Jared Rand’s Global Meditation Call Replay 10-28-18

Monday, October 29, 2018
Jared Rand’s Global Meditation Call Replay 10-28-18

Published on Oct 28, 2018


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Your New Age by Mike Quinsey

Subjects to be discussed:

• Vidya’s Mission
• Awakening to the Fifth Dimension
• Our Spiritual Missions
• Ascension
• Past Lives
• Ushering in a New Earth

About Vidya:

Vidya Frazier is the author of three books on the subject of Ascension:
• Awakening to the Fifth Dimension
• Ascension: Embracing the Transformation
• Triumph of the Light

As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.

After the Webinar we will answer your questions live.
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Sunday, October 21, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT

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Sunday October 21, you can still register. Within 48 hours, we will send you a link to the Webinar posted (privately) on YouTube.
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Message from Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self

Source: Tree of the Golden Light

You are reaching a point where you cannot fail to start achieving your aims for the future. It matters not in which direction you are heading, you will get support and help to achieve your ambition. As you continue to evolve you will acquire all of the talents that you will need to succeed, but help it along by concentrating on your goal. You will always have your Guides around you so call upon them if you need help. Understand that when you are born you come with the essence of what it is you are aiming to be, and know that at various stages in your development there will be key points to help you along.

It also covers your intended meetings with other souls who will be working with you, or can give you those opportunities that you will need. It may of course come from within your own family, in which case you chose them for that very reason. In a different situation some souls are placed with those who can benefit their soul growth where sometimes they need to learn lessons that will help them on their path to the Light. Knowing this you will understand that above all, your soul growth is the most important goal at all times. Some lessons in life can be very tough, but be assured you should be able to handle whatever challenges come your way and you will always find that help is at hand when required.

The New Age you have now entered is one that will eventually see such an upliftment in vibrations that you will find your evolution progressing faster than ever before. Some of the changes come about because you will have reached a stage where there is less negativity around you to hold you back. The future is the fulfillment of your dreams to live in utter peace and with loving souls around you, without any fear of interference because the dark Ones will have been unable to reach your level of development. It is normal after the end of an Age when the cycle has been completed. Instead of starting anew you carry forward with all of your attributes and skills, and that negative aspects do not exist.
raise your vibration

Never forget that your destiny is to be a Galactic Being with full consciousness, and you are already on that pathway to success. Get used to the idea that you will then be able to travel the Universe, and evolved Beings are already doing so and live on board their Spaceships that have literally become their new home, with everything that would normally be needed for many years of travel in Space, as you would term it they are self-contained and have the technology to supply all of their needs. Also bear in mind that their bodies are of such a high vibration they enjoy perfect health and do not experience any form of illness such as you do.

Dear Ones you can hardly imagine what delights and interesting experiences await you, and all of your own choosing. However, there is an over-riding need to ensure your experiences aid your spiritual evolution and there is absolutely no reason why they should not be fulfilling. You may feel that staying in space for such long periods would be far too long to be away from your family and friends, but distance is no deterrent or blockage to still keeping contact with them. After all, you already have your television that can be adapted to send images and sound over long distances.

Be assured that Space travel gives you the most wonderful experiences, particularly when you meet other humanoids and share your knowledge and experiences. No doubt some of you will be thinking that language problems must exist when meeting hitherto unknown Beings, but those that are evolved and advanced will probably no longer need to use the spoken word, but instead make contact through thought transference. Clearly this is far much quicker than speaking and overcomes language problems. Can you now see how your experiences are pre-planned for you to ensure that you’re equipped with the necessary knowledge and abilities to progress in preparation for Space travel? The first steps get nearer each day ready for when history will be made with the first official contact with your Space friends. It will be arranged to ensure that you meet similar Beings to yourself, so that the experience is not a shock to your system. You have already been visited by Beings from your own Solar System who came from Venus, who had quite a lengthy contact with one of your people. The Venusians are most likely the ones who most resemble you, and apart from a higher forehead are very humanlike in their features and appearance. You have had numerous visitors to Earth but so far not as you might call it “an official visit” If your true history had not been deleted or destroyed, you would already be quite familiar with some of the visitors from within your own Solar System. In the past they have even built upon your Earth and the remains are still there to be seen today.

