing Wands (various sizes from small wearable pieces to very large hand held healers) Stones + Orgone

Healing wands of Stones using large faceted Crystals or Stones, copper and metals even precious and simi-precious stones. Each one is Unique like you.

Prices vary – all custom made $45 up + $ Shipping & Handling (call for custom wk)


Pendulums of Orgone $20 + Shipping & Handling

Pendulum of Stone $25 + Shipping & Handling

Orgone Pendulum/Bracelet combo (ladies love this)

Pendulum/Bracelet combo w/ Stones $35.00 + Shipping & Handling

Portal / Grounding bracelet $25 + Shipping & Handling

Archangel Bracelets powerful using real stones $25 + Shipping & Handling

EMF Protection & Force Fields & Water Purifier

EMF Pendants, Pins, Earrings, Keychains and Force Field Wands created with Shungite

These are very reasonable and we’ll worth it.

Force Field Wands (also has Orgone good for healing, repealing Radiation, it places a 100 sq ft protection force field around you)

Testimony: “Wow it really works, the negative people could not stand to be in my presence for more than a few minutes, while positive people were very welcoming and engaging. I keep my wand in my purse and I love it.”

$100 + Shipping & Handling

Tesla Rings (Water Purifier) use this to purify your City Water to remove toxins and bring life to dead water Material: (14 ga 99.999% Copper)

1/2 Sacred Cubic (bracelet sz) = $20 + Shipping & Handling

Copper Tesla Ring Size (8) should be worn all the time. $20 + Shipping & Handling

925 Silver Tesla Ring (8) should be worn all the time. $20 + Shipping & Handling

Testimony: “This is an amazing technology, my water taste sweet and pure. I don’t have to buy bottle water any more. Thanks.”

Tesla Plates (used to purify water and it is a great coaster with awesome power)
$40 + Shipping & Handling

(see details here at the following link)

Testimony: “Thanks for bringing this to us. You are blessed to receive the information on how to create these wonderful water purification devices. I am so happy. My water is delicious. Thanks for sharing how to make Living Water the method works and cost practically nothing.”

Power Grid Plates (used to purify water and it is a great Healing Plate with awesome power)
$150 + Shipping & Handling

These are Tesla Grid Plates inspired by the Light to bring the powerful Healing needed to each area of your being.

I am led by my higher self or Angelic Guides to construct each plate for an individual. These multifunctional Power Grid Plates help to balance your chakras, heal, and have helped the inspiration and discernment for many users by opening up your natural gifts and potentials. These Plates are charged with positive loving energies and Scalar Frequencies to bring in the desired results to each individual.


Angel Grid Plates (used to purify water and it is a great Healing Plate with awesome power)
$150 + Shipping & Handling

These are powerful Spiritual Tools for those wanting to open up their third eye.

Much like the Power Grid but more focused on the removing of the veil. Be sure this is what you want as these are extremely powerful and you must be living in the heart or your visions may confuse and concern you. I help guide you, should you need it or recommend the needed meditations and directions for a powerful experience.

Suggestion: get a Tesla Ring for each if your faucets to purify your City Water or Energize your Well Water.
There is a special energy and life force that is generated when using the Tesla rings and/or theTesla Plate, Tesla Grid Plate or Angel Grid Plate


Place a glass picture of your water that you want to purify and bring in the “Light Life Force” with this method:

Use a funnel, a straw and sterilized glass marbles. Place your glass or glass picture on the Tesla Plate or inside it on top of one of the Tesla Rings (the Tesla Ring it Plate bring should be sitting flat on the counter or kitchen table). Next rest the funnel inside the top of the glass or picture. Place a straw at a 45 degree angel into the hole of the funnel to prevent the marbles from stopping the water flow. Then fill the funnel with your sterilized marbles and put the following stones on top of the marbles (at least 1 Shungite, & 1 Quartz crystal). You may wish to add Shungite inside your glass, bottle or picture. While pouring your water over the shungite, quartz and sterilized marbles you will want to say a prayer or positive affirmation and send love and blessings. The intensity of your prayer and love will be felt and with the Tesla Ring/Plate you will be bringing in such Devine Life Force. You water will taste delicious. Squeeze just a little lemon into your water which will enhance the positive effects of the living water and help with the PH.

Shungite Water Bottles: These 18oz pure Glass Bottles have a leak proof stainless steel lid with a carry handle and beautiful black nylon sleeve printed with The Tree of Life. Inside the Bottle is a number of Elite Shungite stones. (Note: Just one of these stone is very powerful and will purify your water.)
Shungite and Guardian Angel Tea balls: This is a pure stainless steel tea ball filled with approximately 15 grams of Shungite. The adorable 1″ Guardian Angel Stone is hand carved and each stone is random. So the surprise is a delight.
Crystal Creations:
Crystal fantasy people mostly females love these as necklace pendants. Leather or silk cord provided free with purchase of Crystal Creations Pendant.The Crystal people are sculptures I do of faces of Faries and Fantasy ladies on a very beautiful geode or Crystal grouping. I have even sometimes incorporated these sculptures into my healing Wands.Small Pendant $35.00 + Shipping & Handling

MoJo Bags: These are totally awesome spiritual tools that each practicing healer needs in their Angel Tool kit.

The Silk bag that is used can also double as a coin purse or fancy gift bag.

The contents are worth double the amount I charge for the MoJo bag. A carved stone Angle, a special Designed Orgone Pocket Piece, a special selected crystal, a crystal charger, a mini wand and a Tesla Ring (SS). You can carry this in your purse or place it in your pillow for protection. You can place it by your computer to negate the EMF that our electronic devices put out and the electric sources.  Makes a great gift to awaken someone you know that thinks you have lost it. Their attitude will be changed positive as it draws out all negative and sends the love frequency to hug them. I have yet to hear of anyone who it hasn’t worked on, well those who are living in the darkest due to possession it will even help them unless they have sold their souls. Then it is in the hands of the Almighty Creator to bring them back or…

Feel free to contact me if I can help you I. Your Journey.

AngelEve721  at gmail dot com (a real person will know the correct information here which is to prevent SPAM.



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