Alkash Interview with Maarten Horst – Must Watch!

This is another fantastic interview by Maarten Horst on ET Contact Radio.

Maarten Horst Channel

ET First Contact Radio with ALKESH about CONFLICT IN SPACE

Original Published on Oct 9, 2014.

Very insightful, uplifting and informative interview with ALKESH about the documentary: “Conflict in Space.” Listen very carefully from the beginning to the end because the information is detailed and complex. Take time to get this!


Conflict in Space can be watched here:

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October 2014 Interview with Alkesh


February 2014 Interview with Alkesh


You Need to Know About C

Vitamin C for Newbies and for Professionals And For Any Hiding Under The Bed To Avoid Ebola

Original Posted on Alfred L. Webre website.

This is a short course in vitamin C.  Get out your pencils and paper and don’t take a test, just enjoy the films and imagine all that vitamin C can do for you and your family and friends.

The scientist who is the only person in history to win two independent Nobel prizes and who risked his considerable reputation to begin a total revolution in medicine.

Linus Pauling:  Vitamin C is a cure for Cancer, Heart Disease and AIDS

Here is the explanation for why vitamin C can cure degenerative diseases, infections, all viruses, all toxins, and even radiation poisoning.  And it’s just so simple.  And in a moment, the endless complexity and confusion of modern medicine down to utter elegant simplicity.  The truth of why it works becomes obvious.

This is what a vitamin C cure looks like, and as will be obvious it’s not piddling.  For conventional doctors, though, it defies medical belief and is threatening.  For the rest of us, it’s great fun to watch the unbelievable become real.  60 Minutes did a great segment.

This lecture followed that cure in New Zealand.  The first little part is in “New Zealandish” so might be hard to understand but the rest is in American.

This Powerpoint goes with it.

Here are excellent videos for professionals, and for everyone else.

Standard medical doctors

Alternative physicians

Now, having seen all that and no longer a newbie and way ahead of almost all physicians in the country, nay, the world, here is why vitamin C is a cure for ebola and how to dose it.


Friendship (2 iPad Images)

Angel 4 Light:

A precious Thank You Letter. We all need to be as gracious and kind. I believe that we have all of like spirit are finding each other, Living from the Heart.
Love and Blessings to all.

Originally posted on Petals Unfolding:

Friends in the Field of Life
came forth in my Day of Strife
and as they did
 brought to me
Golden Gifts 
 of Precious Petals
and Shiny Gems
compared to none.
[photographs taken in my backyard with my iPad]

Dearest Friends,

Since the Day of Calamity hit with great force, your responses to me have been one of great surprise, leaving me utterly and totally humbled and grateful to all of you. The outpouring of Love and offers of money … the outpouring of offers of giving me your photographs to use on Petals … the outpouring of empathy and encouragement and standing by me in my Day of Trouble …. I am in tears.

I am a Giver. All of my Life I have given. And this world, greedy as it is, has taken…

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What Can We Be Doing Now To Help…?

Originally posted on One World Rising: Source:

Music to read by below:

I don’t believe any one of us needs to be told how crazy the world is right now, everything being pushed beyond their boundaries to the point of near explosion. What many of us may need to hear is what we can do to make things better. I am sure you have heard over and over again that we need to heal ourselves first and only then can the world heal. Well, what exactly or should I say, how exactly do we do this? Like the picture above implies we begin by finding a place to be quiet with ourselves, where we can think deeply and dive within and ask ourselves the tougher and more revealing questions about ourselves. It seems forever now we have been conditioned to look outside ourselves for answers and direction and being totally distracted from the essence of…

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NYPD Caught Dumping Gloves, Masks From Ebola Site Into Street Garbage Can – 24 October 2014

Angel 4 Light:

Let all truth be known.

Originally posted on Lucas 2012 Infos:

RT logoNew York City police officers working around the Harlem apartment of Craig Spencer, the doctor who tested positive for the Ebola virus on Thursday, were caught discarding their protective gloves and masks in a street-corner trash bin.

Accordingto the New York Post, the NYPD cordoned off the entire block in front of Spencer’s building on W. 147th Street. Authorities inside the apartment were reportedly wearing hazmat suits, so its possible that the gear-discarding officers were only on patrol outside the building.

Nevertheless, thevideo clipfirst posted by the Daily Mail caused a stir on Twitter.

See and read the whole story at: / link to original article

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The Religion Of Conformity – By AronGoch

Originally posted on OUT OF THIS WORLDX:



A Woman was designed

TO FEEL … that means to be free indeed



A woman dreams.. with her heart, dreams of passion,

beauty and peace on earth.

A woman cries .. tears when she’s wounded…replaced with
smiles when she knows she will heal soon.