Your history is so much different to what you have been led to believe, and it would be most useful to know the truth as you enter the higher vibrations. There is literally proof all around you on Earth of Extraterrestrial visitation in your distant past, and it is only now that there are sufficient open minded people who can read the signs of their presence and prepared to openly talk about it. Many people are scared of the idea of Beings from Outer Space visiting you and have visions of the most frightening weird looking Beings, whereas they are all humanoids. They may have their differences in appearance to you, but they are certainly not monsters by any sense of imagination. Of course they are spiritually at different levels to you, some are less evolved and many much more advanced who have a lot to offer mankind.

The coming period will see many changes as the old is released and the new introduced. It will take time and seem chaotic, yet in the long run it will work out for the best. These preparations have to be made in advance so that finally there is a smooth transition to the new ways of working. Try to see the long term benefits as you are taken into the New Age that offers so much more than before. There will be opposition from those who for personal reasons do not wish to change, but advancement can no longer be held back and must now move forwards. New Age means exactly what it says and there is no place for old systems or methods that have become outdated. Be assured that in time you will be totally satisfied with the changes that are taking place.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.





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Message to the Truthseekers of Earth: Change is Upon You

Message to the Truthseekers of Earth: Change is Upon You

By Magenta Pixie

Published on Oct 13, 2018

Walk forward with open eyes. Merge truthseeking with inner knowing and look to the ‘hidden’ as it reveals itself. Message to the truthseekers of Earth… Change is upon you.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick.

Magenta Pixie Website: https://www.magentapixie.com
Magenta Pixie Products: https://www.magentapixie.com/shop.html

Books by Magenta Pixie:
“The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame” https://www.magentapixie.com/the-infi…
“Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template” https://www.magentapixie.com/divine-a…
“Masters of the Matrix” https://www.magentapixie.com/masters-…

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message for October 19, 2018

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message for October 19, 2018

As the new cycle continues to impose itself upon the old one, great conflict has occurred between the two as new ideas are emerging whilst there are those who are prepared to hold onto the old ones at any cost. In consequence progress is very slow and sorting out the entanglement of the old and the new is proving a difficult task. However, the new must be established to move mankind forwards, and introduce new ideas that will completely change the way of life. The changes are going to be pronounced and there are already moves to change the fabric of Humanity so that they are prepared for them. As one might expect, the changes are going to alter your very way of life, making it much easier and bringing you new ways of living that place minimal demands upon your time, leaving you with so much more for your personal leisure. As a result people will become more independent, and the long term future will see them coming together in much smaller groups.

Be assured that out of the apparent chaos a way forward will become apparent, and as the vibrations continue to increase will bring you a greater peace than you have previously experienced. Harmony will grow and happiness taken for granted as you all work for the benefit of everyone rather than the individual. Gone will be the spectre of homelessness and everyone will have a suitable dwelling. Everyone will have exactly what they need to live a comfortable and healthy life. These things will take time to manifest but you will find the results well worth waiting for. More and more you will find that your ability to “think” things into being will increase, and eventually it will become quite automatic. In the same way you will also dispose of that which no longer serves you, and the land and seas will cease to be blighted by rubbish. There will also be a point reached where you will be able to “talk” to animals and also understand them too.

Humans need to have a goal in mind and it is the way of working that they are used to, so planning well in advance will be with you for quite some time to come. One of the most welcome changes will be when you are able to have what you need instantly through the power of thought. Amassing things will become a thing of the past and the acquisition of wealth totally unnecessary when you can just “think” what you want into being. These developments must sound a very long way off to you just now, yet changes that will propel you into the future are beginning to happen so quickly. It is your younger generations that are full of new ideas and are so eager to bring them into being, and they should be given every encouragement to do so. Their approach and ways of looking at things is vastly different to your old ways, as they can see answers to problems in a much quicker time, and have a greater perception as to what needs to be done and how to do it.

You have crossed the bridge and in new territory where you can manifest much more easily than previously, plus the fact that your own power is increasing all of the time. Forget the past that has served its purpose and take that leap forward into all that is new and challenging. After all it is your choices that will pave the way forward, although there is always a central plan and goal to be reached – called Ascension. Humanity as a collective obviously has an influence on the future, but at all times will be directed onto the path that fulfils your needs whilst at the same time keeping you pointed in the right direction. Of course you have freewill but would be ill-advised to divert from the path laid out before you. Since you passed the 2012 Marker you have gained the entitlement to greater help and upliftment into the higher vibrations.

