Main Stream Media is the Only Truth – NOT!!!


When will we start arresting the true enablers, the pedophiles, the banksters, the psychopaths, the lie stream media, the war mongers, the big gun runners, the eugenics pushing corporations, the tyrants, the treasonous bastards, the Nazis and perverts?

How many more children will be stolen by these evil corporations in the guise of family services?

We as Mankind must come together and forget the boogie men that Main Stream Media paints for us on a daily bases. These actors are script readers are the enablers of the high crimes of Tyranny and Murder.

What do you hear so often from the fluorided masses? “Well if it is on TV it must be true.” Nothing could be further from the truth. It is in the Communist Manifesto to always call you what they are. So if they paint a bad picture of you, then it is they that you need to look at. Dig for truth and you will find it. It will be shocking.

The mainstream media will always paint a Patriot as a villain and yet it is the Patriots who have come forward to protect our last vestiges of Liberty and Freedom.

Stop supporting your enslavement, wake up and wake up others before it is too late.

Go to

Get involved with a movement, you are on the watch list by these Nazis already. Put down the TV controls and beer. Stop supporting their sports, all rigged by the way.  You won’t be playing sports with the influx of terrorist that Obummer has brought in.

Study Agenda 21

Read the Communist Manifesto, you will be shocked to learn that it is a duplicate of the Patriot Act which was written three months prior to 911 and yes 9/11 was an inside job just like the Titanic was an inside job. Insurance Fraud payoffs, is a great reward for their evil schemes. Always follow the money and truth will surface.

Be blessed.






































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  1. UZA - people's courts, forums & tribunals
    Jan 14, 2016 @ 01:47:40

    Reblogged this on UZA – people's courts, forums, & tribunals and commented:
    Yes, go to and join your local county common-law grand jury; if you don’t have one then start one; get together and start educating yourselves; collectively we have the remedies; we are the remedy; in peace’

    And, please inform the grand juries that there is NO such thing as a “citizen’s” grand jury; a citizen is a legal fiction; we are people; the Constitution does not say we, the citizen’s; it says we the people; dump that word; thanks


    • Angel 4 Light
      Jan 14, 2016 @ 14:04:05

      Totally agree with you. Too many sheep. We did start one.
      Been giving out the books John Daresh had printed up. Ir is a help. We are doing what we can. Thanks for people like us, we are making strides forward. I comment on as many cites as I can to get the word out. Thanks for being here “We are the Ones We have been looking for” and as. Willie Nelson sang , we are the 99.


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