How in many ways society targets each individual from their youth into their later adult years, supplying the individual with a fictional character, by which they are play out their role in society, minimizing their own unique individuality, their own purpose of life and reconnection to their higher self and the divine.

The religion of conformity, how the child is forced to adjust to societies standards, to avoid abandonment, to find love and approval of their family and friends.

How we are trained to lose and dispose of our own authenticity, and…

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Sierra Leone: Nano Silver 10 PPM Now Official Ebola Therapy

Angel 4 Light:

Great news. Please read. I will find the Artical also about Dr Lebow where the Cabal Banksters are cutting off the good Doctors money. The evil ones do this often. Watch ‘Enemy of the State” and understand. She won’t back down and needs our support. She is a Hero to Humanity. Be blessed.

Originally posted on Starship Earth: The Big Picture:

Ebola-torn Sierra Leone announced today that it has approved nutrient Nano Silver 10 PPM as an Ebola therapy based on the positive results seen when it defied strong international pressure, testing nutrient Nano Silver 10 PPM in Ebola patients over the past three weeks.

Newton, NJ (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

Nano Silver 10 PPM has been officially approved as a therapy against the deadly Ebola virus by Honourable Alhaji Alpha Kanu, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Presidential and Public Affairs. Minister Kanu announced today that based on clinical results in the Ebola-torn areas of Port Loko and elsewhere, nutrient Nano Silver 10 PPM has been declared an official approved therapy in the Ebola crisis. No other treatment currently exists for Ebola victims.

Ebola, the viral disease which has killed at least 4,400 people in West Africa, has made its entrance into the United States (1 known death) and the EU (3…

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Important!! Alfred L. Webre HOT Interviews

We all know and love Alfred Lambremont Webre and thank him for all that he has contributed to humanity. He brings forth some amazing guest on his radio show that bring out truth.

Yes I know there are several other Radio Host out there that do the same thing, but the credentials Alfred brings to the table is quite impressive.

He has put his life on the line for us all in many ways, so humanity owes him a great deal of gratitude and respect. If you want to contribute to his efforts, please spread his videos and if you have important information that needs world attention, then get in touch with Alfred via his YouTube Channel or his Exopolitics Website.

He has a new Website called EbolaGate and the information you will find there is eye awakening. I suggest that you visit this site and get the education of a lifetime it will save your life and those you love.

Alfred is an Author, a International Common Law Judge and Lawyer among many things. I am proud to share his information and site with you. It was Alfred who served as Judge at the International Tribunals against Bush and Blair

The following Interview is most timely as it deals with the BIG LIE called E-BO-LIE. Yes folks it was designed by US Inc and Made in America. Aren’t we proud. We can’t make furniture or clothes or steel anymore, we create (well not we the people but the Evil Government and their


Evil Cabal). Here is a link to a great book you should read about Ebola.

“In this ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, author and researcher Ole Dammegard details how Ebola “news” stories are largely disinformation psyops; The CDC Centers for Disease Control is actually a listed CIA proprietary corporation, a front for CIA bio-terror operations; and the Bilderberger organization operationalized large scale false flag operations including the JFK assassination of November 22, 1963, the 9/11 False flag of September 11, 2001, and the EbolaGate Bioweapons martial law false flag operation, operationally coordinated at the 2014 Bilderberger meeting in Stockholm.”

The following Interview is with Simon Parkes, a Councillor in the UK who is a very special benevolent being who has graced this world to help humanity at this trying time. I found this intriguing and uplifting. A truly great interview that offers hope towards out future.

“In a wide-ranging ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Whitby UK Councillor Simon Parkes discusses his dimensional education by Mantid ETs, his Earth soul history in incarnations involving leadership office, and a transitional period 2014-16 leading up to a planetary transformational shift starting in 2017.

Speaking as a genuine leader of the human populace, Simon Parkes’ parting words in the interview are, “Don’t take any inoculations against Ebola.”


Please Help Protect Organics….

Angel 4 Light:

Okay dear hearts it is time to step up to the plate. Let your voices be heard.
Please sign and share. The health of humanity and our animals are at state. Lets stop all Chemicals from being injected into our food, our animals, our children and our planet! Be blessed .

Originally posted on One World Rising:

cattle-450x300Thanks to:

Here is an article and a ‘take action’ is included to stop GMO animal vaccines from being allowed in organics! They keep trying to get in through the back door of everything! Please take time to sign your name. Thanks!

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Gateway Opening October 23 – 25

Because this is timly information I felt it best to just share the link.

This is a wonderful inspirational video with our beautiful heart Sandra Walter.

Utilizing the October 23-25 Gateway Trigger: Unification

Powered by Love
Be blessed .


I love you all dearly! Be blessed, AnGeleve.

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