Returning to current problems the revaluation of the currencies looms large, but the overriding factor is still to ensure that all countries are poised ready to take part. However, there will come a point when the changes will have to go ahead, as there is a limit to how long it can be waited for. To make the playing field level some will go up and some need to come down, and it will soon be seen as creating a fairer deal for all concerned. Peace on Earth is not just a dream but a necessity if you are to experience a smooth transition to the New Age, so you may rest assured that many people are working hard to achieve the necessary changes to bring it about. Revaluation will prove to be one of the most important steps you have ever taken, so the decision to go ahead must be well supported by all concerned. The result will be the kick starting of a world-wide boost that will see the market place come alive.

At our level in the “now” we see all things happening at the same time, making it difficult to put them in chronological order. We see where difficulties may arise and try to use our influence to help you overcome them. We can do much to help you but in the final reckoning it is you who have to do it. You have done very well so far to pass the Marker and we have every faith in your ability to overcome the present difficulties. There seem to be dire warnings all over the world as the changes are causing problems, yet all are possible to overcome if decisions are made in the interests of all rather than some powerful individuals. It is surely dawning upon people that if you work together you will get far more done in a lot less time. Competition is a feature of capitalism but even that will fade into the background as co-operation between people becomes more the normal.

You have been waiting quite a long time for a positive outcome to all of the experiences you have been through lately, but be assured your patience will be rewarded. Try to sit back and relax and allow events to outwork themselves naturally, as all things will come to you in good time. Indeed, you may be pleasantly surprised at how things work out, possibly much better than you may have thought. The extreme karma experienced through the last Age is over, but as individuals you will still collect some if you put a foot wrong. As you have already been told, instant karma is taking place for immediate clearance, unlike earlier periods of time. Understand that when you incur karma your vibrations are momentarily affected when in fact you should be doing everything to maintain your higher level. It is even more important if you are one who is set on achieving Ascension. However, having come this far it is unlikely that you will lose your level of vibrations.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to the God inside.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Source: Tree of the Golden Light

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KejRaj Update: Perfect Timing

Monday, October 15, 2018

KejRaj Update: Perfect Timing

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(Kayry).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth is within your heart. Find the peace and the truth will reveal itself. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

In this now it is not deemed necessary for me to write a long message to share some joyous news. So I’ll keep this short.

I think it is fairly simple, ‘divine timing’ does not involve dates set in stone for something to occur. Divine timing simply means PERFECT timing. In alignment with the WHOLE, for something to become manifest and to serve its purpose in the best way possible.

It is now my understanding that we are on the threshold of that PERFECT timing, for all things to come forward. For the promises to be fulfilled, for justice, and for humanity to enter a higher octave of the New Era.

Please take a few minutes and express gratitude to all that have been involved in bringing this into fruition. You know who they are.

Also, do not forget Mother Earth. Thank her for allowing us to come along on this journey, for giving us the opportunity to be of service, for nurturing us, for loving us, and for being so patient with humanity.

Prepare to enter a new phase of this process.

We are light, we are love, we are eternal.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!

Source: Era of Light

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Amazing Canine Rushes to Rescue Struggling Dog After He Falls Into Pool – Positive News Stories

Amazing Canine Rushes to Rescue Struggling Dog After He Falls Into Pool

By positvenewsstories

Amazing Canine Rushes to Rescue Struggling Dog After He Falls Into Pool

This is a short little video that shows just how smart canines are. They really can sense when something is very wrong. In this case, the rescue dog recognizes that the older dog is in trouble after falling in the pool. Once the rescue dog realizes that this dog does not know how to swim, the rescue dog reacts quickly by jumping into the pool to save the dog. TRULY AMAZING TO SEE!

Content Source: https://inspired-motivation.com/amazing-canine-rushes-to-rescue-struggling-dog-after-he-falls-into-pool/

Violet Flame For Transformation

Violet Flame For Transformation

By Angel4Light:

Here is a meditation which I do each night, the first part is a visualization and guidance to prepare yourself for the affirmation. The second part is the affirmation which you will say out loud as it has more power that way.

Prior to playing this meditation do some deep breaths, relax your body, close your eyes, and let go. Concentrate only on what you hear.

