The Host (Heavens Army) Fighting For You

The Host (Heavens Army) Fighting For You

by Kat Kerr

Notes from some of Kats messages on this subject:

Send them, invite them, Engage: a Kingdom term, a Spiritual term. The Angels tear down strongholds we don’t.

Everything accelerates when you understand that Heavens Army is one of our weapons.

They do not have to defend Heaven. They fight for us.

When we pray in faith they are activated to war, when we recognize that they are one of our spiritual weapons and we engage and invite them to come and war on earth for us. An army is not asked or begged to do something. Our words are like orders from Heaven. They hearken to His word, either His or His word in us.

Heavens army then becomes deadly when we Actively Rule this earth using them daily as one of our weapons.

We only wrestle with the enemy, but they fight and they win so you can keep wrestling and struggling and get beat up or you can use all our weapons and win. They delight to war in our behalf. We are not alone in this world.

Jesus said: if I want to I can call on Heavens Army to fight on my behalf but he didn’t do it. He was waiting for us to do it. Every King gets an army. Spiritual Kings get a Spiritual Army. Loosen and sic the Army of Heaven on those strongholds.

“I choose to invite Heavens Army into my life and the realm that I live in. They are to keep me in all my ways. I invite and activate Heaven’s Army who is my weapon, that is mighty, of pulling down strongholds of darkness. I command you as the Army sent on my behalf to pull down every plot, every plan, every deception, every stronghold that the enemy has built, against me, go get ’em, bash ’em.” (the Angels like you to say what you would like them to do). “Trash them! Shred every platform that the enemy has been ruling from, in my life, in my family’s life, my friends life, the leaders of my city’s life. I send you also to the leaders of our Government to the highest head to the lowest person. Shred, Expose, Tear down any defilement that they are hiding. You are the Host with the most who make the enemy toast.” whoa hooooo!

Not a one time prayer.

Use the Dominion thing. One of the reasons he died.

He is the Lord of Host and we are a part of him and we are Lords, then we get to command them too.

The Host hearken to the word of the Lord.
He said we get to rule and rein.
He said we are Kings and Priest unto God.

We need to send them out.

If an Army doesn’t have a strategy it doesn’t do much.

Ruling: I can call them to come and fight for me – Jesus.

Jesus said I can call them If I want them. You can call them too. “I invite you to use You as a weapon.” You were given weapons and one of them is the Host of Heaven.

They are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. They engage them face to face. Green comes out not red-referring to their color of blood.

I send them before me to pull down strongholds before I go to some place.<

You invite them into your life – “I invite the Host of Heaven” – You have to speak it. Your name goes down on a scroll, when you do that. You also activate them.

Picture a real Army, theirs and yours.

Look back means step back.

Plowing means going forward.

If you stop the Ruling, you stop taking Dominion, you stop talking to the Host or you go to the enemy camp and walk in some darkness.

Rule with the Host of Heaven, nothing by any means will hurt you. You need them as your weapon. That’s why you have being getting beat up. Major changes are happening in peoples life.

When your release the Anointing, BLUE FIRE comes out of you.

Kings command their soldiers.

The Host don’t want you to ask them – Command them.

They have one purpose: defend, protect you, and defeat the enemy.

When you invite them, you now have a squadron (100) with you to serve under your command. When you say “I invite the Host of Heaven”, at that moment, in the commissioning Throne Room in Heaven, orders are being given to a high ranking member of the Host with a scroll with your name on it.

With your choice and words are how you rule.

Don’t go to the enemy camp, there is accountability.

“I invite the host of heaven to be a part of my team, to fulfill their assignment to protect me”.

“Father I take authority over ALL the Power of the Enemy that is trying to hinder the region of light in this area”.


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  2. UZA - a peoples' court of conscience
    Apr 11, 2017 @ 02:25:19

    Dear people; without prejudice, but only to educate;

    we read this with an open heart and mind, but it just does not feel right;

    We must not fall for the trap of war, war, war; this is exactly what the dark side wants; for us to “oppose” it; by opposing it, we give it power; and, then evil befalls us because we invited war into our lives;

    They all know that the law-of-war is subject to the law-of-peace; it is time to declare peace; NOT war; if, one has to call on the heavenly host then command them to declare and decree peace; NOT war;

    By plugging directly into our Soul Source of All Creation we stay centred without fear of anything but fear itself; we can transmute evil back to source; we can unbind the evil;

    Your soul does not have to give its power away to any ethereal or astral being; on the astral the corrupt demiurge is too corrupted to make any head or tail of who is working for who in the heavenly zoo; for more on this go to Cameron Day’s site ascensionhelp dot com

    Bypass them; do not allow your energy to be “re-qualified” because you are the battery that gives “them” power by believing in them; remember that the “light” and “dark” are brothers and sisters and they have an agenda over and above ours; spirit blood is thicker than water too;

    The Buddha’s last words were: “Be a lamp of truth unto yourself; take no other.”;

    Its time to let go of the gods of the past who did not create ALL of Creation; it’s time to realise that we are tomorrow’s God; read Eckhardt Tolle; in peace


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