Set the Mood by dimming the lights, burning some Sage or frankincense.

Take a deep breath and hold it at the count of 4 release slowly at the count of 4. Do this several times.

I usually wear my crystal headband and a crystal in my hand when I am meditating, it helps to raise my vibrations even more so.

(I create these headbands in case you’re interested, I will place that information up on the website for you if you’re interested.)

Below is The Saint Germain Violet Flame guided meditation, which I have done for you. It also helps me as well.

It is important that you do this Invocation daily to help with your Ascension.


Violet Flame For Transformation

Happening it is! from MASTER SAINT GERMAIN

Happening it is!
Channeled by James McConnell

I am St. Germain. As always, it is wonderful to be able to be here with you in this way to communicate in this manner, to be able to share and help all those of you to understand just what is happening across the planet, just how this paradigm , this three-dimensional paradigm is fading away, being replaced by the new paradigm, the new understanding, the new Golden Dawn that is fast approaching now. You, each one, are the catalysts for these changes. You are the ones who are anchoring the light, holding the light here, and spreading the light. Because of you, because of all of us working together with you, we are bringing these many changes to come about.

You look for those changes happening outside of yourself. You look for confirmation by going on your internet, by watching your television set, by speaking to other people, you look for confirmation. But what you really need is the confirmation within yourself. For it matters not what is happening outside. It only matters what happens inside. Because as the changes are developing within yourself, that is the catalyst for the changes happening outside of self. So as consciousness changes and increases within your own personal selves, consciousness has been increasing outside of self as well. Just need to continue to allow the process to happen.

Happening it is. Changes are now coming quite rapidly. It is as if you had a pot of water and you placed it on your stove and you turned up the heat, not too much, just enough to begin to warm the water. That water is warming and warming and warming. It will continue to do that. It will continue to stay at that same temperature until you begin to add more heat to it, begin to raise the temperature. That is what is happening now. The temperature is being raised, moving toward the boiling point. Might say that the heat is on now. The temperature is rising everywhere, and at some point it will come to a boiling point. The cabal, as you know it, will be dispersed in many different ways. These changes are in process now, and you are more and more beginning to see the effects of this.

But I tell you now, as Saint Germain, and all of the Company of Heaven that are working with this process, working with this Alliance, I tell you that you haven’t seen anything yet. So many things are in development. Just continue to hold patience. Continue to remain calm as Sananda has said, as this storm continues to approach. But just as President Trump said, he was the storm, you all are the storm. You all are the storm together, working together, bringing this all about.

You want NESARA? You want GESARA? Then make it happen. Make it become so. You want the RV? Make it happen. Don’t sit back and wait for it. Make it happen within your own visualizations, within your consciousness create it. Create it into being. Create the financial changeover. Create The Event coming. You control much more than you believe that you do. Many of you say “what can I myself do?” Well you can do much. Many of you are doing much. If you have not yet felt that you are contributing, know that you are contributing just simply by being a part of these meditations, a part of working together to bring all of this about. This has been said many times. There is no greater part or lesser part in all of this. It is all a part of the whole. Together you all make up the puzzle and, every single puzzle piece, which you each are, is needed to form the full puzzle. For without one, it is not complete.

I am Saint Germain. I leave you now with the violet flame to continue to engulf you, to continue to purge out all the old: the old paradigm, the old programming that is no longer needed within you. The Game is nearly over and it is time to begin the new game.

Peace and love be with all of you.

Channeled by James McConnell



A Story About How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals

A Story About How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals

By Storm Is Upon Us

Published on 30 Dec 2017

This is a story about how America was almost destroyed by criminals. Based on the work by @_ImperatorRex_

1. Let me tell you a story about how America was almost destroyed by criminals.

2. It one that should shock anyone who reads it, but like any good thriller, it has a happy ending.

3. This story is fully researched and has no affiliation with any political party, religion or ideology – nor does it need it.

4. May 4th, 2016.

5. TV Billionaire Donald J Trump, against all the odds, wins the unofficial nomination as Republican candidate for the Presidential election.

6. Even happier at the news than Trump himself was none other than the Democratic National Committee and their candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

7. Their so called ‘Pied Piper’ strategy had worked.

8. Clinton announced her candidacy on April 12, 2015 & became the presumptive Democratic nominee on June 7, 2016.

9. From the moment she announced, Clinton & her team set themselves 2 objectives.

10. 1 – destroy Bernie Sanders.

11. 2 – weaken strong Republican rivals, strengthen weak ones.

12. The DNC, Clinton & their media proxies worked together to achieve both.

13. And it worked : the Sanders campaign was destroyed & the Republicans nominated Trump.

Now is the time to heal.

If you have fallen out with someone over the past few years over political differences, or if you have pushed away someone close to you because of their opinions, now is the time to realize that it wasn’t their fault, and they were tricked.

Don’t school them anymore, just love so we can start to heal.

The Corrupted Practice of Increasing Food Prices

Food for Food Space

By Chelsea Lynn Cooley

Have you ever been to the grocery store and wondered why the prices of the same food product can change drastically in price from month to month or even from week to week?

Clearly this is an odd phenomenon, how can the price of food change so much? How is this even determined by grocery stores and why is this happening? There are certain foods needed for each of us individually, some of us may have very particular diets and dietary needs, since this is the case what does one do if the price of the foods they need increases so much that they can no longer afford to buy it? These are all important concerns which effect every single one of us. Even if you can afford to buy the food you need for now, can you expect to have the same access in the future? How about next week? There are no guarantees to having the right to access food as humanity and this is a problem which has widespread consequences if we do not change this fact. So who is responsible for determining these increasing food prices? There are many players, or gamblers really, who are responsible for doing this. These corrupted players are corrupted governmental agencies such as the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, corporations and also Wall Street.

The Food and Agricultural Organization or the FAO is responsible for determining and setting the global food price index. This is a pricing index which determines the price value that certain food products will be priced at. It is a guideline that all of the countries of the world are forced to adhere to, regardless if they agree or not. Despite this fact of limited choice as a country, community or even a culture, the countries of the world are forced to subscribe and pay to be subject to these rules and regulations of the FAO. Yes, countries have to pay to become a part of the United Nations and also these criminal gangs such as the FAO, the reason why some of them participate is for either political or economic reasons.

Governments of certain countries believe that if they become a part of these organizations that they will receive relief or assistance from the funds which they have, they believe that they can make a difference in their communities by complying with these organizations. What happens in reality is something far different.

So what are some of the trends which the FAO are setting for the world to follow? Basically, they want all of the prices of food to increase across the world, making food eventually a privileged commodity for only those who can afford it. According to the FAO the food price index has been on somewhat of a continual rise over the matter of months for the year 2011 with some minor fluctuations. In June 2011 averaged 234 points which is 1 percent higher and 39 percent higher in June 2010. In several different categories there have been increases in prices, but others have only minimal spikes in price.

The FAO Initiative on soaring food prices states that in December 2010, the food price index rose above its 2008 peak. They even say that food prices will likely remain volatile. When they say it will remain volatile does this mean that they expect difficulties and low food surplus? How can they determine this if food sources constantly waver according to their own research? If food prices are essentially unpredictable and can only be measured by prices and
statistics then how are future outcomes determined? There must be some aspect to this overview and their food initiative that is not out in the public or not readily apparent according to the information that they have public.

Does the FAO actually work with large scale corporations and give them write offs? If so why do they state the importance of helping individual farmers, do they actually do this or what criteria do small scale farmers world wide have to adhere to in order to receive assistance

from the FAO? When they say in their initiative that efforts need to be made to strengthen the resilience of small farmers to future shocks and to improve food and nutrition security over the long term, how do they truly accomplish this? Typically the response is more monitoring, more rules, and even more regulations and price hikes for farmers themselves.

What is food security anyways do they actually mean securing food surplus in general for worldwide populations? If this was the case then why do the food supplies depend on monetary supplies as well especially in countries where money has little to no value since so few people can actually thrive in a third world economy?

On October 16th the FAO had a poster on their website for World Food Day with the theme for the year 2011 being “Food Prices- From Crisis to Stability.”

These organizations really do see our food situation as a crisis worldwide, or at least they are suggesting that there is a scarcity for everyone.

Instead of offering suggestions for making a change globally they ask for donations or simply create a cheap poster. I personally do not think that the worldwide agency that is supposed to be supporting individuals everywhere is being very proactive in changing the framework or the very core of our attitudes towards food
creation and consumption. Changes happen mostly from an intellectual and deep rooted core that develops from knowledge and practice, not from donations and corporate sponsors alone.

If monetary avenues are the only way we expect to create this change, then we are glossing over the wider points that attitudes and practices should be investigated as well. Notice that the image of the poster from the FAO shows the food prices as a stock market chart. Monetary value is the focus of food prices, it shows financial competition when food prices are

The FAO and governmental organizations treats food resources as a commodity which can be
bought and sold on Wall Street. It is a financial tool for them only, the subject of business and finance, not treated as a necessity for the survival of humanity. I am sure that there are
plenty of you who have never even heard of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, let alone even thought about what they may be saying about world hunger.

There is a reason for this and the reason is very straight forward, they do not want people to be educated about the lack of honest efforts to resolve world hunger by global governments.

They do not want their actions to be taken seriously or even recognized by people across the world because they really are not doing anything to resolve the crisis in the first place.

Again, the solution which governments come up with is to take more money from people who are
already working and slaving in the economic system, those people who have to “earn” their right for food on a daily basis. The “solution” is nothing but a money making scheme for those
who are foolish enough to believe that the government will ever make any real effort to solve these problems.

When you look at this image of the FAO, what do you see? What do you think the intended message is meant to convey? Obviously it is not promoting an image of abundance and food sustainability. The ground is parched and the symbol is creating a chaotic and destructive appearance over this unhealthy ground with the wheat scattered all around. The motto of the FAO is “Fiat Panis” which means in Latin let there be bread. Notice that they didn’t choose
another type of motto, maybe something that would have said something about let there be food obviously is saying something completely different. The reason why they keep their motto and their advertising to strictly wheat is because of the historical legacy of wheat being associated with wealth and upper economic castes. Only wealthy people in the past were able to buy bread, especially in Europe, for this reason they stick to the image of wheat since it attaches a historical legacy of scarcity, lack and economic hierarchy over food which limits food access for humanity. They promote the ideas of scarcity and hierarchy in order to continue profiting off of the falsity of food scarcity, which they have created and upheld themselves.

Food prices are artificially determined, they are created to limit access to food, not to make it more accessible. The reason why food is expensive is because of the greed of corrupt governments and corporations. Rather than wanting to make the world a better place for
humanity by supplying affordable, healthy nutritious food for the entire planet, they engage in price fixing and stock market manipulation for their own economic gain and greed. Food doesn’t have to be expensive and in fact, food as a resource is far more abundant than people realize. It is only our own definition of what food is that keeps our mindsets limited in
understanding what is accessible in our own local environments. Also we as individuals can easily make some basic food at home by having a garden or by learning how to make food from scratch from basic ingredients. These skill sets have been largely forgotten over the years since humanity has been forced to spend most of their time dedicated to work and other economic demands. In the past it was common to share knowledge of sustainability and
basic food production which was done in the home. This is an art form which has been treated now as a hobby but in the past basically everyone either knew how to cook or garden, or a combination of both.
Now people feel more comfortable to let grocery stores and corporations supply the food for them. Exhaustion has become the standard of life for most people so they do not take the
time to focus their efforts in creating their own food supplies and meals.

The fate of food and food access has been put in the hands of these relatively unpopular and mostly unknown organizations such as the FAO and other food corporations. If you take some time to delve into the manner in which these organizations talk about their purpose and their goals it is clear that they are only interested in profit and economic trends around food. No solution
whatsoever is offered, only economic demands and requests which the general populace is forced to be responsible for. A great example of this is to look at their own website and read how they talk about food price trends:


By evaluating this webpage you can gather from the language around food surplus and food prices that the FAO organization values economic competition and price fluctuation.

They clearly accept and invite this economic valuation rather than trying to move away from it and focus on offering solutions to actually ending world hunger as an issue. Does this seem logical and fair to you? The budget for FAO for 2012-2013 was US $1,005.6 million. They made US
$1.4 billion from contributions in 2012-2013. Where did this money go? How was it spent? You would think with that amount of money, plus all of the contributions they have made over the years they could have solved world hunger many times over by now.

How can this be? This simply does not make sense, to cover the expenses of the organization’s infrastructure should be minimal but this organization like many other governmental organizations works in a way similar to a corporate structure. They profit off of having an issue to pretend they are resolving. If they were to eliminate the issue then they would no longer have an excuse to
take money and make money off of the many countries which they pretend to serve.

The point here is to perpetuate the issue, to continue to support the damage, not to solve the crisis. In fact, they seem happy to have a food price crisis worldwide.

According to the FAO the food price index is “a measure of the monthly change in international prices of a basket of food commodities. It consists of the average of five
commodity group price indices, weighted with the average export shares of each of the groups for 2002-2004” (fao.org). The language around food has turned into a conversation about commodities, it is treated as something to be bid on and bought by those who can pay for it.

How can this be good for anyone? When we look into the language around the treatment of food as a commodity we can clearly see that the values are completely distorted and focused around greed only “The FAO Food Price Index* (FFPI) averaged 154.1 points in December 2015, down 1.5 points (1.0 percent) from its revised November value, with international prices of all the food commodities used in the calculation of the Index falling, except for sugar and oils. Over the full year, the index has averaged 164.1 points, nearly 19 percent less than in 2014, marking the fourth consecutive annual decline” (fao.org). For those of you who may know, the prices of stocks can be manipulated artificially and can be corrupted.

This has been proven in the past many times with the numerous scandals of Wall Street in the
past. It seems illogical to allow the treatment of food to be measured by the stock market and by purely economic values. If we allow the possibility of price manipulation and economic greed to be the main treatment of our access to food then surely, there will be many people who will suffer. The vast majority of humanity to date struggles with economic inequality and also lives paycheck to paycheck, especially in the United States of America.

The FAO claims in their mission statement that their main goals are to eradicate hunger, food
insecurity and malnutrition; the elimination of poverty and the driving forward of economic
and social progress for all” (fao.org). Clearly their mission statement is contradictory since they mention ‘driving forward of economic…progress’ if you read between the lines it is clearly an admission that they serve corporations and economic interests only. It is a very sneaky and dishonest way to admit that they only care about the prices and profits which come from food production when they state their mission in this way. As long as there is money to be made, there will be no focus and effort to eradicate world hunger as they claim since economic progress is the obvious goal here.

The language and communication around food and world hunger needs to shift away from that of the current economic and greed focused culture set by dishonest organizations to that of one more human and practical. Instead of adding a price tag to food and creating competition in the marketplace we should put more effort into making food widely accessible without a monetary valuation attached to it. We can justify doing this by having widespread education of food cultivation and teaching more people how to grow gardens and to cook at home.

These are efforts which can be done right now, there is a detailed plan Food For Food Space which I have written which proposes how to use the resources we have already such as
buildings which have not been rented or sold for many years which can be converted into hydroponic gardens to supply local communities with fresh produce.

Jobs and economic stimulus can be easily created if business and property owners were given incentives to make this conversion of their spaces possible. The costs are very low and the possibilities are nearly endless if society were to engage in this conversation. There are
already some urban gardening projects showing how to use wall spaces and small community
spaces to grow food with very little effort involved in the process. Not only are these projects
helpful to the local community, they also give people a chance to engage in opportunities which have a positive focus and give hope to those who are living in squalor. To invite people
to participate in their local communities gives tremendous confidence and healing to people
especially when they have felt scarcity and suffering due to poverty.

There are numerous success stories from urban gardening communities where people have positive experiences and are given new perspectives in which to engage in life in a more healthy way.

We as individuals and communities can do far more to improve the environment around food than those who are claiming ownership over it such as the FAO, Wall Street and other
corporations. If we feel that there are criminal activities happening around fixing the prices of food, turning it into an exclusive commodity, then we must make our best efforts to fight
this corruption in an active and dedicated way. If food rights are violated for humanity, then our survival as a species is put at risk. This should never be allowed in any circumstances since the dangers are great for everyone. I encourage everyone to make proactive efforts to
combat this blatant greed and corruption and take back our global resources for the benefit of all of humanity. Food access is a basic human right. Food is also a source of pleasure and it also shapes the landscapes of our human communities and cultures. It is up to each one of us to protect this sacred and valuable resource so that all people can have access to what they
need to survive. We must secure and take back food not just for the current generations of humanity but also for the future as well.

You can find the entire book Food For Food Space for iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/

Food For Food Space book for all other versions: https://gum.co/iWngx

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